Tashan E Ishq (Tashan vs Love) Episode 63


Twinkle and Kunj are still tied to chair.. A man comes from outside and gives money to the man (kidnapper) standing at the door and makes a sign to leave. Twinkle and Kunj tries to turn around to look who he is. But as they are tied to chair, they couldn’t turn. That man closes the door and comes and sits infront of them in a chair. Twinkle and Kunj are surprised to see that it is Yuvraj. Yuvi opens the cellotape of Kunj and Twinkle.
Kunj: How dare you kidnap us? And for what?
Yuvi: I am sorry Kunj, Twinkle…. I know you both are my bhaiya bhabhi..But you left me with no other option..I had to tie you guys to the chair as you both are not listening to each other or to me. If a problem arrives, to solve it, you have to sit down and talk…But you both ahhhh…
Twinkle: See Yuvi, I don’t have any hard feelings for you..I understand you are trying to patch up us..But everything is over…Ab kuch nai ho sakta..Please let me go..
Kunj: This is the problem between us… We never try to resolve it.. I understood it was my mistake and I am sorry about that..But let’s give our relationship another chance…I want to talk to you and be with you…Coz I love you and I know you love me too…
Twinkle: Love..? You are talking about love…Do you know what it is…We both were together and wanted to spend life with each other for the past 5 years… and all of a sudden you broke up our relation just because your Papa said no to our relationship..You didn’t utter a single word and gave verdict to me that it is over… Really…Is this called love…? Not even once you tried to convince your father about our love..Is this love?
Yuvraj: Shut up guys….
Yuvraj brings a tap and stick it on their lips…
Yuvraj: Enough guys… Like seriously…You both are so selfish yaar…Have you ever thought of me.. What I am going through…

Twinkle & Kunj stares at Yuvi as they can’t talk…They both are having a question in their mind about what Yuvi is talking about..
Yuvraj: Look at me…I am the cool dude of my college. All the girls in my college are falling for me..But I can’t even think of falling for any of them. Even if I like someone, I can’t think of having an affair with her… You know my friends tont me about my taste (like I am a gay). All this is just because of you guys…
Twinj are stunned and look at each other first and then look at Yuvi in a question manner..
Yuvraj: Ohh… How would you know… You guys don’t have enough time for your tashan..Everytime I feel like falling for anyone, your love story comes in my mind.. You both loved each other for 5 years and just because of Papa you broke up…I know you stilI love each other and that’s why 1 year after break up also you are not ready to move on…You both have decided to be single forever…I don’t want to be another Kunj…I don’t want my girl to be another Twinkle…
Twinkle tries to speak something and can’t talk because of the tape.
Yuvraj: Not a single word Twinkle…I wanted you to be together, that’s why I supported you when you came here to stay with my parents as PG. They are happy with you and they want you to be their DIL after knowing the entire truth…Now what is your problem??
Yuvi: Ohh..How can I forget…Your tashan…When Twinkle came here to stay with Mummy papa, Kunj was against it and was not ready to hear anything…And now finally everything is solved and they are fine with you, and Kunj is also sorry about his deeds…I thought it is gonna be a happy ending and I can also think about my love life…N there comes Twinkle’s tashan…I can’t stay with a man who could not stand for his love at least once… You guys are just impossible…
Yuvi stops his talks and take out the bottle kept on the desk and drink water.
Yuvi: Now listen guys… Every coin has two sides…You both are just trying to see things from your side only and that’s where you are loosing the game…Please listen to each other for once…Not for me at least for the love you had for the past 5 years..For the love which you still have deep inside for each other..
Yuvraj opens mouth tape of Twinkle and ask her to talk.
Twinkle: I am sorry Yuvi..You had to suffer because of us..But the thing is I just can’t forgive him for what he did.
Twinkle: He was the one who asked me to talk to my parents about our relation and told next day he is going to come to home with your parents for marriage proposal..And the next day I was shattered because none of them came. The first day itself you made an impression of fraud lover to my parents due to your behavior. At least Kunj could have informed me about why he could not come.

