Tashan E Ishq (Tashan vs Love) Episode 53


Kunj is about to go for sleep. Twinkle asks him to have soup and then go for sleep. Twinkle provides him soup at the table near to bed and leaves to bring water. Kunj is trying to have soup with left hand and it fell down on his shirt. Twinkle comes seeing this and takes soup bowl from him and try to feed him.
Kunj: That’s okay..I can manage.
Twinkle: I can see how you are managing…Let me do it…
Twinkle feeds him soup. Twinkle is about to leave.
Kunj: Get me the headphones. I think I fogot them on sofa. I want to listen to music while sleeping.
Twinkle brings his headphone and finds Kunj slept. He has kept a song in his mobile at a low volume.

Pal bhar thahar jaao..
Dil ye sambhal jaaye..
Kaise tumhe roka karun…
Meri taraf aata har gham phisal jaaye..
Aankhon mein tum ko bharun..
Bin bole baatein tumse karun…
‘gar tum saath ho….
Agar tum saath ho….
(From movie Tamasha)

Twinkle looks at him affectionately for a while and decides not to wake him up. She keeps the headphone near his pillow and is about to leave. She turns back and sits beside his bed and looks at him for a few seconds.
Twinkle leans towards Kunj and gives him a gentle kiss on his forehead. Kunj was just listening to song closing his eyes. Kunj opens his eyes and finds Twinkle kissing him. He immediately closes his eyes and pretends to be sleeping. Twinkle leaves. Kunj has a cute and blushing smile on his face…
Next day also Usha leaves for Kitty party and now Kunj has also understood that there is no point in stopping her.
Kunj: Twinkle, I need your help.
Twinkle: Tell me.
Kunj: I want to end this once and for all. See, I can’t go out. Can you follow her today and find out what she is doing everyday?
Twinkle: And you think I am gonna leave you alone at home?
Kunj: Papa will be coming from walk, may be in half an hour. I can manage till that time. And I am feeling better too..
Twinkle: Uncle is going to library after walk. So he will be coming late. I won’t leave you alone. Can’t aunty meet her friends on a daily basis? What’s the big deal?
Kunj: I don’t have an issue with her hanging out with friends. But the way she is behaving is weird. I am her son. I can sense that. I just want her to be safe. I hope she doesn’t get into any trouble.
Twinkle: I understand. But she is not a school going kid. I know she has some stress and health issues. But she will manage.
Kunj: But…
Twinkle: Trust me Kunj…Let her come back today. I will ask her and get an answer today.
Kunj: And you think she will tell you the truth?
Twinkle: Sometimes there are secrets which can only be disclosed to daughter and not to son. She considers me as a daughter. If at all, she doesn’t give me an answer, I promise I will find out the truth for you. As per your wish, I will follow her and find it out…Happy now?
Kunj (smiles): Okay.

Twinkle prepares soup and brings to make Kunj feed. Kunj has kept songs in his laptop (without headphone) and is listening to it closing his eyes. When he opens his eyes, he finds Twinkle sitting besides him with a soup bowl. Twinkle is making him drink the soup. Kunj finds it so hot and looks at her. She smiles with an expression of sorry and is trying to cool the soup with care.
The song which is playing right now is… (Song from Hasee toh Phasee)
Ishq bulava jaane kab aave
Ishq bulava aave jab aave..
Main ta kol tere rehna
Main ta kol tere rehna
Main ta baitha kol tere…
Kunj looks at her affectionately. He finds her cute…The utmost care with which she is trying to cool the soup make him fall for her innocence. Twinkle starts giving soup and they share an eyelock. They both are continuously looking at each other… Twinkle, like a robot is giving him soup and Kunj also is having the soup without breaking their eyelock.
Tainu takda ravaan…
Baaton pe teri hansda ravaan
Pagal main khud nu banaanda ravaan
Tu hansdi rave, main hansaanda ravaan
Tainu takda rawaan…
They are still looking at each other affectionately. Twinkle has given Kunj a spoon of soup and Kunj is drinking. Kunj finds out that the soup is over and Twinkle is giving him empty spoons. Kunj smiles and pretends to be drinking.
Ajeeb rangaan di tu hai badi
Lage alag hi jahaan di
Ajeeb rangaan di tu hai badi
Lage alag hi jahaan di
Twinkle still continue to give him soup and finally Kunj decides to tell her.
Kunj: Twinkle, Soup is finished.
Twinkle: Haan..?Ohh haan… I am sorry.
She keeps the soup bowl at table and takes the tissue to wipe the soup left at his lips. To wipe the soup, Twinkle comes close to Kunj and again they share an eyelock.
Ae to nazraan nazraan di gal ve
Tu vi sun le zaraa
Main taa kol tere rehna
Main taa kol tere rehna
Main taa rehna kol tere…

