Tashan E Ishq (Tashan vs Love) Episode 62

Twinkle: Kunj, listen to me..I don’t know who they are and what they want from us. Let’s keep our issues aside and think of how to escape from here.
Kunj: Who told you I want to escape from here?
Twinkle: Have you gone mad? You don’t want to escape? But why?
Kunj: Yahaan se bach nikal ke vaise bhi kerna kya hai? Agar yahaan se bach ke nikal gaye, toh ek mahine tum Amritsar me rehoge aur phir muje chodke chale jaaoge…Agar yehi rehta hun toh, kam se kam tumhare saath rehne ka aur tumse baat kerne ka mauka mil reha hai… Aur chalo maaan bhi lo…Inn logon ne agar hume marne ka decide bhi ker liya toh koi gam nai…Saath jeene ke liye tum haa nahi ker rehi ho…Kam se kam saath mar hi lete hai….
(What is the use of escape? We will escape and you still stay in Amritsar for 1 more month and leave me forever. Instead if we both are here, I can be with you till the time I want and spent time with you. And if at all they decide to kill us, I won’t be sad…You won’t let say yes to live together…At least we can die together…)
Twinkle: Sachi sachi baatana…Tume kidnapper ne sar pe marke behosh kiya tha late time?
(Kidnapper made you conscious by hitting something on your head?)
Kunj (Surprised and with wide eyes): Tuje kaise pata chala? (How do you know that?)
Twinkle: Effect dikh reha hai…Zyada nahi per ek do screw toh dheele ho gaye hain…
(I can see the effect of hitting in your talks…)
Kunj looks at her miffed. They don’t talk for a few seconds. After sometime…
Kunj (in a low volume): Sorry yaar…You are right…We should try to escape from here. I will try to open you.
Twinkle is happy that finally Kunj has understood and is ready to do what she said.
Kunj: But on one condition… I will open your knots after you listening to my talks. I have been trying to talk to you from so long.

Twinkle: Have you gone mad? That kidnapper has gone out for just a while and this is the best time to escape. You want to waste this golden opportunity…I will listen to you after we reach home safely…
Kunj: Smart move…Haan….I have tried to talk to you a 100 times at home and you never listened to me. Now I don’t trust you. I will help you only if you listen to my talks…I don’t want to miss this golden opportunity… The condition in which we are…you can’t run away from me and will have to listen to me completely… So choice is yours….
Twinkle: Bhad me jao tum…Me khud hi apna knot khol dungi…
(To hell with you…I will try myself to get rescued….)
Kunj: Kero…Kero…Jab tak tumhara knot khulega tab tak toh kidnapper ki ghar grihasti bhi shuru ho jaayega…
(Continue…continue…By the time you will get the knots opened, that kidnapper will be back.)
Twinkle: Tum apne aapko samajte kya ho? Iss situation me tumhara help milta toh acha hota…Per isska matlab yeh nahi ki tum mujse kuch bhi kerwa sakte ho…
(What do you think of yourself? I need your help doesn’t mean that you can make me do whatever you want… )
Kunj: Kuch toh khaas hai humme tabhi hume kidnap kiya hai… Koi zabardasti nahi hai..Aap apni khoshish jaari rekhiye…Me thoda neend pura ker leta hun…

(Kidnappers would have seen something in me…That’s why they have kidnapped me…I won’t force you at all…You continue with your trials…I will just have a nap…)

