Tashan E Ishq (Tashan vs Love) Episode 35

Next day (Friday)
Kunj discusses the team fund matter with Sanjay without informing him that it is Twinkle’s idea.
Sanjay: Yes, it is true that the amount provided is too less to go for a trip. We tried to increase the amount by talking to Antony (manager), but in vain.
Kunj: I noticed one more thing. Team doesn’t have dinner at the last day of month due to work pressure. What about that?

Sanjay: That’s true. But we can’t do anything. Work pressure is so high on that day that everyone is more worried about the process.
Kunj: Fine. What about taking this fund and giving pizza to each one of them at their desk on that day?
Sanjay: Great idea, but practically an impossible one. New HR rules won’t allow us to do that…
Kunj: What if I get permission from them? It is Twinkle’s idea…
Sanjay: It would be great…But company policies generally don’t get altered.
Kunj: Let’s see. Anyways we have 2 more weeks for the month end week.
Sanjay: if that happens, I would prefer team dinner over outing for my team.
Sanjay leaves and Kunj is now discussing the matter with Alisha.

Alisha: Frankly speaking I think we should use the money for which it is intended. I do accept that the money is less. But we can add some amount from our pocket. Regarding the dinner on month end nights, it is their responsibility how they are managing it with work. They are supposed to handle the work pressure and their breaks (tea/dinner) hand in hand. I don’t think we should be much bothered about it.
Kunj: I am surprised to see your response. You don’t mind your team starving for that day. You are only bothered about the work getting done.
Alisha: Kunj, You are getting me wrong. Firstly the thing which you are stating is practically impossible. Giving pizza at their desk on whatever situation it may be, is against the HR rules. I don’t want me or my team to go against the HR rules.
Kunj (with a smile): Really…obeying HR rules…Don’t give that to me at least. I know what you did last week.

Alisha is silent for a while and then.
Alisha: As per my thoughts, team fund is meant for team building and team interaction. Team outing can make the team interact with each other and increase team building. So I would prefer team outing for my team.
Kunj: Okay.

Kunj, Sanjay and Twinkle are on lunch break.
Sanjay: What about the team fund?
Kunj: Nothing yet…You both selected team dinner and Alisha preferred team outing. As per her, fund is for team building and team interaction, which is in a way true.
Sanjay (laughs):Alisha and her team doesn’t bother to say hi to other team members on usual days and she wants the team building to be done by team outing…Wow…
Kunj: That’s true. If all the 3 leads had the same opinion, I could have sent a mail to higher management plus HR and get permission on having dinner at desk on that night. Now I can’t do anything… I can just apply for the team fund.
Sanjay and Twinkle nods their head.

4.00 PM
HR comes to the bay for fun Friday. She had arranged a tug of war. Most of the team members had finished their work and was sitting ideal… Kunj himself took the charge of team division. Usually HR divides the team into installation, alteration and disconnects which is much easier for her. But this time Kunj made an effort and made sure that all the three team members are very well mixed with each other. He made it a point that while pulling the ropes also two same team mates are not standing behind each other. He divided the team into 4. Three teams with only team members (team 1, 2, 3) and 1 team with Alisha, Sanjay, Twinkle and some team members.(team 4)
While the first tug of war (team 1 vs team 2) was going on, Sanjay rushed to his system as he had to do a presentation. Team 2 wins the match. Now it is turn for the team 3 vs TL team (team 4).
Kunj: Muje bi toh koi pucho ki me khelna chahta hun ki nahi?
HR: Sure Kunj…Get in…

Kunj was just waiting for that moment. Without wasting time, he directly came to the TL’s team and stood just behind Twinkle. Some girls, Alisha, Twinkle and then boys were the kind of line which Kunj had already made for that team. Now Kunj is just behind Twinkle while pulling the rope.
Kunj thinks. “Chalo…Fun Friday se kuch toh apna fayda hua… I love this HR. She should conduct these kind of things every day…”
Sanjay rushed back as he knew that it is his team’s turn. He saw that Kunj is standing just behind Twinkle.

