Tashan E Ishq (Tashan vs Love) Episode 46


Yuvi: So…This was their love story…
Gautam: Uff..Wow yaar…Tell me this…Does your bhabhi still wear the ring?
Yuvi: Yes, She do…She still wear the ring.
Gautam: And Kunj knows it?
Yuvi (smiles): They have broken up for the entire world. But their souls are still together and can’t be parted. So Twinkle never explained him why she is wearing it and Bhai never asked it too…
Gautam: Kya pyaar hai yaar…Continue the story…
Yuvi: One and half year later, I came here for my studies and started staying with Bhai. I have already told you how I met bhabhi for the first time and recongnised her…
Gautam: I know…
(Readers: I know some of them want to know how Yuvi came to know about their relationship and have asked it through comments. Actually I have posted this part in previous episode (Episode 7) where Yuvi explains that story to Gautam at airport and some readers may find it repetitive, if I explain it again. For those who needed that episode, I am keeping the link of that episode here..)


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Yuvi: They continued their relationship till 5 years as promised and kept it as a secret from office and parents. Few things did happen in between like one of the office girl, Shanaya, beauty queen of office was interested in Kunj. Kunj never gave response to her and Twinkle had full faith in him.That’s it…That was their love story…
Gautam: Kya yaar…Don’t stop here…I wanted to know why they separated..
Yuvi: Do you have any idea from when we are discussing my brother’s love story? We started when we went for the tour…Now the tour is over and classes have started from 1 week. And we both are still discussing their love story at breaks.
Gautam: What’s the big deal…
Yuvi: I used to hang out with other friends too..Now at every break, we are always together and I think they all doubt me as gay…
Gautam laughs out loud…
Gautam: That’s not only because of me…I can be one of the reasons. But main reason is that you don’t show interest on girls. You denied the most beautiful girl in college, when she proposed to you.
Yuvi: Okay…leave that topic.
Gautam: Tell me how they separated too… You can tell me whenever we get breaks…
Yuvi: Okay.
After 5 years Bhai got promoted to the Manager post. Twinkle, Alisha and Sanjay have become AMs now. Twinkle became AM first…Then 1 year later Alisha and Sanjay became AM. Now they all are competing with each other as the promotion discussions are coming soon and the rating at this time will matter in getting the Manager position next year.

