Tashan E Ishq (Tashan vs Love) Episode 57


Hi Friends,
I am sorry I could n’t post it yesterday. I had written the episode…but it was in bits and pieces..I wanted to order it properly,before I post it…I didn’t get time to do that yesterday..You know…My ammu…She has 1000 questions to be resolved. 😉
So posting a bit lengthier one and a bit early too…
Love you all…

Kunj is back in his room and is restless. He sits in bed for sometime and then gets up and walks here and there. He is trying hard to control his anger. Finally he seems to have taken a decision. He is vigorously searching for his wallet here and there. Wallet is kept on the table and can be noticed very easily. But Kunj is this much tensed that he didn’t notice it. He is searching for his wallet in every shirt and jeans and throwing all of them on floor, after finding that wallet is not there. Finally he sat on chair frustrated and found that wallet was right infront of him (on table).

He opens it and deep down in a small pocket which is not easily visible to anyone, he has kept Twinkle’s photo. He takes out Twinkle’s photo and looks at him.
Kunj (holding Twinkle’s photo): How could you get away from our relation so easily? I understand, I have never turned up when you needed me. But that was because I wanted you to forget me and get back to normal life. That’s because I love you so much..I don’t want you to get hurted anymore…I thought you will understand… I wanted to explain you everything. But today, you are not ready to listen to my part…Forget it…

Kunj throws the photo on table. He remains silent for sometime and then takes the pic back.
Kunj (looking at the photo): You think I lied to you on Papa’s health part… If you really feel it that way, I think you never understood Kunj then…. There is no point in keeping this relationship. You are right. It’s over…
Kunj again throws her photo out of frustration. He lies down on bed for sometime. Kunj is thinking of something and tears are rolling out of his eyes…He is remembering all the sweet moments and small small arguments, they had spent together. He wipes the tears and closes his eyes and forces himself to get into sleep. But in vain…He wakes up and then drinks a glass of water…While drinking water, he could see Twinkle’s photo thrown on the table. For no reasons, his heart forced him to take her photo back. He kept it in wallet back. Kunj comes back and lies down and this time he gets into a small nap.
Kunj wakes up hearing the knock at the door. Kunj opens the door and have some general talks with Usha. Usha senses that something is not right with Kunj. Usha enters into room and finds the shirts and jeans thrown here and there.
Usha (while picking it up): Are you alright? You seem to be disturbed…
Kunj: I am fine. I was searching something and I couldn’t get it that time. So got frustrated…Now all okay…

Usha: Fine.
Usha is about to leave and Kunj interrupts.
Kunj: Mummy, Papa came back? I wanted to talk to him.
Usha: He is in study.
Usha leaves from there. Kunj decides to go and talk to Manohar.
For the first time, he was surprised by his behavior. He was always considered as a Mumma’s boy and had discussed everything with Usha. But this time he wanted to meet Manohar and cry his heart out.
Manohar: Ho gayi baat? Kab jaana hai uske ghar? (Talked to her? When are we going to her home?)
Kunj directly comes and hugs him.

Kunj: Me ne usse kho diya, Papa…Me ne usse kho diya… (I am too late…I couldn’t do anything.)
Manohar hugs him tight and tries to console him.
Manohar: But you said you are sure that she still loves you. She won’t move on…
Kunj: She still loves me…But…
Manohar: Understood..Don’t worry. I will convince her parents at any cost. I will go and plead if needed. Once I separated you both and now I won’t allow anyone to come in between. I will do everything possible to make you both together.
Kunj (hugging and crying): Ab kuch nahi ho sakta…Sab khatam ho chukka hai… (Everything is over…Now we can’t do anything.)
Manohar makes him sit and consoles him.
Manohar: Now, tell me what happened.
Kunj explains that his love doesn’t trust him anymore and don’t need him back in her life.
Manohar: I am the cruelest father anyone could get. I couldn’t provide you the happiness which you deserved…And when I realized, it is too late…I wish I could do something for you, son…
Manoahar is in tears and choked up.

Kunj: Don’t be..You are not…It is all my fault… Her complaint is that I never stood up for our love and she doesn’t need such kind of a man in her life.
Manohar: Who said? You fought with me that day for her. I will talk to her and make her convince.
Kunj: It is of no use…She is not ready to listen to me…She won’t listen to anyone or anything now. It is over.

Manohar hugs him tight.
At night
Twinkle as usual is helping Usha in kitchen. Kunj can’t believe that she is behaving as if nothing happened. He couldn’t understand how she can behave so normally. They both have finished their work and went to their rooms. Kunj made sure that Usha has gone for sleep so that he can talk to Twinkle. Kunj messages Twinkle.
“Come to terrace. I want to talk to you. I know you won’t. If you are not coming, I will be coming to your room and I don’t want Mummy Papa to hear our arguments. So please…”
Kunj is waiting for Twinkle at terrace. He hears foot steps and makes sure that it is Twinkle.
Twinkle: What is the emergency? You could have talked to me tomorrow day time…
Kunj: Emergency? You don’t find anything wrong in this situation.

