Tashan E Ishq (Tashan vs Love) Episode 41


Twinkle and Sanjay had lots of work. So Kunj couldn’t talk to Twinkle much. They rushed to tea break and came back fast. He was a bit upset, but he knew the work pressure which Twinkle was going through.

5.00 PM
Kunj asks Twinkle and Sanjay for tea break. Sanjay tries to let them go together.
Sanjay: I have some work. I won’t be able to come.
Kunj is happy and was about to tell Twinkle that let’s go. Twinkle interrupts him.
Twinkle: I know your work is finished. Your team member Kritika has already told me that your work is done. So don’t try to fool me. Come right now.
Sanjay: Okay…
Sanjay thinks looking at Kunj. “Beta Kunj, tumara kuch nahi ho sakta…Iss ladki se pyaar kerana hi ek Mission Impossible task hai…”
(Kunj, I don’t think she will fall for you. She doesn’t even understand how hard you are trying to woo her…Making her fall in love itsef is a Mission Impossible task.)
Sanjay, Kunj and Twinkle leaves for tea break. Sanjay insists that he need to take his mobile from locker. All of them bring their snacks and start eating. Sanjay is listening to some song from his mobile through headphone.
Kunj: What is he listening?
Twinkle: He bought his new mobile last week. Showing off it..That’s it.
Kunj: Ohh…
Twinkle: As per him the sound quality of his mobile is superb. So nowadays he enjoys music more than our company…
Sanjay thinks. “Dost ke liye kya kya ker na padta hai yaar…” (I am being your true friend, Twinkle.)
Kunj calls Sanjay again to make sure that he is listening to music only. Sanjay doesn’t respond. Now that Sanjay is not listening, Kunj decides to talk to Twinkle.
Kunj: What’s the weekend plan?
Twinkle: Nothing much. May be a movie with room mates on Sunday.
Kunj: What about Saturday?
Twinkle: I have some work in ABC bank which needs to be completed this Saturday. I need to be there before 12.00. So the entire day is gonna get spoiled…
Kunj thinks. “Agar me ye kahu ki muje bhi bank me kaam hai to tum kahogi ke Powai se Vashi tak kyu aaoge bank ke kaam ke liye…Iss baar kuch aisa kahunga ki tum muje mana hi na ker paye…”
(I know if I will say that I also have some work in ABC Bank, you will say why would I come from Powai to Vashi …This time I will make sure that I will find out something which you can’t deny. This Saturday, I want to spend with you dear…)
Kunj: What a coincidendce…I too have some work in bank Saturday. They told me to come to Vashi ABC branch to get it done. So let me know when you are gonna reach Vashi branch. I will also come at that time. Okay?
Twinkle: Ohh, You have some work at Vashi ABC branch… So you are going to come to Vashi all the way from Powai?
Kunj: I don’t have an option. You can’t delay bank procedures…
Twinkle: I understand.
Kunj: When will you be coming on Saturday to bank?
Twinkle: By 10.30. But I have to go to Powai ABC branch. I started my account in that branch when I joined this office. So they have asked me to come to Powai branch…
Kunj (murmurs): Damn…
Twinkle: I wish they have asked me to come to Vashi ABC branch. It was so close to my hostel. But this Powai branch is so far for me…But what to do..As you said, bank procedures can’t be delayed…
Twinkle leaves to take tea.
Kunj was sitting numbed. Sanjay who was just pretending to be listening to music also heard the entire conversation. He was trying hard to control his laugh…He removed his head phone and asked where Twinkle went. Kunj replied him with not much change in his expression.
Later Kunj realizes that he can’t show this to Sanjay. He sits straight and strarts talking to Sanjay.
Kunj: New phone….How is the sound quality?
Sanjay: Awesome yaar…It feels so good to hear your favorite songs in this mobile…
Kunj: Which is your favorite song?
Sanjay: I usually listen old songs…What I was listening right now was a song from Chaalbaaz…An old Sridevi movie…I don’t remember the first lines…But song is something like
“Kisi ki haath na aayegi ye ladki…”
Kunj is in a doubt whether Sanjay really was listening to this song or is he trying to tont him. That song exactly went with Kunj’s situation.
Sanjay (with a hidden smile): I know it’s first line…I just heard it now…How can I forget that song…
Sanjay pretends to remember the lines and then: Got the first lines…It is like…
Na jaane kahan se aayi hai..
Na jaane kahan ko jaayegi..
Deewana kise banayegi yeh ladki….
Badi chhoti hai mulakaat
Bade afsos ki hai baat ru…
Kisi ke haath na aayegi yeh ladki….
Kisi ke haath na aayegi yeh ladki….
Kunj is about to say something to Sanjay. But before that Twinkle comes with tea. They had tea and leave back to office.

