Tashan E Ishq (Tashan vs Love) Episode 58

Next day

Usha: Ye aap baap bete me chal kya reha hai pichle do din se…Ye mat samajna ki muje kuch dikh nahi reha hai.. (What’s going on between you and your son from the past 2 days? Don’t think that I am not noticing it…)
Manohar smiles and tries to avoid it.
Usha: Yaa to aap uske kamre me ya phir Kunj aapke saath study me..Ho kya reha hai? Muje bhi batao… (Either you will be in his room or he will be in study with you…Tell me what is going on?)

Manohar: Kyu? Tume jalan ho rehi hai? (What is the problem in that? Are you jealous?)
Usha (with a smile): Muje kyu jalan hone lagi…Me bhi to yehi chahti thi kabse…Aap baap bete ko yun saath dekhe huye, yun gul milte huye ek saal se uper ho gaya hai..Iss se zyada khushi kya hogi muje ki aap donon ek dusre se ache se baat ker rehe ho… (Why would I? Infact I would be the happiest person to see you both like this. You both stopped hanging out with each other, or enjoying each other’s company almost a year before…)
Manohar smiles and doesn’t want to give an answer to Usha. So he tries to leave from room.
Usha: Arrey…Baat to bata ke jaoo..Aisa kya hua hai… (Tell me what happened.)
Manohar understood that she is not gonna leave him. So he comes back and sits near Usha.
Manohar: Kunj has talked to that girl and she has rejected him. They both still love each other. But that girl thinks Kunj is not trustworthy.
Usha: And you are telling me this now?

Manohar: I and Kunj are already sad.I thought why to make you sad…
Usha: How is he? I am surprised this time he came to you unlike everytime.
Manohar: Kunj still loves her. He is in deep pain. I felt so touched when he came to me and discussed his grieves. I wish I had a power to undo everything and get back that girl in his life… I wish…
Usha: Leave it..It is over. It is better we don’t discuss it anymore…
Manohar: I can’t..The way he hugged and cried…I felt something here in my heart…I know all this pain which he is suffering is given by me… I felt so guilty and weak. I think I should tell him everything. At least I will be free from this guilt.
Usha: Paagal ho gaye ho? Char din huya hai aap aur Kunj ko ek saath ache se baat kerte huye… Aur aap ne ye bata diya toh.. samaj lo aapne aur shayad humne Kunj ko kho diya…Vo hamesha ke liye chala jaayega yahan se… (Have you gone mad? You both have cleared your differences a few days back. And you want to tell him everything…He will leave this house forever…Kunj will leave us…You want that to happen?)

Manohar: Me kya keru? Jab vo mere saamne aakhe rota hai to mera dil jalta hai… (I don’t know? When he is crying his heart out in front of me, I feel like I am kept in a fire cage…)
Usha: Uss bhai ke chamche, Yuvi ko maine kaise sab bolne se roka hua hai ye main hi jaanti hun…To aap kuch nahi bologe… (Nothing. Be strong… I only know how difficult it is for me to control Yuvi from telling everything to Kunj.)
Usha decides to have an eye on Kunj for the next few days. She noticed that Kunj is really sad and has shelved himself from everything. He keeps on thinking of something and not even for a moment he had a happy face. And one more thing she noticed that Kunj gets a pale smile in his face whenever Twinkle is around.

After 3 days
Usha and Manohar are in bedroom.
Usha: I am thinking of something to do tomorrow.
Manohar: What?
Usha: I think I should proceed with the Twinkle-Kunj marriage proposal. I think we should talk about this to Twinkle.
Manohar: Are you out of your senses? Kunj is deeply hurt and you clearly know that he loves that girl till today. And you want to proceed with this proposal?
Usha: Then what do you want me to do? Just sit back and see the pain he is going through…
Manohar: Usha…This is not the right time…Please understand…
Usha: In fact this is the right time. Kunj took almost a year to come back from that break up pain. I felt he was happy last few weeks and has moved on. I told you not to discuss this matter again with him. But now after the rejection, he has gone back to the same phase. You want me to wait for another 1 year and let him okay. It is not done…
Manohar: Usha…

Usha: That girl itself has rejected him. That means there is no point in waiting and grieving for her. It is high time Kunj move on with his life.
Manohar: I don’t think so..
Usha: I have decided to go on with this proposal. I will talk about it tomorrow.
Manohar seems tensed.
Usha: Don’t worry. I will place the proposal in such a way that they both won’t feel bad. Trust me.

