Tashan E Ishq (Tashan vs Love) Episode 25


Hi Friends,
Now the scenario is changing into a typical corporate world. So I have explained the office atmosphere a bit elaborately which would feel unnecessary (like Process explanation by Team leads). This is needed because some official issues are gonna come up later. So for that I have to explain the process. I will explain any official words used as and when required.

Gautam: I am sure it would be a love at first right.
Yuvi: No way… Not love at first for sure.Muje lagta hai unko bhi nai pata ki unhe ek dusre se pyaar kab hua tha. Now listen.

Twinkle and Alisha (one of our family friend from Amritsar) are working in the same Multinational Company.

[For readers, I will just mention few of the office staffs in Twinkle’s office.] Sanjay – Twinkle’s best friend and a team lead (at the same position of Twinkle)
Alisha – Teamlead (at the same position of Twinkle, have professional jealousy with Twinkle)

XYZ Multinational company
All the team leads and their team members have gathered in conference room to welcome their new Assistant manager. Manager Antony will be coming in few minutes with him.
Antony enters the room with a gentle man.
Antony: So here comes…Mr. Kunj Sarna. Your new Assistant Manager. A young chap from Punjab, well expertized in transitioning and handling team. Over to you Kunj.
Kunj was wearing a black formal blazer with a white formal shirt and black trouser. He was looking a typical corporate man.
Kunj: Hi Team, I am glad to join this firm. Happy to see a huge team. Heard a lot from Antony about the entire team. Looking forward to work with you all.
Team: Hello Sir,
Kunj: No need of Sir. You can call me Kunj. ‘Sir’ term keeps you away from the team mates. I will be accessible to you all. Anytime, any issue related to process of course, you can approach me. Alright.
Antony: So from now onwards, everything, any mail, any issue will first reach to Kunj. He will be the first point of contact for the team leads. For team mates, first your team lead n then to Kunj. If at all it doesn’t resolve there, you can come to me. Thank you guys.
Team gets back to work.
Antony: Kunj, I want you to meet the team leads.
Kunj: Sure sir.
Antony: Twinkle, Alisha and Sanjay, please come.
Antony to Kunj: These are the 3 efficient pillars of this process. You can either have one on one or a meeting with all of them whichever you feel like. Okay. I need to go now. All the best.
Kunj: Thank you Sir.
Kunj: So I will prefer first a meeting with all of you to get an idea of the prcess and how it works. Then I will meet you all on one on one to know better.

Assistant Manager’s room
Twinkle, Alisha and Sanjay are sitting infornt of Kunj.
Kunj: Let’s start. What I expect from you is a brief description of the process.
Twinkle: Sir, Sorry Kunj, the process consists of 80 people. It has 2 shifts. 9 am to 6 pm and 6pm to 9am shift. Process basically deals with the installation, alteration and disconnect of switches. This has been divided into 3 teams of 25 members each. I am the Team lead of Installation team. It involves with the installation of switches for customer as per their order.
Alisha: I am the teamlead of Alteration team. It involves the change in existing switches to some other location or with some other extra features as per customer needs.
Sanjay: I handle the Disconnection team. As the name suggest, it involves with the disconnection of the switches.
Kunj: Okay. So what about the night shifts? How is the distribution of team in different shifts?
Alisha: We don’t get much order during normal days. So we distribute it as 15 for day and 10 for the night. During month end, we get a huge number of orders for which we need more members. So we distribute 20 people for night and 5 for the day shift.
Kunj: Hmm… Understood.
Twinkle: So basically the process starts from my team and then the orders move to Alisha’s team if they need a change and then to Sanjay’s team if at all they are interested in disconnecting. This is the basic flow of the process.
Kunj: Interesting. So we will go for a one on one now. You probably can go on a 5 min break and come. Is that okay?
All: Yes
Twinkle enters to Kunj’s cabin thinking in mind. “Itna toh explain ker diya meeting me, ab kya baat kerni hai isse one on one me.”
Twinkle shakes hand with him introducing herself.
Twinkle: I am Nakshathra, Nakshatra Nambiar, Installation team lead.
Kunj: Please be seated.
Kunj: Nak..shatra.. I heard Antony calling you Twinkle.
Twinkle (with a smile): I must say you have a good memory. Everyone calls me Twinkle in office.
Kunj: I am very good at remembering names you know.
Twinkle thinks. “Probabaly names of girls”
Kunj: So Twinkle, I just wanted to have a friendly conversation with you team leads through this one on one. Specifically your whereabouts, your interests and issues if any.
Twinkle in mind: Turkey kahin ka..Ye bhi chalu hi nikla…
Gautam laughs out loud: Ohh my god… I can’t believe your bhabhi felt he is chalu turkey type…
Yuvi (with a smile): Bhai was just trying to keep a friendly atmosphere. But she took it in that way.
Gautam: Phir kya hua?
Yuvi: Time dekh… Pehle khana baad me story…(Let’s go for lunch and then will tell story)
Gautam: Acha.. Chalte chalte bata de… Zyada bhav mat kha…
Yuvi: No way… Bhook badi lagi hai…To khate khate bataunga…Hero ka bhai hun boss…Mera bhav khana to banta hai…

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Jisha 🙂

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  1. RANdomfANCreationz

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  6. Ria

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  7. Mujhe woh installation wala process nahi samjja but baaki sab smajha….lolllllllll. I am of 15yrs only
    awesome episode.. loving
    awesome blossom. ..♥♥♥♥♥

    1. Jisha

      I know..you are too young.. I will explain in simple words…kahi pe bi new switches (technical word) Lagana ho to usse install kerna kehte hai.. Twinkle’s team does that work..so installation team..

  8. It was as usual amazing. Post the next episode asap. Looking forward for the rest of the story.

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