Tashan E Ishq (Tashan vs Love) Episode 45


Next day
Kunj is in his cabin. Twinkle, Alisha and Sanjay came for explaining the process flow as usual. Kunj was listening to them, but having few glances of Twinkle in between. Kunj deliberately wanted to remove his eyes from Twinkle. And he tried too…But somehow while talking to Sanjay or Alisha, his eyes returned back to the glance of Twinkle. Later he composed himself and was trying hard to concentrate on official topics.
Twinkle’s condition was worse as she was supposed to look at Kunj continuously and listen to him (as he is her AM), even if he was talking to anyone else. The moment she looked at him, she would recall all the sweet talks and ring exchange happened yesterday. While talking about her team, Kunj and Twinkle were looking at each other and Twinkle was turning red and she could realize that…Kunj understood it and immediately started talking to Alisha about some issue and saved Twinkle.
Twinkle thinks… “Ye vahi hai jiske saath me kal mall me time spend ker rehi thi…Ohh god…Muje ho kya reha hai…Office me ye sirf tera AM hai…Bus aur kuch mat soch…”
(Yes, he is the one with whom I spend time at mall yesterday…Ohh god…Stop blushing Twinkle…At office, he is just your AM…Nothing else…Concentrate…)
All of them leave from Kunj’s cabin.

Kunj thinks… “Aisa toh kya hua hai kal, jo me apne aapko rok nahi paa reha hun usse dekhne se…Isse pehle bhi to me uss se pyaar kerta ta….Phir aaj kya hua hai…Jo mujse reha nahi jaa reha hai…Shayad vo ring jo muje aur usse connect ker rehi hai…Vo commitment jo hum ek dusre ke liye ab feel kerte hai… shayad yeh khayal ki Twinkle sirf or sirf mera hai..”
(What has happened to me? Why can’t I stop myself from looking at her? I used to love her before also…What is changed from yesterday that I can’t resist myself? May be that ring which makes us connected…That commitment we feel towards each other now…Or may be the feeling that now Twinkle is mine…)

After office Kunj calls Twinkle.
Kunj: Tumare hathon me vo ring bohut pyaara lag reha tha…Aisa leg reha tha, jaise vo ring sabko chillake bol reha ho…ki… (I can’t explain how I felt when I saw the ring in your hand…It felt as if that ring is making an announcement to the whole world that…
Twinkle: ki..
Kunj: Ye do dhari talwaar ab sirf meri hai… (You are mine…You are made for me…)
Twinkle smiles…
Kunj: Haaye meris kismet…Ab tum blush ker rehi ho, me dekh nahi sakta…Aur jab tum cabin me blush ker rehi thi…tab immediately Alisha ke taraf dekhna pada topic change kerne ke liya…
(Now you are blushing and I can’t see that…And when you were at my cabin, I had to immediately look at Alisha and change the topic..)
Twinkle: Thank god you did that…I couldn’t control myself…You changed the topic and I could compose myself…
Kunj: Hmmmm…
Kunj: I think it is time we set some rules for our relation…I don’t want our relation to be the talk of the company…What’s say?
Twinkle: That’s true…
Kunj: Let’s be as normal at office as possible. I will be calling you after office. Let’s talk at that time and meet at weekends. What’s your take?
Twinkle: I think he same..But is it that easy? I couldn’t control today…I doubt…
Kunj: I know it is a bit difficult, but we can try…
Twinkle: Okay.
Kunj: Haan…Per…Kabhi kabhi rules break ker sakte hai…Bohut mann kere milne ka toh… (But…May be sometimes…we can break rules….when your feelings start overflowing…)
Twinkle: Acha..ji…

