Tashan E Ishq (Tashan vs Love) Episode 51


Next day Twinkle has come back from office by evening (morning shift). Manohar has gone out for evening walk. Kunj comes out of room to find out that Usha is dressed up well and is ready to go somewhere.
Kunj: You are going out?
Usha: Going for shopping with Anita and then to Kitty party.
Kunj: Aaj bhi..?
Usha: Haan…
Usha leaves. Kunj looks at Twinkle who is sitting in sofa…
Kunj: Tum toh keh rehi thi ki mummy mujse milne ke liye bechain ho rehi hai…Mere saath rehna chahti hai… Yahan toh nazara hi kuch aur hai…(You told me that Mummy is eagerly waiting for me. She is anxious about me. I don’t find anything like that from her behavior.)
Twinkle: Kunj…Anita aunty has come Amritsar for just 1 month. May be because of that she went.
Kunj: Tum toh aise baat ker rehi hi ho, jaise me toh yahaan saal bhar ke liye aaya hun…(Hmm…And I am gonna stay here for 1 year?)
Twinkle: Tumara kuch nahi ho sakta…(You are impossible.)
Kunj: Ho na ho..Twinkle…Kuch toh gadbad hai….Kahin Mummy Kitty party kerte kerte kuch off track toh nahi jaa rehi hai na…(I don’t know..But I can sense something weird in her behavior…Are sure she is not going off track with these Kitty parties?)
Twinkle: Off track? What do you mean?
Kunj: I mean I have heard and seen in movies that Kitty parties have playing cards and all… Any idea?
Twinkle: How would I know? Forget it…You are thinking too much…
Kunj: Hope so…

Usha who pretended to leave the house was just listening to their talks through window.
Usha to herself: Tum donon ki life ko track pe lane ke liye muje thoda off track jaana pade toh vo bhi kerne ko taiyaar hun… (To get your lives on track, I am ready to go off track too..)
Usha leaves for shopping.
Kunj was watching football matches in TV. Twinkle comes and sits and takes the remote.She changes the channel and keeps serial.
Kunj: Hey, I was watching that match…
Twinkle: Oops..Sorry..But it is my serial time…I don’t wanna miss it.
Kunj snatches the remote from her and changes the channel.
Twinkle: You know I hate football…
Twinkle took the remote back and starts watching her serial.
Kunj (making a similar face how Twinkle said): You know I hate serials…
Twinkle: You know what..Uncle is the head of the family and he decides everything in this house…But still he doesn’t have the right to decide which channel will be kept on TV. Aunty decides it… So am I…
Kunj: Damn…I hate it…
Twinkle: Go and sleep…
Kunj gets up from sofa and is about to leave and then thinks for a while. He decides to stay back and sits in chair. Twinkle notices that.
Twinkle: So you don’t hate serials..Haan? Watch this one. It is a youth based show..An interesting one…
Kunj says okay.

Kunj thinks. “Goli maaro serial ko…Kam se kam issi bahane tume thodi der chain se dekh toh sakta hun…Tume saamne se to me yun pyaar se dekh nahi sakta….apna pyaar jata nahi sakta…Kam se kam aise hi sahi…Iss se acha mauka muje mil hi nahi sakta… Muje pata hai tum serial me itni involved ho ki meri taraf dhyaan nahi dogi… Aur ghar pe bi koi nahi hain…”
(To hell with your serial…At least I can have glances of you…Normally I can’t look at you because you will read the love and care I have for you in my eyes. This is the perfect chance…No one is at home..You are so much involved in TV that you won’t look at me…)
Kunj actually is looking at the half size mirror which is kept near to the TV. He came and sat in chair so that he can clearly see Twinkle in that mirror.
After some time…
Twinkle: Iski toh…(How dare you?)
Kunj suddenly wakes up and keeps his eyes on TV. He is worried that Twinkle has understood that he was looking at the mirror and not at TV.
Twinkle: How dare that villain do this to my heroine…Didn’t you see that?
Kunj (makes an empathetic face): I know…How dare he…These villains, I tell you…
Kunj turning his face away from Twinkle, gives a deep sigh…
2 hours later Usha comes back and finds Twinkle is watching TV serial and Kunj has slept in chair. Usha goes to her room.
Usha: Ek main hun inke liye bina matlab shopping ka naam leke bahar jaa rehi hun…Aur ek ye donon hai…Ek dusre ke saath time spent kerne ke bajaye…Ek TV serial dekh rehi hai aur ek so reha hai…Mumbai se Amritsar sone aaya hai kya…? Aisa mauka har bhar thodi milta hai…Baatein shaatein kero..Saath me time spent kero…

