Tashan E Ishq (Tashan vs Love) Episode 48

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One person called Zain had a doubt that me, Twinj fan tamanna, Fan, Chehak have similar logo which means that we all are fake users of Sayeeda. According to him, Sayeeda is trying to increase her comments through these fake ids..In Sayeeda’s ff Love embrace shot 9, she gave such a comment. I tried to explain that we are different people. I thought she understood coz I didn’t get any further reply. But yesterday in Sayeeda’ ff shot 10, she again said the same thing. One more time, I tried to explain it to her. To which that person gave a comment that if it is happening to some of you guys that means you all (Jisha,fan,Twinj fan tamanna and Chehak) are fake users and you all liers…You are cheaters. Some how he understood that Sayeeda is having a different logo. So rest everyone is the same user and that’s why I am getting too much comments in my ff and I am a cheater.

I understood that she is damn confident that I am a cheater and I am lying. So I thought I should show her mirror. Send a request to TU people and TU administrator have given her a reply that “Registered members who don’t upload their profile picture will get same picture which is our default profile picture. It was blue logo before, but now we have changed it to blank face.Random logos work only for guests.” Hope now she understands.
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Janti hun thoda zyada likh diya..Per kya keru…Jab baat meri integrity ki aati hai toh…Dimaag khisakh jaata hain…
Enjoy reading…

Kunj calls Twinkle.
Kunj: How is Papa’s health?
Twinkle: Fine. I make sure he takes medicines regularly. Tomorrow need to go for the usual check ups.
Kunj: Okay. What about Mummy?
Twinkle: She is fine. Missing you terribly and wants to meet you as soon as possible.
Kunj: Hmm.. Aur baki sab kaise hai? (And rest everything?)
Twinkle understood what he meant. But she acted as if she didn’t.
Twinkle: All bills which uncle used to manually go and pay, I have started paying it online. Uncle is relaxed in that way. I am thinking of taking Aunty too for the check ups as she nowadays seems more lost in thoughts…Should I?
Kunj: Go ahead. I know. Mummy unnecessarily takes tensions and makes health issues… Call me after check up.
Twinkle: Okay

Kunj: Aur kuch kehna hai? (Anything else?)
Twinkle: Kuch nahi… (Nothing)
Twinkle: Suno…
Kunj: Haan..
Twinkle: Me tikh hoon..(I am fine.) Don’t worry.
Kunj: Okay…All is fine at office? How is the work?
Twinkle: Not much issues… Everything is alright.
Kunj: Agar kuch problem hua bhi toh thoda shanti se handle kiya kero…Ladne na baith jaana…(If at all any problem arises, try to handle it with composed mind. Try to control your anger..)
Twinkle: Tume abi bi lagta hai ki me zyada gussa kerti hun? (You still think that I have anger issues?)
Kunj: Lagna kya hai? Me jaanta hun tumhe…Aakhir tum meri do dhari… Chalo bye…
(I very well know how you are…You are my do dhari… Okay Bye…)
Kunj cuts the call. Twinkle has a drop of tear in her eyes.
Manohar informs Usha that RT has invited them for party. He asks Twinkle also to get ready.
Usha: They are our family friend. Why are they inviting Twinkle on every party?
Manohar: What’s wrong in it? They consider Twinkle as their daughter. Moreover they know that she is at home on Saturday.

Usha: Okay.
Usha thinks. “Ek vakth tha jab me bi yeh chahti ti ki Twinkle, Taneja’s ki bahu ban jaaye…Per ab nahi…Party me to Cherry uske aas paas mandraata rahega…”
(I also wanted Twinkle to be Taneja’s daughter in law. But now I don’t want that to happen. Cherry will be trying to be close to Twinkle in party.)
Usha, Twinkle and Manohar reached party. Manohar and RT leaves to the oldage people group. Twinkle, Usha and Leela are together and having some chit chats. Cherry comes up and asks Twinkle to join him. She denies. Cherry insists.
Usha: Let her enjoy in her way…You enjoy with your friends beta…
Leela: Usha, She will be getting bored with our talks… They both are of same age group and she will enjoy his company more.. Cherry, take her…
Twinkle: No, I am comfortable here.

