Tashan E Ishq (Tashan vs Love) Episode 6

After four months,
Twinkle becomes heart of Manohar and Usha. They consider her to be the member of family and Twinkle also takes care of them very well.
Usha is calling Twinkle in an anxious voice and Twinkle comes out of her room.
She finds Manohar keeping his hand in his chest and showing uneasiness.
Twinkle: Aunty, Please calm down. Everything will be alright.Let’s take him to hospital.
They both carry him to the car and make him sleep in Usha’s lap in the back seat.
Twinkle starts driving the car fast to the hospital.
Twinkle reaches hospital and Manohar is taken to the ICU. By then Usha becomes unconscious and is taken to another room for taking rest.
Doctor comes: It is heart attack. We will have to do a surgery urgently. Please get the money arranged and get the form signed.
Twinkle: Ok Doctor.
Doctor leaves.

Nurse: Fill this consent form. His wife is unconscious. What is your relationship with him?
Twinkle: Daughter in law. I am his daughter in law. I will sign it and will arrange the money.
Twinkle signs the consent form as Twinkle Kunj Sarna.
RT (Manohar’s friend) comes: How is Manohar? Where is Usha?
Twinkle: He had a heart attack and doctors are about to start the operation. Aunty is not feeling well due to BP issues and she is taking rest.
RT: Let me know if anything needed. What about the money to be paid for the operations.
Twinkle: Don’t worry Uncle, I have the Debit card of Kunj which he has given to Uncle. I will let you know if extra money is needed.
Twinkle goes and pays the amount at the counter.
Nurse to RT: Where is patient’s daughter in law? I asked her to bring the previous test reports of patient. Doctor wants to go through it.
RT thinks doubtfully “daughter in law…”
Twinkle comes and gives the reports to Nurse. Nurse leaves.
RT: Daughter in law?
Twinkle: I had no other option RT uncle. Nurse told me that consent form needs to be signed immediately and Aunty was unconscious. I was so worried that I could not think much. So I just said that I am their daughter in law.
RT: But daughter in law?
Twinkle: Anyone can make out that I am a south Indian from my features. So can’t say I am their daughter.
RT: That’s Ok puttar. Whatever you did was for Manohar’s health.
Twinkle: I have done the payment. I will just go and meet aunty.
Twinkle leaves.

RT (talking to himself): Understood that she got debit card from Manohar’s purse. But how she got the pin number to withdraw the cash…anyways…leave it. As far as it is for Manohar’s health, all is ok.
Twinkle & RT are at the ICU corridor.
RT: Have you informed his sons?
Twinkle: I am so sorry. I was so much worried that I forgot to inform them. Kunj I guess is on an official trip and he is travelling right now. So won’t be able to reach. Please inform Yuvraj. It’s better you call him, as these matters need to be conveyed very tactically.
RT informs Yuvraj.

Yuvraj: I am leaving right now. I will catch the first flight and will reach there soon.

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  1. It was fantastic

  2. Really nice episode …..finally yuvraj and kunj will come back…..????

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    1. Thank you Fiona. It means a lot

  9. Jisha it’s awesome…… really loved the way twinkle’s cares for them… but why do I feel that uvi will fall for twinkle…

    1. He won’t. This is purely twinj story. Yuvraj just have an awesome bond with twinkle both as friend and as devar.

  10. Thank you all.

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