Kunj tries to speak something and realizes that tape is kept.
Yuvraj: Wait Bro. I know you want to talk something, but let her finish her side of story.
Twinkle: My parents thought that I am in love with a fraud or this guy is gonna exploit me. They decided to take me from Mumbai. I was trying to get in touch with Kunj. But his phone was switched off. I was left with no other option than eloping. I left home with a note stating that I am leaving.I have messaged him the entire thing as his phone was switched off. Next day he picked my call and said Papa can’t accept you as his DIL..So it’s over…I was shattered.
Twinkle gets choked up.
Twinkle: I felt cheated. I felt like whatever my parents were talking was true. I left my home, my parents just for this guy and his love…And what he gave me in return…He could not even utter a word against his Papa about our relation. He knew that I have left home and now can’t go back. But he chose to be silent. I can’t trust him anymore. I came here to stay with Papa and mom to make them realize that you rejected a girl without seeing her, understanding her. Forget about knowing me, they didn’t even know my name. They just rejected me for a stupid reason and talked rubbish about my parents and upbringing, which was against my self respect, my pride. So I decided to come here and make them realize that you can’t judge people by community or religion.
Yuvi: Okay, Now that you are done with your side, I am going to let Kunj talk. And now you have to listen to him.
Kunj: I am so sorry Twinkle.. Now that I have heard you, I know what exactly has happend .There is a huge confusion which made us apart. I have never sent a message asking you to talk to your parents. In fact 2 days before I told you to hold on, and let me talk to Papa and get permission from him and then I will ask you to talk to your parents.
Twinkle: Yes, you did. But the next day you sent this message.
Kunj: No. I did not. Also I have not received any messages from you regarding you leaving home.
Twinkle: What?? How is it possible??
Kunj: I am saying the truth. I have neither sent a message to you nor do I receive any from you. I swear on you. You know I won’t swear on you if it is a lie.
Twinkle: I know. You can’t swear on me for a lie.
Yuvi (smiles): Uff…
Yuvi sings a song from Baazighar movie.

Chhupana bhi nahi aata, jatana bhi nahi aata…
Hame tumse mohabbat hai, batana bhi nahi aata….
Hatheli par tumhara nam, likhte hai, mitate hai- (2)
Tumhi se pyar karte hai, tumhi se phir kyon chupate hai
Juban pe baat hain lekin sunana hi nahi aata
Hame tumse mohabbat hai, batana bhi nahi aata……

Kunj & Twinkle (together): Shut up Yuvi…
Yuvi: What..? You had a bad break up.. So I can’t even sing a song..
Yuvi composes himself back and thinks for a while.
Yuvi: By the way Kunj, if you dint message her, then who sent the messages to her from your mobile. Also who read the messages sent by her, and deleted it before you could see it.
Twinkle: Point…Who else have access to your mobile?
Kunj: Alisha…Alisha knew my mobile pin. I can’t believe she did this to us. How can she do this to me?
Twinkle: Ohh god Kunjjj… I told you not to trust her. But you never listen to me. You had more faith in your best friend than your love..Look what she has done to us…
Twinkle: Wait a sec… How can she have your mobile for the entire day?
Kunj: I left my mobile with her as Papa had heart attack. I was in the hospital.
Twinkle: Again a lie. I can’t bear it anymore.Yuvi…Let me go. There is no point in talking to him. I know Papa never had a heart attack last year. Papa had his first attack when I was with him. Uncle’s doctor also confirmed that it was his first attack.
Kunj: What…How can you think that I would lie to you on Papa’s health? If you really feel so, then I am sorry you never understood me. And yes there is no point in talking. Yuvi..Let her go.
Yuvi: Guys…guys…Please don’t fight…I have the answer for it…Wait a sec..I will explain everything.
Twinkle and Kunj looks at him. Yuvi seems disturbed and is finding difficulty in discussing it.
Yuvi: I am sorry…Kunj… It is my fault that I never told you the truth. I didn’t know that Twinkle will find it out and this will become an issue between you. I never wanted a rift between you and Papa. That’s why I stoped myself from telling you the truth. Dad was just acting as if he had an attack.
Kunj: What? I can’t believe this..You all cheated me.
Yuvi: Papa was worried with the way you fought with Papa when he was talking all those things about Twinkle and her family. He realized that you are deeply in love with her. And at any cost, you will get married to her. That was the first time you had an argument with Papa. The way you stood up for her clearly made him realize that you both are inseparable. Papa understood that he has to separate you from Twinkle. He said he could see you had junoon of Twinkle at that day. He didn’t find anything else other than faking a heart attack. He understood that only a health issue of him can stop you from this relation. Doctor Uncle (Alisha’s father) helped him in doing that. Mummy asked to keep it as a secret…