Usha: See, I told you.. I know her…Cherry, you carry on…
Twinkle gets on a call and is busy. Leela is surprised to see how Usha stopped Cherry from taking Twinkle for dance…
Leela: Don’t you think you are getting bit more possessive about Twinkle? I was just trying to make them comfortable with each other so that we don’t loose such a nice girl.
Usha smiles and says: I was also trying to do the same.
Leela: Ji..?
Usha: I mean nowadays I am just used to her this much that I don’t want her to stay away from me for a second. She is now a daughter to me…
Leela: I understand…
Usha gets a call from Kunj and she excuses and leaves from there for a while. Usha explains him that they all have come for party at RT’s house.
Kunj: Aap logon ko kitni baar samjana padega ki vo ladki aapki responsibility hai…Jaise vo aapka dhyaan rekhti hai, aapka yeh farz banta hai ki uska bhi dhyaan rekhe… Vo cherry jab dekho uske aage peeche gumtha rehta hai, aur aap sab usse badawa dete rehte ho…Vo kuch isliye nahi keh rehi hai, kyunki vo aap sabki respect kerti hai…

(Why can’t you guys understand that she is our responsibility? You should take care of her the same way how she does. That flirt Cherry is always behind her and asks her out for dancing and all. And you all try to encourage him. Please understand she is not giving him a tight slap just because she respects you all…)
Kunj cuts the phone angrily.
Usha thinks. “Don’t worry Kunj. I won’t let that Cherry come near to my Twinkle. I know you are asking me to protect her because she is our PG and our responsibility. But I have a better reason to protect her from Cherry and will do that.)
Usha comes back and finds that Cherry is sitting in her chair and trying to strike conversation with Twinkle. Leela has already left from there to give space for them. Usha hastily comes near to Twinkle.

Usha: Beta Cherry, na jaane kyu badi bechaini si lag rehi hai..Jaldi ek glass paani leke aana… (Cherry, I am feeling suffocation. Please bring a glass of water for me.)
Cherry rushes to take water and Usha sit back in her chair. Twinkle seems worried and asks if she need to call doctor. Usha makes her sign that she will be fine after sometime and it is nothing serious. Cherry came back with water and makes her drink. Usha pretends to be fine now.
Usha: Thank you…Thank you for giving company to Twinkle. Now that I am here, you can go ahead and enjoy the party.
Cherry was left with no other option other than leaving. Twinkle wanted to leave early from the party. Leela immediately asked Cherry to drop her home. He was happy.
Usha: I am not feeling well. So I also want to go home soon. So we will take a leave…Chale ji…
Manohar: Party has just begun and you want to leave… I think I will stay back and enjoy…
Usha (with a harsh look): Manohar, you have a check up tomorrow…Don’t forget that… I don’t want you to get drunk…Let’s move…

Manohar understood that Usha is not in a good mood and it is better to leave.
Manohar and Usha are in their bedroom.
Manohar: What happened to you today at Party? You were behaving so weird?
Usha: Nothing.
Manohar: I could clearly see that you were trying to protect Twinkle from Cherry.
Usha: So what?
Manohar: You were the first one who was in agreement with Cherry’s proposal. Now if you are behaving so weirdly, I can sense what is going on in your mind…Don’t get into such thoughts…not even in your dreams…Forget about my permission. Do you think Kunj and Twinkle will agree to that? They have a past from which they do not want to come out.
Usha: So? You want me to leave my child in that pain for his entire life?
Manohar: Usha, try to understand…You are doing the same mistake which I had done. I imposed my decisions over Kunj and look what has happened…Now I can’t do anything other than repenting. You are also going to impose your decision on both of them. I am just stopping you from doing a mistake which I have done.