Twinkle realizes she was close to Kunj. She is about to leave. Kunj stops her from leaving and makes an expression as in he wants her to be with him. Twinkle and Kunj hug each other. Kunj is in a half sitting position in bed and Twinkle was opposite to him. Eventhough they are hugging each other, they are not that close (kind of a formal hug). So Kunj, keeping his left hand on Twinkle’s waist, pulls Twinkle close to him. Twinkle is completely in Kunj’s embrace now. She just wants to melt in his arms. Kunj holds her so tightly as if no one can separate them.
Tainu takdi rawaan
Naina ‘ch tere main vasdi ravaan
Paagal main khud nu banaunda ravaan
Tu hansdi rave, main hansanda ravaan
Tainu takda ravaan
Twinkle could feel the breath of Kunj falling on her neck. Kunj, still in her embrace, kisses Twinkle on her neck. Twinkle turns pink. Kunj breaks the hug and cups her face with hands. He kisses her on forehead. They look at each other. Twinkle has turned pink and Kunj is enjoying her blushing…
Ishq duaavan jaane kab aave
Ishq duaavan aave jab aave
Main ta kol tere rehna
Main ta kol tere rehna
Main taa baitha kol tere…
Kunj keeps Twinkle’s hair strands behind her ears. He brings her face more close to him. Twinkle closes her eyes. He leans towards Twinkle’s lips.
Tainu takda ravaan
Baaton pe teri hansda ravaan
Pagal main khud nu banaanda ravaan
Tu hansdi rave, main hansanda ravaan Tenu takda ravan….

Their lips are so close and is about to kiss each other. Kunj opens his eyes and find Twinkle with closed eyes and with utmost love and on the wall he finds a family pic of him with Manohar and Usha. He just gets stuck for a moment and realizes what he was about to do. Twinkle opens her eyes to find him in tears…She also gains the senses. They move apart from each other.Twinkle leaves the room.
After sometime, she comes back to give him medicine.
Kunj: I am sorry… I should n’t have done that.It was my fault. I don’t know how I lost my control.
Twinkle: Kunj, have medicine. And about that, we both were at fault.
Kunj:Meri hi galti hai…Muje koi haq nahi banta ki tume vaapas vo sapne dikhau jinhe me pura na ker saku…( It was my fault…I don’t have any rights to make you dream when I clearly know that I can’t fulfill any of your dreams.)
Kunj: I shouldn’t have come back to Amritsar. I will book the tickets and leave tomorrow itself. That’s better for us.
Twinkle: You are not well. And what about Aunty, Uncle?
Kunj: Tomorrow the bandages will be removed. I will leave next day. I will make any official excuse to Mummy, papa.
Twinkle: Kunj, we can’t run away from this situation. You going out of Amritsar or not coming back is not the solution. We have to face it and accept the truth. We both clearly know that we can’t be together. I think we should stay away from each other in the best possible manner. I don’t want you to leave your aged parents behind because of me.
Kunj: I was clear about it. I have always made efforts to stay away from you..But I don’t know from the past one week, what has changed… May be mummy leaves for party and we are left alone…May be that thought…I just can’t understand what went wrong with me…
Twinkle: May be…I promise I will ask Aunty to stay back at home from tomorrow and everything will be resolved. Don’t get tensed. Have your medicine and go for sleep.