(These two are impossible…I was trying to give them space and went for shopping..And these two…One is busy with TV and the other is sleeping…I have brought you all the way from Mumbai to Amritsar to have sound sleep…I have given you such an awesome chance…You could have talked to each other, get to know each other and spent time together.)
Usha comes out of her room and sits beside Twinkle.
Twinkle: Enjoyed your shopping? I think you had a good time with friends…
Usha gives her a smile and starts watching TV. Although Usha is keeping her eyes on TV, she is thinking of something else.
Usha thinks… “Enjoyed? Bina matlab, paise shopping me udaye….Vo to phir bhi tikh hai, Tum donon ke liye me uss pakau Anita ki baatein jhel ke aayi…Aur hua kya? Kuch nahi…Vaise to saas bahu ko satane ke liye kya kya kerti hai…Aur ek main hun, tuje meri bahu banane ke liye kya kya seh rehi hun…”
(Enjoyed? You have no idea what all I have gone through…I have wasted money for this unnecessary shopping. That’s okay..At least I can use them anyways…I got tortured with that irritating Anita’s stupid talks and her showing off nature…And what was the result? Generally mother in laws try so hard and use tricks to see her daughter in law in pain…And here I am, who is going through all these tortures to get you as my daughter in law.)
Next day also Usha leaves for kitty party at the same time. Now Kunj and Twinkle have serious doubts on her. Now Kunj has planned something and discusses it with Twinkle and they decide to implement it next day.
Next day Usha is restless as Manohar has not gone for walk. She is waiting for him to leave so that she can go for kitty party. She comes twice or thrice to the living area to check whether Manohar has left. Kunj signs Twinkle as to see what is happening now…One more time Usha comes back and finally decides to ask Manohar.
Usha: Are you not going for walk today?
Manohar: No, I don’t feel like…
Usha: See Twinkle, That’s why his health doesn’t stay stable. Everytime he skips walking.
Usha is expecting Twinkle’s support. Twinkle looks at Kunj as to what to do and Kunj gives her a sign.
Twinkle: That’s okay Aunty…Ek din toh chalta hai…
Usha: Kunj, ab pata chala inko yeh problems kyun hote hai…Meri to yeh sunte hi nahi hai..Ek Twinkle ki baat mante hai..Ab to Twinkle bhi inhi ke side ho gayi hai…Tum hi kuch samjao apne papa ko…
(Kunj, he never listens to me. If Twinkle insists, he does that. And today she is also taking sides of Manohar. Now you only make him understand.)
Kunj: That’s okay Mummy. I have asked him to stay back and play carrom with us. I was getting bored at home.
Usha (with frustration): Tikh hai..Me kuch nahi bolti..Vaise bhi yahaan meri baat sunta kaun hai… (Fine..I won’t say anything… In fact no one listens to me.)

After sometime, Usha calls someone and informs that she can’t come today. Kunj and Twinkle although playing carrom with Manohar has kept their ears open. Kunj hits Twinkle with his elbow and raises his eyes. Twinkle gives him a clap sign (without noise). Kunj keeps the collar of his shirt raised and smiles back..
Usha comes back with a selfie stick and mobile and sits near by Twinkle. Now is sofa sitting arrangement is like Usha, Twinkle and Kunj.. Manohar is sitting in chair.
Usha: Enough of playing…I want to take a selfie of all of us.
Kunj: You and selfie? But you never like getting clicked..Are you alright?
Usha: So what? You all have forgotten that I have a son at Mumbai who is away from family. I want to send some pictures to him. He asked me…
Kunj: Yuvi? He even doesn’t have time to talk to me when I was in Mumbai…and he called you?
Usha (miffed): So what? I am his mummy..He won’t have time for me…
Kunj nods his head and poses for selfie. Usha asks Manohar to sit in sofa so that they can get the family pic. Sofa is a small 4 seater one, but Usha being a bit fat the 4th one will have to adjust. Manohar comes and sits besides Kunj. It is now quite uncomfortable and Kunj and Twinkle are sitting close to each other. Twinkle excuses and is about to leave as she says it is a family picture.
Usha: We have never considered you as an outsider and you know that…So just sit here.
Usha makes her sit and gives the selfie stick to Manohar. Manohar has news paper in his hand which he keeps on Kunj’s lap. Everyone is adjusting their positions so that all are captured in pic.
While adjusting his position, Kunj touches Twinkle’s hand by mistake. Newspaper kept in his lap is covering Kunj and Twinkle’s hand. Twinkle and Kunj share an eyelock. Kunj was about to leave her hand, but then he feels the engagement ring in her finger…He holds her hand softly and gently rub his thumb on the ring…Twinkle wants to remove her hand from his hold, but for reason unknown to her she couldn’t do that… During the entire selfie session, Kunj was holding her hand and sometimes they both were looking at each other…
Usha takes the selfie stick from Manohar and tries to click from her side..But she couldn’t.
Usha: Kunj, Your hands are longer. Hold this and click the picture.
Kunj receives the stick with the remaining hand, still holding Twinkle’s hand in other. Usha thought Kunj is not using that hand because he is holding the newspaper.
Usha: Hold it from the other hand…Give that newspaper to Manohar.
Kunj readily takes out his hand. Twinkle also behaves as if nothing happened.
Usha leaves to her room with mobile to send pics to Yuvi…She checks the photos..In most of the pics, Kunj and Twinkle are looking at each other or Kunj is looking at Twinkle affectionately and Twinkle with a shy face. Usha analyses each and every picture carefully.
Usha thinks… “Shayad meri mehnat rang laa rehi hai…Kuch toh hain inki aankhon me ek dusre ke liye…. Kitty parties kaam aa rehi hai…”
(I think Kitty party concept is working…I can feel a spark in their eyes for each other…Finally my efforts have paid off…)

Precap: – Kunj’s accident and Usha’s tricks

Hi Friends,
Thank you so so…so….much..You all made my day…I don’t know how many times I have read your comments…You all made me feel so special…I was reading out your comments to my hubby and keeping my collars up (just as Kunj did today)…Love you all. Couldn’t reply to you as I had to go to hospital for regular injections and check up. Will reply after submitting this episode…Happy to hear that most of them loved the challenge and is ready to accept it…

Jisha 🙂

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    1. Jisha

      Thanks Jas and Sid lover… even I don’t know how many episodes it will be…most probably won’t reach 100…I started this ff with a definite ending in mind…nd love you for such sweet words…
      I wanted to know ur name n where do you stay? U can send it to me through personal message in tu,if u r not comfortable disclosing it publicly…

  4. SidMin

    Loved it Jisha di the self session was the best part and the serial part where Twinkle is busy watching and Kunj is staring at her through the window I must say everyone should get a Mother in Law like Usha she is helping her DIL spend time with her son so sweet Love you 🙂

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