Twinkle: Are you serious? You are going to have a nap while you are kidnapped? I can’t believe you…
Kunj smiles and closes his eyes. Twinkle is hell irritated with Kunj’s behavior.
Twinkle: Aur ye mat soch na…Ki jab me apna knot kholungi to tume bhi bachaungi…Iss galat fehmi me toh rehna bhi mat…Me khud hi bach ke nikal jaungi…
(And yes…Don’t even think that I am gonna help you in escaping once I have opened my knots. I am not gonna help you. Get that straight…)
Kunj ignores her talks. Twinkle is miffed because Kunj not even opened his eyes or said something… Twinkle tries to ignore him and open the knot. She is frustrated with the fact that she is not able to open the knot and Kunj who is supposed to help her is relaxing.
Twinkle: Dekho…Me last time bol rehi hun… Me tumhari help nahi kerne wali… Pade rehna yahaan pe…
(See..This is your last chance…You can help me if you want to get rescued. Or else I am not gonna help you either… I will go home and you stay with this kidnapper forever.)
Kunj this time opnes his eyes and look at her as if he has done a favour to her by listening to her.
Kunj: Tikh hai…Chali jaana ghar muje chodke…Vaise bhi ghar jaake muje kaunsa jhanda gadna hai…
(Fine…Go to home leaving me behind…And I don’t have much to do at home.)
Twinkle: You are just impossible…

Kunj: Muje koi jaldi nahi hai ghar jaane ki…Vaise vahaan ab kisiko bhi meri zaroorat nahi hai… Sab tumhare aage piche goomte rehte hain..Muje toh koi puchta hi nahi hain…
(I am not in a hurry to reach home. Noone at home is nowadays concerned about me. Everyone is busy pampering you…)
Twinkle: Are you serious? You are being insecure…
Kunj: Vaise mann na padega tumhe… Corporate culture mere ghar pe bhi apply kerdi…
(Hats off to you…You have applied the corporate culture at my home too…)
Twinkle: Excuse me…Corporate culture?
Kunj: Hmm… Log ek mahine ke notice period deke job chodte hain…Mere ghar pe bhi toh vahin halat hain…Ek mahine ki notice period serve kerti huyee bahu aur bhabhi…Aur Maa, Papa aur Yuvi iss ek mahine ko sabse best banana ki khoshish ker rehe hai… Iss chakker me vo log muje bhul gaye hain…
(Hmm… People give a notice period of one month while resigning the job. You have done the same at home. You are the one month notice period serving DIL and bhabhi. My parents and Yuvi are trying to make this month the most memorable one… And while doing this, they have completely forgotten that I am also part of this family…)

Twinkle (frustrated): Tumhara kuch nahi ho sakta…
Twinkle has stopped trying because she understood that they were tied to the chair with a firm knot and she can’t open it. Kidnapper also has returned back and is standing at the door.
Kunj: Meri do dhari talwaar… Ek baar sirf ek baar…Apna gussa side me rekh ke meri baat sunle…Usske baad mera gala katna ho…Kaat dena…Main uff tak nahi kerunga…
(Last time… I beg you…Can you please listen to me what happened that day? Please calm down and listen to me once my love…)
Twinkle (in tashan): You want me to listen to you after all this non sense. Because of you, we missed the opportunity to escape. And you want me to listen…Never…never ever….
Kunj (too in tashan): Fine…I have also stopped trying…Now I am not gonna explain you…believe whatever you want…
They both look at each other as if they are gonna kill each other if at all their hands were tied.
Kunj: Aur haan…Ab tumhara mera koi vaasta nahi hain..To muje ye morals sikhane mat aana…Ab me vo kerunga, jo mera dil chahta hain…
(And one more thing… I am done with you…Now I am gonna do whatever I feel like…Don’t come to me with lectures of morals…)
Twinkle: Why would I? Do whatever you feel like…

