Tashan E Ishq (Tashan vs Love) Episode 50


Hi Friends,
Thank you all for always supporting me throughout this journey.This is my 50th episode and everyone was asking for treat…I thought for a while…I thought I should write a lengthier episode and give you a treat by doing so…This is by far the lengthiest episode I have written. Hope you enjoy reading…Worried whether you will get bored of it…

Few days later
Twinkle is on video call with Kunj.
Kunj: Wanted to inform you something. Most probably I will be coming to Amrtisar for a long leave…Hope you don’t have any issue?
Twinkle: Why would I? It is your house…You can come any time…And that’s a great news…
Kunj: Okay..Actually after the issue with Papa, I never came back to Amritsar except last time. So I have so many leaves. Plus last time I came back to office immediately cancelling my leaves, So boss is impressed with me…So he has told me I can go for a long leave.
Twinkle: When are you planning to come?
Kunj: Next Saturday. Flight tickets are booked.
Twinkle: Okay. I will inform Aunty,Uncle.
Kunj: Don’t do that. You have told me that Mummy is worried about me. I want to give her a surprise.
Twinkle: Ohh..That would be nice. She will be so happy to see you all of a sudden.
Kunj: So done..Don’t discuss it with anyone.I will join you all on Saturday for dinner.
Twinkle: Even after coming to home, don’t tell anybody that I knew about ur plan..Probabaly Aunty might feel bad that you discussed your plan with their PG.
Kunj: Is that so?
Twinkle: Chances are there..Why to take a risk…
Kunj: Fine..Anything else?
Twinkle: How is Yuvi? Nowadays he doesn’t talk to me at all…Aunty was also telling that he came to Amritsar long before and want to meet him. It would be great, if Yuvi can join you. Complete family time..Aunty, Uncle will be so happy.
Kunj (with a smile): Forget about you…He doesn’t have time to talk to me who lives with him. He has some college projects to be finished and final exams are coming. So he is always in his room either making the project or studying.
Twinkle: Good…
Kunj: Ohh…He is here…Yuvi…Come here…Twinkle wants to talk to you…
Yuvi comes near laptop and Kunj shifts laptop towards Yuvi.
Yuvi: Hello bhabhi,
Twinkle: Heard you are too busy to talk to us…
Yuvi: Exams are near and before that one project needs to be completed. Project score will also get added up in final score. So quite busy nowadays…
Twinkle: Happy you are serious about your career. Kunj always had this complain that you are not serious.
Yuvi (smiles): Now I have to…Kya keru…Aapke laxman ka future ka sawaal hai… You guys carry on…I am listening to you while writing my journal.
Kunj: Good that he is not coming. Anyways you have taken my room. If we both come together, where would I sleep?
Yuvi is writing his journal and without looking at them gives the answer.
Yuvi: Kya baat ker rehe ho bhai…Saat me soyenge..Ye bhi koi puchne ki baat hai… (You can sleep together…That’s obvious.)
Kunj: Shut up Yuvi. Sometimes you talk rubbish…
Yuvi: Here also we both sleep together na..At Amritsar, you think I will kick you out of room because it is mine…
Kunj: Ohh..Okay…
Yuvi realizes that there is some issue and stop writing and look at Kunj’s face which is pale…and Twinkle too have a similar expression.
Yuvi: Ohhh…You both took it that way…
Kunj: Shut up Yuvi…
Yuvi: Le…Tum logon ki dimaag ganda hai, to isme bhi meri galti…
Through the entire week Usha has been trying to make video calls between Twinkle and Kunj. But every time she failed miserably. Twinkle will make Manohar sit on video call or if Manohar is not at home and Twinkle is forced to have conversation, then Kunj will get an important official call and they won’t talk. If any how they both are free and ready to talk to each other, topic of discussion will be as usual (bills, reports and max to max Yuvi’s studies.)

