Tashan E Ishq (Tashan vs Love) Episode 54


Next day Twinkle has gone for office. Kunj has gone to doctor with his friend for the removal of bandage. Usha felt this would be the best time to talk with Manohar.
Usha: Twinkle has changed our life completely. She has made our boring life into an enjoyable one. She takes care of us as her own parents. Moreover, Yuvi and Kunj both gel with her very well. In fact she is the reason due to which Kunj has started coming back to Amritsar.
Manohar is listening to her and nodding his head.
Usha: I think I have told you this. Before leaving to Mumbai, last time, Twinkle has talked to Kunj and that’s why….
Manohar: You have told this. All in all she is like a daughter to us. What are you trying to say? Come to the point.
Usha: You said it. I want her to be my daughter, not like a daughter. I was thinking of marriage of Kunj and Twinkle.
Manohar: Usha… Just think before you speak…
Usha: What is the issue? Don’t tell me, you still have the concept that south Indian (non Punjabi) girls can’t be a good daughter in law..After all this, you think so…You are impossible.
Manohar: Listen first. I agree, I used to think in that way…But that day (when RT came with Twinkle’s proposal for Cherry) he made me rethink about my concepts. My thoughts about it were shaken a bit, but still I had a belief that I am right. But with Twinkle around us and the way she handled everything, cared everyone made me feel that I was so wrong. Every actions of her from the day she had arrived, made me think that I was so wrong about south Indain girls. One should never make a generic opinion about people.
Usha: Then…What is the problem? Why don’t you agree for this proposal?
Manohar: Ek baar maine apne bete ko hamare liye apni life tabaah kerte huye dekha hai…Ab vaapas nahi…ab vo apni zindagi apne hisaab se jiyeega….
(I have seen my son destroying his life for me…I don’t want that to happen again. Now he will live his life on his terms.)
Usha: Matlab?
Manohar: Tum aaj vahi jagah pe kadi ho jahan me ek saal pehle khada tha. Ek baap ne apne bete ko, Punjabi bahu lane ke zidd me gala ghot ke mar diya tha…Ab mera Kunj, sirf saas le reha hai…Uski aatma, uski khushiyan,vo hassi sab ussi din chala gaya tha…Haan ab thoda muskuraane laga hai, shayad hamare khatir…
(I can see you standing at the same place, where I was one year before. At that time, I destroyed his life on a determination to find a Punjabi daughter in law. Now my Kunj is just living his life, not enjoying it. His soul, his happiness and his beautiful smile…everything got strangulated on that day…Now sometimes he try to smile, but I know that is just to make us happy.)
Usha: Manohar, Aap samaj nahi rehe ho… (Manohar, you do not understand)
Manohar: Galat..Iss baar tum nahi samaj rehi ho…Aaj tum vahi kerne jaa rehi ho, jo me ker reha tha…Twinkle jaisi achi ladki ko apni bahu banane ke chakkar me vaapas apne bete ko ussi kuve (I meant well, I donno the exact spelling of it) me dekhelne jaa rehi ho…Jo galti maine kiya vo tume dohrane nahi dunga…
(Wrong..This time you do not understand. You are doing the same mistake which I have done. You want a daughter in law like Twinkle, so you are forcing him to get married to her. I won’t let you do the same mistake.)
Usha: Aisa nahi hai ki me usse force ker rehi hun. Kunj bhi yahi chahta hai… Twinkle aur Kunj donon ek dusre ko chahte hai…(Trust me, Manohar..I am not forcing him to do that… Kunj and Twinkle feel for each other.)
Manohar: Kya? Aur tum ye baat kaise keh sakti ho? Unme se kisi ne ye baat kaha hai? (How do you know that? Do any of them tell anything about it?)
Usha: For the last one or two weeks, I have been trying to make them close. I have seen them caring for each other and a spark in their eyes for each other. And over this one week, I have seen that spark intensifying and now I am sure they feel for each other.
Manohar (Laugh): Really? You have been trying to make them fall for each other. And now you assume that you have succeeded in that…Wow…This is what I was talking. You are doing the same mistake. You are imposing your wishes on Kunj. I won’t let this happen to my son for the second time.
Usha (rudely): I am not…Why don’t you listen to me first…It is not my assumption…I am sure they are in love. Wait a min.
Usha brings her mobile and shows the selfie clicks which she has taken.
Usha: See, how they are looking at each other. Don’t you think they have something in their eyes for each other?
Manohar: Ohh… god…Usha…Stop assuming. They were just uncomfortable with each other coz you made them sit so closely…And you think it is love….
Usha: Fine. You won’t believe these pictures…I have made them spent time together for more than a week saying an excuse of kitty party. At that time, they have very well known each other,spent a lot of time together and started loving.
Manohar: I can’t believe this. You have done this much behind my back. Now I understood why both of them were forcing me that day to stay back home and not go for walk. They didn’t understand your plan. But they were feeling uncomfortable…
Usha tries to explain him. Manohar interrupts.
Manohar: You said you are not imposing anything on him. Then what is this? You make him fall for a girl using tricks and plans…Is this a crash course?…Fall for a girl in a week…Wow…And you think love happens in a week and you believe that will last for the entire life… Why don’t you accept that you are just like me? A selfish parent who wants her son to live his life on her terms…
Usha: I agree..I am a selfish mom who wants my son to get married to Twinkle and move on..I have made this plans and tricks to make him fall for him… So what? Till when, I can see my child in pain…Till when, you want him to be single and grieve for that girl…I don’t think I am doing anything wrong.
