Tashan E Ishq (Tashan vs Love) Episode 30


Month end week is going to come. Team member’s allocation on night shifts are done by respective team leads and the team lead’s shift is mutually decided by AM and Team lead. As per Kunj, it is better if all the team leads are in night shift. They can very well manage the team as month end week will have a huge number of works.
Kunj calls Sanjay in his cabin and informs him that he need him in night shifts. Sanjay was okay with his decision. Next is Alisha’s turn.
Kunj: Alisha, I want you to be in night shift. We get a huge number of orders on month end week. There is a chance of escalations too. Moreover I want you to be with your team at these situations.

Alisha: Kunj, I understand what you are saying. But being a girl, I can’t do night shifts. For us it becomes a bit difficult.
Kunj: How can you say that? Your team consists of 5 girls. They also will be in night shift. You are allocating them on night shift and you ask me for a day shift.
Alisha: I never give them a night shift. All the 5 girls are in day. I generally keep boys for night shift.
Kunj: Frankly speaking, then you are being unfair to your team. You always give the month end pressure and night shifts only to boys. I don’t agree the way you are handling your team.
Alisha: It is not like I am forcing them to take a night shift. They, being gentle man take night shifts by their choice.

Kunj: As far as they don’t have issues, I am fine. But your team needs you on month end time the most. You can’t just leave them like that. What if an escalation comes?
Alisha: I already have a back up plan. Uday is very well trained to handle escaltions. He can handle all kinds of escalations in my absence. Anyways, I will be available on phone if at all needed.
Kunj: Okay. If you have made a back up plan also, go ahead. I will put you in day shift.
Alisha leaves.
Kunj thinks. “Ye ladkiyan bhi na.. Vaise toh hamesha equality ki or rights ki baat kerti rahegi. Per jab kuch ker dikhane ki baad aati hai toh women’s card dikhake har tough situations se bach nikalte hai.”

(Uff..These girls…They will argue for equality and for their rights all the time. But when it comes to show their real power, they will immediately play the women card and escape from all tough situations. I hate this double standardness.”)
Kunj to himself: Ab ek aur aayegi aur uska bhi back up plan ready hi hoga…
Kunj calls Twinkle.
Kunj: So tell me who is your back up?
Twinkle: Back up for what? I am not going on leave.
Kunj thinks in mind “I don’t want to hear that crap again from you or any other excuses to miss night shift. Better I tell it to you directly.”
Kunj: I know. But I can understand you being a girl can’t work on night shifts and will be in day shift. So for the night, we need a back up.

Twinkle: Why are you putting me in day shift? I should be in a shift where I can support my team to the fullest. Work load will be in night. So I want to be in night shift. What’s the point in me doing a day shift with 5 team members and not much work?
Kunj is surprised to hear that. He never expected Twinkle to give such a response.
Kunj: Are you sure?
Twinkle: Yes, I am. I want to be with my team at the time of month end. I am not doing any favor. It is my responsibility towards the team.
Kunj: I have given a day shift to Alisha as she has made Uday, a back up. So I don’t want you to come up later and say that I have done partiality to her as she is my friend. You have a fair chance as she had. If you are ready to get me a back up from your team, I am ready to give you a day shift. I do not want my women employees to be tortured as per them.
Twinkle (smiles): First of all women card doesn’t turn up for me. If I, Sanjay and Alisha are equally open for the next promotions, it is our duty to do the jobs we are expected to do. If Sanjay can do a night shift, so am I. Same way I have allocated both girls and boys from my team for night shift.

Kunj: Good.
Twinkle: Next is I won’t need a back up as I want myself to be with them and guide them on month ends. If I am making a back up, it will be an extra burden to that team member. He/she has to take care of his work plus mine which I do not want. I will take a night shift.
Kunj: Okay. Glad to know that you value your team members this much.
Twinkle leaves.

Kunj to himself : Kuch toh baat hain isme… Na jaane kya hai… Thode der tak toh issi ke bare me sochne pe majbur ker dete hai… (I don’t know what.. But something is different in her. )
Kunj goes on break.
Alisha has an emergency and she needs information from Kunj’s computer. She enters in his cabin and opens the system and finds out the information. At that time she finds the IM chat (Kunj asking Twinkle to have food and giving pain balm) from his chat history. She reads it all.

Lunch break
Twinkle and Sanjay are having lunch. For a change, Alisha insisted to join them and she is also having food. They are done with food.
Sanjay: Ice cream? Any one interested?
Alisha says okay. But Twinkle denies as she have cold.
Sanjay: Don’t be a spoil spot. I will bring for all of us.
Twinkle insists that she don’t need icecream.

Alisha: Sanjay, humare jaise logon ke insist kerne pe ye food nahi khati.. Isske liye toh AM jaise logon ko bhi IM pe plead kerna padta hai ki khalo khalo… (She won’t have ice cream. She even denies AM’s repeated pleads in IM. We are no one compared to him.)
Twinkle and Sanjay look at Alisha weirdly.
Alisha: Sach kaha na maine..IM pe koi tume itna plead kere to kha lena chahiye tume… Bechara Kunj..Itna toh koi boyfriend bi apne girl friend ko nahi manata… (What? If Kunj is trying so hard to convince you through IM, you should have eaten. Nowadays Boy friends don’t plead this much to their girl friends.)
Twinkle now is frustrated.