Twinkle makes sure that Yuvi’s room is neat and clean and all curtains and bedsheets are fresh. Usha was in no mood to prepare something special for dinner. But Twinkle insisted and made her prepare typical Punjabi food.
Usha: I didn’t know that you like Sarson Ka Saag Aur Makki Ki Roti. You never told me this.
Twinkle: I don’t know why today I feel like eating typical Punjabi food…Thank you…
Usha tries to call Kunj so that she can make Twinkle talk to him. But Twinkle leaves from there saying she has some important call to make. On the other hand, Kunj cuts Usha’s call.
Usha thinks. “Babaji, kuch toh madad kero…Aise toh inki gadi chalne se rehi…Ek ko jaise taise phone pe le aau, to dusra bhaag jaata hai…Phone or video call se kuch nahi hone wala…Baat tabhi banegi, jab ye donon paas ho…Mere Kunj ko Amritsar bejdo, Babaji…Baki ka setting me ker lungi…”
(This phone and video calls are not gonna work. Whenever I try to connect them, one of them will walk out of the call. Their story won’t start unless and until they are at same place. Babaji, please help…Send my Kunj to Amritsar…)
Door bell rang. Manohar and Twinkle comes out of their room. Usha opens the door and is stunned to see Kunj infront of her… She couldn’t believe her eyes… She was happy yet tears were there. They all settle down and start their dinner.
Kunj is enjoying dinner as what Usha has prepared is one of his favorite foods. Usha is satisfied to see her son enjoying the food.
Usha thinks. “Thank you Babaji…Ab toh me aapka ishara samaj gayi…Twinkle mere Kunj ke liye hi bani hai…Pehle se hi aap ishare de rehe the…Bus abhi thodi din se sab samaj aane laga hai…”
(Thank you god…I understood your sign…Twinkle is meant for my Kunj…You have always given me signs from the start..But I understood it recently.)
Usha looks at Twinkle and Kunj for once. Usha thinks.
“Vo hospital me apna naam Mrs. Kunj Sarna likhana, Yuvi ka pehli baar Twinkle ko (hospital me as per Usha) se milne se lekar aaj tak usse bhabhi kehna, Manohar ka south indain concept change kerana..aur aaj na jaante huye bhi Kunj ki saari favorite dishes Twinkle ne mujse banwayi…Aur sab se badi baat, jab muje laga ki ab Kunj ko Amritsar aani chahiye…aur aapne bej di…Muje ab samaj aa gaya ki aap bhi yehi chahte ho…”
(Twinkle named herself as Mrs.Kunj Sarna in hospital, From the first time to till this date,Yuvi calls her bhabhi (As per Usha, Yuvi met her in hospital), Changing Manohar’s concept about south Indian girl…And today she unknowingly made me prepare all his favorite dishes…And above all few minutes before I wished Kunj to come back to Amritsar…And look he is here with me…I understood what you are conveying me through signs…)

Next day (Sunday)
Manohar is having lunch outside with RT and Usha is ready to leave somewhere.
Kunj: Mummy, You are going somewhere?
Usha: I have a kitty party…I need to go.
Kunj: What about the food? You have prepared something?
Usha: I will have lunch with my friends…Twinkle is there. She will prepare something.
Kunj: Mummy, I came here to spent time with you and enjoy your dishes…
Usha: Offo Kunj…Kab tak apne maa ka haath ka hi khaate rahoge..Kabhi kabhi kuch change bhi try kerna chahiye…(Till when you are gonna eat my dishes…Sometimes you should go for some change..)
Kunj (making face): Baat to aise ker rehe ho, jaise Mumbai me har din mess ka khana nahi aapke haath ka khana kha reha ho… (You are talking as if everyday I am eating your dishes in Mumbai instead of that Mess food.)
Usha: It is just for oneday. Try to adjust Kunj…
Twinkle is listening to their conversation and interrupts Kunj.
Twinkle: That’s okay Aunty. I will prepare something. You enjoy the party.
Usha leaves.
Kunj: Mummy goes for Kitty party I am surprised…She always have these parties?
Twinkle: This is the first time I have seen her going… She said her friend Anita Luthra has come back from US.
Kunj: Ohh…Understood..But she was not that close to Mummy previously. In fact she used to hate her because of her arrogance, boasting nature and attitude. May be after she went to US, they developed a strong friendship.
Twinkle nods. Kunj asks her whether she know Anita luthra.
Twinkle: How would I know? She is your family friend and was in US from the time I have come here.
Kunj: Anita aunty has 2 daughters…Aleena and Alisha Luthra..
Twinkle: Our Alisha…
Kunj: Hmm…One month after you left company, Alisha too resigned job. Alisha’s family has already moved to US. She is now working there.
Twinkle: Okay. Let me start with lunch preparation.
Kunj: Don’t bother. I know you only know to prepare Idly sambhar and we don’t have that idly batter. I will order something from restaurant.
Twinkle: Kunj, Don’t underestimate me…
Kunj: Fine, I will assist you in chopping and all.
Twinkle takes out Palak, paneer, potatoes and cauli flower.
Kunj: Wait a sec. What are you trying to prepare?
Twinkle: Palak paneer, Aloo gobi ki sabji and Roti…
Kunj: Dekho, Ego pe lene vali koi baat hi nahi hai..Muje pata hai tumhe khana nahi banana aata aur usse koi problem nahi hai…
(See, Don’t take it as a matter of ego. I know you don’t know cooking and that’s fine with me…)
Twinkle: I am not taking it on my ego. I am just trying to prepare food and I am sure I can.
Twinkle starts washing the vegetables and Kunj stops her.
Kunj: I know how to prepare egg burji. I will prepare burji. You make roti. That’s enough.
Twinkle: Leave the kitchen if you don’t want to help me.

