Tashan E Ishq (Tashan vs Love) Episode 43


Friday 4.15 AM

Some of the team members have left for breaks. Kunj comes and sits near by Twinkle as if he is discussing some official work.
Kunj: Walk pe chale? (Can we go for walk?)
Twinkle (With a smile): Walk pe aane ka mann toh hai…Per iss angry young man se thoda darr leg reha hai… (I too want to come for walk. But I am afraid of this angry young man..)
Kunj (with a naughty smile): Acha ji…Chalo fir apne body guard ko bhi bulalo saath me…Phir to darr nahi lagega… (Ohh…That’s the issue…So call your bodyguard for walk…)
Twinkle: Bulaluu..(I am gonna call him.)

Kunj: Ab toh bula hi lo…Muje bhi pata hai ki tum bhi mere saath akele walk pe aana chahti ho… (I very well know that you also want to come for a walk with me alone…Let me see how you are calling Sanjay…)
Twinkle (cute & naughty smile): Itna confidence hai mujpe…Ab toh bulake hi rehungi… (You have this much confidence in me that I won’t call him. Now I must break that…)
Twinkle pings Sanjay and is about to call Sanjay for walk.

Kunj holds her hand and tries to stop her from typing…
Kunj: Please…Please..Mat ker meri do dhari talwaar…. (Please don’t do this…)
But Kunj finds out that the message has already been sent and can’t do anything… Kunj pretends to be sad and leaves from there and goes to Sanjay’s desk.
Kunj: Bhai Sanjay..tere mobile me yeh song hai kya?
He starts singing…

kitne bhi tu kar le sitam, hans hans ke sahenge hum…
kitne bhi tu kar le sitam, hans hans ke sahenge hum…
ye pyar na hoga kam… sanam teri kasam …
o ho… sanam teri kasam… sanam teri kasam…
kitne bhi tu kar le sitam, hans hans ke sahenge hum
ye pyar na hoga kam… sanam teri kasam…
o ho.. sanam teri kasam… sanam teri kasam…
Twinkle’s face has turned pink due to blushing…Sanjay also understood the matter. Everyone except Sanjay and Twinkle felt that it is a general talk between Kunj and Sanjay.

Next week (Monday)
Alisha has returned back from leave and is happy to see that Twinkle has handled her team very well. Alisha takes charge of her team.

Antony (Manager) has also returned back from Australia. Twinkle has some work. So Kunj and Sanjay went for break.
Sanjay: Till when Antony will be sitting in cabin next to you? He everytime has an eye on all of us while taking breaks.
Kunj: Antony will be sitting here for this week and next week. Promotion discussions will be starting from next week… I have joined few months back. So I won’t be part of the discussion for this year. Next year onwards I will be taking your promotion discussions. Excited for promotions?
Sanjay: What promotion…I am gonna get an average rating for sure… Nothing is going to get changed in my career or in my salary…Twinkle will be excited…She has worked very hard this entire year. She will be getting excellent rating…Gonna get a reasonable increase in salary and in her career.
Kunj: Happy for Twinkle. She deserves it…

Twinkle’s team member Teena has got an emergency. Her father is not keeping well. She needs to go back to Bhopal to take care of him as he is in hospital. Teena is not left with any leaves. So she needs to get a special permission from Manager considering her as special case. Twinkle has sent a mail to Antony and asks Teena to meet him in his cabin and ask for permission.
Teena: Twinkle, Can you please come with me? I don’t want to go alone.
Twinkle: What’s the problem? I have already sent a mail. He will surely give you leave..Don’t worry.
Teena: Twinkle, Please…I am a bit afraid of him.
Twinkle: He is your manager. You are going for a genuine purpose. Let me know if he denies. I will talk to him.
Twinkle leaves for break with Sanjay and Kunj.
Kunj has gone to take snacks and tea. Twinkle discusses Teena’s unsual behavior to Sanjay.
Sanjay: I can understand why Teena was afraid. Suhani (Sanjay’s team member) had a similar situation. She told me her experience.
Twinkle: What do you mean?
Sanjay: You must be knowing that he is a typical flirt. Other than these healthy flirting in front of everyone, he misbehaves with girls if they are alone in his cabin.
Twinkle: What rubbish?
Sanjay: Listen to me first. He doesn’t physically harm any girls. But gets into cheap talks infront of them and they have to listen to him as they are in need of leave.
Twinkle: How is it possible? I have been to his cabin. He never behaved like that to me.
Sanjay: You are at a different position. He clearly knows that if he does that to you, you will file a complaint against him.

