Tashan E Ishq (Tashan vs Love) Episode 37 (with English translation)

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This is the same episode which I have already posted.I mean episode 37. Actually yesterday in a hurry I posted it without the English translations. So some of my readers needed the English translation. So posting it again…

Next day
Alisha went for leave. Twinkle is handling Alisha’s team. Twinkle calls the team for a meeting.
Twinkle: Hi Everyone,
Team: Hi
Twinkle: I know you guys don’t like me much. I don’t like you guys either. Because you have never interacted with me.
Team seems a bit confused as how can a team lead directly say that.
Twinkle: But we have no choice. Your team lead has chosen me for her replacement. So from today, I am your team lead. My team handling and Alisha’s are a bit different. May be we will have few issues at the start. But trust me we will work it out…By the time Alisha comes, we will probably develop a good bond. From today, you are my team, my kids… like my installation team. One last thing, if you are right, I will be the first person to stand by you and fight with anyone for you… (Doesn’t matter if he is AM or manager or even client)The same way if you are worng, I will give you one chance to rectify yourself and move on…But don’t ask for a second chance..So…Welcome to my team and my ways of team handling…

Team gets back to work.
Twinkle is working on her system. Kunj pings.
Kunj: Hi
Twinkle: Hi
Kunj: How is the team? I know I have given you a tough job.
Twinkle: All good. Till now everything seems well.
Kunj: What about work?
Twinkle: Not much work for both teams. Getting bored…
Kunj: Come to cabin. Wanted to discuss something, official matter, but unofficially…
Twinkle: Okay.
Twinkle comes to his cabin
Twinkle: Aap ko kuch discuss kerna tha? (You said you wanted to discuss something with me?)
Kunj was lost in her eyes. : Haan.. Kya ta?
Twinkle: Some official thing, in unofficial way…
Kunj: Ohh ha…
Kunj thinks. “Ab kya kehoo…Kis liye bulaya hai isse…Kuch soch ke bhi nahi rekha…Kya keroon…” (Now what should I say…I should have thought of something…What to do now?)
Kunj checks mail while thinking. The first thing he found in computer was a job change mail.
Kunj: Job change…
Twinkle: What?
Kunj: Haan..Are you looking for a job change?
Twinkle: Not yet.. I think I need more experience.. So waiting for that… Obviously…AM jitna salary toh har kisika sapna hota hai… (Who won’t dream of a salary like AM?)
Kunj: Ek job hai…Har month end pe AM jaisa salary milega …tumare liye ek dum perfect job hai…
(There is a perfect job for you…Every month end you will get a salary of AM.)
Twinkle: Post kya hai? Aur kya kaam hai? (Okay…Tell me the post and work description?)
Kunj: Meri biwi/girl friend ki post… Har mahine tumarhe haath me salary rekh ke jaunga…Kaam sirf itna hai ki muje 24*7 pyaar kero…aur mere saath reho hamesha…

(It is my wife’s/gril friend’s post. Every month end I will give my salary in your hand. Your work is to love me 24*7…Take care of me and be with me for the whole life.)
Kunj: Bas tum ek baar haan to kerdo…(Just say yes to the job) Say yes once.
Twinkle: Me haan kehu usse pehle aapko post or kam to batana padega na… (Fine, I will say yes to the job..But first you will have to tell me about the post and work description.)
Kunj wakes up from thought. Kunj just realizes what blunder he had done…
Kunj: Abhi maine exactly tumse kya keha? (Tell me what was I talking to you right now?)
Twinkle: AM ki salary wali job ki baat toh ki…Per aapne kaam aur post bataya hi nahi.. Maine pucha to kuch sochne lag gaye…aur directly yeh kaha ki haan kerdon job ke liye…
(You said you know about a job which perfectly suits to me. But when I asked you about the post and work description you started thinking of something. And directly said I should say yes to this job..)
Kunj (sighs): Thank god…
Twinkle: Matlab?
Kunj: Nothing. You are right…abhi sahi time nahi hai…Thoda aur experience lena behtar hoga… (I think this is not the right time for job change. Better you get more experienced)
Twinkle: Kunj, are you okay? You sound weird…
Kunj: I am a bit disturbed with some other matter…Sorry…You get back to work.
Twinkle gets back to work…
Kunj to himself: Bus ab sahi time aa gaya hai…Hamare raste ke donon kaatein nikal gaye hai…Sanjay, jisko maine ache se samja diya hai ki aisa kuch nahi hai…To uska side clear…Aur Alisha ko doubt ta ki hamara kuch chal reha hai..I ddin’t want her to make an issue out of it…I was just waiting for her to go for leave…
(This is the right time…I felt Sanjay and Alisha could make troubles to me while trying to make you fall for me. I have explained Sanjay very well that now he won’t doubt me. Alisha already had a doubt on us.. I ddin’t want her to make an issue out of it…That’s why I was waiting for her to go on leave.)
Kunj thinks. “Toh Mr. Kunj Sarna, Mission Twinkle patao shuru…” (So Mr. Kunj Sarna, get set to woo Twinkle.)
Twinkle intentionally makes an effort to go on lunch with the new team. Sanjay and Kunj had lunch together.

