Tashan E Ishq (Tashan vs Love) Episode 33


Next day

Kunj is in his cabin and is thinking of Twinkle.
Kunj: Yes, I am in love.. I love Twinkle… I realized it through Sanjay… But what now? There is no point in me staying away from her. I think I should start talking and going out with her for breaks… I should find out what she thinks of me before I confess my love.
Kunj pings Sanjay and tells him to call him at tea break.
Kunj, Twinkle and Sanjay went together for tea break. Twinkle wanted to have snacks. So she went to order the snacks. Kunj and Sanjay just needed a tea. So they sat back. Moreover Kunj wanted to talk to Sanjay alone.
Sanjay: So… after 2 days…
Kunj (smiles): Hmm… I wanted to make myself clear. So took a break from you guys…I was thinking about what you said.
Sanjay: What is the outcome?
Kunj: No yaar… I don’t have any feelings for her. It is just that accidently my concept exactly fits into her character. But that doesn’t mean that I love her. Frankly she is just another team member… That’s it. I wanted to make it clear to you as well.
Sanjay: Ok. Thank you for informing. May be I thought so because I know her very well and those concept matched. I am sorry for misunderstanding you.
Kunj: Hey, That’s okay man… I hope this talk remains with us. I don’t want Twinkle to know about it.
Sanjay: Sure Kunj. I will go and bring tea for us.
Kunj thinks. “I am sorry Sanjay. I can’t tell you the truth. You are the one who made me realize that I have feelings for her. I am thankful to you. But I can’t tell this to you. At the end, I am your AM and you 3 are my TLs. You all are at the same positions and are competing with each other for next promotions…My feelings for her should not be a hindrance to her career. Twinkle is a well deserving candidate for promotions. She had worked so hard and proved herself to be the team lead. If at all, she receives a promotion, you will think that it’s because I love her. I can’t let her hard work get ruined by my feelings. I will keep this to myself.
Sanjay and Twinkle came back and they start eating.
Manoj passes near by them. Sanjay makes Twinkle notice him.
Twinkle: What?
Sanjay smiles.
Kunj: What’s happening?
Sanjay: That’s Manoj. A team lead of another process. He has proposed her 3 months back. She denied. From that day whenever he accidently see her, he will start acting as if he is talking on phone and by mistake he saw her.
Twinkle: Stop it Sanjay.
Kunj: Ohh…He is smart and at a good position too…
Sanjay: Mallu (Keralite) bhi hai..
Kunj: Then what was the problem?
Sanjay: Madam ke nakhrey bohut hai…
Twinkle: Koi nakhrey nahi hai…
Kunj: usme problem kya tha?
Twinkle: Problem ussme nahi mujme hai… Me pyaar ke liye bani hi nahi hun…
Kunj: How can you say that?
Twinkle: Pehli baat ye ki jo bhi muje propose kerte hai vo muje sirf door se jaante hai…uske basis pe pasand kerte hai aur propose kiya hai…I am not that typical girl whom they are searching. I am a deadly combination of ego, attitude, principles and so called arrogance. To add spice on it, I am too emotional. Not many of them know that about me. Probably Sanjay knows my emotional side too… So better I don’t get into this love n all.
Sanjay: Understood your point… But what if someone who wants a girl with all these qualities in his spouse will approach you oneday? You never know… Pyaar kabhi bhi ho sakta hai…Kyu Kunj?
Kunj understood that Sanjay was hinting him. Kunj gives him a sharp look at him. Sanjay through his expression gives him a message that I am leaving that topic.
Sanjay was about to say something and he gets a call from office. He indicates both of them that he is leaving.
Kunj thinks. “Thank god he left…I can’t even talk to Twinkle normally infront of him. He takes it to other direction only… This is the best time to know what she thinks of love.”
Kunj: Maanlo jaise Sanjay ne kaha aisa koi banda mil gaya to? Jise tumhari ye saari aadatein acha lagta ho, to kya kerogi?
Twinkle: Me unn ladkiyon me se nahi hun, jo pyaar time pass ke liye kerte hai… Ek relationship khatam, to dusre ke bare me soche…Agar kisi se pyaar kerne lagi to phir uske alawa kuch baad me kabhi soch nahi paungi…Agar vo nahi to koi aur nahi… Aisi hun me…Agar aisa koi aaye aur muje pyaar ho gaya to phir to problem shuru…
Kunj: Kya problem?
Twinkle: Agar kahi hum shadi na ker sake to me kya kerungi ye muje bi nahi pata…These ego, emotion and attitude will take me to which path even I can’t predict. Ya to me uska jeena haram ker dungi ya phir apne aap ka…So better I don’t get into it.
Kunj: That’s an imaginary problem… You can’t deprive yourself from the most wonderful feeling for an imaginary issue…
Twinkle: You do not understand…I will try to explain it in your terms… (Warrior terms)
Twinkle: I told you I am a deadly combination of ego, attitude, principles and emotions… This itself makes me a so called dynamite…Love is fire… Everyone knows fire and dynamite together will destroy the dynamite and the people around it… Better you avoid it…That’s why I told you… Me pyaar jaise cheez ke liye bani hi nahi hun….
Twinkle leaves to take water.
Kunj: Kahi suna tha…
Ye ishq nahi aasa, Itna to samajh lejiye…
Ek Aag ka dariya hai, aur doob ke jaana hai ….

Kunj: Mera aag ka dariya toh yehi taiyaar khadi hai…Jo pyaar kerna to dur…pyaar shabd se bhi meelon dur bhagti hai… Isse manate manate hi meri puri zindagi kat jaayegi…
Twinkle came back and they both leave together to office.
Kunj is in his cabin. He watches Twinkle working on her system through his cabin.
Kunj thinks. “Aaj jo tumne kaha pyaar ke bare me, uske baad to muje tumse aur pyaar ho gaya… Koi insaan apne partner se sabse pehle commitment aur loyality expect kerta hai… Aur tum pyaar me na padne ke vajah me apne ye qualities bata rehi ho… Tum jaise ladki se pyaar na kere to kya kere? Tumse me pyaar kaise na keru?
Kunj gets back to work with a smile on his face…Kunj is working on a presentation, but he is humming a song along with it…

Deewane hoke hum milne lage sanam..
jabse jude hain silsile…
aankhon se rooth kar neendein chali gayee…
na jane kaise gul khile…
na jaane kaise pyaar hua,
na jaane kab iqraar hua
ke apni baat ban gayi
deewane ho ke ham milne lage sanam…
jabse jude hain silsile…
(An Old Sonu nigam album)

Jisha 🙂

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    Loads of love??

    1. Jisha

      I stay in horamavu…

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  4. Jas and sid lover

    As always U r just splendid…..kunj’s pov and intensify of his feeling was awesome do show it more…..and u know u r just marvellous at showing the portrait of an independent, self-reliant girl who gives such important to relations…this description of twinkle is just outstanding from point of view of being a girl..fabulous

    1. Jisha

      Thank you Jas and Sid lover…I usually wait for your comments…it makes me so happy… I had this in my mind from the day I started ff that Twinkle will be an independent and a head strong girl… Happy you noticed it…

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    *sorry it was “importance to relations” by mistake important got typed

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  14. so sweet…
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    whenever i read this i find it original.. looking foorward for the next episode….

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    And by d way even I stay in Bangalore where do u stay in blr

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      Sure, you can call me Jisha.no need to say sorry… Happy you liked it…I stay in horamavu. Wat abt u?


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