Tashan E Ishq (Tashan vs Love) Episode 29

Next day at office

There is an issue with the processing applications at clients end. They are working on it. It will be repaired by afternoon. So all the team members (all 3 teams) are sent for a training (organized by company itself for employee development) till afternoon.
The 3 team leads (Alisha, Twinkle and Sanjay) are at the bay doing some pending presentations, timepassing and chatting. Kunj is sitting in his cabin.
Kunj pinged Twinkle.
Kunj: Any work?
Twinkle: Nothing…Getting bored
Kunj: Same here..Tea??
Twinkle: Sure. You will call Alisha or should I call?
Kunj: She is doing some presentation. Let her do that. Let’s leave.
Twinkle: Wait a sec. I will call Sanjay.
Kunj: Sanjay? Kyu?
Twinkle: Vo bi toh timepass hi ker reha hai.
Kunj: Aaj Sanjay ko na bulaye toh?
Twinkle: Kyu? Vo to mere saath default me aata hai. I mean hum donon hamesha saath jaate hai break pe.
Kunj: Aaj ek din usko chutti de dete hai..What’s say?
Twinkle thinks for a while and then pings.
Twinkle: Okay.
Twinkle pings Sanjay.
Twinkle: Sun
Sanjay: Bol
Twinkle: Abhi ek dhamaka hone wala hai… Tu please koi expression mat dena…
Sanjay: Kya kerne wali hai tu?
Twinkle: Bola na.. Situation ka mazaa lee. Aise behave kerna jaise tuje kuch farak hi na pada ho.. Vaapas aake tuje pura explain kerti..
Sanjay: Okay.

Kunj comes out from cabin.
Kunj: Cafeteria chale Twinkle.
Twinkle takes her purse and they both leave for break.
Alisha is perplexed to see Kunj and Twinkle going together for break and more surprised to see that Twinkle didn’t even ask Sanjay. Alisha gave Sanjay a weird look… (Dekha…type) look. Sanjay (as planned) behaves as if what is the big deal…
Kunj and Twinkle sits opposite to each other.
Kunj: I am feeling hungry. Will have some snacks?
Twinkle: Okay. I will have Dosa. What about you?
Kunj: Idli Sambhar
Twinkle: South indain acha lagta hai aapko… (You prefer South Indian food?)
Kunj: Not all. But Idly sambhar is my favorite. It is my treat. So I will pay.
Twinkle: Why?
Kunj: I made you starve yesterday. It is my pay back time.

Twinkle tries to convince him. But he doesn’t allow her to pay. They both get their food and coffee. They were about to start. Twinkle gets a call. She starts talking in regional language.
Kunj thinks. “Ye itni bi ordinary looking nahi hai jitna me socha kerta ta…She has got beautiful eyes. Ya fir aaj make up acha kiya hai…nai yaar make up toh kiya hi nai hai… Ya fir aaj pehli baar isse me dhyaan se dekh reha hun.” (She is not that ordinary looking as I was thinking. She has got beautiful eyes. Either she has done a nice make up today.. No yaar, she has not done make up at all. Or probably I am watching her so closely for the first time.)
Twinkle: I am so sorry…
Kunj wakes up from thought.
Twinkle joins Kunj and starts eating. They talk some general talks and then

Kunj: See, I wanted to talk to you about something, but not in my cabin. I don’t want to give this conversation an official touch..
Twinkle: So I was right. I knew you had something to discuss to me.
Kunj: You are an efficient team lead and you do your work perfectly. I have no doubt in that. But don’t you think you sometimes get a bit rude to people and seem arrogant.
Twinkle: I don’t think it is arrogance. It is attitude which is necessary for this corporate world. This will keep yourself shielded from the dirty politics.
Kunj: Okay. I will try to explain it in other way… listen to me carefully.
Twinkle: Okay.
Kunj: Maanlo me ek sipahi hu jo jung ladta ho. Mere paas 3 talwar hai jo muje war me help kerta hai. Ek Churi (Chaku), ek talwar aur ek do dhari talwar. Baki donon se ye do dhari talwar mere liye faydemand hai… Ye war me mera sabse zyada madad ker sakta hai… Per vahi do dhari talwar mere liye mushkilen khadi ker sakta hai jab vo sahi se na use kiya jaaye… Tum uss do dhari talwar ki tarah ho. (Just imagine I am a warrior. I have got 3 weapons, a small knife, a sword and a sword which has two sharp edges. The two sharped edged is the most useful one in wars. But sometimes it back fires me when I am not using it correctly. You are that two sharp edged sword of mine.) My most efficient team lead. But I can’t use it to the fullest due to your anger issues. Hope you understood.
Twinkle (with a smile): Achi khoshish hai…per ek doubt hai.. do dhari talwar toh issi liye banaya jata hai ki samne wala koi bhi ho, haath lagaye toh kat jaaye…Hai na…Sipahi ko ache se usse sambhalna aana chahiye.. Isme talwaar ki kya galti hai…
(Well tried…One doubt. Two sharp edged sword is meant to hurt people whomsoever it is.. It is upto the warrior how you handle it. It is not the sword’s fault.)
Kunj: Bus baatein karalo iss ladki se.. (You are impossible.)
Twinkle smiles.
Kunj: This anger will make a hindrance to your career growth. As an AM, it is my duty to make my team leads realize where they are falling short.
Twinkle: I understand. I agree I have some issues with my temper and ego. I will try to lower it down. I know you are are telling this for my betterment.
Twinkle and Kunj leave back to office.

