Tashan E Ishq (Tashan vs Love) Episode 39


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I had written one episode on Sunday.If at all, someone has missed that episode,giving you the link.

Episode 38

5.30 PM
Twinkle is with Sanjay and she has just come to give him company.
Sanjay: Aur kya chal reha hai? Chat break thoda zyada nahi ho reha hai? (What’s going on?)
Twinkle: Kunj used to go with Alisha on chat breaks. He is missing her. I was giving him company.
Sanjay: Ussko pata nahi hai kya ki tu sirf office me Alisha ka replacement hai… Chat kuch zyada nahi kha reha hai… (Doesn’t he know that you are just a replacement to Alisha in office works? Someone is having chat on a daily basis…Something fishy?)
Twinkle: Tera shakh ka keeda vapas jag utha hai…Aisa kuch nahi hai… (You started again….Nothing like that.)
Sanjay: Tikh hai.. Me chup ho jaata hun…Yehi silsila chalta reha to, aur kuch ho na ho, har din dahi chat khake bande ko sardi zaroor ho jayega…
(Fine..I won’t say anything..But if this is gonna happen everyday, Kunj is going to get cold very soon…)
Twinkle smiles and thinks… “Sardi to ho chuka hai…”
All the team leads and AMs are supposed to have a meeting. Manager Antony is going to Australia for 2 weeks for some official purpose.Twinkle, Kunj and Sanjay are going together to the meeting room. Meeting is basically for wishing him all the best and congratulating him. Antony starts addressing them and explains the process and business. He has finished his speech and now everyone is heading to congratulate him. Sanjay, Twinkle and Kunj also congratulate him. (This part is needed for upcoming episodes)
All three are back to their work station.
Next week is the month end week and Kunj has pinged both of them to inform him about the night shift allocations. Sanjay is now discussing the night shift allocation of team with Kunj. Twinkle has asked for some time as she needed to discuss it with team.
Twinkle asks Alisha’s team to get to the meeting room.
Twinkle: Meeting is to discuss about the night shift allocation. I have seen in previous month ends, boys always take the night shift and work pressure and girls are provided with day shift. This time I am changing it. I want all the 5 girls in night shift. Instead I will give 5 boys a day shift for a change.
Boys seem happy and girls are murmuring. Boys have always felt that women card is played at the month ends and they are forced to take night shifts being gentle man. Boys in the team are happy with Twinkle’s decision. Twinkle asks all the boys to leave and girls to stay back.
Twinkle: Girls, I know probably you all are miffed with me because of my decision. But trust me you need to know how to handle the work pressure.
Girls: But Alisha madam usually used to give us night shifts.
Twinkle: I have already told you guys my way of working and Alisha’s are different. So don’t expect it from me. Don’t tell me that night shifts are not safe for me. I have 10 girls in my team and I myself working in night shifts for all the month ends. So it is decided.

Twinkle gets back to her work. Uday (Alisha’s right hand and her month end back up) is miffed with Twinkle as she has completely taken charge of the team. None of the team members are listening to him nowadays…He is not happy with the way Twinkle has done month end allocations.Uday comes to Twinkle.
Uday: I think you are making a wrong decision. We always had kept the girls in day shift. You should allocate it the way Alisha used to do.
Twinkle: Uday, Don’t teach me how to do my work? First day itself, I told you I am not Alisha. Don’t expect me to behave like her. Till she comes back, this is my team and I know how to handle it. Don’t interfere in my job.
Uday feels humiliated. He comes back to his work station. He is angry with Twinkle and feels he should do something to bring her down.
Twinkle comes to Kunj’s cabin and informs Kunj the night shift allocation of her team and Alisha’ team. Kunj is still not well and is continuosly coughing.
Kunj: How was the team’s response?
Twinkle: Boys are happy. Girls obviously are miffed. But that’ okay. I know how to handle it.
Twinkle leaves.
Kunj thinks. “Mana bohut responsibilities hai tum par…To bhi ek bar to puch sakti ti ki tabiyat kaisa hai mera… Kitna sardi ta Friday ko…Saturday Sunday fever tha…Weekend me ek call hi ker deti… AM ke alawa tumara friend bi to hun… Aur kuch na sahi friendship ke chalte hi, ek phone ker deti…
(I understand she has work pressure.She knows that I was not well on Friday. Saturday Sunday I had fever. She could have at least called me once. I am more a friend to her than AM. )
Kunj talks to himself: Abhi bi to ek baar puch sakti ti ki kaisa hun me…Me bhi to AM hun..Kitna kaam hai muje..Per tumse badker to nahi hai koi bhi kaam…
(Fine, you didn’t ask me on weekends. At least you could have asked me now…I am AM. I too have so much work. But I make sure that I take time for you.)

