Tashan E Ishq (Tashan vs Love) Episode 60


Yuvi and Gautam are staying together at home as Kunj has left to Amritsar. They both can finish the project works while staying together. Yuvi seems to be restless and is continuously checking the phone. Gautam is preparing food for them.
Yuvi: Why is she not calling me? I think by this time, they would have talked about the proposal and got answer yes.
Gautam: Yuvi, relax yaar…I don’t think Kunj will be in this much tension at this situation as you are… It seems like the marriage proposal is for you…
Yuvi: You know what Kunj means to me…He is my jaan…And above that I have a guilt in mind..So it makes me more concerned about him and this proposal.
Yuvi again goes and check his mobile and increases the ringing volume.
Gautam (With a smile): Yaar, this is the 10th time you are going and checking the mobile…It is better you keep the mobile with you.
Yuvi: It is not fully charged. I want it to be fully charged so that whenever Mummy calls me, I want her to describe each and everything happened… Although I was not present there, I want to visualize and cherish the best moments of Kunj’s life through her description.
Gautam: Fine… Why don’t you call her and ask what happened?
Yuvi: What if they are in the middle of talk. I don’t want to spoil his moments even a bit by my call…Let them (Twinj) enjoy this moment for which they have been waiting since long.
Gautam smiles and brings the food and asks him to eat. Yuvi denies as he is waiting for the call and is worried whether there is some thing wrong.
Gautam: Why are you worried? You yourself said that they both were waiting for this moment past one year. Uncle and Aunty have already accepted the proposal. Everything is just so perfect…Nothing can go wrong today. Come and have food.
Yuvi starts eating.
Yuvi: That is true. But the thing is they don’t know that Twinkle is the same girl whom they rejected a year before…Hope Papa doesn’t start any emotional drama hearing this and say no to the proposal.
Gautam: Don’t worry…Everything will be alright…Finish food and we have to complete the project. Just a final touch and project is ready for submission.
Yuvi: Hope everything is fine there…Hmm…I forgot that in this excitement.

Usha is preparing food. Twinkle comes out from her room and is a bit reluctant whether she would be accepted like previously or Usha’s behavior will be changed. Usha could sense that awkwardness in her eyes. She behaves as if nothing happened and asks her to help with chopping vegetables. Twinkle is now relaxed.
Usha: Don’t worry. We are the same Uncle and Aunty and won’t get changed. And you searching for a hostel for next month are not at all acceptable. As far as we are here, you can’t go and stay somewhere else…
Twinkle: Thank you Aunty…
Usha: The only difference is we earlier wanted you to be our DIL and you were our daughter at that time. Now I know you are my Kunj’s girl whom I wanted to pamper as my daughter, but unfortunately I know it won’t happen. You will be leaving us in a month.
Usha is in tears.
Twinkle: Don’t think too much…Just leave everything behind.
Usha: Twinkle, Can’t you rethink about your decision? I understand you have some issues with Kunj. You didn’t want to discuss it with everyone…That’s fine. You tell it to me at least…I will try to resolve it and fix the issue.
Twinkle: Aunty, Har rishtey me ek na dikhne wali dehleez hota hai…Na hame usse paar kerna chahiye aur na kisiko uske andar aane dena chahiye..Ye mere aur Kunj ke beech ka problem hai… Agar me ye aap se discuss kerti hun to yeh hamare rishtey ka toheen hoga…Ye solve kerna hai ya isse aise hi le jaana hai ye sirf hum donon ka decision hoga…
(Every relationship has an unseen barrier which can’t be crossed by anyone else. It is between me and Kunj. If I am discussing it with you, I will be disrespecting our relation. Whether we have to resolve it or continue with it, is purely our decision. I don’t want anyone to interfere in it.)
Usha is clueless as what has happened in between them and what to do now to rectify their relation.
Usha: Okay…I respect your decision. But I just have one more month left to spend with you. And this time I am going to spend it with my DIL. I will complete all my wishes with my DIL within this one month. Till the last day of month, I will have a hope that you are going to change the decision and stay with us forever as my DIL.
Twinkle: Aunty, please…
Usha: It is my hope…Let me live in that hope….
Usha leaves from kitchen.
Twinkle thinks. “I am sorry, Aunty. I don’t trust your son anymore…I don’t need a guy who couldn’t stand up for his love. I can’t forget the fact that he didn’t do anything to save our relationship.”

