Tashan E Ishq (Tashan vs Love) Episode 3

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Now the episode starts.

Twinkle shifts her luggage to Kunj’s room and Usha is removing Kunj’s things from the room.
Twinkle: It is ok aunty. You can keep them there. I know you made adjustments for me by not informing your son.
Usha : His name is Kunj.
Twinkle: Let me know when Kunj is going to come to home, I will shift to the other room for those days. I don’t want Kunj to get miffed with you because of me.
Usha : OK.
At night everyone is sleeping and Twinkle is awake in her bed. Twinkle takes Kunj’s photo from her bag and starts thinking.
Twinkle is in pink night dress. She is looking very pretty. She is dreaming of something lying on the bed. She heard a knock at the window. Twinkle opens the window and finds Kunj holding the pipe.
Twinkle: Kunj, tum?? At this time? What happened? All well?
Kunj: If your KBC (Kaun banega Crorepati) is over, can I get in? My hands are slipping.
Twinkle: Ohh, I am so sorry…
Twinkle helps him in getting in.
Kunj is looking damn handsome in his red T-shirt and Jeans.
Twinkle: What happened? U didn’t call me and came directly and that to at this time.
Kunj: Just relax..Everything is fine. When Kunj is here, there is no fear..
Kunj comes closer to Twinkle pulls her by waist.
Twinkle (with a fake angry face): Kunj…
Kunj (keeping an eye lock with Twinkle): Bus tumhe yu dekhne aaya ta..mere itne kareeb,mere bahon me (Came here to have a glance of you…To hug you)
I am so sorry I could not talk to you today at office. I was very busy.
Twinkle: I understand. I know you didn’t go for lunch also. I was also busy with the presentation.
Kunj: Tume pata hai na jab tak me tume na dekhu,muje chain nai padta… To bus kuch aur socha nahi..aur bus aa gaya..(You know I can’t stay without seeing you once. So I did not think much about the outcome and came.
Twinkle (with a smile): We are at the same office Kunj. We can meet tomorrow morning also.
Kunj: But I can’t keep you in my arms at office (Kunj winks.) Moreover no one at office knows that we are dating each other. I think Alisha (friend of Kunj) has a doubt on us. Pyaar se ek nazar dekh bi nai sakta tumhe (I can’t have a loving glance at you).
Twinkle walks out of his embrace and sits in chair: Beware of Alisha. I don’t think she is that sweet as she seems to be.
Kunj (sitting in bed): I don’t think so. She is a nice girl. You feel so because you both are competition to each other and both of you deserve for the next promotion.
Twinkle: Whatever…It is my duty to warn you. It is up to you to keep friendship or not.

Someone is walking through the corridor.
Twinkle: ohh Damnn… Warden Aunty is coming for the rounds. I am finished…What to do? What to do???
Twinkle quickly makes Kunj sleep in her bed and covers him with blanket and switch off the light. She too sleeps in the bed.
Knock at the door.
Twinkle opens the door. Warden irritably looks at Twinkle.
Warden: Don’t act smart with me.
Twinkle looks worried.
Warden: I saw lights were on here. You switched off the light just now. You know the rules. Lights should be switched off by 11 pm. Go for sleep now.
Twinkle (with a relaxed expression): Sorry madam. Good night.
Warden: Goodnight…Wait. Who is there sleeping in your bed?
Twinkle: Madam, That’s my cousin Shreya. She came here for an interview. Will go back by tomorrow morning.
Warden: Ok
Twinkle closes the door and sleeps in bed. Footsteps of warden can be heard going away.
Kunj is about to get up from the bed. Twinkle hastily makes him sleep.Kunj looks at her with a questioning expression.
Twinkle (whispers): W.Aunty walks till the corridor end will come back. You will have to lie down for 5 more minutes.
Kunj (whispers): So I have 5 more minutes.
Twinkle: matlab??
Kunj (with a naughty smile) pulls Twinkle close to him.
Twinkle: Kunjjj…..
Kunj and Twinkle both are in same blanket and are very close to each other. Both have an eye lock and remains lost in each others eyes. (Aaaja ve sajna plays)
Kunj comes closer to her and is about to kiss her. Twinkle blushes. Kunj closes his eyes and is about to kiss her. Twinkle pushes him back and says your 5 minutes are over Mr. Kunj…

Kunj: Ohh noo…
Twinkle smiles: Go from here before someone finds you. Meet you in office.
Kunj (with a witty smile): I think Shreya can stay here till tomorrow morning na…What’s say…
Twinkle (with fake anger): Leave right now…
Kunj: Ok okay.Maine itni mehnant keri hai, aadhi raat ko pipe chada n all…Ek kiss to banti hai. (I have worked so hard, Climbed the pipe n took so much risk. You can give one kiss for that.
Twinkle: That’s true. I can give you kiss..,
Kunj seems happy
Twinkle: but after marriage…
Kunj (making sad but sweet face): You are so bad…Bande ki hard work ki koi value hi nai hain…You are going to pay for this…
Twinkle (smiles): ohh… Is it..? When and where?
Kunj: When I donno. I definitely know where. In my bedroom at my home,Punjab.
Twinkle (blushes) and Kunj smiles and leaves.
Flashback is over.
Twinkle wipes the tears with her finger tip and goes to sleep.

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