4.00 PM
Kunj pings Twinkle
Kunj: Break?
Twinkle: At this tme…No snacks will be available… We will go at usual time…5.00 or 5.30
Kunj: Chat (Pani Puri, dahi puri, bhel n all) stalls are available at this time. I and Alisha used to go at this time.. Missing my friend..
Twinkle: Fine..I will come with you…Wait a sec
Kunj: I know you want to ping and call Sanjay too…I have already pinged him and asked.. He has some work…He denied. So now can we?
Twinkle: Ok
Twinkle and Kunj had brought their chat plates and are eating. Kunj seems a bit nervous as he has decided to make Twinkle fall for him as well.
Twinkle: You seems disturbed..Are you okay? You behaved same way at cabin also.
Kunj: Actually my best friend is in trouble and I am worried about him…
Twinkle: Okay
Kunj: Now that you have asked I will seek your opinion. Mera dost hai,Gurmeet.. Punjabi hai, mere hi place ka…He is working in my previous office…Toh problem yeh hai ki usse pyaar ho gaya hai ek Andhra ki ladki se… Bandi pyaar vyaar ne ma vishwaas rekhti hai aur na in chakkeron me padna chahti hai… Gurmeet bi koi turkhey type banda nahi hai..Aur na intentionally pyaar hua hai..Bus pata nahi kab ho gaya…And now he is damn serious about it…

(My friend,Gurmeet…He is Punjabi and from my place. He is working in my previous office. Now the problem is that he is in love with a girl who is from Andhra. That girl doesn’t believe in love n all and won’t get into these kind of things. Gurmeet is also not that typical flirt. He doesn’t even know when he fall for her. And now he is damn serious about it… )
Twinkle: Propose marlo…Isme kya tension hai? (Propose her.. What’s the big deal?)
Kunj: Bandi itni straight forward hai ki ye propose marega to ya toh thappad mar degi ya phir sidha mana ker degi…(That girl is so straight forward that either she will slap him or will say no to him.) He is in a condition that he can’t afford her denial…
Twinkle: Okay…He seems to be very serious about her…See I don’t have much experience about this love n all. You can probably ask Sanjay…
Kunj thinks. “Phir se Sanjay… Jaise taise usse picha chudakke akele break pe leke aaya hun…Tab bhi Sanjay”
(I can’t believe this…I try so hard to get rid of him..Still he comes in between…)
Kunj: Chalo for example…Me Punjabi..Maanlo mera kisike saath affair chal reha hai…Koi andhra wali…team me to koi nahi hai…Chalo tum hi sahi…South Indian toh ho…To…Muje tumse pyaar hai…Same situation…Toh muje kya kerna chahiye tume convince kerne ke liye…
(I will explain you with an example. I am Punjabi..I am having an affair with an Andhra girl…Say…Ohh but we don’t have an Andhra girl in team..Let’s take you.. Atleast you are south Indian..So the thing is I am in love with you. Same situation..So what should I do to convince you?)
Twinkle: Pehli baat aisa situation hoga nahi…(First of all this is never gonna happen.)
Kunj: Kyu nahi ho sakta? (Why?)
Twinkle: Zyada khush mat hona…Lekin filhaal hamare aur bhagal wali process ke sabse handsome banda hai… (Don’t be so happy. Right now you are the most handsome, dashing guy in and near by processes.)

Kunj thinks. “Pehli baar meri hone wali girlfriend ne ek compliment di hai…Uspe me khush bi na ho…”
(First time ever my to be girl friend has given me a compliment…And you are asking me not to be happy…I feel like I am top of the world.)
Twinkle: Shayad aapko pata nahi hai per aadhi process ki ladkiyan aap pe marti hai aur aap AM ho isliye approach nahi ker rehi hai…Toh…ye saari ladkiyan mar gayi hain jo imagination me bhi aap muj jaisi ordinary looking girl ko like karenge…
(Most of the girls in our processes are having a crush on you. I think you have not noticed it yet. So out of all these beautiful girls, you have chosen me who is an ordinary looking girl.)
Kunj: I can’t believe you consider yourself as ordinary looking… And looks are not at all that matters. I am not asking you to seriously start a relationship with me…It is just an imagination.
Twinkle: Agreed… Per imagination me bi koi sherni se pyaar kerne ki himmat nahi kerta…(But in imagination also no one dares to fall in love with lioness..)Anyways I have understood your point. Ask your friend to hang out with her and let her feel how good and genuine he is.. Kya pata ek raasta khul jaaye… (Hope he gets a chance.)
Twinkle leaves to bring water…
Kunj: Yehi to massla (problem) hai…Muje issi sherni se pyaar ho gaya hai…Aur ek tum ho jo imagination me bhi hame saath aane nahi deti…
(This is the most crucial problem in my life. I am in love with you…And you never let us be together not even in my imaginations.)

Jisha 🙂

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