At night
Twinkle is helping Usha with dish washing.
Twinkle: Aunty, bura mat maniyega…Lekin muje aap se kuch baat kerni thi…(Hope you don’t feel bad…I wanted to ask you something.)
Usha: Tum kabse formal hone lagi mere saath? Tum toh meri beti ho…(You are my daughter. You can ask me anything.)
Twinkle: It is about Kunj. Kunj is really worried about you. He feels something weird in your behavior and in your kitty parties and shoppings on a daily basis. Is everything alright?
Usha (perplexed): What happened to me? I am fine… Just because I am a housewife, can’t I spend few hours with my friends?
Twinkle: Aunty, you are misunderstanding Kunj. He didn’t mean in that way. He is your son and he can sense every minute change in your behavior. He told that either there is an issue which is making you behave this way or you are trying to hide something from us. I am asking you on behalf of him. Is there anything which you can’t share with Kunj or Manohar Uncle? I can help you out. Please tell me.
Usha (composes herself): Nothing as such. It is just that Anita has come here to find a groom for her daughter, Alisha. I am just helping my friend. I too had some work which I completed with Anita in these days. If I say this at home, they both will stop me saying that I am not a marriage broker. Anita and her daughter are settled in US and she has come here to fix this. Once she finds a groom with good family, she will return back to US and send her daughter to meet him.
Twinkle: Ohh..Okay…
Usha works calmly and Twinkle still has some doubts on Usha whether she is telling the truth. So she decides to test her.
Twinkle: Aunty, Why to search here and there? Both your families know each other for so long. More than that Anita aunty is your best friend. Why don’t you think about Kunj and Alisha’s marriage?
Usha (smiles): Whatever you said is correct. First of all Kunj won’t agree to it. Secondly, if at all he agrees (may be because they are best friends), I won’t agree. . Alisha is not the kind of girl which I want for my Kunj. I know her very well. She is the kind of girl who has smiles and praises at your face and backstab you when you turn. I can’t stand her.
Twinkle: Okay.

Twinkle understands that Usha is telling truth. Twinkle leaves from kitchen after work.
Twinkle thinks. “Chalo…kam se kam bête ko na sahi, maa ko toh Alisha ka asli chehra pata hai…”
(Atleast Aunty knows Alisha’s true colors unlike Kunj.)
Usha is still at the kitchen and thinks.
“ Toh baat ab yahaan tak aa gayi hai ki, mujpe nazar rekha jaa reha hai…Kunj mujpe shak ker reha hai…Ab muje kitty party stop ker deni chahiye…Aur vaise bhi jis cheez ke liye me ye ker rehi thi, vo to muje mil gaya….Kunj mujse seedha aake baat kerne ke jagah Twinkle, jo sirf hamaari PG hai usse bej reha hai…Matlab vo Kunj ke liye khaas ban chuki hai…Vo mujse related apna tensions aur uska shak uske saath share kiya…Iska matlab ab Twinkle sirf dost nahi, kuch aur bann chuki hai…”
(So Kunj has doubts on me..I should have been alert. I think I should stop going to these kitty parties. Anyways the purpose of these parties, I guess is already achieved. Kunj could have directly come and talk to me. Instead he chose Twinkle, who is just a PG of ours. That means she is something special to him. He has discussed his doubts and tensions about me, to Twinkle. I think they have reached a relation which is beyond friendship.)
Usha (talking to herself): Ab waqt aa gaya hai ki,me Manohar se inke shaadi ke bare me baat keru…
(It’s time to discuss about their marriage proposal to Manohar.)

Precap:- Usha discusses about Twinj marriage proposal and Manohar’s reply

Jisha 🙂

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