Tashan E Ishq (Tashan vs Love) Episode 49


Twinkle, Usha and Manohar came back from hospital. Manohar and Usha went near by market. Twinkle calls Kunj and informs him about the check up result. He is happy that Manohar is good at health.
Twinkle: I was tensed about Aunty. She was seen lost and in deep thoughts for the last entire week. But results came out to be better than the previous month.
Kunj: Finally…Happy to hear that…Do you know how it happened?
Twinkle: I don’t have any idea. When I asked her about it, she said now I have a hope in life which keeps me going…
Kunj: Hope?

Twinkle: I didn’t understand..She said that a hope that everything is going to fall in right place soon…
Kunj: Whatever..I am happy that she is fine.
Kunj: Kal me ne jab phone kiya tab tumne mujse vo RT uncle vala party ke bare me kyu nahi bataya…Aaj ki check up ke bare me tak bataya..Aur ye deliberately chupaya?
(Why didn’t you tell me yesterday about the party at RT uncle’s house? You didn’t forget to tell about today’s check up? You wanted to hide it from me?)
Twinkle: What rubbish..First of all why would I want to hide it from you…Secondly RT uncle invited us in evening. How can I inform you about it when you called me in afternoon?
Kunj: Fine. Understood.
Twinkle remains silent as she doesn’t want to discuss the topic. Kunj was not ready to leave the topic.
Kunj: Aur tume jaane ki kya zarurat hai? Chalo pehli baar bulaya, courtesy ke liye chale gaye…Is baar kuch bhi bahana bana sakti thi..Kuch bi kehke mana ker deti…
(Why you went there? First time, may be out of courtesy..But this time, you could have made any random reason.)
Twinkle: Kunj…

Kunj: Abhi meri baat khatam nahi hua hai… Me bol reha hu na..Chup chap suno…
(I am not finished yet…Let me speak first and then defend yourself.)
Kunj: Tume pata hai vo Cherry kis tarah tumse chipakta rehta hai…Aur gharwale…Usse bhi mahan..Haan beta…jao…dance kero…,jao..akele time spent kero…Pichle baar toh mera mann kiya ta ek laga ke aau… Tumari vajah se chup tha…Iss bar me nahi hun to full on chewing gum ki tarah chipka hoga tumse…
(You know that Cherry flirts with you in parties. And our family…Will be competing with each other to show how broad minded they are…Yes Twinkle…go ahead and dance with him…Go ahead and spent some time with him….Last time I literally felt like giving him a tight slap…I remained silent just because of you…Now that I am also not there to stop him, he would have stuck with you like a chewing gum…)
Twinkle remains silent..
Kunj: Give an answer…

Twinkle: Ho gaya? Ab bolu? (Finished? Can I talk?)
Kunj: Haan…
Twinkle: Mera mann tha party me jaane ka toh me gayi…Usme kya problem hai…Aur rehi baat Cherry ki toh, muje apne aap ko sambhal na aata hai…Filhaal me bahar se body guard hire nahi ker rehi hun…Jab chahiye hoga bata dungi…
(I wanted to enjoy party, so I went there. What is the big deal? I know how to protect myself from such kind of people…For the time being, I am not hiring body guards from outside. I will let you know, when I think of hiring.)
Kunj: Twinkle, Tum samaj…
Twinkle: Me ne abhi tak finish nahi kiya… Puri baat suno… (I haven’t finished yet ..So hear me first.)

Kunj: Okay…
Twinkle: Aur ye kya naya husbandgiri ka bhooth chada hai tume? Iss galatfehmi me na rehna ki me tumare ghar rehti hun, uncle aunty ka dhyaan rekhti hun to tumari undeclared default biwi bann gayi hun…Hoga hospital records me mera naam Mrs. Kunj Sarna…vo sirf records me hi hai…
(And what is this new role of possessive husband you have started? Just because I am staying in your house and taking care of Aunty, Uncle doesn’t mean that I am your undeclared default wife. I know I am named as Mrs. Kunj Sarna in hospital records…But mind you…that is only in records…)
Kunj is shaking his head thinking why he took panga with this sherni…

Twinkle: Chalo, me tume husbandgiri thodi bohut chalane bhi deti….Agar, tumne Uncle ke saamne ek baar hamare pyaar ke liye lada hota toh…Hamare pyaar ke liye, meri respect ke liye, apne parents ke saamne khade hoke baat nai ker sakte ho…Aur aaye bade mujpe husbandgiri jatane…
(I would have allowed your possessiveness and care as a husband or boyfriend…If you would have fought with Uncle for our love…You couldn’t utter a single word to save our love for 5 years and for my respect…And all of a sudden you have developed love and care for me..)
Kunj understood that now there is no point in discussing this matter…As he don’t want to tell her what all happened that night.