Twinkle: Ohh.. So now I understood why you insisted to come with us for lunch. Being a team lead, I think you should be aware that you cannot check some one’s system without his permission. So you should be embarrassed and not me.If I report this to anyone, you are gone. Regarding our IM chat, I don’t owe an explanation to you. Be in your limits…
Alisha is disturbed as she wanted to make Twinkle guilty. But she stood firmly.
Twinkle: And by the way, I am thinking of making him my boyfriend. Thank you for your suggestion. I never thought of it earlier.He can be a good boyfriend. He is damn handsome, so caring and an AM. Why not? Thank you again.
Twinkle leaves. Alisha seems very upset as she never expected Twinkle will give such a response.
Twinkle goes to Kunj’s cabin.

Kunj: Yes
Twinkle: I should not advise you. But keeping your system open and letting people peep into your sytem is non-compliance.
Kunj: I know that. I have never done that.
Twinkle: I don’t know how. But Alisha has seen our IM Chat and was giving me taunts at canteen.
Kunj: I can’t believe she unlocked my system. How dare she?
Twinkle: What about the password?
Kunj: We are best friends. I use a general password for all. She knows it. Let her come. I am gonna give her now.
Twinkle: Please be gentle. I already have given her.
Kunj: What did you do?
Twinkle: Ussne muje thoda sunaya. Me kisiki udhar nahi rekhti to interest ke saath vaapas ker diya hai.. (She tried to make me feel guilty. Since I don’t take anyone’s crap, I have returned it with interest.)

Kunj smiles: Usse mar diya ki jaan abhi bi baki hai… Meri do dhari talwaar..
Twinkle (with smile): Gala kaat diya hai…Bus jaan halak pe hain…

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  1. Angita

    Wow loved Kunj and twinkles character today….actually overall the episode ois just worth a standing ovation but not words as it so fantabalous………just awesome

    1. Jisha

      Thank you. I am on cloud 9…

  2. Kruti

    This one was just awesome
    Aaj me dialogue were epic….loved them

    1. Jisha

      Thank you Kruti…

  3. Jas and sid lover

    Again an awesome episode dear ..
    Dis office atmosphere and background is really making the plot more and more interesting day by day ..loved ur writing..☺

    1. Jisha

      Thank you. First I was afraid that whether everyone will enjoy this office plot or not. Happy that it is working…

  4. Great…
    I’m laughing like hell with twinj’s dialogues..

    1. Jisha

      Thank you Priya..

  5. Shreya098

    superb epi….
    wah wah twinkle kya jawab diya hai us alisha ko…..maja aaa gya
    I loved the dialogues in today’s epi…
    twinkle’s “interest k sath lota diya”…and the last one “gala kaat diya hai jan halak pe hai”……??….
    loved it??

    1. Jisha

      Thanks Shreya… I too enjoy writing such lines..

  6. Kritika14

    OMG! the dialogues!! They were so good! How do you write them?? I swear i was laughing reading all this. Damnit today’s episode was so good. The plot is getting interesting day by day …. Looking forward for more nok-jhoks and twinj moments… Will always be waiting for the next episodes 🙂

    1. Jisha

      Thank you Monica..???. Next episode submitted..

  7. Amazing dialogues…. the way she bouncd back on alisha wz mindblowin…

    1. Jisha

      Thank you Maggi..?

  8. SidMin

    Loved it Jisha and Loved the way Twinkle gave a fitting reply to Alisha and I have no words to describe how good you write waiting for the next Loved it 🙂

    1. Jisha

      Thank you… your comments boost me to write better episodes…next episode submitted.

  9. Purnima.agrawal30

    awesome epi…yr…Amazing…loved it…..

    1. Jisha

      Thank you purnima..?

  10. omg jisha di kya likhti hain app….m surprised……evrythng seems so perfect in ur ff…..love it sooooooooooo muucchhh….

    1. Jisha

      Thank you loveleen..???

  11. Directionert91


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      Thank you…

  12. Awmse yaar loved it post soon

    1. Jisha

      Thank you..next episode submitted

  13. Shatakshi

    Jisha di
    It was really too good
    I never thought that someone can make office atmosphere so perfectly❤❤❤

    1. Jisha

      Thank you Shatakshi…I am happy I could make you feel that way…

  14. Fan

    Super epi jisha di..loved it..

    1. Jisha

      Thank you fan…

  15. Rashiverma2199

    Jisha….episode was lovely….awesome….

    1. Jisha

      Thank you Rashi…

  16. Sayeeda

    Woooowwwwww…….Jisha di …
    Tarref main kya karun uski jisne tarref kaise lafz ko bhi peeche chod diya hai …
    I can’t praise u as u r more worthy than my word’s ….u r the best ….best of all ….
    Ur dialouges …..My God I always fall in love wid that …
    loved it ….love h

    1. Jisha

      Thank you Sayeeda…isska me kya jawab dun…dil khush ker ditta tumne… Happy that you enjoyed my dialogues…???

  17. Baby

    hey jisha amazing yr u really r osm n yah i shuld tell u i smiled made me smile agn d last dialogue ws really cute dear luvd d episode pls post nxt asap

    1. Jisha

      Thank you baby… lots of love…next episode submitted

  18. Ria

    Jisha di, as usual it was amazing and Kunj ki dhari talwaar ka toh jawaab hi nahi. The way she responded to Alisha’s taunts was superb. Looking forward to their love story. Loved it. Do continue soon.

    1. Jisha

      Thank you Ria.. next episode submitted…???

  19. Dude i m enjoyoing yr ff too much i ovethpyed wid yr skill… keep writing daily yr ff gives the happiness to me

    1. Jisha

      Thank you kinjal…that means a lot to me…next episode submitted

  20. Saby

    Jisha…. Darling amazing episode… Loved it yaar….
    Specially the catfights between Alisha and humari…. Oops Kunj ki do dhari talwar…
    The last lines in hindi..were just epic….

    1. Jisha

      Thank you Saby..???

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