Tashan E Ishq (Tashan vs Love) Episode 26


Yuvi and Gautam start lunch. Yuvi starts telling.
So back to One on One of Twinkle.
Kunj: Nakshatra and Twinkle… Two totally different names ha…And what about your family?
Twinkle: Not that different. They both have the same meaning.
Kunj: Really…

Twinkle: I am from Kerala. Born to a Hindu father and a Christian mother. So mixture of both traditions and 2 names too. My parents kept my name as Nakshatra. Maternal family found difficult to pronounce it. So they call me Twinkle. Nakshatra in our language means shining star. Same is the meaning of Twinkle. I am used to both the names. But after coming to Mumbai, everyone here preferred Twinkle.
Kunj: Interesting. So any issues regarding process?
Twinkle: Nothing as of now.
Kunj: Okay. Then please send Alisha to the cabin.
Twinkle leaves.

Alisha’s One on One
Kunj: See Alisha, I wanted to the know details of my team lead through this one on one. As we already know each other, there is no question of this one on one.
Alisha: Yes
Kunj: But I want you to keep this in mind. See I am your best friend and I joined here through your referral. That doesn’t mean you will treat me as a friend here. We will keep it completely professional. Hope you understand.
*referral – A corporate scheme where an existing employee can refer his friend or anyone known to him. Particular person will go through normal interview procedure and will get the job as per his qualifications. If at all this person gets selected, the existing employee will get an extra money called referral bonus. (So here Alisha referred Kunj. Kunj, as per his qualification got hired as AM. Now Alisha will be getting an extra payment from Company which is referral bonus.)
Alisha: Sure Kunj.

Sanjay and Twinkle leaves for a coffee break after Sanjay’s one on one.
Sanjay (while taking a sip of coffee): How is Kunj?
Twinkle: Frankly speaking I felt he is a chalu banda.
Sanjay: What? I think he is a perfect gentle man. Why do you think so?
Twinkle: Why does he need our personal details and that to on a one on one? Who does that?
Sanjay: Twinkle, You are just taking it too seriously… I think he was just creating a friendly atmosphere for us. That’s it.

Twinkle: I doubt. I feel something else.
Sanjay: Rehne de…Vaise bhi tera first impression hamesha galat nikalta hai… Vo Antony tume perfect gentle man laga tha na… (Your fist impressions about people are always wrong. Remember you felt Antony as a perfect gentle man. And see how he is..)
Twinkle: Vo bhi hai… (That’s true…)
Sanjay: Acha hua tera ye first impression tune muje bataya naki Alisha ko. (Good that you shared it with me and not with Alisha.)
Twinkle: Why?
Sanjay: They both are from same place in Punjab. I heard they both are even best friends. Alisha has referred him here. So you know.
Twinkle: Whatever. How does it matter?
Sanjay: All 3 of us are at the same position. I hope Kunj promotes the person who deserves it than returning favor to his best friend.
Twinkle (after thinking): Baat to sahi kaha tumne…

Next Friday
Girls of installation team members are whispering to each other.
“He is damn handsome yaar. Casual me kya leg reha hai…”
Twinkle: What’s going on?
Rest everyone stops talking.
Ria: We were just telling Kunj looks handsome in casuals…
Twinkle (with a wink): Okay okay… Make sure you have such talks in a lower voice.
Twinkle: Get back to work…
Twinkle goes to her cubical (working place). While walking, she took a glance of Kunj who is having a word with Sanjay.
Twinkle opens her system (computer) with a smile and thinks “Vaise hai bada handsome…Especially casual me…”

* Corporate dress code: Monday – Thursdsay: – Formal Shirts and Trousers (For men), Formal shoes
Friday: – Casual dresses like Jeans & T-shirt/Half sleeve shirt (For men), Sports shoes

It is been a week that Kunj has joined. Kunj is keenly observing the team leads and the way teams work. He has noticed that Twinkle and Sanjay’s team work as a back up team for each other. The team members get along with each other and hang out together. Whenever there is an issue with one team, the other team is always ready to help them out. But Alisha’s team remains as a separate team. They don’t mingle with the other teams.

Kunj decides to discuss this matter with all 3 of them. First he calls Twinkle and Sanjay.
Kunj: I have seen both your teams work hand in hand, which is very good. But I have also noticed that both your team doesn’t hang out much with Alisha’s team. Any particular reason?
Sanjay: As such we don’t have an issue with her team. It is just that they don’t try to make a bond with other teams.
Twinkle: Even if our teams try to mingle with them, they don’t appreciate it. So our team members have stopped trying.

Kunj: Okay. Let me discuss this with Alisha. I want all the 3 teams to work together.
Kunj asks Alisha to come to his cabin and discusses his concern.
Alisha: I appreciate what you are saying. But I feel team members should be more involved within the team rather than people in other teams. One more thing Kunj, the other teams and the other team leads who now seem to be easier to handle is not that true. It is just that you are new to the process, you feel like everything is going smooth.
Kunj (with a deep thought): Okay. Let me observe for 1 more month. So till then you continue with the way it is going. Later I will let you know if any changes needed.
Alisha leaves. Kunj seem to be a bit tensed as Alisha’s words about Twinkle and Sanjay’s team got stuck in his mind.
Kunj to himself: Let’s see.

Few more weeks later
Kunj has become a friend to all the team members and the leads. Unlike other Managers or AMs, he chill out with team members, go for coffee, lunch break with them and treat them as a friend. But of course when it comes to work, he makes sure that the work is getting done in the stipulated time.

Hi Friends,
Let me know if you find any difficulties in understanding any official terms while reading.I have explained those words with * sign.If you have any,ask me in comments. I will explain it in reply.

Jisha 🙂

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      I am from Kerala.

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    Jisha, the episode was amazing. I really loved it. By the way, I wanted to ask whether you’re working in an office or you know it through your parents? I mean I just know it through them so, I just wanted to know.?

    1. Jisha

      Right now I am a housewife. But worked 4 MNC for 6 years before my baby came. I am used to these work culture..

  15. It wz Jzzz awsm… work place wz so perfectly describd…

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    1. Jisha

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