Twinkle: Me nai chahti ti ki me tumse ye kahun…Aise nahi hai ki me kuch bhooli hun…Bus yaad kerna chod diya hai…Aaj tumne muje majboor kiya ki me ye sab bolu….
(Don’t think that I have forgotten everything. It is just that I don’t want to remember those things. I never wanted to talk to you about this. But today you made me talk.)
Kunj: Hmmm
Twinkle: Ek aur baat…Agar tumahre dil me husbandgiri ya purana boy friend ka pyaar jag reha ho to usko fold kerke apne pocket me rekho..Muje jatane mat aana…
(One more thing…If possessiveness,love and care for me is arising in your heart for me, then please keep it to yourself…Don’t show it to me…)
Twinkle: Kafi hain…ki aur kuch kahun? (Is this enough or you want me to go on?)
Kunj: Enough..Bye…
Kunj hit his fist hard on wall.
Kunj: Muje ache se pata hai ki sapne me vo kisi aur ke bare me soch nahi sakti…To fir ye husbandgiri jhadne ki zarurat kya thi….
(Damn… I very well know that she won’t be with anyone till her last breath..Why did I show her my possessiveness? )
Kunj (with a smile): Ab Rajdhani express me saamne khade rahoge toh….marna toh tay hai…
(I am keeping it in hindi itself, Hope you understand this line…)
*Rajdhani express – one of the fastest trains in India

One week later Kunj is talking with Usha through video chat. Usha finds Twinkle coming out of her room.
Usha: Twinkle, Sit for a while and talk to Kunj. I have some urgent work in kitchen.
Twinkle: Aunty, you talk to him. I will go to kitchen…

Usha: It is a Punjabi dish…Manohar is gonna come soon. I will prepare it and come back in few minutes.
Usha leaves. Twinkle sits in sofa and start talking to Kunj. Usha is lesser in height as compared to Twinkle so Twinkle had to bend a little to talk to see Kunj in screen. Kunj don’t look at her and is looking here and there.
Twinkle: What happened? You are searching something?
Kunj: Mummy gayi kya kitchen me? (Mummy went to kitchen?)
Twinkle: Haan
Kunj: Ya toh deep neck top na pehna kero ya phir jhukte time thoda dhyaan rekha kero…Pehle top tikh kero..Uske baad baat kerte hain…
(Either you don’t wear deep neck tops or be careful while bending. First keep your top proper, and then we will talk.)
Twinkle corrects it and sits properly with adjusting laptop screen as per her heights…
Kunj: I met Sanjay today at office canteen. He was asking about you.
Twinkle: Sanjay? How is he?
Kunj: Last promotion, he has become manager and has moved out of our process. Now managing a new process.

Twinkle: Happy for him.
Kunj: He is getting married… Wanted to invite you…Asked me your number. I said I don’t know.Thought of asking you first.
Twinkle: Don’t give it. For the time being, I need a break from all this. He asked anything about us?
Kunj: I think you should go. He is your true friend..I sometimes envy you to have a best friend like him. We never explained him about us being together..He just knew that we are together..And same way, when you resigned and moved out of company, he didn’t ask me anything. He understood we had a break up… He just told me that just inform Twinkle that whatever happens, whoever is against you…he will be with you…at any phase of life…Just give him a call and he will be there…He told me this because your phone was switched off.

Twinkle: I know Sanjay is my true friend. He sent me this as message as I was not receiving call.
Kunj: I think you should go…Think about it…
Usha comes out of kitchen kneeding the dough. Twinkle wanted to stop Kunj from talking their past. But now Usha could clearly hear what Twinkle is gonna talk. Twinkle immediately interrupts Kunj.
Twinkle: One of my friend, Sonali ‘s wedding is on next week. She needs some bollywood dance numbers on marriage. You know that song

“Kuch aur ab na kehna… Kuch aur ab na kerna…
Ye dil ki baat apni dil me dabaake rekhna…

I don’t remember the first lines of that song……
Kunj is puzzled to hear all of a sudden a different topic. But it striked soon as Twinkle doesn’t have a friend called Sonali and that lines of song conveyed what she wanted to say.
Kunj was about to say something but Twinkle thinking Kunj has not yet understood, interrupts him.
Twinkle: Me bi kisse puch rehi hun..Yuvi hota toh baat alag hain…Tum koi movies vagarah dekhte bi ho ki bachpan se hi sadu ho…
(I am such a stupid…I should have asked this to Yuvi..He could get me the answer. You are so boring that I don’t think you have ever seen a romantic film in your life…)
Kunj smiles and thinks… “Vaah..kya acting hai..Yehi talent movies me dikhati toh, Oscar Sarna house ke show case me hota…”

(She is such a brilliant actress. I think she should have joined acting career instead of this corporate life… Oscar would have been kept in the show case of Sarna house long back..)
Kunj: Chalo…Iss galat fahmi ko bhi door ker dete hai…Mehendi laga ke rekhna song from DDLJ, one of the most romantic film in bolywood…Itna bhi sadu nahi hun, jitna tum samajte ho…
(Mehendi laga ke rekhna song from DDLJ, one of the most romantic film in bollywood. And let me tell you this that I am not that boring person as you believe me to be…)
Usha is hearing all this conversation and informs Twinkle that give her 2 more minutes so that she can keep the dough in kitchen and wash her hands. Usha leaves back to kitchen.
Usha talking to herself: Chalo…Kuch toh improvement hua…Romantic song aur filmon ki baat tak toh pohch gayi..Verna toh hamesha water bill, electricity bill, hospital aur check up results hi discuss kerte rehte hai… Babaji..Aise hi saath dete rehiye…
(Thank god…At least they have started talking about romantic films and songs… Otherwise their discussion topics always remain water and electricity bills and hospital check ups and results…At least some improvement is there..Please shower your blessings on me so that I can guide them in right direction…)

Precap:- Kunj back to Amritsar and Usha’s tricks to make Twinj feel for each other.

Jisha 🙂

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