Kunj thinks. “Bhai mere…aaj mera bhala ker de…Peeche jaake khada hoja please…”
Sanjay thinks. “Ye bol toh reha tha ki Twinkle me interested nahi hai.. phir aaj ussi ke peeche kyu khada hai…May be HR has asked him to stand there.
Sanjay goes near to Twinkle.
Sanjay: Thodi aage ho…muje bhi to pakadna hai rope…
Twinkle moves ahead and Sanjay is now standing between Kunj and Twinkle.
Kunj is angry on him but can’t express his feelings.
The match starts and the TL’s team fails…Team 3 wins.
Final match is between team 2 vs team 3.
Everyone including Sanjay and Twinkle are cheering up the teams. Kunj is standing there and looking at Sanjay.

Kunj thinks. “Chaubeez ghante Twinkle se chipka rehta hain ye…Me kabhi kuch kehta hun kya?.. Aaj pehli baar uske paas khada rehne ka mauka mila ta…to uspe bhi pani pher diya… Ek din aisa nahi milta jab usko akele coffee pe le jaa sakun…Aisi bhi kya dosti yaar…”
Fun Friday is over. All gets back to work. Sanjay was busy with preparing presentation. So he was not coming for tea break. Kunj and Twinkle went for tea break.
Twinkle: You deliberately made the distribution like that… Right?
Kunj: I wanted to make each team members mingle with each other and thereby make a bond with each other.

Twinkle: Awesome. I and Sanjay had tried so hard to achieve it. You implemented it correctly.They didn’t even realize that you made them talk and interact… I could see some of them going out together in tea break. Impressive…
Kunj smiles and thinks. “Chalo, isi bahane tum thoda impress to huyi mujse…”
Twinkle: Look at that table, Kunj… All 3 team members are sitting together and enjoying their company…
Kunj (murmurs): Ek nazar idhar bhi toh dekhlo…Koi idhar tumhare ek nazar ke liye taras reha hai…
Twinkle: Kuch kaha kya?
Kunj: Kuch suna tumne?

Twinkle: Nahi.. Bus aisa laga jaise kisine kuch softly bola ho..
Kunj thinks. “Kehna toh bohut kuch hai…Bus mauka sahi nahi hai…Tume patana itna aasaan kaam thodi hai…Meri do dhari talwaar…”

Precap – Alisha on leave and the hand over of her process

Jisha 🙂

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  1. Shatakshi

    Jisha di
    Ur dialogues r just Amazing
    N the way u explain the situation makes it interesting
    Loved it❤❤

    1. Jisha

      Thank you Shatakshi…???

  2. Kruti

    Jisha di I’m loving that name ‘ do dhaari talwaar’…….it a perfect name for twinkle in ur ff
    Seriously ur doing a fabulous work this ff is indeed one amongst the best ones
    Loved d epi amazing ………keep writing and keep smiling 🙂

    1. Jisha

      Thank you for such sweet words…???

  3. Nice epi

    1. Jisha

      Thank you Heena

  4. Kritika14

    Today’s episode … OMG it was the best ! I was laughing the most when sanjay stood in between twinj and kunj’s tantrums over him ?? I laughed so hard.I swear you write the best dialogues. Anyway, loved it to the core ! Will always be waiting for the next part ?

    1. Jisha

      Thank you Monica for always supporting me… Happy you enjoyed…????

  5. Hey Jisha thank you soooooooo much for the precap dear…day by day I’m falling in love with your ff more and more…love you and your ff????????????

    1. Jisha

      Thank you sidmintwinj….. thank you for reminding me about precap…??

  6. Jas and sid lover

    Thank u very much for considering my wish….About today’s episode I just noticed u r portraying alisha as a selfish, self centered girl…I don’t know why u r doing this…..but I would say it really gives good contrast to twinkle’s character…This really shows twinkle’s charming personality over her and makes reader like twinkle more…I loved the way how u use small things and justify each and every thing about story…kunj’s jealous nature was also very nice….
    And as usual the depiction of the practicality by u always makes me attracted towards this ff……I really love ur writing …it always touches my heart…again a thanks

    1. Jisha

      Thank you Jas and Sid lover…I wait for your comments…it makes me so happy..
      I wanted to portray Alisha like that for 2 reasons.
      1. Kunj knows her previously and is at same position of Twinkle…her selfish nature makes Twinkle’s personality shine in his mind.
      2. Alisha will be playing a major role till the end of ff..I want her character to be very well explained to readers.

