Tashan E Ishq (Tashan vs Love) Episode 44


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Sorry I couldn’t post yesterday…Was a bit busy…As a compensation posting a lengthier episode today…Hope you all enjoy it…

Kunj and Twinkle are still talking on phone.
Kunj: You had dinner?
Twinkle: I usually have dinner by 8.30 pm. Today I don’t feel like eating. So I won’t go…
Kunj: Better…Don’t go.
Twinkle was a bit surprised to hear him say that. She expected he will force her to go to mess and have something.
Twinkle: What?

Kunj: I mean to say don’t go to hostel mess for dinner. I am coming to Vashi. Let’s have dinner together.
Twinkle: No, it is fine…Don’t worry about me. I will have something from here.
Kunj: Me tumare liye nahi aa reha hun..Me to apne liye aa reha hun…(I am not coming to Vashi for you.)
Twinkle: Matlab?

Kunj: Vo kya hai na…..Maine aaj ek ladki ko propose kiya aur usne haan kahan hai…Phone pe proposal tha to usse blush kerte huye nahi dekh paaya…Bus vo dekhne aa reha hun…
(Today I proposed to a girl and she said yes to me. But I couldn’t see her blush, as the proposal was on phone…I am coming to Vashi to see her blush..)
Twinkle (Blushes): Me koi blush nahi ker rehi thi… (Who said? I was not blushing at all at that that time.)

Kunj: Jhooth mat bolo…Muje toh ye bhi pata hai ki tum abhi bi blush ker rehi ho…((Don’t lie…I know that you are blushing at this moment too…)
Twinkle: Okay..I admit I was blushing.
Kunj: Meri sherni jab blush kerti hai to aur bi beautiful ho jaati hai…Aaj ke din agar maine vo miss ker diya to mujse bada garib aur koi nahi hoga…
(You look more beautiful while blushing. Today is the best day of my life… I can’t miss that glance of you…)
Twinkle: Okay…

Kunj: I am on the way to Vashi..Which mall is near to your hostel?
Twinkle: Raghuleela Mall.
Kunj: Okay. I will reach there and call you.
Twinkle was a bit puzzled and surprised to see what all has happened in her life within this half an hour of talk. Twinkle wakes up from thought and get ready for going out.
After sometime Kunj calls Twinkle and informs that he has reached Raghuleela Mall. Kunj was already in the mall. Kunj found her coming from the entrance. Twinkle was wearing pink top and black jeans. She has kept her hair open. As usual she was looking stunning.
Twinkle also spotted Kunj. She was walking towards him. She was pretty confident. But the moment she saw Kunj, nervousness started getting in.

Twinkle thinks. “Is this nervousness? What is happening? I feel like snow fall is happening inside my stomach..Or is it butterflies?…Probabaly this happens when you are meeting your lover for the first time. I can’t show this to him. “
Twinkle stops and pretends to check her mobile..
She talks to herself: Calm down Twinkle…It is the same Kunj whom you meet, talk everyday at office… Just be yourself. Breathe in… breath out…
Twinkle feels better. She reaches near to Kunj.

Twinkle: Powai se Vashi kuch zyada hi jaldi nahi pohch gaye? (You reached so early..I thought it will take time to reach here?)

Kunj (with a naughty smile): I started from there the moment you said yes to me…
Twinkle: What? So you were talking about coming to Vashi on the way…
Kunj: Yup…I don’t know what happened. I couldn’t control myself and wanted to meet you today itself at any cost…
Twinkle (smiles): What if I said no to meet you?
Kunj: I donno..But I had this confidence that you won’t say no today. I had a feeling that you also want to meet me today…
Twinkle blushes…

Kunj takes her to 3rd Floor, Food court of Raghuleela Mall…
Kunj: Kya khaoge? (What will you have?)
Twinkle: Kunj, Seriously…I don’t feel like eating…
Kunj: Arrey yaar…Itna manane ke baad bhi vahi atki ho…Kisi bande ke stupid harkaton pe tum kyu khana chodke baithogi…Tumahari mehnat ka phal tume zaroor milega..Shayad thodi der se hi sahi…
(Still your mood is off…You will skip your dinner for that person’s stupid deeds…You hard work will get recognized for sure..May be a bit late…Trust me…Talent and Hard works can’t get hidden for a longer time.”)
Twinkle: Kunj, please… change the topic.
Kunj says okay and leaves to take food. He comes back with Chole bhature and a Punjabi combo meal.
Twinkle looks at him as he has bought 2 plates of food.
Kunj: Manaa…tum do dhari talwaar ho…per me bi ussko chalane wala warrior hun…Tume khana kaise khilana hai ye me bi jaanta hun…

(I know you are my sword with two sharp edges…But don’t forget that I am the warrior who very well knows how to use it…I know how to make you eat…)
Kunj: Now I am going to give you chole bhature with my hands..If you are not eating, I will keep my hand near your lip till the time you don’t eat…I don’t mind people near by watching me…
Kunj takes out small portion of chole bhature and extends his hand towards her lips. Twinkle waits for a second and smiles and starts eating. Kunj also smiles…
Kunj makes her eat half of chole bhature with his hands only. Twinkle is also enjoying.
Kunj: Mana…Punjabi khana bada tasty hai…Per itna bhi nahi…Shayad meri haathon se khaane se taste thoda zyada bad gaya hai..Kyun…
(I know Punjabi food is tasty..But I guess I am making you eat is making the food wonderful…Don’t you think so?)
Twinkle realizes that she is eating from his hands…She feels shy and is ready to take food by her own…
Kunj: Ahaan…No way…
Kunj pulls the plate from her.
Kunj: Me bechara Powai se Vashi tak aaya…Tumare saath khana khane liye…Tume khana khila reha hun…Aur tumne muje ek baar bi khane ko nahi kaha…Mera toh khana bhi thodi der me thanda ho jayega…
(I have come all the way from Powai to Vashi to have dinner with you…I am making you eat with my hands…And you didn’t ask me for once?)
Twinkle: What do you want me to do?
Kunj: Punishment…

