Tashan E Ishq (Tashan vs Love) Episode 47

Hi Friends,

Hope you all are enjoying the ff. Generally I don’t get into my personal things..But this time I thought I will share one good news with you…I have been thinking of this for a long time..Then thought of saying it later. Most of you know that I have a kid of 4 year old. Now I am expecting my second child… I started this ff when I was at the start of my pregnancy. And that’s why I had to take a break of 1 month coz of the early pregnancy issues like vomiting, weakness and glucose chadana and all…Now I am 3 months pregnant and bit more stable. But still have some issues like can’t sit continuously for a longer duration to write and all…So aajkal thoda late ho jaati hun ff update kerte kerte and comments update kerne me…Hope you all understand…Thank you for always encouraging me..Keep showering your love.
Love u all my chotu sisters and brothers (if any) whom I got through TU.

Back to story…Thoda zyada bak bak ho gaya… 😉

Next day
Yuvi is sitting alone at college canteen. Gautam comes and sits opposite to him.
Gautam: Sorry yaar…Muje tujse kal aise baat nahi kerna chahiye tha… (I shouldn’t have talked to you yesterday in that manner.)
Yuvi: That’s okay..
Gautam: No, that’s not… I am your friend. I am not supposed to judge you…
Yuvi smiles.
Gautam: I know it is your family matter. And you know what is good for them and what is not…
Yuvi: Thanks for understanding.
Gautam: If you don’t mind, can I ask you something?
Yuvi: Kya formal ho reha hai? Puch na..(Don’t be so formal)
Gautam: I understand you have some reason due to which you are not telling Twinkle that Uncle had heart attack. But what about Kunj? Why is he not informing her that it was Alisha who messed it up and what all Uncle thinks of Twinkle now…

Yuvi (with a smile): That’s my brother…He knows Twinkle very well. If at all he informs her that it was Alisha who did this, she is gonna kill her…Remember…Bhai ki sherni hai vo…
Gautam too smiles.
Yuvi: I once asked Kunj to clarify everything with Twinkle. But this was his response.
Kunj: Sab bata ke kya hoga? Usse ye bata dun… ki Papa usske bare me kya sochte hai…Itna nafrat kerte hai ki ek baar naam tak nahi pucha, mila tak nahi aur rishta khatam kerne ko kaha…Aur jo baatein Papa ne usse aur uske family ke bare me kaha hai, vo to me kabhi bhi Twinkle tak na pohchne du…
(What is the point in talking about it…And what should I tell her…That Papa hates her to that extent that he didn’t even ask her name once, or met her once and directly said no to our relationship. And the things which Papa has talked about her and her family, I would never…never ever want her to know them.)
Yuvi: Per phir bhi… (But still…)
Kunj: Maine ek aise ladki se pyaar kiya hai, jo apne pyaar ke liye aur apne self respect ke liye kuch bhi ker guzregi…. Vo yahan aake mere liye aur apne self respect ke liye Papa se bhi lad jaayegi…Uske baad kya? Kuch nahi badlega…Papa ki health aur kharab hogi…Aur itna sab apne pyaar ke liye kerne ke bawajoodh muje usse mana kerna hoga…Agar ussko rulana hi hai..to ek baar hope kyu du…
(Twinkle is a girl who will fight with everyone for our love and her self respect. If she comes to know that this all happened, she will directly come here and fight with Papa too…What is gonna happen then? Papa will again have health issues. Even after she doing so much for our love, I will again have to choose Papa over her…Why to give her a false hope and then make her cry again?)
Yuvi: Bhai, Aap…(Please…)
Kunj: Yuvi, Aaj vo samaj rehi hai ki maine usse cheat kiya hai…To yehi sahi…Uske paas ek vajah toh hai mujse door hone ka…Chahe jhootha hi sahi…Mere paas to vo bhi nahi hai…
(Yuvi, Today she is thinking that I have cheated her…Let it be that way…At least she has a reason to hate me and stay away from me…Think about me…I will love her till the last breath of mine…But can’t show it…)
Yuvi: Ek baar sochlo…Bhai…Shayad kuch ho sakta hai, agar aap baatein clear kerle toh… (Are you sure? I think you still have a chance to rectify everything?)
Kunj (with a drop of tear in his eyes): Yuvi… Jis gali se jana nahi, uska pata puchne se kya faida…
Yuvi to Gautam: Ab tu bata…Me bhai ko kaise samjau? (Now you tell me…How should I convince him?)
Gautam: Sorry yaar…Kunj ke bare me bohut galat sochta ta unki love story sunne ke baad…Ab to lagta hai…Kunj se zyada to koi Twinkle ko pyaar ker hi nahi sakta…
(I am sorry..I had a bad impression of Kunj after hearing their love story…But now I feel like…He is the ultimate lover..No one can love Twinkle more than this. He still loves her, but shows that he has moved…Hats off…)
Yuvi smiles…

