Tashan E Ishq (Tashan vs Love) Episode 5

Manohar Sarna is at his bed room. Usha is keeping the water jug and glass at the table. Manohar sits in bed.
Manohar: You know what happened today. Twinkle called me Papa. She told that she was thinking something and called by mistake. But I felt like she called me Papa from the bottom of heart.
Usha: Aap bi na…
Manohar: I felt so good when she called me Papa. She takes care of us like a daughter.I can feel the love and care in her looks and behavior towards us. I think I should ask her to call me Papa and you Mummy. What do you think?
Usha (with anger): Really…? You want me to say something.Jisko beti ka darja dena ta, use to na ek nazar dekha aur na baat ki.Yahan tak ki uska naam tak nai jaante ho, jispe aapka beta mar mit tha hai.Aaj mera Kunj yahan nai aata hai to sirf aapke vajah se…Chale hai naye rishtey banane…Purane to sambhal na sake… (One whom we should keep here as our daughter, you never went to see her or talk to her. You don’t even know the name of the girl who is life of your son. Today, my Kunj is not with me just because of you. You can’t handle your relation with your son. And you are making a new daughter.)
Usha turns to other side of the bed and wipes tears. Manohar seems to be tensed.
One month later, Manohar is talking on a video call.Usha is in kitchen and is preparing juice for everyone. Usha gives Juice tray to Twinkle.
Usha: Take this, I will just clean the kitchen and come.
Twinkle taking juice to Manohar with singing song,”aaja ve sajna ruh me shamil tuje kerlu…” She is about to reach near Manohar.
Manohar: Haa Kunj.I have done that.
Twinkle hears it.
Twinkle (in mind): O teri…sach me sajna aa gaya…
She takes a U-turn and goes back to kitchen .She keeps the tray there.
Usha: Why u came back?
Twinkle:Uncle is talking to Kunj.I don’t want to disturb him.
Twinkle: Go and talk to your laadla Kunj.I will do whatever is left here.
Twinkle cutely pushes Usha with her hand.
Usha (smiles): Bachpana abhi tak gaya nai hai iss ladki ka…You still behave like a small kid.
Usha is talking to Kunj and Manohar comes to kitchen.
Manohar: Come. I will introduce you to my son, Kunj. You have just seen him in photos.
Twinkle (confused): No. It is fine. I have some urgent work. I have to go out for a while.
Call is finished. Manohar and Usha is sitting and enjoying juice.
Manohar: I asked Twinkle that I will introduce her to Kunj. She said no. See, that’s Twinkle. Yesterday you were talking rubbish about her.
Usha: I didn’t say anything wrong about her. I just said it is better Yuvi stays at Mumbai for this vacation. If at all Yuvi comes here and by chance he falls for her… You are not going to accept her and I will lose my Yuvi too.
Manohar: Sometimes you talk nonsense.
Manohar leaves.
Usha (talking to herself) :Aap nahi samaj rehe ho…Vo bachi itni pyaari hai ki kisiko bi usse pyaar ho jayega. Ye jante hue bi ki ek south Indian ko aap accept nai keroge, me kabhi kabhi sochti hun ki kaash ye meri bahu hoti… (You do not understand. She is such a sweet girl that anyone can fall for her. I know that you won’t accept a south Indian daughter in law. Still sometimes I wish I could make her my daughter in law.)
Manohar & Usha are in the bedroom.
Manohar: So… what was Kunj telling?
Usha: He will have to go to Australia for his new project. Discussions are going on and probably he will have to travel next month.
Manohar: You did not ask him to come to home before leaving to Australia.
Usha (anger): No. I did not.
Manohar: I asked him about it. He told sochta hu (I will think of it). Every time he gives the same answer. I know he won’t come.
Usha: What do you expect from him other than this? You rejected the girl whom he loves madly just because she is south indian. And that to without meeting her or at least giving him a chance to explain their love.
Manohar: I have done it for his future and for us. He will realize it later.
Usha: I can’t believe this. You still think that you made a right decision. How double standard you are?
You can keep a south Indian girl as PG, as a daughter and she can take care of your house as her own. But you can’t accept a south Indian girl to be your daughter in law. Enough…There is no point in discussion.
Usha goes for sleep.
Manohar is sad and thinks: I don’t know whether my decision was right or wrong. But yes, Twinkle has changed my concepts about south Indian (any non Punjabi). Sometimes I regret that I should have at least met that girl.

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  5. wowwwwwwww jisha….i was a silent reader of ur ff…but today u forced me to comment yaaar….twinkle is the same south indian girl whom manohar rejected nd with whome kunj is in still love….ri8?

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    1. No way…it is Twinj only…usha don’t know about twinj story. So she thinks yuvi falling for twinkle as kunj is deeply attached to his gf (usha’s perspective). It is a complete twinj story.

  9. Aww its such a cute and heart touching story line.. Just bring kunj back soon……..

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