Twinkle: What’s wrong with it? And what’s wrong with you?
Kunj: That’s what I want to ask you. Are you the same Twinkle whom I loved? You are behaving as if nothing happened.
Twinkle: Yes, I am…I am the same Twinkle who loved you to the core and who deeply trusted you… But now I don’t trust you.
Kunj pins her to the wall.
Kunj: Agar mujpe bharosa nahi kerti ho, aur mere saath iss rishtey me rehna nahi chahti ho… to….Sirf ek chees batado…Uske baad me tumhe jaane dunga… (So you don’t trust me? You don’t want me back in your life..Right..? I will let you go, if you answer my question.)
Twinkle tries to get out of him. But he has held her so tightly that she can’t move.
Kunj: Kyu aayi ho tum yahan pe? Job resign kerne ke baad tumhe Amritsar ke alawa kahin pe bhi job nahi mila… (Then tell me this. After resigning job, you couldn’t find any work place other than Amritsar in this entire world…)
Twinkle is about to say something.
Kunj: Chalo maanli..Ittefaq se tumhe yahan job milgayi…Aur pure Amritsar me tumhe ek ghar nahi mila PG banke rehne ke liye, mere ghar ke siwaye…Yaa ye bhi ittefaq hai…
(Forget it..Let’s take it this way….You accidently got a job here in Amritsar…which is your ex’s home town. As per the situation which is going on, I think I should call myself your ex…Above all poor Twinkle couldn’t find any other house to stay as PG other than my house…Wow…That too happened accidentally. )
Twinkle: Kunj…
Kunj keeps his fingers on her lips.

Kunj: Shhshhh..I am not finished yet….
Kunj: Ye sab cheesein ittefaq se ho gayi…Ab tum muje ye batau ki kaunsa PG apne landlord ko maa baap ki tarah pyaar deta hai, unka dhyaan rekhta hai…Aur uss ghar ko apna ghar samajke sambhalta hai… (Explain me why are you treating my parents as if they are your parents. Why you take care of this house as if it is your own…)
Twinkle: You are no one to me and I don’t owe an answer to you. Let me go…
Twinkle pushes him hard and tries to go from terrace.
Kunj (pinning Twinkle to the wall): Har bhar tumhari marzi nahi chalegi…Aaj to tume jawab dena hi hoga… (You can’t go like that..You have to answer me today..)
Twinkle (with arrogance): Fine..I will answer you today..

Kunj: Jab tum mujse pyaar nahi kerti, mera tumhara koi vasta nahi hai, to tum yahaan pe ker kyaa rehi ho? (You said you don’t want me back in your life. When you don’t need me, why are you staying here?)
Twinkle: Tume yeh kisne kahaan ki me yahaan tumhare liye aayi hun? Iss galat fehmi me toh bilkul bhi mat rehna… (Who told you that I am staying here for you? Don’t even have a dream like that?)
Kunj: Then, tell me why you are here?
Twinkle: Kitni baar tum yehi baat puchoge…Jis din se aayi hun, tabse isika toh answer de rehi hun… (How many times will you ask me the same question? I am giving you the same answer from the first day you met me here.)
Twinkle moves out of his hold.

Twinkle: Me yahaan aayi hun apne self respect ke liye…Jo Uncle ne uss din cheenli thi…aur tum baitke tamasha dekh rehe the… (I have come here to get my self respect back. That day Uncle made fun of it and you were just sitting and watching the show.)
Kunj: Please understand… I did stop Papa that day. Believe me I tried my level best…
Twinkle: Let’s leave that topic. So I am here to make him understand what a south indain girl is…He had this concept about South Indian girls that they are always behind these north Indian well settled boys. I came here to change that…I am here to make him understand what I am, whom he rejected without even meeting. I am here to show him the values given by my parents whom he called that day characterless family…

Kunj: I am sorry…I know Papa should have never said such words…
Twinkle: Once I make him realize this, I will leave this house. I came here only for that…
Twinkle is leaving towards home. Then she turns around as if she wanted to say something more.
Twinkle: One more thing…I am almost done… Max to max one or two weeks and Uncle will realize everything. The very next day, I will put down my papers (resign) in office. You wll have to bear me for one more month as notice period in my company is 1 month.
Twinkle leaves terrace.

Next day evening
Kunj is sitting in chair. Twinkle is sitting in another chair which is opposite to Kunj. Usha is watching her serial sitting in sofa. Usha is a bit surprised with the fact that Kunj has allowed her to watch serial instead of his sports channel. She is happy and completely lost in her serial.
Kunj is continuously looking at Twinkle. He has forgotten the fact that Usha is also sitting there…Twinkle chose to ignore him for a while. But after sometime she also looks at Kunj.
Usha has kept the volume of TV high. They could clearly hear the BGM and shayari going on in serial.
Kunj felt as if that shayari was made for him and that is what he wanted to tell Twinkle at this time.
Yaadon mein kitni dafa, tumhari gali, tumhara dard pukarta raha…
magar kya karoon, mujhse hi aaya na gaya,
ek gham jo maine diya tha tume, mujhse bhulaya na gaya
us roz main yahan se gaya tha ye sochkar, ki laut aaunga
ek waada jo kiya tha tumse wo nibha jaunga,
magar shayad us waqt zindagi ko ye manzoor nahi tha…
warna main is qadar bhi majboor nahi tha…
(Several times in my memories, I could hear your lane, your pain call out to me
But I just could not return,

I could not forget the misery I gave you,
Otherwise I was not so helpless that I could not return
The day I left your place, I thought I will return soon,
After I have fulfilled that promise I made to you,
But I guess life had other plans for us,)

Twinkle felt as if Kunj wanted to say these words to her…They both share an eyelock.

Precap: – Usha comes to know that Kunj’s ex girl friend rejected him and decides to move on with Twinj proposal.

Jisha 🙂

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