Precap of present situation:- Hope you all have not forgotten, but just reminding what all happened in Amritsar.
Twinkle comes to Amritsar and stays as PG in Sarna family. She becomes close to the family. She took care of Manohar and Usha when Manohar had heart attack. She makes Manohar realize that religion doesn’t matter and Sarna family wants Twinkle to become RT (family friend)’s daughter in law. Twinkle denies the proposal as she still loves her ex-lover who left her. Kunj, who left Amrtisar after his tiff with Manohar about Twinj relationship, comes back to Amritsar knowing about his health condition. Kunj is angry yet happy to see Twinkle at his home. Twinkle explains that she has come to gain her self respect and does not want Kunj back in her life. Kunj becomes possessive to see that Cherry is trying hard to convince Twinkle and Sarna, Taneja families are helping Cherry. Kunj had to go back soon, but before leaving Twinkle makes him understand that Manohar is a heart patient and he should consider that.Kunj agrees and Usha listens to their conversation. As per Usha, Twinkle and Kunj had a love failure in their past life and is not ready to move on. Usha now wants them to move on and get engaged to each other (without knowing the fact that they both were seeing each other.)
Twinkle and Usha are working in kitchen. Usha is lost in some thoughts…
Twinkle: Aunty, Paratha jal reha hai… Aunty…
Usha : Haan…Kya?
Twinkle: Leave it.. I will do the parathas..
Usha: No, it is okay. I will manage…This is the last paratha to be prepared.
Usha finishes her work and Twinkle brings her to living room and makes her sit in sofa.
Twinkle: Now tell me, what happened?
Usha: Nothing…
Twinkle: Usha Sarna…Mujse chalaki…Manohar Sarna, mujse na bach sake toh aap kya chees ho…Seedha seedha bata do…(Usha Sarna…Don’t try to act smart with me, okay? The great great Manohar Sarna gives up infront of me..So you better tell me what the issue is?)
Usha: Ye ladki bhi na…(Okay..fine..)
Usha smiles.
Usha: Nothing much…Just went into the thoughts of my son…
Twinkle: Which one? Cute Sarna or that Sadu Sarna?
Usha (with a laugh): Sadu Sarna…Vo itna bhi sadu nahi hai, jitna tum samaj rehi ho…Vo dil ka bohut acha hai…Bus kuch ho gaya life me, to mera beta ab aisa ho gaya hai…
(Sadu Sarna…He is not that boring and hot tempered as you think. He is very sweet at heart. It is just that his love life didn’t work..He is now this way…)
Twinkle: Muje pata hai…Mujse zyada aur kaun iss baat ko samaj sakta hai… (I know… Who else can understand him better than me…)
Usha: Tume kaise…( How do you know that)
Twinkle composes herself and laughs…
Twinkle: Obviously Aunty…How can someone be a sadu for the entire life… Common sense..You know…
Usha: Hmm
Twinkle: Now tell me. What’s the issue? Again fought with Uncle?
Usha: No…I am just missing him. He came back to Amritsar after so long. But he had to return soon. Now he is not going to come back…I know him. He still is not in good terms with Manohar.
Twinkle: Aunty, I understand…I think Kunj is right..It will take time to heel every wound…Give him some time. He will be alright..And about coming back to Amritsar, he is gonna come soon. Before going back, I tried to make him understand. And you know, how I am…He is definitely gonna come soon…
Usha: Hope he comes soon.
Twinkle leaves to call Manohar for dinner.
Usha thinks. “You are the one who could change Manohar’s concept about different religions. I have heard you talking to Kunj that day. Infact he seemed to be convinced to come back to Amritsar soon. You can bring my Kunj back to normal life…I think you are the only one who can make my broken family together. I have a strong belief that you can patch up Manohar-Kunj relationship. I can’t loose you..I want you to be with me, as my family, as my Kunj’s wife…”
Twinkle comes back and finds Usha again in thoughts…
Twinkle: Offo…Relax..I told you everything will be alright…
Usha: I know everything will be alright, if you are with us…
Usha looks upwards with a prayer in mind… “Please god, give both Kunj and Twinkle this much strength to forget their past and move on and be together.”

Jisha 🙂

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    Take you time to post. I won’t tell you to hurry up from now on.
    Loads of love.?

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