Kidnapper is hell frustrated with their talks.
Kidnapper: Dimaag ka dahi kerke rekha hai donon ne…Tume kidnap kerne ka paise mila hai, iska matlab yeh nahi ki tum mera dimaag chat lo…Boss jab tak nahi aate,chup chap baito.
(Kidnapper: Enough is enough…I have kidnapped you. That doesn’t mean that you will irritate me with your talks. Boss will be coming soon and till that time just shut up.)
Kunj and Twinkle has stopped talking to each other. Twinkle is looking everywhere to find out a way to escape from there. She couldn’t find anything and is sad. Suddenly she realizes that Kunj is staring at her continuosly. First she chose to ignore him. After few seconds, she gives him a weird look as in what are you doing. Kunj completely avoid her look and continue staring. Twinkle is now damn irritated.
Twinkle: What’s wrong with you? Why the hell are you staring at me?
Kunj: This is what I said. Don’t come with moral lectures…I will do whatever I want…
Twinkle: Do whatever you want…But don’t stare me… Stare something else..
Kunj: How I wish I could do that… I can’t find anything beautiful here…In fact you are the most beautiful thing in this room…I can’t just take my eyes off…
Twinkle: I am warning you…Stop staring at me…You better do something else…
Kunj: Fine..Tell me what should I do then? I tried to talk to you about that day…But you are not ready to listen to me…As per you, I am not supposed to talk to you. I am tied to this chair and can’t move..So the only thing left to me is that stare something… I can’t find anything more beautiful than you in this room right now…
Kunj (murmurs): In fact, I couldn’t find someone more beautiful than you till this date…Tabhi toh aaj bhi latoo hun tumpe…

Twinkle heard it, but tried to pretend as if she didn’t. She was trying hard to control blushing. She herself was surprised to feel that because she had decided to move on and realizes that Kunj’s talks and compliments still make a difference to her. She composes herself.
Twinkle: Tum itne chichore ho muje aaj pata chala… Turkhey…
(You are such a flirt…How can you openly flirt with me?)
Kunj: Chichora toh chichora…Turkhey to Turkhey…Bhagwaan jaane iss kidnapper ne kitni der hume zinda rekhne ka decide kiya hai…Ab life ke last few hours me tumhari girl friend….
(Whatever you term it, it is fine with me…God knows how much time this kidnapper will leave us alive. Now in the last few hours of life, when your girl friend…)
Twinkle looks at him with a wide opened eye…
Kunj: Fine..Ex…Okay…

Kunj: Ab life ke last few hours me, jiske ke saath tum puri zindagi guzaarna chahte the…vo aapke saamne baitha ho, toh koi duffer hi hoga jo usse chodke kuch aur dekhega…
(You are left with few hours of your life. And the love of your life with whom you wanted to spend your entire life is with you at that moment…Only an idiot will look at something else instead of her…I am not an idiot…You can call me flirt…)
Twinkle: Kunj Sarna…Tumhari toh…
Kidnapper is frustrated with their talks. He comes and looks at both angrily…
Kidnapper: Oyee…Machi market samaj rekha hai kya? Maana tum pati patni ho…Per apne jagde ghar jaake suljao…Mera dimag kyu chat rehe ho…
(Do you think it is a fish market? I understand you are husband n wife and you have issues. But solve your issues at home. You have made me crazy…)
Kunj has heard that pati patni term and is enjoying it.
Twinkle: Oyee…Teri himmat kaise huyi muje iski biwi bulane ki… Biwi nahi hun..Humara break up ho rekha hai…Samja na…Samajtha kya hai khud ko..Mana hume kidnap kiya hai…Iska matlab yeh thodi hai ki hamare basic rights cheen liye jaayenge…Har kisiko bolne ka haq hai…

(Excuse me…How dare you call me his wife…I am not his wife…We have broken up…And what do you think of yourself…I agree you have kidnapped us..That doesn’t mean you can deprive us from our basic rights…Everyone has the right to speak…)
Kidnapper is damn frustrated to see her attitude. He brings a cellotape and keeps her mouth shut.
Kidnapper (to Kunj): Shukar mana bhagwaan ka ki break up ho gaya tera…Verna kaan ke parde fat jaate…
(Thank god that you broke up with her. Otherwise she would have cracked your ear drum.)
Kunj smiles and looks at Twinkle. Kidnapper leaves from there. Twinkle looks at Kunj angrily.
Kunj: Aur lado…Apne haq ke liye…Azaadi ke jung jeet ne jaa rehi thi na…Mil gayi aazadi…
(Uff…What a speech u gave…Basic rights…Right to speak…Got the right to speak…Now enjoy…)
Twinkle is frustrated and try to speak. But she can’t due to the tape.
Kidnapper comes and sticks a tape on Kunj’s mouth too…
Kidnapper (leaving from there): Sehne ki bhi ek had hoti hai… (You both have tested my patience… I can’t bear it…)