Yuvi and Gautam are working on project.
Yuvi: Finally done with it…
Gautam: Really yaar… It feels so good…
Yuvi gets call from Amritsar and he is happy to see that it is from Usha.
Yuvi (with a happy face): Yahaan project khatam aur vahaan khush khabri ready… (Project is finished and see another happiness is on the way…)
Gautam gives him a thumps up and Yuvi leaves to another room to talk on phone.
Yuvi: To…World’s best mom…proposal ka response kya aaya? Shadi kab hai? Maine kaha thana donon haan hi karenge…
(So…World’s best mom…You got the response for the proposal? When is the marriage? I told you they are gonna say yes…)
Usha: Yuvi, Sun to le pehle…Twinkle vahi ladki hai… (Listen to me first…Twinkle is the same girl whom…)
Yuvi: Me janta hun Mummy…Vo meri bhabhi hai…Aapko kya lega me aise hi Twinkle ko bhabhi bulata hun…Me usse tabse jaanta hun, jab vo saath me office me kaam kerte the…Aur tabse bhabhi bulata hun…
(I know Mummy, She is my bhabhi..That is why I was calling her bhabhi when I met her at Amritsar. I knew she is the same girl. I know her from the time when they were dating each other. I have started calling her bhabhi from that time itself coz I knew it is ultimately going to reach this point.)
Usha: Yuvi, Puri baat to sun le… (Let me speak, Yuvi…)
Yuvi: Wait a sec…Don’t tell me Papa has issues with her after knowing her truth…
Usha: Yuvi, Shut up and just listen…
Usha explains what all happened and Yuvi is stunned to hear that. He never expected this to happen. Usha is choked up and worried about Twinj relationship.
Yuvi: Aap rekho phone..Me kuch sochta hun… (Okay…Let me think what to do now…)
Yuvi comes out of the room and Gautam is waiting…
Gautam: Bol…party kahan de reha hai… (So where is the party?)
Yuvi: Kahe ki party…Sab barbaad..Kuch nahi hua? (Everything is finished…Nothing happened)
Gautam: What do you mean? Your papa still has issue?
Yuvi: Nahi…Ab Papa, Mummy aur bhai maan gaye hai toh…Bhabhi ko issue hain iss marriage se…
(No…Now that Papa, Mummy and Kunj have agreed to this proposal, Madam Twinkle has an issue with the marriage…)
Gautam: What rubbish… She was the one who came here to protect their love when Kunj stopped fighting for his love..And now she doesn’t want to get married..How is that possible?
Yuvi: Inki aisi ki taisi…Ek ke nakhre khatam to dusre ka shuru ho jaata hai…Pehle Twinkle Amritsar aayi tab Kunj ko problem tha…Ab ghar wale maan gaye hai, Kunj ka bhi haan ho gaya hai…to Twinkle ke natak shuru ho gaye hai…
(I don’t know what is wrong with them.When Twinkle came to Amritsar, Kunj was against it. Now that Kunj and my parents have agreed, Twinkle has an issue with it.)
Gautam: What is the reason for rejection? There should be something valid…Right?
Yuvi: I don’t know. Bhabhi said she doesn’t want to discuss it with anyone and bhai is on silent mode… So god knows…
Yuvi is walking here and there and is frustrated. He throws his mobile on sofa.
Yuvi: Hadd hoti hai bachpane ke bhi..Chote bache hai kya… Lagta hai puri zindagi, ye donon ek dusre ko manate hi rehenge… Shaadi vaadi toh kerni hi nahi hai inhe…
(I am fed up with their childish behavior..Seriously…I am done with it. Are they going to play this break up break up game forever? I don’t think they are interested in marrying each other.)
Yuvi (to himself, but Gautam can also hear him): Bohut ho gaya natak… Jab ghee seedhi ungli se na nikle, to ungli tedhi kerni hi padti hai…Chal Yuvraaj Sarna…Ab teri baari…
(Enough is enough…Now I will have to apply my tactics to get them straightened. Brace yourself..Yuvraj Sarna…It is your turn…)
Gautam: To…ab kya? (Damn…Now what…?)
Yuvi: Ab… pehli flight pakad reha hun Amritsar ka…Aur jaa reha hun…Inki akal ab muje hi tikhane lagane hoga…
(Now…I am catching the first flight and leaving to Amritsar. I will have to handle the situation. )
