Tashan E Ishq (Tashan vs Love) Episode 4

Few days later at Sarna house,
Twinkle,Usha and Manohar are having breakfast.
Manohar: I am done. I will leave.
Twinkle: You are going somewhere?
Manohar: Have an appointment with the doctor at 10.00.
Twinkle: What happened?
Usha: Don’t worry, it is just a routine checkup.

Twinkle: But you are leaving so early?
Manohar: I have to catch a bus to reach there. You know how crowded they are. Plus you are not there to help me to get in. (smiles)
Twinkle: Car is not working? I have seen it parked. But you have never used it.
Usha: Car is alright.He met with accident 4 years back. After that he stopped driving. We have kept a driver. He increases his salary every quarter. He comes on work whenever he feels like.
Manohar: I know. He is taking advantage of the situation. But what to do. Both my sons are staying far away from me. It is difficult to find a new driver whom we can trust. At least we know him from a very long time.
Twinkle: Samjho problem solved. I can drop you at hospital, if you are okay with me driving your car.

Manohar: Sure.
Manohar and Twinkle reaches the hospital.
Manohar: It will take some time for check up. Are you coming to hospital?
Twinkle: Take your time. I will sit here and work on my tab.
Manohar leaves. Twinkle sitting in car starts thinking.


Kunj: How many times I have explained you about reverse gear .What’s your problem?
Twinkle (miffed): I don’t know why I get confused yaar…

Kunj: Coz you are not concentrating…
Twinkle (with angry face): I told you I don’t want to learn driving. Why are you forcing me?
Kunj: Don’t get tensed. You will learn it gradually. Driving sikhna bohut zaroori hai. (It is very important to learn driving). Let’s start again.
Twinkle: Ok
Kunj: Arre yaar,
Twinkle: What?
Kunj: Saamne dekh kaun aa reha hai (look who is coming).Neerav, BBC of office. Agar ussne hame ssath me dekh li to ho chukka… (If he find us together, then we are finished).Bend down so that he doesn’t find us.
Twinkle: OK.
Neerav walks nearby car, but he doesn’t look at car.
Kunj (murmurs): Pura time office me kaam kerke thak ke insaan ghar aata hai. Do pal apni girlfriend ki saath time spent kerne ke liye driving sikhane ka bahana banya hu, vo bhi dost ki ghadi ek ghante ke liye udhar leke… aur usme bi koi office vala dikhna zarrori hai…(After the hectic work at office, I wanted to spend some good time with you for which I made this plan of teaching driving. And that too taking friend’s car for an hour. At that time also, colleagues will come from anywhere.
Twinkle keeping her hands on her waist: Acha ji…tabhi me sochu driving sikhna itna zarrori kab se ho gaya. (Okay…So now I understood, why learning to drive a car is necessary)
Kunj (with a cute smile): You know I love you…

Twinkle: I know
Kunj (witty look): If I will ask you out for a date, you will be worried about the colleagues finding us together. So thought of this driving class by Kunj Sarna.
Twinkle: Fine. But the idea of keeping it secret is also yours. I am okay with disclosing it at office.
Kunj: That’s only for you. I don’t want anyone to point a finger at you at any given point of time.
Twinkle: For me…And for what? Hum sirf aise hi hang out nai kerte.Hum saath hai toh shadi kerne ke liye , ek dusre ke bahon me bhude hone ke liye, aur marte dam tak saath rehne ke liye…(We are not hanging out just for fun. We are sure that we are together to get married, to be in each other’s arms till the end of our life).
Kunj: Arrey meri jhalli…Sometimes you have to be practical. You never know what life has planned for us. What if I die before our marriage? I can’t tolerate people pointing finger at you even if I have left this world.
Twinkle (keeping finger in Kunj’s lip): Let’s just end the topic. I don’t want to talk about it.
Kunj (removing her finger and giving a gentle kiss on her hand): Okay. I won’t. But we can’t run away from situations. You are a Keralite and I am Punjabi. Both of us don’t want to hurt our parents. To convince them, we have to work hard.

Twinkle: I agree.
Kunj: My parents are not a big problem. Mummy just wants me to be happy. And Pappa is more like a friend to me and Yuvi. But to convince your parents…
Twinkle: Mujme itni himmat nai hai ki me unki against jau… (I don’t have that much courage to go against them).
Twinkle is tensed.

Kunj: Don’t worry. I will convince them. That’s my responsibility. You know I can’t see you like this. Cheer up. Anyways we are too young to get married. We got campus selection and are working doesn’t mean can get married soon. I have to get settled before marriage.
Twinkle: Bus itna me janti hu ki mere life me agar tum nahi to koi aur nahi… (If you are not there in my life, I can’t be with anyone else)
Kunj holding her hand tight: Agar tum nahi to koi aur nahi…

Manohar: Chale beta…

Twinkle wakes up from thinking.
Twinkle: Haan Pappa…Sorry I was thinking something else. Ok Uncle.
They leave to Sarna House.

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