Yuvi and Gautam are working on their project. Yuvi gets a call from Amritsar.
Yuvi: Mummy, I have told you I am busy with my projects and studies. Don’t disturb me.
Usha: Ohh..So you don’t have time for your family…I am sorry, I called you to inform something important. But I guess you are too busy…I will cut the call.
Yuvi: Wait a sec…I am sorry…I was a bit rude… I am working on a project. It is just that next week my projects are to be submitted and that marks are to be added in final exams…Sorry…
Usha: Okay..
Yuvi: Everything alright there? How is papa?
Usha: Everyone is fine. I called you to talk about something else. I am thinking of a marriage proposal for Kunj. I don’t know why, I feel Twinkle will be a perfect match and companion for Kunj.
Yuvi: What? What did you just say?
Usha: I think Kunj and Twinkle will be great together. You know your brother, his expectations and his concepts about life partner more than anyone else. That’s why I called you to know your opinion.
Yuvi: Better you bury that thought in your mind itself. They may be a great pair…But what is the use? Hitler Manohar Sarna is never gonna say yes to it… And your Ram Kunj will never go against Papa.
Usha (smiles): Hitler maan gaye hai…Bus Kunj aur Twinkle se baat kerni baaki hai… (Hitler has already accepted the proposal. Now the hurdle is to get yes from Twinkle and Kunj.)
Yuvi: You are not joking…Right? How did that happen?
Usha: Twinkle has impressed him that much. Twinkle has made a huge change in his concepts in last few months.

Yuvi: That’s great…
Usha: Now tell me this. What do you think? Is Twinkle a perfect match for Kunj? You know your brother better than anyone of us…
Yuvi (in an excited voice): Uff..Mom…You are the best…You have selected the best for Kunj. I am sure she will complete him and they will make a good pair. I am sure they are made for each other.
Usha: Are you sure? You seem pretty confident…
Yuvi: 100%… She completely matches with his concept. Without any doubt, you proceed with this proposal.
Usha: Okay…But I am worried about their responses. You know they both have a bitter past and both are reluctant to move on… What if they say no…
Yuvi thinks with a 100 volt smile on his face… “Mom, aap ek baar proposal to le chalo…Donon jath se haan ker denge…Bus issi intezaar me to shayad ye donon ne pichle ek saal jiya hai…” (Mom, you just go ahead with the proposal. I am sure they both will readily accept it. I am sure they have spent this entire last year waiting for this moment to come.)
Usha: Yuvi..?
Yuvi: Haan…You don’t worry about it..Let’s try. Hope we will get a positive response.
Usha: Okay. Then Bye…
Yuvi: Mummy…Wait a sec…
Usha: Haan…

Yuvi: You are the best mom anyone can get…And the award for the best Mom goes to Usha Sarna…Love you…
Usha (laughs loud): Love you too…And one more thing…Never ever call him Hitler..This time I am leaving you…
Yuvi: Ohooo…Possessive and loving wife…haann…Let me think…I will nominate you for the best wife too…
They both laugh and seem to be in a happy space.
Yuvi has come back with a pleasant smile and Gautam is working on the project.
Gautam: Yaar, Kuch toh gadbad hai…Dekhna… (I think there is some issue..I am not getting it. You try it once…)
Yuvi: Goli maar project ko…Chal break pe… Baaki ka kaam baad me… (Will see it later. Let’s go for break.)
Gautam: Teri tabiyat toh tikh hai… (Are you alright?)
Yuvi: Chalna… (Let’s go)
Gautam and Yuvi are at canteen.
Yuvi: Aaj treat meri taraf se..Tu jo maangega vo khilaunga…Bol kya chahiye… (Today it is my treat..Order whatever you want.)
Gautam: Fine.. Tell me what the matter is.
Yuvi: Mummy is proceeding with Kunj-Twinkle marriage proposal..
Gautam: Wow…
Yuvi: Wait…Papa has already said yes to it…
Gautam: OMG…

Yuvi: And the best part is… this is going in a proper arranged marriage style and my bechare parents don’t know that they both are deeply in love for the past 6 years…And my parents are worried about Twinj’s response on marriage proposal…
Gautam: what great news…
Yuvi: I love Twinkle…She is a rock star yaar..She made it… She is the best…She turned the impossible to possible… I still can’t believe that it is gonna happen soon…
Gautam: I understand…
Yuvi: I am so excited…Wow…What an awesome day….Everything is just so perfect today… I wish I could be there in Amritsar today and see them say yes to the proposal…
Yuvi is enthralled with the news and is completely in celebration mode.