Manohar (with a weird smile): I thought the same when I was forcing him to leave that girl…Look what I have gained…
Usha: I understand you are repenting. You are now genuinely concerned about Kunj. But trust me, Kunj loves Twinkle.
Manohar: I don’t believe you.
Usha: Fine. Let him come back from hospital…You can ask him. Everything will be clear then…
Manohar (smirks): Ek baar meri zindagi ke liye, haste haste apna dil kat ke mere haathon me rekh diya tha hamare Kunj ne..Ab tumhare khushi ke liye, bache saason ko bhi haste haste de dega…Per iss baar me ye hone nahi dunga…
(A year back, Kunj took his bleeding heart (his love life) out and kept in my hand for the sake of my life. And now you want to take away the breaths too from him…He would definitely do that for you..But I won’t let that happen now.) {I think I translated it very badly..I am sorry…}
Usha: Aisa nahi hai… (You are getting me wrong.)
Manohar: Aisa hi hai…Yaad hai…Yuvi ne kya keha ta sab jaan ne ke baad… “Ram jaisa beta har kisiko nahi milta…Aur agar aap ko mila hai to, uska kadar ker na sikho…Na ki uska fayda uthana…” Me ne uska fayda uthaya hai…aur ye mera wada hai ki kisi aur ko uska fayda utha ne nahi dunga…Chahe vo tum hi kyu na ho…
(No…this time… I am right….Remember what Yuvi said that day, when he came to know everything…
“Not everyone gets a son like Ram…You are lucky, you have got Kunj. If you have got that, cherish it….Don’t try to take advantage of that…”
I have taken advantage of him. I won’t let anyone do that to him next time. Even if it is you…)
Usha: Fine. I don’t want you to say Kunj about my wish of him getting married to Twinkle. You can at least have a talk of a casual marriage proposal. We won’t force him or say anything about our wishes. At least that much you can do, Right?
Manohar: I will do that…
Usha seems happy and relaxed.
Manohar: But just give me an answer to this question, which I am sure he is gonna ask me soon after the talk of proposal. He will ask me now you can accept Twinkle as your daughter in law, although she is south Indian, born in other culture, religion…What was his girl’s fault whom he loved for the past 5 years? What should I say?
Usha: Manohar, forget it…We can’t do anything that happened in past…Leave that behind and move on…
Manohar breaks down…
Manohar: Me nahi bhool sakta…Me ye kaise bhoolun ki aaj mera beta aisi zindagi jee reha hai to,vo sirf meri vajah se…Vo haste muskurate baat to kerta hai, lekin muje uske aankhon me vo gum aaj bhi nazar aata hai… Kya kuch nahi kiya maine unhe alag kerne liye…Kya kuch nahi kaha maine uss ladki ko aur uski family ko…Bus bhagwaan se yehi prarthana hai ki kabhi uss ladki ke saamne aane ki nobat na aaye…
(I can’t…I just can’t…Tell me how I can forget that I am the reason behind all his sorrows. Nowadays he pretends to be happy, but deep inside his eyes I can see the grieve. Sometimes I feel ashamed of myself… What all have I done to separate them…I have talked rubbish about that girl and her family. I just pray to god that I never come across that girl ever in my life…)
Usha consoles him.
Usha: Leave those things behind. We can’t rectify it.
Manohar: You know what..Sometimes I wish Kunj should have screamed at me or yelled at me…It is been almost a year I have separted them. He never said a single word against me..He just calmly said…
“You can’t accept my girl… I accepted your decision. But you can’t force me to get married to anyone else. I will never get married to anyone. That is my decision. You have to accept it.”
Sometimes I think how could I behave so brutally to him that day…You know everything…
Usha: I know…Stop thinking about it and leave that behind…I never knew you regretted about it this much.
Manohar (tears and a smile): A man is supposed to be strong headed and hard hearted. Being a man, you can’t really cry your heart out… After all, I am the great great Hitler Manohar Sarna as per your daughter Twinkle. How can I cry?
Usha smiles.
Manohar: I have never shown this side of mine.I never tried to pour my heart out in front of any one. But trust me, I have said sorry to him and his girl at least a million times in my mind…It is just that I could never voice it out…I feel like hugging and crying him….
“I am sorry son..I did this to you…I don’t know how could I hurt you, when I love you so much…I wish…I wish…I could do something for you and get everything back in place…”
Usha is just listening to him and let him tell everything so that he feels better. Something strikes in Manohar’s mind and he feels composed.
Manohar: Thank you Usha..Thank you for coming and discussing this proposal with me..Otherwise I would have never understood what I should do for my Kunj…Now I know what to be done….
Usha: What are you upto?
Manohar: I am thinking of uniting Kunj with his girl. I will inform Kunj that I am ready to accept their relationship and I am ready to go with Kunj’s marriage proposal to her parents…
Usha: It is too late…It’s been a year…Do you think that girl will still be waiting for him? She would have moved on or got married…
Manohar seems sad and wipes his tears…
Manohar: I hope she is still waiting for him…Let me talk to Kunj first…I will stick to that hope.
Usha: I think you should not talk to Kunj… I personally believe he has moved on with Twinkle. You will be hurting him again by reminding his past…
Manohar: I still don’t believe that they are in a relationship and that to a ‘1 or 2 weeks long, framed love’. A 5 year old intense relationship weighs more than a 2 week framed love. I have decided. I will talk to Kunj.

Precap: – Manohar and Kunj’s talks and Manohar agrees to Twinj relationship

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