Next Month end
Kunj and Twinkle were eagerly waiting for the month end week as they could spend time together. At 4.00 AM, they both used to go for walks. Sanjay never interfered in it…Kunj and Twinkle never explained anything to him. Nor did Sanjay ask…Sanjay simply understood the fact that they are together. The day he saw ring in Twinkle’s hand, he understood that Twinkle said yes to him.
At 4.15 AM
Kunj: I don’t want these night shifts to be changed…Probably I want us to be always in night shift…I can freely roam around with you and be with you after 4.
Twinkle: I don’t know why we are keeping it secret? Let’s tell everyone that we are together. I am fine with that…
Kunj: But, I am not…
Twinkle (with a weird look): Really? May I know the reason?
Kunj: Uff…Sunn to lo meri do dhari talwaar… (Listen to me first)
Kunj: 2 Reasons hai…Ek yeh ki mummy papa ko muje hamare rishtey ke bare me khud batana hai…5 saal baad…Aaj agar hum ye office me disclose kerte hai, to definitely Alisha ye khabar vahan pohcha degi…Kisi aur se ye baat unhe pata chale to unhe lagega ki me chupa reha tha…Me unhe ache se jaanta hun…Aur trust me hamara phir kuch nahi ho sakta…
(I have 2 reasons for that. 1. I know how and when I have to tell it to my parents…If we are disclosing it in office, Alisha is definitely going to tell it to my parents. Trust me, my parents will think that I was trying to hide it from them. They won’t listen to me after that and will directly say no to our relation. I know them very well.)
Twinkle: Okay..What about the second one?
Kunj: What if you perform very well this year and I give an excellent rating during promotion. You deserve it. But just because we are in a relationship, the entire team will take it as a favor done by me. I don’t want your hard work to be wasted.
Twinkle: Understood… I am sorry…
Kunj: Punishement hai…
Kunj holds Twinkle’s hand and pulls her towards him..Twinkle is now close to him…
Twinkle: Don’t forget…Security guards are there…
Kunj (with a sad face): I know…
Fun Friday

HR has come for the fun Friday games. Kunj has gone out of floor. Twinkle, Sanjay and Alisha had some presentations to be made. So they were allowed to work. Twinkle gets a call on the desk phone.
Kunj: Dekh…Kuch mat bolna…Bus bahar aa… (Don’t tell anything and don’t give any expressions…Just come out of the floor.)
Twinkle: If I am not working and going out, HR won’t let me go. She will ask me to play with them.
Kunj: Just tell her, you are not well and you are going to medical center.
Twinkle: Okay.
Twinkle comes out and Kunj was waiting for her. Kunj took her to the cafeteria. Canteen was almost empty as snacks are not available yet…One or two peopke are there who came for tea…
Twinkle: Have you gone mad? What if someone comes?
Kunj: Kya keru yaar? Tum itne paas ho, per ek nazar dekh nahi sakta…Taras jaata hun yaar ek baar haath pakadne ko bhi…
Twinkle smiles and blushes…
Kunj: Uff…Jaan le logi meri tum…iss smile se…
Twinkle: What if someone comes?
Kunj: Relax…Everyone is busy with games…Left is Alisha and Sanjay..Both have works…So this was the best time, we could ever get…
Twinkle: chai?
Kunj: Chai kisko peeni hai..Main to tumhe dekhne aaya tha…
Kunj holds her hand and looks at her romantically…
Kunj: You know sometime I feel like I am the luckiest…Ooo terii..(Damn…)
Twinkle: What happened?
Kunj: Sanjay and Alisha are coming… What to do now?
Twinkle leaves from there and Kunj pretends to be on phone.

Alisha and Sanjay find Kunj sitting there and join him. Twinkle took a cup of tea and sat 3 tables after them. Alisha finds her and calls her to join them. Twinkle joins them.
Alisha: You said you were ill and want to go to medicals…
Twinkle: I have head ache. Thought of having tea first…
They all order tea and start drinking tea. Now the sitting arrangement is like Kunj, Sanjay, Twinkle and Alisha. Kunj is sitting opposite to Twinkle. Kunj extends his leg and try to touch her feet. Kunj is amused to see that He could touch her feet, but Twinkle was not giving a single expression.
Kunj thinks… “Badi achi actress hai yaar…ye sab hai isliye…Vaise toh haath pakadte hi, blush kerne lagti hai…Aaj toh ek dum bindass baiti hai…” (Normally she starts blushing even if I touch her hand..But today just because they both are here she is not giving a single expression. I must say you are a good actress my love…)
Kunj thinks… “Me bhi chodne wala nahi hun…” (My naughtiness getting into its peak…)
Kunj tries to gently rub his foot. By then Sanjay leans near to Kunj and whispers…
Sanjay: Bhai mere…paav mera hai…Uska thoda aur right me hai…or iss baar thoda dhyaan se… kahi Alisha ke paav me na lag jaaye…
(Kunj, this leg is mine…Twinkle’s is a bit right to me…Try next time with care…Alisha’s legs are also near to her.)
Kunj whispers back. “Rehne de bhai…Mera naseeb hi kuch aisa hai…Koi na koi aa hi jaata hai…”
(Leave it brother…Someone or the other will come to interfere at time of romance…I am very unlucky in this matter…)

Precap – Twinj separation

Sorry…I couldn’t write twinj separtion today….A bit busy these days..

Jisha 🙂

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