Precap:- Kidnapper’s entry and his/her motive

Hi Friends,

Too late today…I don’t know when it is gonna get posted…But a lengthier one as promised…Ammu has a holiday…So I couldn’t reply to you all in previous episode and i couldn’t do the proof reading of this episode..So if at all, any mistakes,please ignore…

Jisha 🙂

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  1. SIDMIN-Daamini

    Jisha di !!!?????…………..amazing ?????twinj ki baatein toh ????pet dard ho gaya n n n n sorry coz ab main kuchh aisa Bolne jaa rahi hun jo aapke kidnapper ka pardafash kr sakta hai ….see it can be most probably uv ‘s plan to make twinj clear their all probs ….sorry if I opened ur suspense…otherwise epi was superb
    Loved it
    Take care ?????

    1. Thanks daamini…next episode posted

  2. Kritika14

    Oh! i just loved it. Your dialogues, they were killer. I swear, i was laughing the whole time while reading this. I have so many fav dialogues that if i start writing them then you will surely catch up your head and think “yeh kaunsi pagal aa gayi” ?? I was so excited when your ff got uploaded as i was waiting for it since so long. I don’t know .. but i have a gut feeling the kidnapper is yuvi. I know i may sound a little silly, but just don’t know … i am getting this feel. Anyway, you write soon x Love you and keep taking care ?

    1. Thanks Monica…love you dear…

  3. Ria

    Jisha di,
    The episode was superb as usual. I am speechless. I don’t know what to say. You’re dialogues are just so amazing and funny. I legit live them. You weren’t that late also. Even I’m at home. I happy that Ammu is at home or, else our college would’ve been working.
    Loads of love.?
    Keep taking care.?

    1. Thanks bacha…I know you both have similar holidays… next episode posted

  4. Ayu

    Diii!! Main hass hassK pagal ho rahi hun!!!????
    Ye couple impossible hai!!!! N kunj omg!!! He is soooo cute n funny. Kidnapper ki jagah mein hoti to unke saamne popcorn lekar bait jaati???
    Di ur fab!!! N this epi is my favourite so far!!! I am laughing like histerical. Meri friend mujhe ghoor rahi thi…ye ladki apna phone dekhkar hass rahi hai type look that uska…???
    Bravo di!!! Awesome??

    1. Ayu

      N haa di kal tak aap sabke liye TU par ek surprise hoga…watch out for it??

      1. Jiya_Ani

        Hey Ayu..you are Ayu(Shreya) …I hope so…if yes..then I am waiting for ur surprise.. I feel u r going to start a ff..
        If yes..then go 4 it

    2. Paavu

      Hi ayu I think I know u cos my cousin dos is a lover of tei and loves her nick name ayu are u that whos hiding this from me that u write ffs sre u from punjab srry if I git personal

      1. Ayu

        Its ok Paavu par sorry i am from Mauritius…n doston mein personal-personal kya hota hai? Its completely fine. Mein wo wali dost to nahin par TU wali zaroor hoon?