At 4.00 PM
Kunj pings Twinkle.
Kunj: Chat break?
Twinkle: No… I don’t feel like eating chat…No more chat breaks…
Kunj: Fine. If you don’t feel like eating, don’t have. But give me company at least.
Twinkle: I have some work. Can’t come.
Kunj: Don’t lie… I know your work is done. Don’t forget I am you AM too. I know how much work you get and by when it gets finished… So you are coming?
Twinkle: No, I am not. Why are you forcing me?
Kunj: Give me one valid reason for not coming. I won’t force you again.
Twinkle: You still have cold. I saw you were coughing in the cabin. We both are not going for chat break as street foods are not good for you right now…
Kunj: Agreed. Not going for chat break.
Kunj is smiling while reading her chat.
Kunj thinks. “Ye huyi na baat…Iska matlab tum muje notice ker rehi thi..Bus dikhana nahi chahti ho… Bus yehi baat, tumhari muh se sunna chahta tha…Chat khane to me vaise bi nahi jaane vala tha…”
(That’s what I wanted from you dear…That means you noticed that I am still not well and is coughing. You didn’t want to show it to me..I have already decided that I am not going to have chat today. But I wanted to make you say that you care for me..And I did it…)

Kunj, Twinkle and Sanjay went for tea break together.Sanjay notices that Kunj has developed an unusual bond with Twinkle through the chat breaks. He understood that Twinkle is considering this as a normal friendship. Sanjay could make out how Kunj is taking care of Twinkle in each and every moment. Kunj himself is not well, but is more bothered about Twinkle and her wishes.
Sanjay thinks. “Kitna dhyaan rekh reha hai Twinkle ka ye… Ye gadi vapas vahi track pe aa gaya hai…ya phir kabhi iss track se hata hi nahi ta…Bus muje ye impression diya gaya ki aisa kuch nahi hai… Muje to laga tha uss din ke baton se jaise aisa kuch bi nahi hai…”
(Kunj is taking care of Twinkle so well. I think I was right..That day he gave me an impression that he has nothing for Twinkle. But clearly I can see that he feels for her…I think he was just hiding it from me…)
Kunj left to take a glass of water for Twinkle as she felt the snacks spicy. Sanjay notices how Kunj rushed to take water…Sanjay smiles.
Sanjay thinks. “Kunj, Ab jab tumne mujse ye baat chupane ka decide ker hi liya hai to chalo me bi anjaan ban ne ka natak ker leta hun… (Now that you have decided to keep it a secret, I will also pretend as if I don’t know anything.)
Kunj came back and makes Twinkle drink water…Sanjay is noticing both of them.
Sanjay thinks. “Kunj, Tumahari gadi toh ussi din chal padegi, jab iss duffer ko yeh samaj aayegi…Kuch aur din dekhta hun…Agra kuch na hua ta…me bi aa jaunga tumhari madad ke liye…Dosti to nibhani padegi…”
(Kunj, you love story won’t start unless and until this idiot Twinkle understands your feelings…Let’s see for some more time…If nothing works out, I will help you in expressing your feelings…After all we are friends…)

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  1. Loved the epi

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    What an episode!!!!!!
    Seriously….. You expect words from it di???
    Standing ovation is still not sufficient for today’s episode
    Awesome times a zillion dii
    That’s how good today’s episode was
    I smiled throughout the episode wide wale smile
    Mujhe kuch bol be nei raiu
    Too good
    Loved sanjay dialogue a lot to

    1. Jisha

      Thanks Angu…love you too dear…you make me blush dear… thank you…???