Kunj calls Twinkle and Sanjay to the cabin.
Kunj: All set for month end week?
Sanjay, Twinkle: Yes.
Kunj: I hope you both have explained the month end night situation to your team.
Twinkle and Sanjay nods their head.
Kunj: As discussed, I will order 63 pizzas for Wednesday (month end night). Don’t forget you both are taking a huge risk for your team. If at all, HR finds this out, you both are finished.
Twinkle and Sanjay says yes to him. But Kunj could make out that Twinkle and Sanjay had a little bit of fear in their eyes.
Kunj: I think you both are loosing your confidence..Are you?
Twinkle: Not exactly…It’s just that we understand the situation very well. Taking a risk of 20 people for once and 60 this week are totally different.
Kunj could sense their anxiety.
Kunj: Don’t worry guys…I will be in night shift. So if at all anything happens, I am the one who is answerable to it…
Sanjay and Twinkle seems relaxed.
Sanjay: But why are you taking this risk? You could easily be in day shift and hand over all these tensions to us as normal AMs do.
Kunj: If you can risk your career for your team, I can do the same for my team leads. I want my teamleads to concentrate on the month end process issues. I will be there in night shift and will handle everything. Don’t worry.
Sanjay: Thank you Kunj.
Sanjay and Twinkle leaves.

5.30 PM
Kunj has some work. So Twinkle and Sanjay leave for tea break.
Sanjay: Kunj night shift lene me itna interest kyu dikha reha hai? Kuch toh gadbad hai… (Why is Kunj so keen about taking night shifts? He could have easily taken a day shift as usual AMs do. Something fishy?)
Twinkle: Tuje bi pata hai hum donon kitne nervous the iss mahine ke month end ko lekar…Hum donon pray ker rehe the ki Kunj night shift me ho…Ab jab vo night shift me aa reha hai, to tuje usse bhi problem hai.
(We both clearly know that how nervous we were regarding this month end. Although we tried our maximum not to show this to Kunj. Somehow he could sense it and he is ready to come on night shift. We both wanted that only. Now you have a problem with that also?)
Sanjay: Vo to acha hai…Ab tension hamare sarr se to hat gaya..Per phir bhi muje aisa kyu lag reha hai ki issme bhi kuch toh Kunj apne fayda ka soch reha hai…
(That’s true. Now we don’t have to take much tension. Now the entire risk is on Kunj’s shoulder. But still I feel some where in mind that there is some hidden agenda in Kunj’s mind.)
Twinkle: Hadd ho gayi…Banda hamare liye itna bada risk le reha hai… Usse bhi pata hai ki vo aaram se so sakta hai day shift lekar aur agar hum pakde gaye to muje kuch nahi pata kehke iss situation se aaram se bach sakta hai…Phir bhi vo hamare liye night shift le reha hai, ye jaanke ke ki agar pakda gaya to uski career ki lag jaayegi…Tuje usme bhi hidden agenda dikh reha hai…
(I can’t believe this. He clearly knows that he could be in a day shift and if at all we are caught by HR he could just say I didn’t know anything about this and easily escape from this situation. But still he is taking night shift to save us. He clearly knows that if at all he is caught, his career is finished. They will charge him with non compliance of HR law. Still you feel there is a hidden agenda???)
Sanjay: Sorry…That’s my mistake…I understood his intentions…
Sanjay thinks. “Bus yehi dekhna chahta tha Twinkle ki tu kya kahegi iss baat pe…Jaanke maine yeh topic nikala…Kunj…Kuch to baat hai tum me…Aise hi kisiki tariff nahi kerti Twinkle…Abb seriously tumahare paas ek chance hai…”
(Twinkle, I deliberately took this topic. I wanted to see your response…So Mr. Kunj Sarna…You did a great job in impressing her…Twinkle is praising you…That means you genuinely have chance to woo her…)

Precap :- Month end week and Kunj’s 4.00 AM breaks…

Jisha 🙂

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  1. Jiya_Ani

    U know what di…I love you..I wait daily to see ur ff..Its always a treat bas come back to present asap..plzzzzz..
    Tooooooo Good..I love ur dialogues.. Muuuuuaaah
    Love you.
    Cont. Soon

    1. Jisha

      Thanks lovely…just few more episodes to go…love gets started n their misunderstanding…we will be back soon to the present…

  2. U know jisha di I wanted share a thing with u ….Around 23 to 26 episode’s u took a break for the long time I that time I was having holidays so o used to read ur off morning and after u stopped everyday I used check whether u updated or not I thought u stopped it but the day u updated trust me I was so excited that whole day I irritated my sis a lot in excitement I wanted to tell u
    And I enjoy reading or ff and kunj dailoges are really fab
    And today’s episode was also as usual fab loved it!!! And thank you for commenting on my ff and wishing me good luck!!!
    OK bye and yaay I’m first to comment today!!!!!

    1. Jisha

      Thanks thanmy…u made my day…I am so glad to hear that you enjoyed my ff…????

  3. Loveleen

    jisha di u r always ready wid ur spl treat at d perfect tym….evrytym i open tu i hope to see ur updt first…besides ur bzy schedule u manage to entertain us well m so glad fr dat….u always say thnx to us…tody m thnking u fr entertaing us till tody n further too….

    1. Jisha

      Thanks loveleen…it is my pleasure I could entertain you all…love you dear…????