    3. Thanks Aayu… next episode posted

  5. SidMin

    Loved the episode Jisha di each and everyone was like OMG It made me smile
    Loved the way Twinkle showed Tashan and Kunj to and Kunj complementing Twinkle and Twinkle trying hard to suppress it loved it
    I was waiting for your episode for such a long time (I mean a few days but still a long time ) And I was so excited to see Twinj nok jhok Loved it
    Love you and take care 🙂

    1. Thanks sidmin…. next episode posted

  6. Aamu

    u know wat i loved in ur ff..
    der dialogues….der talks…was such funny…sooo cute..
    n d last dialogue of kdnapper….sehen karne ki b had hoti hai…wow…haaha just laugh so much…..
    do cont….
    n wats ur daughter name??

    1. Thanks aamu…her name is anusha..we call her ammu at home

  7. Jas and sid lover

    The episode was again splendid..,the best highlight of the episode was kunj today…today u portrayed his role amazingly…his eagerness for sorting the misunderstandings was the most adorable part…and moreover his love for twinkle that was just so amazing…..
    The next superb thing was their stubbornness that was too cute ….
    Both of them are right at their on places,…….again u left me awestruck….those fights and tashan in today`s episode was the best one ever till now……and kunj toh i am speechless seing his this avatar…aur toh ab kya kahe…u toh will ever remain the most wonderful writer ..writing sherni….
    Lots of love to u

    1. Jas and sid lover

      I am sorry i havent posted this from my registered account…..so its me

    2. Thanks Jas and Sid lover…u make my day by your comments…next episode posted


    omg di what an amazing episode hope I meet u

    1. Thanks Ayesha…I will be happy meet you too…I stay in Bglore…next episode posted

  9. Rashiverma2199

    Wow….jisha Di lovely episode….loved it to the core….

  10. Omg diii.. really loved this epi.. your dialogues were fabulous.. loved their Nok jhok.. twinkles tashan and kunj complimentin her was too good.. and di u were on time.. U weren’t late 🙂 .. and I think the kidnapper is uv.. can’t wait for the next.. do cont soon ?

  11. Fan

    Super epi di!!..i think the kidnapper is uv only..it is his plan to clear all misunderstandings..am i right??..

  12. Jisha di the episodes was fabulous as usual…loved it to the core…twinj nokh jhok was very cute n funny…thank you for the long episode di…I’m damn excited to know who is the kidnapper…I think it’s yuvi only…di plz jaldi se twinkle ki misunderstanding dur kardo bechara kunj kitni koshish kar raha twinkle se baat karne ki aur misunderstanding clear karne ki but ye twinkle toh very stubborn…I’m sorry sorry di if I have hurt you by saying this…

    Take care di…
    Love you?????????

  13. Jiya_Ani

    Azaadi ki ladaayi!!!..
    Awesome.. I started laughing hard and was sitting in my study revising my lessons of social studies…
    The revolutions and all u know.. Kal exam main agar pooch diya ki when did the revolution for free nation started?
    The answer is 1789 in France..French revolution was the start …but agar main likh aayi ki jab Jisha di be apne ff main Kunj aur Twinkle KO kidnap karaya tha toh!!!!

    Aise epi mat likha Karo ki main answers bhool jaun..????..

    But epi toh ekdum kamaal dhamaal tha…muaaah..
    And thanks for posting..

    Love you ???

  14. dreamer..arundhati

    Jishu di u just nailed it…fab

  15. OMG …. Jisha di wow kya likhti ho aap…. kl tak main apki ff ki silent reader thi bt ab aur chup nhi rha jata…. ? ab main ap ko batana chahti hu k aap ki ff mere liye bhut bdi STRESS BUSTER hai…. saare din ki stress aur tiredeness TASHAN VS LOVE read kr k dur ho jati hai…?? sachi aap bhut acha likhte ho….

    And about episode…. it was awesomeee??…… haaye na jane kb twinkle kunj ki poori baat sunegi ……. amazing episode…?

    Aaj to mujhe lgta hai main bhut bol gyi but hope u will read my comment!!!!??