Gautam: Paagal mat ban Yuvi…Kal se project submission hai aur hamara turn kabhi bhi aa sakta hai…Vo log vahaan jaise taise sambhal lenge…
(Don’t be stupid Yuvi…From tomorrow onwards, project submission starts and they can call us at anytime. I don’t think you should go at this time. They will handle the situation somehow.)
Yuvi: Pani sar se uper jaa chukka hai..Ab muje hi jaake ye sab tikh kerna hoga…Muje jaana hi hoga…
(It is high time…I don’t think anyone else can handle it. I have to go to Amritsar at any cost.)
Gautam: Itna mehnat kiya pichle ek mahine se tune…Vo sab waste jaane dega kya? Thoda toh apne bare me soch…
(You have worked hard for this project. Your entire hard work will get wasted. Think about yourself atleast for once.)
Yuvi: Ek baar apne bare me socha tha, uska aaj bhi vo donon bhugat rehe hain..Ab ek aur baar nahin… aaj muje ye kerna hi hoga…
(I become selfish a year ago…And they both are paying for it till today… I can’t do that again…I will have to go.)
Gautam: Dekh…Project or Viva ke marks add honge final exams me…Aur shayad tune project nahi submit kiya to tuje final exams me baitne bhi nahi dega…Tu apna career barbaad kerne jaa reha hai, bhai ke chakker me…
(Think about the consequences… Marks of project and viva will be added in final exams. And what if they don’t allow you to appear final exams, as you were not present at project submission. Think about it. You are destroying your entire career for Kunj.)
Yuvi: Kunj ke liye aise hazaar career kurbaan…Mera jaan hazir hain uske liye…Ye kya chees hai…
Gautam: Are you sure?
Yuvi: I am sure. Aaj agar nahi gaya to, apne aap ko maaf nahi ker paaunga…Aur agar zaroorat padi to, Kunj ko vo sab bhi bata dunga, jo maine aaj tak bhai se chupaya hai….
(I am sure. If I am not going today, I won’t be able to forgive myself. And if needed, I will tell everything to Kunj which I was hiding from him.)
Gautam: Chal tikh hai… (Okay)
Yuvi: Bhabhi will be in Amritsar for one more month. Whatever needs to be done has to be done within this period. I hope I will finish everything and reach here before final exams (which is one and half month later)
Gautam: What if authorities don’t allow you to appear the final exams as you have not submitted project. What if they compell you to come back and submit the project?
Yuvi: Bol…Chicken pox hua hai…Dekhta hun kaun force kerta hai project submit kerne ko…Medical certificate bej dunga Amritsar jaake…
(Tell them. I am down with chicken pox…Let us see who forces me to come and submit the project. I will send you the medical certificate, once I reach Amritsar.)
Gautam: Okay…

Next dat morning Yuvi is ready to leave for Amritsar.
Gautam: All the best yaar… I hope you can bring Twinj together.
Yuvi: Ek baat toh tay hai… Bohut ho gayi inki lifetime engagement wala natak… Ab ya to inki full n final break up hogi yaa to inki shadi ka decision…Inn donon me se kuch na kuch karaye bhagair Yuvraj Sarna vaapas Mumbai nai aanewala…
(I am fed up with their life time engagement funda…This time either they are gonna have a full n final break up or a marriage decision. Yuvraj Sarna is not going to come back to Mumbai, unless and until I achieve one of them.)

Precap: – Yuvi on operation Twinj

Hi Friends,
I am on cloud 9 to see your response on yesterday’s episode…I feel like dancing and jumping…Although I am not supposed to…Thank you for always supporting me and encouraging me with this love…
I am taking care of myself and now at a better health…Back to normal diet and gaining weight n all…

And for Ria dear,
Happy Birthday Bacha…Have a great life ahead…May god bless you with all the happiness and good health…Have a blast and enjoy the day to the fullest…
Love you all

Jisha 🙂

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