Twinkle: What punishement?
Kunj: 2 chezein ho sakti hai…Ya to tum mujhe khilao…ya phir apna khana khud khane logo…Per apna khana khud khane se pehle, muje ek nivala tumhare haath se chahiye…
(You have 2 choices…1) Either you make me eat my food by your hands. 2) or you have your food with your hands…I know you will choose the second one…But before doing that you will have to give me food once with your hand…)
Twinkle blushes and then takes her plate and is about to start eating. But Kunj gives her a look which convinces her and gives him food by her hand. They talk to each other and finish food. Kunj makes sure that Twinkle has finished the food.
Kunj: Icecream?

Twinkle gives her a question mark look.
Kunj: Tumne muje haan kiya…Meetha to banta hai…(You said yest to me…Of course sweet is needed.)
Kunj takes her to icecream parlour and brings ice cream. They are done with ice cream and Twinkle gives him a look of let’s go.

Kunj: Wait..I have something for you.
Kunj takes out a ring box from his jeans pocket and keep it close to Twinkle.
Twinkle: Ring? Don’t you think we are going a bit fast…
Kunj: Nahi…bilkul bhi nahi…Aaj tume apnni dil ki saari baatein bata dena chahta hun. Me unn ladkon me se nahi hun, jo 10 ladkiyon se affair rekhna chahta ho…In fact kabhi, in pyaar vyaar ke bare me socha bhi nahi ta..Muje bhi nahi pata ki kab tumse pyaar ho gaya…Baatein kerte, kerte…Saath team ko handle kerte, kerte…Break pe jaate jaate…Pata nahi kab…bus ho gaya…

(I don’t think that we are too fast…Today I want to tell you everything…What I feel for you…See…I am not a boy who want to flirt with every other girl..In fact I never thought of getting into this love. But I don’t know when it happened…May be with the talks and chats..Or while handling the team together, or may be while going out for breaks…I don’t know when…but it happened…)
Twinkle is listening to his talks affectionately.

Kunj: Ab muje lagta hai shayad me single aaj tak isliye tha kyunki aise koi ladki mili hi nahi jo mere dil ko chu jaaye…Aur jab mili toh, itni aasani se usse jaane dene ka mann nahi kiya…Isiliye vo sab harkatein ker reha tha..tume bhi pata hai…chat breaks and 4.00 AM walks…
(Now I feel like, I was single till this date, coz I couldn’t find a girl who touched my heart. When I felt I have found her, I didn’t want to let her go..That’s why I tried all possible ways to keep you in my life…You know them…Chat breaks and 4.00 AM breaks…)
Twinkle smiles and nods her head.

Kunj: Me hamare rishtey ko ek lifetime commitment ke tarah lena chahta hun…Muje pata hai ki tumari haa ka matlab bhi vahi hai…
(I want to keep our love for life time and want to see it grow through marriage and then being old together. I know your yes means you are commited to me for the rest of my life…)
Twinkle agrees to him.

Kunj: Me jaanta hun, abhi immediately, me isse aage nahi le jaa sakta..I mean shaadi…Muje time chahiye… 5 saal…muje settle hona hai….family ke liye bhi aur tumare liye bhi…Usske baad tumare ghar mere family ke saath aake rishta mangunga…Tab tak hamari bhi shaadi ka age ho jaayega..
(I know I can’t do this immediately…I mean our marriage…I definitely need some time..May be 5 years… Want to get settled down for my family and for you. After that me and my family will convince your parents..)

Twinkle: It is not going to be that easy Kunj…I mean I won’t prefer a marriage against our parent’s wish.
Kunj: Relax Twinkle…Even I don’t want to go against our parents..But trust me, my family will definitely understand me and will support me…I know them…And about your family…I will convince them..Have trust in me…
Twinkle: I do…
Kunj: I am done with whatever I wanted to tell you…Now may I…
Twinkle gives her hand…Kunj takes her hand makes her wear the ring…
Kunj (while making her wear ring, looking into her eyes): Ek vaada kerta hun…Mere life me agar tum nahi toh koi aur nahi…
(I want to make a promise to you…If you are not there in my life, I can’t be with anyone else)
Twinkle (with blushing): Agar tum nahi to koi aur nahi… (If you are not there in my life, I can’t be with anyone else)

Both look at each other for sometime holding hands and then realize where they are. Twinkle takes her hand…She finds the ring very different…It is a unique platinum diamond floral wedding ring with 2 layers..Of which the one layer had a two flowers on both side with a diamond in middle. Next layer was like the continuation of the stem with leaves embedded on either side…
It will look like

(Hope this link works…I loved this ring..)
Twinkle: Loved the ring…Quite different one…
Kunj: I have searched a lot for this one… I have seen you wearing that star as pendant probably symbolic to your name…So I wanted to give you a ring which is symbolic to my name…
Twinkle: Kunj..?

Kunj: Kunj means arbour, a shady garden with sides and roof made up of climbing plants…I searched a lot and this ring gave me an impression of climbing plant…
Twinkle: As you said, I will always keep your name with me for the rest of my life…
Kunj and Twinkle leaves from mall. Kunj holds her hand while walking, with a confidence that Twinkle is mine.
Twinkle asks him to leave as her hostel is near by. But Kunj insists to accompany her till the hostel gate. While crossing the road, the way he holded her close to him, she felt the warmth of his love which was unconditional…

Precap :- Twinj relationship for 5 years and how Twinj separated…

Jisha 🙂

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