[For readers, Alisha’s father is a doctor who helped him in faking the heart attack. But he and his family got settled abroad after some time. So when the real heart attack happened, Manohar was taken to another doctor.] Twinkle was listening to all their talks and understood that Kunj has fought for her respect that day.
Kunj (with anger): Open the knots…
Yuvi: Bhai…please…
Kunj: I said open the knots right now…
Yuvi: Let me complete..Bhai…
Kunj (With an angry voice): Do what I said…
Yuvi gets up and opens the knot of Kunj. Kunj gives a tight slap on his face. Yuvi just stood looking down with tears in his eyes.
Kunj holds his collar and is about to hit him once more. He then out of frustration leaves him.
Kunj: Wow…Toh yeh hai meri family…Inke liye me apni jaan, apna pyaar sab kurbaan kerne chala tha…Pichle ek saal se sab ke sab muje bewakoof banate aa rehe ho…
(Wow…So this is my family…For whom, I have given up my life, my love… You all were fooling me from the past one year.)
Yuvi: Bhai… Aisa nahi hai bhai ki me tume aur bhabhi ko alag kerna chahta tha…Jab muje yeh sab pata chala toh me tume batane hi wala tha… Mummy ne rokha tha…Aur tera condition bhi itna bura tha… Break up ke baad toh tum Amritsar aana hi chod diye the…Aur agar me yeh kehta ki yeh sab Papa ka natak hain toh phir shayad tum humse rishta hi tod dete…
(Please listen to me. It is not that I wanted to separate you and Twinkle. When I came to know everything, I was about to tell you the truth. But Mummy stopped me. You were at very bad phase after break up. You stopped coming to Amritsar after the break up. I was afraid you will leave us forever after knowing that Papa was faking heart attack.)
Kunj is devastated to hear that his family has backstabbed him. He holds his head with both hands and just sits in the chair tired. Kunj thinks for a while and is full of tears.
Kunj: Aise family ho toh phir dushman ki kya zaroorat hain..Nahi Twinkle… Aur inke liye maine pichle ek saal se apne saasen (twinkle) rok ker jee reha tha…
(An enemy is better than a family like this…And I was living a suffocating life for the last one year for these people.)
Twinkle could sense how shocked Kunj is to hear that his family has backstabbed him. Twinkle herself is in shock. But she composes herself and realizes what Kunj must be going through.
Kunj: Puri duniya mere against ho sakta hai..Per kabhi yeh nahi socha ta, Yuvi ki tu bhi…Tu bhi mere saath ye karega… Aaj tak muje naaz tha apne bhai pe…Ki aisa bhai kismat walon ko milta hai jo mere liye jaan chidakta ho…Muje kya pata tha….ye din bhi dekhne ko milega…Aur kuch kiya hai kya tum sab ne mere khilaf? Vo bhi bata de… Til til marne se acha hain, ek hi jhatke me mar jaun…
(I thought the entire world can go against me..But I never thought that you too…Yuvi, you will do this to me. I used to be proud of you. I felt like I have done something good in my early life that I got you as my brother who will risk his life for me.But I never knew that this was in store for me. Is there anything else which you all have done to separate us? Tell everything…It is better to know everything at one go than realizing that your family was fooling you again and again.)
Yuvi breaks down and sits near Kunj and cries…
Yuvi: Maaf kerde, bhai…Tere liye kuch bura sochu, iss se pehle me marna pasand kerunga…Bus yeh ek galti ho gayi…Mummy ne humari family ka vaasta de rekha ta toh…muje chup rehna pada… Tab se aaj tak har lamha tuje aur bhabhi ko saath lane ki khoshish ki hai maine…Chahe vo Twinkle ka Amritsar aana tujse chupana ho, Cherry wale proposal se Twinkle ko bachana ho ya aaj ka yeh kidnap… Har lamha maine tum donon ko saath me dekhna chaha hai… Teri har saza zar aankhon pe…bhai…
Yuvi lies down in Kunj’s lap crying. Kunj realizes that he can’t see Yuvi crying. He could feel there was something paining inside him whenever he saw Yuvi like that… He understood that he loves Yuvi to that extent that every single drop of tear rolling out his eyes felt like a deep cut in Kunj’s heart.
Yuvi is still crying and touches Kunj’s feet. Kunj hugs him tightly.
Kunj: Chod…Ab jo ho gaya, uske bare me soch ke kya gila shikwa…Tu bhi bus hamari family intact rekhne ki khoshish ker reha tha…Teri koi galti nahi hai…Tujh me meri jaan basti hain…Tuje rota huya main nahi dekh paunga…Chal rona band ker… Maine maf kiya tuje…
(Leave it… There is no point in fighting on whatever happened in past. Anyways you were just trying to keep our family together… You are not at fault..It is the situation which made you do this. I forgive you…Now stop crying… I can’t see you like this.)
Yuvi hugs him tightly murmuring “Sorry bhai..” Kunj too has tears in his eyes…

Precap: – Yuvi trying to solve the issues

Jisha 🙂

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