Tashan E Ishq (Tashan vs Love) Episode 36


Alisha is discussing her leave with Kunj.
Kunj: So… All set for vacations?
Alisha: Kind of…
Kunj: Say congrats to Aleena di… Say sorry from my side that I can’t be a part of her marriage. Mummy Papa would be joining.
Alisha (with smile): Sure… She knows our work culture.
(Aleena is Alisha’s elder sister.)
Kunj: off for 3 weeks including month end week. Go ahead and enjoy…
Alisha smiles.
Kunj: You have impressed me with the kind of back up you have created by training Uday. I have seen his skills last month end. You have trained him very well. So I don’t have to worry about who is gonna handle your team in your absence.
Alisha: Actually Kunj, I had something to inform you regarding this.
Kunj: Go ahead.
Alisha: I know he is a good back up. Even I was thinking to give my resposibilites to him for the next 3 weeks. That’s why I didn’t talk to you about the hand over. But now I feel I am some way wrong.
Kunj: Why do you think so? He is definitely an efficient back up.
Alisha: I know. But if I am giving my responsibilities to Uday for next 3 weeks, I would be losing an efficient team member for those days. He can’t handle both the responsibilities. I will have to shift his work to the other team members which in turn will be a burden to them. I can make him back up for one month end night, but can’t do it for 3 weeks.
Kunj: I understood your point. What’s the plan?
Alisha: I would be happy if any of the team leads can take up my responsibility?
Kunj: Are you sure? You have to leave tomorrow? How can you hand over an entire process in a single day?
*Hand over – Explaining the entire work of person to another so that he can handle the entire responsibilities in the absence of the first person. (Hand over generally happens either first person goes on leave or leaving the company permanently.)
Alisha: That’s the only option left with me.
Kunj: Let me know whom you think to replace you?
Alisha: I think Twinkle. She is a quick learner. I would be able to hand over the process in one day as her grasping power is high.
Kunj calls Twinkle from his desk phone to come to cabin.
Kunj: Alisha wants you to replace her for the next 3 weeks. What do you think? Will you able to do that in a single day hand over?
Twinkle: Let me think for a while.
Kunj: Fine. Take your time. Let me know what your decision is.
Alisha and Twinkle leaves from cabin.

Sanjay and Twinkle are on tea break. Twinkle is thinking of something and not listening to what Sanjay is talking.
Sanjay: Oyye? What happened?
Twinkle: Alisha wants me to handle her team for the next 3 weeks. And that to with a single day hand over. She has a good back up. I am trying to understand why she is doing this.
Sanjay: Really?
Twinkle: You also felt weird. Right? I think I should deny taking her responsibilities. What’s say?
Sanjay: Of course…You should deny. Vo janke ye ker rehi hai.
Twinkle: Matlab?
Sanjay: Vo tuje challenge kerna chahti hai ki badi team lead bani phirti hai na…Meri team ko sambhal ke dikha…Vo bhi sirf ek din ki hand over se…Tu hi soch…Aaj achanak usse teri yaad kaise aayi…usse kab se pata ta ki kal se uska leave hai…Aaj hi hand over ka suja hai…
Twinkle: Sahi keh reha hai..
Sanjay: Usne muje hand over diya to bhi samaj aata.. Uske team members mujse kam se kam baat to kerte hai…Alisha ne hamesha team members ko tujse mingle hone se rokha hai.. Main manta hun funfriday ke chalte teri team aur uski team me dosti huyi hai… Per tujse to nahi…
Twinkle: Hmmm
Sanjay: To vo tuje challenge ker rehi hai ki mera team jo tuje pasand bi nahi kerta, agle 3 hafte unko ache se sambhal ke dikha.
Twinkle: Thanks yaar.. Tu nahi hota toh muje ye samaj hi nahi aati…
Sanjay: Dost hun tera…Me nahi samjaunga to kaun samjayega…Pakka mana ker dena…
Twinkle: Ab to me ha kerne jaa rehi hun…
Sanjay: Tu pagal ho gayi hai…
Twinkle: Agar usse ye lagta hai ki me ye nahi ker paungi, toh usse ye kerke dikhane me hi toh mazaa hai yaar…
Sanjay: Dekh meri baat samaj. Tashan me aise decisions mat le…
Twinkle: Thanks yaar…Tunhe muje ache se samja diya…Tu aaram se aa.. Me Kunj aur Alisha ko ha kerne jaa rehi hun. Hand over bhi toh start hoga na..Aaj ek hi toh din hai.. Chal bye…
Sanjay: Me bhi duffer hun…Bhookhi sherni ko koi maaz ka tukhda dikhata hai…Meri vajah se vo iss chakkar me phas gai…I should save her.
Sanjay thinks. “I need to talk to Kunj”