Kunj understood that she won’t listen to him and he starts helping her with the chopping. After some time he looks at the kitchen… He gets tensed to see that these many vegetables are going to get wasted. He decides to try once more.
Kunj: Dekho Twinkle, Tume toh pata hai aaj kal vegetables kitni mehengi hai…Meri baat maano…Chopped vegetables fridge me rekh dete hai..Mummy aake dinner me kuch bana degi…
(We have one last chance to save these vegetables. You know, nowadays vegetables are so costly…Please try to understand…Let’s keep these chopped vegetables in fridge. Mummy will prepare it in dinner.)
Twinkle looks at him keeping her hands on waist.
Kunj: Meri baat samjlo pehle…Abhi agar me restaurant se kuch manga ta hun toh, zyada se zyada Rs. 300 hoga. Aur agar tumne khana pakaya toh ye saare vegetables waste ho jayenge… Estimately Rs. 200. Uske baad zahir hai, hume khana restaurant se leke aana padega kyunki tumhara khana toh acha ban ne se reha…To 300+200= 500..Behter hai hum 200 Rs bachale…
(Please listen to me carefully. If we bring food from restaurant, max to max it will cost Rs. 300. And if we are preparing the food, all the vegetables are gonna get wasted which is of estimately Rs. 200. We can’t have the food as it is not going to be tasty and will have to eventually buy from restaurant. That means 300+200 = 500 will be the total cost. If we drop the idea right now, we can save Rs.200.)
Twinkle: Get out of kitchen right now…I don’t need you.
Kunj: Fine. I won’t utter a word now…Do whatever you want to…
Twinkle starts preparing Aloo gobi. She keeps the kadai with oil on gas and gets into some thoughts. She remembers how Kunj prepared burji few years back.
Few years back Twinkle has come to Kunj’s house (Mumbai) as it is Yuvi’s birthday. Birthday was limited only to cake cutting and the only person invited for his birthday was Twinkle. After cake cutting, Twinkle felt hungry and Kunj agrees to make egg burji with bread. Yuvi is busy with phone. Twinkle and Kunj are in kitchen and Kunj is cutting the Vegetables. He accidently cuts his finger and screams. Twinkle readily sucks his finger. Kunj naughtily looks at her and then takes the knife and keep it on his lip and makes a face as if he has cut his lips.
Kunj (with a puppy face): First aid needed….
Twinkle smiles and then realizes she was just remembering those days…Kunj directly puts his finger in kadai and screams… Twinkle is puzzled and tries to check whether he got hurt. Kunj taps her head with his hand.
Kunj: Duffer…Gas toh on kiya hi nahi…Kab se tel gharam hone rekha hai…Muje nahi lagta aaj kuch hone wala hai…
(Idiot..You forgot to start the burner and we were waiting for the oil to get hot for so long…I don’t see a chance of lunch at house.)
Twinkle: Enough now..I don’t need an assistant who doesn’t have confidence in his chef.
Kunj leaves the kitchen making an announcement.
Kunj: Let me take out Rs. 500 from my purse…
Twinkle makes him leave and prepare the food alone.
Lunch time
Twinkle serves food and Kunj tastes the food. Kunj readily gets up and checks the entire kitchen.
Twinkle: You need spoon?
Kunj: Where did you keep the restaurant boxes in which these food was bought? I am sure you ordered it when I went for bath.. Right?
Twinkle: What rubbish…I have prepared this. Come and have food.
Kunj comes back and have food. Kunj is impressed with the food.
Kunj: Wow yaar..I can’t believe you have prepared such a tasty food. It tastes exactly how Mummy used to prepare…
Twinkle smiles.
After sometime Usha comes back and asks Kunj about the lunch. Twinkle is also sitting in sofa.
Kunj: Mummy, You won’t believe she prepared such a tasty food..And that to my favorite palak paneer and aloo gobi ki sabzi…It was yummy…I am very much impressed. Her dishes reminded me of your food…In fact I think I ate 2 more rotis just because of the taste of curries.
Twinkle is listening and is happy that Kunj enjoyed the food.
Usha leaves to her room to change.
Usha: Aisa kehte hai…Pati ka dil ka rasta pet se hi jata hai. Manohar ka toh aisa hi tha…Muje laga hi tha ki Kunj ko impress kerne ke liye, acha khana zaroori hoga…Tabhi to me Twinkle ko khana banana sikha rehi thi pichle kuch din se…
(There is a saying that if you want to conquer your man’s heart, make him impress by your cooking. That was true with Manohar. So I thought Kunj can also be impressed by tasty food prepared by Twinkle. That’s why I was teaching her cooking for the past one week. )
Usha thinks. “Vaise tum thoda jaldi aa gaye…Ek aur din baad aate toh, Twinkle ki haath ki meethey ki bi tareef kerte…”
(You came suddenly. If you came one day later, you would have been praising the dessert prepared by Twinkle. I was about to teach her desserts.)
Usha to god: Babaji…Twinkle ki khane se maine Kunj ki dil ka pehla darwazaa toh khol diya hai…”
(Through her cooking skills, I have made way for Twinkle to enter into Kunj’s heart..)