      1. Jas and sid lover

        I hope I don’t mind me askin something….Alisha is present now in flashback but will she be in present too?? I mean her character is not good and hopefully she should not be there…..anyways up to u…I know u will justify if u do so then too

  7. Purnima.agrawal30

    awesome epi….loved it…..Amazing…..eagerly waiting for next part……

    1. Jisha

      Thank you Purnima.. Next episode submitted

  8. Shreya098

    Superb epi…
    Poor kunj …..sanjay ko b wahi ana thaa??
    Loved kunj’s jealousy and his last dialogue “meri do dhaari talwaar”…

    Loved the epi???

    1. Jisha

      Thank you shreya???

  9. Hey Jisha I was a silent reader till now & don’t noe why but felt like commenting 2day………epi is nice & ur ff is going superb…………waiting for the coming episodes

    1. Jisha

      Thank you Yukku…keep commenting…next episode submitted…

  10. Ria

    Jisha di, no words. That’s all I can say. Kunj’s dialogues and thoughts are literally out of the world. Especially the one he said after the tug of war got over as well as the one he murmured when when Twinkle looked at those team members. Kunj ki do dhari talwaar. Love her and more of it, I love you. The episode was legit amazing. Please continue as soon as possible.
    Loads of love.?

    1. Jisha

      Thank you Ria…. love you too…you make me feel so special…????

  11. AmaZing Post soon

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      Thank you. Next episode submitted

  12. Bulbul23

    Amazing episode di

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  13. Angita

    Amazing likin will sanjay turn into the villian?

    1. Jisha

      Thank you Angu…he is Twinkle’s bestie…
      That’s it…

  14. Baby

    omg jisha di amazing episode luvd it haha post nxt asap n yah aap sidmin ke jo dialouge dilevery hai voh bhot amazing hoi hai luvd it

    1. Jisha

      Thank you baby…next episode submitted…???

  15. Jas and sid lover

    Thank u very much for considering my wish…..about today’s episode, I noticed that u portrayed Alisha’s character as selfish and self centered,not only today but in ur whole story..I don’t know why u did this but it shows good contrast to twinkle’s character…this strengthens personality of twinkle and the readers would love her more…l love the way u use small things and justify ur each and every move in story…
    And the practicality in ur story attracts me so much…I love ur writing..it always touches my heart..again a thanks

    1. Jas and sid lover

      Sorry I posted two times…by mistake…..

  16. jisha di day by day its becoming interesting.u depicted office atomsphere is mixture of struggle and fun.I wish muje bhi haise companyme job mil jaye jaha team keliye Kuch bhi karne vali leader ho

    1. Jisha

      Thank you nrk… office atmosphere has stress, but you will find fun too.. otherwise office hours will be boring… I hope you get a leader like Twinkle..

  17. Amazinggggggg epiiiii jisha waiting for next

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      Thanks Aayushi…Next epi submitted

  18. Impressive….
    Really good..
    Waiting for the next part

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      Thank you Priya… next episode submitted…

  19. Awsm…. Superb…

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  20. Shonaa...

    Amazing episode jisha di as always ur dialogue s r too good loved it….

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  21. Sayeeda

    Amazing Jisha di ….loved it …
    Yrr di I’m crazy for ur dialouges …superb one ….
    Kunj nd Sanjay scenes …hhaahaa..too good …..
    Love ur ff to the core….
    love u

    1. Jisha

      Thank you Sayeeda… your comments make my day…???

  22. Srija

    very sweet and cute update
    kunj’s thinking his jealousy are all great

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  23. Rashiverma2199

    Jisha it was lovely dear….awesome

    1. Jisha

      Thank you Rashi

  24. SidMin

    Jisha loved it ?Kunj’s emotions the one when he wanted to stand behind Twinkle but could not cozof Sanjay ?and the dialouges khya bolu loved it ??

    1. Jisha

      Thank you sidmin… thank you for always supporting me…?

  25. Zuha Fatima

    Well Jisha di I never knew u are also writing a FF!

    Lovely FF?

    And 2 dhaari talwar???

    Fantastic is not the word to describe your FF!

    Keep smiling like always!


  26. Jisha

    Hi Zuha,
    Thank you for the lovely comments…???

  27. jisha di u r very loving and caring.u find time to reply to everyone’s comments.so sweet of u<3

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