Twinkle and Alisha came to Kunj’s cabin.
Twinkle: I am ready to replace her.
Kunj: Are you sure? You will be getting a single day hand over. You have to handle the team for next 3 weeks.
Twinkle: Yes, I am.
Kunj: Go ahead then. Alisha, start hand over.
Alisha and Twinkle leaves. Twinkle is sitting nearby Alisha and understanding the process.

Sanjay enters Kunj’s cabin.
Kunj: Yes
Sanjay: Kunj, I want to talk to you about Alisha’s handover.
Kunj: Okay.
Sanjay: Alisha is just trying to challenge Twinkle to be the team lead for next 3 weeks by a few hours hand over. She already has a good back up as Uday. Why she need Twinkle all of a sudden?
Kunj: It’s not like that. You are misunderstanding Alisha. Moreover no one forced Twinkle to take it.
Sanjay: Aap usse jante ho… usko pata hai Alisha usse challenge ker rehi hai. Tashan me to Twinkle har vo kaam ker degi jo usse impossible hai…
Kunj: I understand your concern about Twinkle. Me bhi dekhna chahta hun ki uske tashan me kitna dum hai…
Sanjay: Alisha could have easily handed it to me because her team mates interact with me. But she has always kept her team mates away from Twinkle and all of a sudden she is ready to hand over team to Twinkle. Please understand.
Kunj: Sanjay, relax…I know what I am doing. I am your AM. Trust me.
Sanjay leaves.

Kunj to himself: Iss baar tum donon galat ho Sanjay. Koi apne sabse pyaari cheez sirf ussi ko dete hai jispe unhe pura trust ho…Jo sabse ache se usse sambhal sake…Alisha ne vahi kiya hai…Me bhi dekhna chahta ta ki Alisha kisko chunti hai…Alisha chose Twinkle even after competing with each other so hard. That means Alisha considers her to be the best.
Kunj thinks. “Muje pata hai Twinkle ke liye ye bohut badi challenge hai… Ek aisi team ko sambhalna hai jo uske bilkul bhi control me nahi hoga…Me bhi toh dekhna chahta hun ki tashan me meri sherni kya kamaal kerti hai…”

Precap –Twinkle handling Alisha’s team

Jisha 🙂

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      That is okay…I don’t feel bad at all… the thing is people will have different views… Happy u expressed yours…it will surely go back to twinj n Amritsar n all…but before dat I will have to show how their love started n y they got separated…what I feel is if I am showing only twinj romance it will be a bit fake… so trying to portray the official things a bit clear so that people feel it real..I will try to lesser down the official terms a bit…but can’t completely remove it coz that’s the place from where they started love… plus many of the readers are liking this part which I get to know from their regular comments .. so I have to consider their views too… thank you for your comments…trust me I am not heart broken at all…as you said, tumse badi hu toh, in sabko maturely handle kerna aaya hai…

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      Thank you nithika for commenting…I understand your point of view… actually most of the readers are liking this track… so I will continue with this track..n then get back to Amritsar track.. I will try to lesser down the business part a bit so that u can understand…

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      Hi arundhati,
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