Precap:- Usha’s tricks and thereby Twinj spending time together

For Shreya,

You told me to ask 3 questions and give you a challenge as the treat. I will ask the questions in your comments reply section..And now the challenge…
Your challenge is to make your mom happy everyday or make her smile everyday once for this entire month. Today is 17th Aug. So your challenge exists till 17th Sept. It would be great if you can continue it for ever..I don’t want you to do big things…Help her with small householod things, give her a massage, discuss your college issues with her or atleast tell her that you love her before you go to sleep..
I will tell you the reason. Every girl is going to realise the value and respect her mom when you become a mother. Till that time, you take her for granted…And that moment after going through all the pain and you become a mother, you will realize your mom has done so much for you till today. At that point, you want to make her happy and give her everything. But you realize that you are away from her as you are married. You can’t leave your family (specially your newborn) who is leaning upon you.I had regretted…I don’t want any of you girls to feel that when you become a mother…

Thoda zyada lecture hogaya…Koi aur yeh kerna chahe toh ker sakte ho…

Jisha 🙂

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  1. Kritika14

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    1. Jisha

      Thanks Monica… love you too

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    Thanks a lot for this Superb episode
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    1. Jisha

      Thanks shatakshi… Happy I could make u smile and u r enjoying ff… thanks for accepting challenge

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      Thanks Jas and Sid lover… actually it is gonna happen soon..may be after 10 episodes.the feeling of losing Twinkle is going to come soon…n Kunj’s efforts too…but can’t explain it further as I will be spoiling the twist…
      Thank you dear…u made me blush…

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      Thanks shreya…love you dear….my questions…
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        1. Mera real name…bata doon?? Mera real name vaise Shreya nahin hai…actually main pehle ek silent reader thi aur main ritzi ka ff…it was love that brought them together…uska last epi padh rahi thi n last mein unhonne wish kiya ki unke saare silent readers ko comment karne ko bola…toh maine kiya…my first ever comment on TU aur mujhe nahin pata tha ki main kaunsa naam rakhun….uss din mein shreya ghoshal ke concert mein gayi thi…toh the first name that flashed into my mind was ‘shreya’ toh maine tabse isi naam ke saath comment karni shuru kiya…??mera real naam…Ayushi….mere saare dost mujhe ayu bulaate hain…..toh…haan hi di! I’m Ayu!! Aap mujhe batana ki aapko kaunsa naam zyada pasand hai…main usi se comments dungi…
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    1. Jisha

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      I am proud of you that you are such a nice daughter.I am also confused to see that behaviour..
      I will suggest, continue what you are doing…Love your mom even more…One day she will realize that she has got such an awesome daughter…And will allow you to persume ur dream.
      If you can, once have a discussion (not an argument) with her as y she is not allowing u to go to college while ur sisters are allowed…Hope she answers u and Hope she understands ur dream…

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