Usha seems to be tensed hearing his words.
Next day
Twinkle took Manohar and Usha to hospital. Usha’s check up is done and Manohar has gone for his check ups. Twinkle and Usha are waiting outside. Usha is in deep thoughts…
Usha thinks, “Kya me sach me vahi galti kerne jaa rehi hun jo Manohar ker rehe the…Kal raat ke baad se ye khayal mere mann se jaa hi nahi reha hai…Shayad muje iss bare me sochna band ker dena chahiye…”
(Am I trying to repeat the same mistake which Manohar has done? After talking to Manohar, I think what he said is correct and I should drop this thought…)
Usha saw Ganpati moorti at the hospital. She looks at it and prays…
Usha prays… “Na jaane kyu mera dil yeh baar baar keh reha hai ki, Twinkle hi mere Kunj ki life tikh ker sakti hai…Kya keru? Ek ishara dedo…bhagwaan..Taki me samaj jau ki kya sahi hai inn bachon ke liye…Sirf ek ishara…”

(But my heart still says that she is the only one who can bring my Kunj back to normal life. What should I do? Please god…Give me a sign so that I can understand what is better for them. Give me one sign…)
Nurse comes out of the doctor’s cabin.
Nurse: Mrs. Kunj Sarna…
Twinkle readily gets up. Usha felt that nurse’s call hit directly into her heart.
Twinkle: Ji…
Nurse: Get me your father in law’s previous reports..Doctor needs it.
Twinkle gives it and Usha is listening to all this…
Usha gives a beautiful smile and looks at god… Usha noticed how Twinkle answered as if she is Mrs. Kunj Sarna.
Usha: Thank you …Thank you for making me understand this..I understood that she is meant to become Mrs. Kunj Sarna…

Precap:- Twinj argument

Jisha 🙂


  1. Ramya (dolly )

    Hii jisha di
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    I’m loving ur ff alot
    N IT is awesome

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    i’m so waiting for ur episode.. tysm
    episode was too good..
    serial mein usha tried to separate them but here… just loved this new usha..
    eagerly waiting for the next part especially twinj confrontation
    plz post soon

  3. Kruti


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    Awesome epi Jisha di
    Im going crazzzzier day by day for ur ff
    And that beginning wala twinj ka conversation was soooooo cute
    For d first time im liking usha ka character
    Loved d epi…..eagerly waiting for d nxt one

    Love u …..take care😘😘❤

  4. SIDMIN-Daamini


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    Jisha di !!!!!!
    It was amazing n Precap seems very interesting
    Loved it to the core n post next one on your comfort
    Twinj argument!!!!!!!omg it’s gonna be Awsome
    Loved it n u 😚😚😚😚😚
    N yaa I will always be supporting you
    Love u

  5. Shreya098


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    Di it was amazing…

    I loved their conversation…. The way he was trying to know about her…and the way way he said “meri do dhaari”… That was soo sweet…

    Looveed it❤❤😍

  6. jasmin

    Amazing di…no words to describe it..u r going to complete 50 episodes of ur ff…just 2 epis to go…n m speechless yaar..how do u manage to write so well…i think i need to come to ur house for lessons…love u loads….muah!!

  7. Chandra

    Sry . Us din jab apki ff upload hui thi , tab mein ek function mein thi . Actually concert and prize giving ceremony . Usme vidio karte karte charge chala gaya . Phir ghar ake dekha charger tut gaya . Do din tak phn off tha . So apko congratulate nehi kar payi . Congratulations .

  8. Fan


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    Awesome epi di..n btw i seriously didn’t know anything about this zain incident as i used to read sayoo’s ff in a hurry so i didnt comment..i just now checked the comment section of her last episode..iam so sorry di i could not reply thr n support u to make zain understand..iam feeling very guilty😣😟..i hope the misunderstanding is cleared

  9. Angel

    Amazinggggggg episode ……… u know what i m a silent reader… i nvr cmmntd but u write it so amazingly that i could nt stop myself from commenting………..