Lunch break
Sanjay and Twinkle are having lunch.
Sanjay: Ab bata.. Vo sab chal kya reha tha? (Tell me. What’s going on?)
Twinkle: Arrey kuch nahi. Vo kal Kunj ki vajah se me lunch pe nahi gayi thi to bus aaj muje break fast ke liye pucha. (I didn’t go for lunch yesterday because of Kunj,. So he asked me out for breakfast. That’s it.)
Sanjay: Acha ji…Thoda zyada care nahi ker reha hai Kunj tera? (Are you sure? Don’t you think he is taking care of you a bit more?)
Twinkle: Nai re paagal. He was just a bit guilty conscious.
Sanjay: Pata nahi kyu muje iss guilty consciousness me se kuch aur ki bhooh aa rehi hai.. (I don’t know… But I feel something else…)You know I am never wrong at my gut feelings.
Twinkle: Kuch bi…He asked me out so that he can talk to me about my anger issues and to control myself for my career growth.
Sanjay: Okay. Let’s leave it. Per muje pata hai tuje bhaju wale bay ke kitne team leads ne aaj tak coffee ke liye pucha hai…sab ko reject kiya hai.. Kunj ne pucha to jhat se accept ker liya? (I know how many team leads have asked you out for coffee. You always rejected. And this time you readily accepted.?)
Twinkle: Alisha ka khoon jalane me mazaa aa reha tha…
Sanjay gives a questioning expression.
Twinkle: Vo Alisha ko hindi film dekhne ka bada shok tha.. Maine socha ek baar climax dikha hi deti hu. (Alisha loves watching Hindi films. So I thought I will show her a climax scene.)
Twinkle explains how Alisha taunted her about their (Kunj and Twinkle) fights and then their make ups. (previous episode)
Sanjay laughs out loud: Tum donon ko saath me break pe jaate time uska chehra dekhne laayak tha vaise… (You should have seen her face at that time.)
Twinkle laughs.
Sanjay: Vaise ye sab tikh hai.. Per tune muje kyu aane nahi diya tere saath? (Now tell me, Why didn’t you call me for break?)
Twinkle: I was about to call you. Kunj ne mana kiya… Kaha aaj usse chuti dede… Probably he wanted to talk about my anger to me only.
Twinkle gets upto bring a glass of water.

Sanjay to himself: Ye sirf guilty conscious toh nahi hai…Tu mane ya na mane Kunj has some soft feelings for you. I can feel that in his every action towards you… Whether it is a glance or asking for a coffee out.

Jisha 😉


  1. Angita

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    No words just this👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👌👌👌👌👍👍👍👍👍👍loved it yaar

  2. Jas and sid lover

    Loved the way twinj bonding is growing …..I have become a huge fan of ur writing

  3. SidMin

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    Jisha I am completely speechless have no words to describe your ff it was amazing waiting for the next episode pleas try posting asap 🙂

  4. Monica

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    I really loved it! The story is going so well. Never thought of anything like this… Its so innovative! Really love reading your ff. Eagerly waiting for the next episodes to see twinj together 😁 Love your writings!

  5. Sayeeda

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    today I’m not late …
    Wowww…….di hats off to u ..the way u explain everything is amazing…..
    Each nd every dialouge was fab …nd that sword one was the best …
    Di….the way u write ….seriously I’m speechless to describe how much I love it….
    Thanks for giving soooo best ff to us..

  6. Baby

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    oh jisha amazing dear luvd it srsly amazing n w8ing fr nxt update bt till wen is dis past gonna cntinue jisha

  7. Ria

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    Jisha di, it was really splendid. Loved the coffee date and especially the way Kunj made Twinkle understand.😃

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