Precap: – Twinkle’s response to proposal

Jisha 🙂

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  1. Fan

    Awesome epi di!!..i cant wait to know twinkle’s response..i think she will reject..

    1. Jisha

      Thanks fan..next episode posted

  2. Hi di!! How r u? Amazing epi!! Rocking one!! I am curious to know what will twinkle’s answer be…i’ve stopped guessing…cuz…yeh kunj ki sherni bahut unpredictable hai??
    Take care❤️

    1. Jisha

      Hi Aayu,
      I am fine… better now… thanks dear…next episode posted

  3. Awesome fabulous…. So exited for nxt part……

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  4. Hey jisha di again a mind blowing amazing episode…I’m very desperate to know twinkle’s response…cant wait till tmrw…tmrw till I read your ff il be thinking of it only…day by day your ff is becoming very very interesting…try to post next episode bit earlier than usual time…

    Take care di…

    Love you ???

    1. Jisha

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  5. Aksa(SidMin's and the ff writers die hard fan...)

    Amazing epi…loving the bond that usha and yuvi share…and waiting to know what will twinkle say..cont soon… :*

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  6. Chiku

    Di awesome ????❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️????????❤️❤️❤️?????????????????
    Loved it.
    Its like 2 states??

    1. Jisha

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  7. dreamer...arundhati

    Di osum epi.. Tc

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  8. Thanmy

    Diiiii what was this??? One more killer episode it was likee I was so excited to read next part and I’m damn sue dho dhaari talwar will not say yes but depends on manohars condition may be something can happen then diii I’m telling u now only I can’t catch the suspence within myself!! I think 1 year back manohar did acting of heart attack that’s why usha doesn’t want that to be revealed to kunj as he may go away again sorry for the dumb guess and I’m waiting for twinkles reply diiii pls cont soon

    1. Jisha

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    amazing awesome fabulous cute epi…eagerly waiting for next part….

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    Tic tok tic tok tic tok…….just cant wait for tmrw’s epi…….Twinkle ka response……..arggggg just cant wait

    Amazing…..awesome……fantastic epi loved it Uv ki excitement was at its heights
    And i think manohar probably faked d heart attack during d break up…..just a guess?

    Love u ????…….take care

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    amazing n wat not….di…just awesome..
    waiting for tw’s reply..

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    Fab fab fab..
    With uv’s dialogues..
    I’m in a celebration mode..
    Waiting for the next part

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  13. Ria

    Jisha di,
    It was amazing. I mean it always is. I loved the episode as always. Yuvraj is being so happy.?? As if his own marriage is finalised.? Anyways, good to see the brother bond. Really excited for Kunj’s reply.
    Loads of love.?
    Keep taking care.?

    1. Jisha

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  14. Waw di uh just nailed it…..n da best part was conversation b/w yuvi n his mom…..n m tooo much curious to know twinkle’s response…bt i thnk she vl say no?…..bt still its unpredictable lets c wt vl hpn ….i can’t wait fo much mo tym plz update soon….

    1. Jisha

      Thanks xavia… thank you for the sweet words…

  15. Awesome epi.. everyday I eagerly wait for ur epi.. I’m always hooked up to ur ff.. sometimes I cook up the story myself ??.. I think manohar faked about getting a heart attack.. just guessin.. do cont soon ?

    1. I meant b4 going to sleep I think abt yr ff and cook up the story abt what’s going to happen next

    2. Jisha

      Thanks sidvee… Happy to hear that.. next episode posted

  16. SIDMIN-Daamini

    Jisha diiii !!!!!!!
    What an episode
    Yuvi aur Usha ki bonding kitni achhi hai
    N bindass uv with his friend gautam
    N wait wait wait wait u left a suspense also …….Usha manohar talks r making me so hell confused ……I know u have planned something big for it ????…am I right ….
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    Or aj ka epi uff mere dil thodi khaki si jagah thi uff Aapke ff ne bin kiraye ye jgah li kuch keh bhi na saki ye kaisi bebasi yun chupke chupke aya Aapka ff
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    Heyy dii!! ?? how’s your health? Taking care of yourself nah? I hope so ??
    Can i ask u where in the world did u get such an amazing story and wrote it in such a track? I mean .. Your episodes are always rocking!! They’re just mindblowing! Though it was kind of an intense wala epi, yuvi made me laugh as if hes happier than twinj because they are gettin married?… But im still waiting to know what Yuvi did to b part of their separation.. Hope i havent missed any episodes to find the answer to that question.
    Anyway .. Di it was as usual an amazing episode! 🙂 ??
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    Loads of love,
    Urs Rose.

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