  4. Sayeeda

    Best writer award goes to Jisha di …
    A big round of applause for her ….

    Truly di for me u r the best writer …how much I adore ur writings I can’t even tell u in words ……

    Loved the episode ……soooooo good ……Sanjay’s dialouge r so funny …..
    Nd twinj discussing about bank meeting was the best part …..
    Awesome ……amazing….

    love u ….

    1. Jisha

      Thank you… thank you… thank you…and all the credit goes to my readers like you…. Sayu….love you dear….?????

  5. Kritika14

    Wow! the best part was when sanjay sang that song ? i laughed out so loud .. loved it so so much x continue soon and love you ?

    1. Jisha

      Thanks Monica….love you…next episode submitted…????

  6. Shatakshi

    Jisha di
    It was dhamakedar
    Happy to see twinkle supporting kunj
    Loved it to the core ❤❤❤????

    1. Jisha

      Thanks shatakshi…????

  7. Shreya098

    Superb epi….???

    1. Jisha

      Thanks shreya…????

  8. Superrrrr se uparrrrr wala episode…can’t wait till tomorrow… Kunj’s dialogues are fab and when I imagine Sidhant Gupta while reading those dialogues it’s like sone pe suhaga… Love you and your ff to another level of infinity…

    1. Jisha

      Ohh…. thank you so much sidmintwinj…
      I am happy I could make you feel that way…next episode submitted….????

  9. Nice but pls and this flashback soon and pls focus on present

    1. Jisha

      Thanks anshika..it will end soon…few more episodes to go…

  10. Romaisha

    Jisha di awesome episode… Twinkle being stubborn yaar awww … Too good 🙂 loved it dii

    1. Jisha

      Thanks romaisah….????

  11. Angita

    I can’t believe my eyes
    Loved today’s episode and sanjay and Kunj scene at the beggining was so cute
    Am so sorry sanjay I thought you were a villain at first

    1. Jisha

      Thanks Angu…. love you dear…????

  12. Srija

    i’m in love with ur ff ?????
    the way u write it it’s commendable
    great u r really a great writer

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    Awesome jisha….specially bank wala part….

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    Oh my god di

    Aj to bata hi do

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    MATLAB ke aj dhoodh ka dhoodh or pani ka pani ho jayega

    Kaise kaise kaise

    I know jyada senti hogyi but kya lijhte ho Aap main Aapke ff ke liya humesha dant khati hoon mamma se

    Ki kya padhti rehti hai but kya karoon adat se majboor but awesome episode di can’t wait

    1. Jisha

      Thanks bulbul….uff…kya likha hai tumne…me blush ker rehi Hun yahan comment padke..thank you dear…. lots of love…?????

  15. Purnima.agrawal30

    awesome amazing epi…loved it

  16. Purnima.agrawal30

    awesome amazing epi…loved it….

    1. Jisha

      Thanks purnima…????

  17. Jas and sid lover

    Sorry for not commenting in previous epi…actually my work has started so I return home at night …no time u see. ..anyways but today I am here…this was amazing kunj’s trap fell onto himself was great and twinkle’s views about kunj were too good..par kabhi toh bechare kunj ko twinkle ke saath weekend spend karva do..anyways up to u …I always enjoy what u write…waiting to watch them as a couple spending time with each other ….keep writing..lots of love???

    1. Jisha

      Thanks Jas and Sid lover… that’s okay…I understand…it will happen soon… Happy you enjoyed it…????

  18. Kruti

    Jisha di what was this I mean seriously what was this…….vo twinkle Ka powai bank wale dialogue pe I laughed out so loud that my bro sitting beside me was like “have u gone nuts…..y r u laughing like mad”
    And again that song
    This epi was indeed a masterpiece
    Love u ♥♥♥

    1. Jisha

      Thanks Kruti…you made me laugh when I was reading your comments…???

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    fantastico..amazing episode yaar..
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  20. Ria

    Hi Jisha di,
    I know I’m damn late today and I’m seriously sorry about it but, I couldn’t help it. My college is so great that I went there at 8 and returned at 9. Anyways, the episode was brilliant. I loved it. The way Twinkle defended Kunj was ultimate. Do post soon.
    Love you loads.?

    1. Jisha

      Thanks Ria…no way dear…it doesn’t matter whether u r late or early…I am happy you always comment…
      You indeed have a hectic college schedule… anyways next episode submitted

  21. hy i m a silent reader nd i like this ff very much… nd plz make twinkle realize fast nd come to present… hope u dont mind.. nd keep writing..

    1. Jisha

      Thanks Sia…it will come back to present very soon…few more episodes to go… i won’t mind at all… your feedbacks helps me to know what you think about the ff. thank you for commenting…

  22. Baby

    om,gggggggg jisha di sameer is quite nyc prsn lyking his role haha bechara sid powai se vashi sirf jas ke liye jaa rha tha usi ki baazi ulti ad gyi luvd it di hahahhahahahaha post nxt asap di luv u

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      Thanks baby…next episode posted… thank you for your love…

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