Twinkle: Ohh my god…I have sent Teena to his cabin. I need to go right now.
Sanjay: Twinkle, listen to me…Don’t do anything in hurry. You will be in trouble. We can’t fight with him. He is at a higher position.
Twinkle: You want me to be silent after knowing this. I can’t.
Twinkle leaves.
Kunj comes and finds Twinkle has left. Sanjay explains him the entire situation.
Kunj: And you let her leave?
Sanjay: I tried stopping her. You know how she is…

Kunj: She is going to ruin her career because of her anger yaar…
Kunj rushes to the floor. Kunj thinks. “I will stop her and get into Antony’s cabin before Twinkle. If I am with Teena, he won’t be able to make such comments.”
Kunj reaches floor only to find that Twinkle went inside Antony’s cabin. He is frustrated that he couldn’t do anything.
Twinkle finds that Antony is enjoying his talks and Teena is sweating sitting infront of him.
Twinkle: Hello Antony,
Antony is disturbed as she interrupted his talks. Twinkle explains to him that she came here to explain Teena’s situation.
Antony: Fine. Teena will be a better person to explain it. You wait outside. I will talk to you later.
Twinkle: Sorry Sir. I am not going anywhere. Whatever talks you want to have, have it with Teena in front of me. I am her team lead.
Antony: You are forgetting that I am your manager. You are supposed to obey my orders.
Twinkle: I won’t. I know your intentions..So at any cost I won’t…If you try to misbehave with her, I am going to file a case against you at HR. Don’t forget..Verbal s*xual conversations are also considered as s*xual abuse…You career and your reputation will be finished…
Antony: How dare you?
Twinkle: Teena is in need of emergency leave. But for that, I won’t let her listen to your non sense talks. I will go to higher management, if at all you deny her leave. Then I will have to explain what all happened in this cabin to higher management…Don’t try me…
Twinkle and Teena leaves from there. Antony is damn furious.
Kunj was waiting outside and takes Twinkle out immediately.

Kunj: You have ruined your career. Do you know that?
Twinkle: You wanted me to stay away from this and let it happen?
Kunj: Twinkle…I am not asking you to stay away from it. I would have handled it better…He is definitely gonna do something…
Twinkle: I don’t care…My team member’s respect is more important than my career…
Kunj: Don’t worry. Nothing will happen….

Next week Tuesday
Twinkle was in her promotion discussions with Antony. Kunj and Sanjay were eagerly waiting for her. They all went for tea break as they didn’t want to talk infront of the team.
Kunj: What happened?

Twinkle: Hona kya hai… Gave me average rating…Nikal diya pura khunnas…(He took his revenge)
Sanjay: Damn it…I am so sorry Twinkle. I shouldn’t have told you that Suhani incident…That’s what made you mess with Antony on Friday…
Twinkle: Don’t be yaar…I don’t give a damn…I still don’t regret about the incident happened on Friday…Let’s go and have tea.
Twinkle behaved normally and was happy. Sanjay also came out of his guilt after seeing her jolly mood. Twinkle, in office and for the other breaks also seemed quite normal.

After office that day
Twinkle is in her hostel. She gets a call from Kunj.
Kunj: Twinkle, Are you okay?
Twinkle: Muje kya hona hai…Fit and fine..
Kunj: Dekh tu puri duniya se chupa sakti hain apni feeling, per mujse nahi…Yahan tak ki Sanjay ko bhi apni harkaton se bewakoof bana sakti hai…per muje nahi…(Don’t act with me Twinkle. You can fool Sanjay with your happy go moods. But you can’t hide your feelings from me..)
Twinkle: Aisa kuch nahi hai…Kunj..(I am fine…Kunj)

Kunj: Tumahari aankhein pad sakta hun me…To mujse toh jhooth mat bolo… (I can read your eyes dear…I don’t need you to speak a word…So don’t lie to me..)
Twinkle is silent for a while.
Twinkle: I worked so hard for the entire year…He shattered my entire work in few seconds…
Kunj: Bol do sab…Nikaldo apni mann ki bhadas…Tumhe behter lagega… (Talk to me… Just let it come out…You will feel better.)
Twinkle: I still don’t regret what I have done… I feel like I should have slapped him that day….Today he ruined my career…my hard work…All is gone…I would have reached AM position in next 6 months…But just because of him, I will have to start my work again from starting… And what is the guarantee that I will get a deserving rating next year…He will again do the same thing…I don’t feel like working….I am fed up of this corporate politics…I think I should leave this company and try somewhere else…

Kunj: Twinkle….Don’t get disheartened…You are my sherni…And for next year, I will be taking everyone’s promotions….
Twinkle: I am sorry…Me bi kya bematlab ki baatein ker rehi hun….(I don’t know what all nonsense I have talked…)
Kunj: Tumari har choti se choti baatein aur cheezein mere liye bohut mayine rekhti hai…Ye tum bhi ache se jaanti ho… Hai ki nahi…?(Your smallest issues and thoughts do matter to me…You very well know that too… Don’t you?)
Twinkle: Haan….
Kunj: Tum koi bi baat mujse bina jijak kabhi bhi keh sakti ho….Hum donon alag thodi hai…Hum ek hain…Hain na…? (You can talk to me about anything at any given point of time…We are not two different people…We are one…Right?)
Twinkle is blushing…

Kunj: Maine kuch pucha…Jawab nahi mila abhi tak…(I asked you something…I didn’t get the answer yet…)
Twinkle (still blushing): Haan…
Kunj: Ufff…Na jaane kab vo din aayega, jab meri sherni mujse khulke apne pyaar ka izhaar karegi… (I don’t know when that day will come, when you will say I love you to me.)
Twinkle: Isse zyada kuch kehna zaroori hai kya…. (Do you want me to say anything more than this?)
Kunj: Hayyee….Bus, yahi kafi hai…Aaj agar mar bhi jau to koi gam nahi…(Enough my love…If at all I die today, my dead body will have a 100 Volt smile…)

Precap:- Twinkle and Kunj spend time together at mall

Jisha 🙂

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