At break
Twinkle: My parents have started staying with me at Mumbai and they have an agenda. They have started thinking of my wedding. I can probably stop them for 1 more year by saying about my career goals. They will easily agree to me…
Kunj: No, you don’t have to. I am a Manager now and well settled too…I think we both have reached the age of marriage and we should get married. So don’t stop them.
Twinkle: Then?
Kunj: I am taking a leave for 2 weeks from tomorrow and going t Amritsar to convince Mummy Pappa. 5 years (the time which I asked you) is over and I actually wanted to give you a surprise by directly telling you that my parents have said yes to our relationship. But now that you have asked this, I am telling you. You destroyed my surprise…
Twinkle: So sorry… You could have not told this to me and kept it as surprise.
Kunj: I can’t see your face tensed not even for a second. I saw that stress in your eyes just few minutes before… I can’t bear that. That’s why I explained…
Twinkle: Kuch toh acha kiya hoga maine, jo muje tum mile….(I must have done something good in life, that’s why god gifted you to me.)
Kunj (with a naughty smile): Vo to hai…Muje bhi lagta hai… (I agree..I feel the same that you must have done something good in life that you got me…)
Twinkle: Acha…ji…
Twinkle smiles.
Twinkle: What about the leave? Alisha is already on leave. So how can you also go for leave?
Kunj: I have 2 more efficient AM (Twinkle and Sanjay) to handle office works. Alisha is the other reason why I am leaving immediately.
Twinkle: What do you mean?
Kunj: I think Alisha knows something about us. I am afraid she is going to tell it to Papa. I don’t want that to happen. I told you if they came to know about it from somewhere, it is very hard to convince them. So I am rushing back to Amritsar.
Twinkle: Okay..Do you want me to inform my parents about you?
Kunj: Hold on for now…Give me some time to convince my parents. I will let you know when to inform them.
Twinkle: Fine.
Yuvi: After that I don’t have a clear picture of what exactly happened. I just have their point of views from which I concluded how they must have separated.
Gautam: Fine, Tell me that.
Yuvi: Bhabhi told me that after going back to Amritsar, Bhai never received her call. One fine day she got a message from him which said “Talk to your parents and get ready. We are coming to your home tomorrow for the marriage proposal. Can’t talk to you on phone. At home. Hope you understand. Message me if anything urgent.”
Gautam: Okay
Yuvi: She told it to her parents and they waited for the next day. Bhai didn’t come on that day and gave a very bad impression on her parents. They thought he is a fraud and tried to convince her that he doesn’t deserve her. Bhabhi still trusted Kunj. They decided to take Twinkle from Mumbai. She was trying to get in touch with Kunj. But his phone was switched off. She was left with no other option. She left home with a note stating that I am leaving.She messaged him the entire thing as his phone was switch off. But he never replied.
Next day Bhai picked her call and said Dad can’t accept you as his daughter in law..So it’s over…
That’s it… That’s what Twinkle told me…
Gautam: Oh…god…How could Kunj do that..I am sorry..But your brother cheated her…
Yuvi: Don’t say anything about my brother. I know he is not a cheat..
Gautam: Really…He was the one who was behind her..He convinced her, made her fall for him and continued the relation till 5 years…And suddenly one fine day he picked up the phone and said it is over…And you feel that he didn’t cheat her…
Yuvi: I don’t know what exactly happened on that day..Those messages from Bhabhi and why Kunj didn’t reply to him… Forget about cheating…He can’t even tolerate a small line of stress in Twinkle’s face. I know him. He can’t do that. I am sure there is some misunderstanding.
Gautam: And what about not picking calls and don’t standing up for his love?
Yuvi: That part I know. Mummy has told me about this. I was informed these things very late as I was in Canada for a scholarship course.
Before Kunj could reach and explain about their relationship, Alisha had reached our home. As a so called well wisher of our family, she informed about their relationship and gave a very bad impression about Twinkle. She portrayed Twinkle in such a manner that Papa directly rejected her and was not even ready for meeting her. Kunj couldn’t make them convince at all.
Gautam: But still I feel he should have fought with them once rather than dropping his 5 year relationship.
Yuvi: And you think he didn’t…He fought like anything…He even told Papa that he will leave the house if at all they don’t agree. At that moment, Papa got heart attack. Everything was over…Papa was taken to hospital and Kunj was in hospital for the rest of the days. Probably that’s why Kunj couldn’t pick her calls.
Gautam: Ohh..I am so sorry…
Yuvi: Kunj not even in his wildest dreams, thought of facing a situation like this. He had this belief that he will have to fight for sometime and then they will agree. When Papa got heart attack, he was shattered. When he realized that his love life is at the cost of Papa’s life…My bhai chose Papa’s life…That’s the only thing which Kunj has done..I think probably any son who loves his Papa would have done that…
Gautam: I agree… I misunderstood him.
Gautam: Wait a sec…You can probably help them out. Inform Twinkle that Papa had a heart attack and that’s why he gave up…
Yuvi: Yehi to masla hai…Me ab kisiko kuch bhi nahi bata sakta…Me, Kunj aur Twinkle ko saath zaroor dekhna chahta hun,magar iss shart pe nahi ki meri family tooth jaaye… Ab me kuch bi kehta hun to, mere paas kuch bhi nahi rahega…Na mummy,Na papa aur na Bhai…Maine bhi apne family ke liye bhabhi ko chod diya…
(That’s the problem..I can’t tell this to anyone. I want Kunj and Twinkle to be together, but not at the cost of breaking my own family… If at all, I am telling anything to anyone, I will loose my family. Even I chose my family over my bhabhi…)
Gautam: You know what, I feel you are the most selfish person…You know you could rectify everything and you chose not to…And they consider you as Laxman…
Gautam leaves.
Yuvi: I know I am being selfish…That’s why I am trying hard to make them together somehow…Because I can’t…I can’t tell this to anyone….
“Ye vada hai mera, Twinkle tujse…Tum donon ko me ek kerke hi rehunga. Kyunki jaane anjaane me tume alag kerne me mera bhi haath hai.
(This is my promise to you, Twinkle. I will make you both together. Because I know, unintentionally I am also a reason to drift you both apart.)”

Precap:- Back to Present story (Back to Amritsar…Twinkle and Sarna family)

Jisha 🙂

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