    • Jisha



      Thanks shatakshi… Happy u r not ending ur ff..take whatever time required… concentrate on ur studies for sure…it shouldn’t get affected coz of ff..we can wait for Ur ff…

  10. Jas and sid lover

    Oh I am really sorry Jisha di..hope I don’t mind me calling that…Actually I know I didnt commented on previous episode ..urghh the work pressure sorry I was not able to read it..but now I read it..my writing queen congratulations i am so happy for u…but u should take care of yourself and if u r not comfortable to write then don’t after all u need to look after two kids….please don’t stress…I know I will miss u but I can understand…anyways ur writing is superb what to say about that….now waiting to see kunj begging forgiveness from twinkle

    • Jisha



      Thanks Jas and Sid lover..i understand ur work pressure.now kind of better at health… earlier had issues in every now n then and had to get the glucose bottles injected.. that’s when I took a break of 1 month..now some time gets tired easily. so don’t write it in 1 go…tries to write in parts…

  11. Kritika14


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    Firstly, i am sorry i couldn’t comment on the previous episode as you know i was traveling. But, but, but congratulations 🎉 so happy to hear you are going to have another baby. Please take care of yourself. I won’t force you for posting everyday as your health should be the first priority. Anyway, coming to the episode .. it was as usual, amazing! You know it, i always wait for your ff and i will continue to. Love you 💕

  12. SidMin


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    Jisha di Loved it to the core and it was quite funny that Usha was trying to protect Twinkle from Cherry and this cherry har bar insult hojata hai par peecha nahe chodta and Kunj’s possiveness just Loved it but the recap is a bit scary I mean to say Twinj argument Love it 🙂 Love you 🙂 take care 🙂

  13. Ranabulbul


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    Jishu di

    So nice episode and abt zain I have read ur comment explaining her but I didn’t commented vback as I thought that its ur matter and abt that imposter we don’t give a damn on him

    And the episode was awesome loved it and take care

    • Jisha



      Thanks bulbul…I just want everyone to be strong against imposter… don’t give a damn…I have seen some of them thinking of leaving ff coz of it…

  14. Cutie pie

    I was badly waitng 4 nxt part since 2days cnt 4 d oder one it is awsme
    Lovely tc of ur self jisha di n ur bby

  15. Amii

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    very nice jisha di…………….even i stay in bangalore…………….where do you exactly stay………….take care……..

  17. Ria


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    Hey Jisha di,
    The episode was marvellous as usual. I loved it that also as usual😂 really waiting for the day when Twinkle will legally become Mrs. Twinkle Kunj Sarna.
    By the way, I posted my 2nd ff. If you feel okay and wish to do read it.
    Loads of love.💗

    • Jisha



      Thanks Ria…u r my darling…I have read it and commented it… actually sat n sun day I don’t open tu site…so on Monday it becomes a pile of ff to read… that’s y I read it late…

  18. Sayeeda


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    Sorry for the late comment..as I was busy with family….
    Episode was amazing di… Awesome.. Too good…..
    Nd di finally TU cleared the confusion… Thanks to TU for helping us…. I hope now her doubt is clear… Sorry coz of me u felt bad.. U were doubted coz of me… I’m sorry…

    Love u 💟😊

    • Jisha



      That’s okay… don’t be sorry… I hope she understands..it was not coz of u…it started due to the logo issue.. anyone can misunderstand due to this..but after trying to explain her twice, she said that we all are liers, cheaters n fake users…that irked me.. get ur facts cleared bfor u point finger at anyone…she was that confident as if she has seen me,fan n twinj fan Tamanna logging in with same Id…
      I was fighting for our integrity…how can any random person come n blame us like that…
      Don’t worry..it was not cz of u…n if at all she doesn’t understand, we can’t help her anymore…

  19. Aamu


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    amazing jisha di……………
    i want to ask u?
    ur first child is girl or boy?
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