    1. Thanks maanvi…a silent reader starts commenting means a lot… stress buster ff made me feel so happy . thank you for commenting…
      Of course I read every comment… sometimes don’t get time to give reply…keep commenting

  16. Mahi

    Hey jisa amezing episode?????????????????????????????
    U know today os sooo bad from morning i m going to title it as worst one but ur ff mad it batter
    Love it sooooo much ???????????????????????

    1. Thanks mahi…it means a lot that I could make u feel a bit better… next episode posted

  17. Paavu

    Nic epi jusha as usyal but today dialogue delivery was above awesome nic and funny epi remembered me of twinj’s first night in jail love u sid just crying for u

    1. Thanks paavu…ur comments means a lot..next episode posted

  18. Priya_

    ROFL I couldn’t stop laughing…
    Amazing superb..
    Kya dialogues hai…
    I want to ask u one thing “kya khathe ho beta”
    These dialogues are wonderful back to back..
    Waiting for the next part..

  19. Loveleen

    omg jisha di i didnt know u can write so much of comedy things u knw my cheeks are still paining out of laughing…their quarelling i mean nok jhok tht ws lyk d most funniest episds ever…..i ws laughing lyk hell..thnk god nobody is at my home nw or else everyone must hav thot me as a maniac….
    btw hw r u nw ? hws our lil champs ?? plz take care of urself di…love u…

    1. Thanks loveleen…I am fine n champ too.. next episode posted

  20. Shatakshi

    Mujhe koi bachao
    Mai haste haste pagal ho rahi hu
    Seriously Jisha di
    The dialogues were on fire today
    U literally remained me of Tei Twinj nok jhok
    N this do dhari talvar was Awesome today and this kunj….busy popcorn ki kami thi….sabse zyada njoy wohi kar raha tha????

    I sorry if I m wrong….but I feel its UV who kidnapped them
    Tc di
    And happy Ganesh Chaturthi
    Love u di???

  21. Ranabulbul

    Oh my god bhagwan allah
    Safe bhagwan
    Koi sambhal mujhe
    Ye AGR aise hi epi aate rhe to main to faint ho hi jaengi pakka
    Aj ke epi ka highlight tha kunj ka humour
    Uff di its just beyond anybody imagination

    Hum sab ff writers aapne ff main hat epi main ek cheek kiss
    Ya thoda bahut to.ance dal dete hain warna Hume to cmnt Milne se rhe

    Or Aap to koi magic hi jante ho ki bina romance ke bhi ff padhene ka mann karta hai

    Aap to bas main kya bolun dialogue queen

    And di as further I had known u
    U a women with a great personality sense of humor a good heart and amazing swag factor

  22. Baby

    Tum itne chichore ho muje aaj pata chala… Turkhey…
    ohh god di dis dialouge of twinkle n den kunjs hey babaji
    amazing di luvd it 2 d core ab toh mein
    sch mein has has ke pagla gyi thi
    ohh god di sch me kidnpr ka frustrate hona bnta tha hehehheehhehhahahahahahhaa
    di u r damn good speechless
    srsly nailed it oh god sttill laughing n ab toh saans bhi nhi aa rhi hehehheheheee
    di precap is oh my god n cnt w8 post nxt asap bt kidnpr k kunj ke muh par tape nhi lagan chaiye tha bechara kuch bol nhi skta nhi toh
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    I was laughing like mad….

    The dialogues today….. Wow
    Twinkle’s “effect dikh raha hai ,zyada nahi par ek do screw to dheele ho gye hai”,…..??????????

    “kidnappers ghar grahsti”thing????….

    Her blushing?????….haaye??

    I don’t know why but everytime he says “meri do dhaari talwar”…..something happens to me….. I know it should be the case with twinkle….. But I don’t know why I feel it like magic????….my love for kunj(sid) u know…

    And last but not the least kidnapper’s “shukar mana bhagwaan ka ki breakup ho gaya warna kaan k parde fat jaate”……??????????????…..hehehe that was hilarious…..

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  33. Meeta

    Again a very well written episode.
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