  3. Fan

    Awesome epi jisha di..

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  4. aww… amazing episode..
    loved the dialogues..
    waiting for the next part

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    Loved it to the core jisha di

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  6. Kritika14

    I love sanjay! HE IS GREAT! Finally .. now in somedays .. twinkle will realize her feelings too. Looking forward for twinj to become one. will always be waiting for the next episodes x Love you ?

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    Di I luv u so much..every day this ff makes me smile endlessly..hatsoff…

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    Loved it 🙂 Jisha 🙂

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    Wow Now sanjay will also help kunj….bas ye jhalli ladki jldi se samajh jaaye ??

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  12. Kruti

    Jisha di abb aur bardasht nahi hota ye jaldi twinkle ko samjhao ki WO kitni duffer hai
    And banda Sanjay hai bada kamal ka …….shyad wahi twinkle ko samjhade
    Anyways Superbbbbbb epi
    Love u ♥♥♥

    1. Jisha

      Thanks Kruti…bus thoda aur…abhi jaldi ho jayega…

  13. Sayeeda

    Soooooo cute episode Jisha di …loved it ..
    kunj is so smart yrr …how he made Twinkle confessed that she noticed her ….amazing. …..loved it …
    But tensed as Uday will surely try to take revenge from her ….
    Love u .

    1. Jisha

      Hi Sayu ,
      Thank you dear…????…. let’s see..

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  18. Jas and sid lover

    Wow ..amazing episode …day by day u make me run out of words..I cannot describe how much I like ur story….kunj is just awesome the way how he makes twinkle confess that she cares..and kunj longing for her care is the most adorable part…well there’s one more thing…I think in upcoming episodes u will show uday plotting against twinkle…please don’t do this firstly u showed twinkle’s personality so amazing but then due to that uday please dont let her down …I know at the end everything is goin to be fine but pls don’t let twinkle down..I really don’t like when bad happens with good people..let him fall in his own trap or something..its a request ….I m not forcing u ….I ‘ll happily read whatever my writing sherni writes…lots of love to u and ur writing???

    1. Jisha

      Thanks Jas and Sid lover… you make me feel so special dear…
      Don’t worry… Twinkle won’t get affected much by uday’s deed…it will turn to be a blessing in disguise…

  19. Romaisha

    Jisha dii .. It was superb!! Loving Sanjay’s character … Hope twinkle realises her love soon and hope uday won’t do anything bad to twinkle..eagerly waiting for Ur next episode…..take care 🙂

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      Thanks romaisah….next episode submitted

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      Thanks sidhanshi…

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    Awesome epi….& ya i like…no..no…i loved this twinkle yaar…..seriously her attitude & her everything in ur ff was lovely…& also loved this dewana kunj…..

    1. Jisha

      Thanks Sonali for the sweet words…????

  22. Please write in only English.

    1. Jisha

      I keep the English translation of dialogues… rest of the story is written in English… actually some readers like Hindi dialogues…so I can’t remove them completely…I will surely keep English translations… hope you are comfortable… thank you for commenting

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    Hey Jisha di,
    The episode was super marvelous. I loved it. Kunj is so cute. Aww..Twinkle cares so much about Kunj. Kunj as well buy, right now Twinkle’s matters more. Sanjay is great! Waiting for twinj to be one.
    You know, Kunj actually stole my heart away. He’s the best. Not the best, there are some more before him but, surely the third best.
    Anyways, do upload soon.
    Loads of love.?

    1. Jisha

      Thanks Ria… loads of love dear…
      Happy you love Kunj’s character…ur comments make my day dear….???

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    di luvd d episode sooo mch aaj ka episode mene sch mein bhot enjoy kia it ws vry cute 1 pta nhi srsly wen ll dis duffr realise love for him oh god di pos nxt 1 asap luv u

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      Thanks dear… light is not there… laptop out of charge… has written half of the episode…today I think I will be late… hope light comes soon

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    Awwwwww di wt an episode

    I loved that sanjay thoughts and tw cmreally cares for him
    Hope she realises her love soon and they came out of flashback and start their love full of tashan

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      Thanks bulbul…it will happen soon dear…

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