Tashan E Ishq (Tashan vs Love) Episode 24


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Kunj gets a call from office. He seems a bit tensed. Kunj goes to Twinkle and informs her.

Next day morning
Kunj, Usha and Manohar are having their breakfast. Twinkle has gone to office.
Kunj: I have to tell you something.
Manohar: Okay.
Kunj: I got a call from office yesterday. There is an emergency activity in my office. As I am the one who transitioned the process, I have to be there. I have booked my tickets yesterday itself. I will be leaving by evening flight.
Usha seems sad.

Kunj: Mummy, I understand. But what to do.
Usha: First of all you came to Amritsar after so long. You told you are here for 10 days. And now you are leaving so soon.
Manohar: Usha, try to understand his situation.
Kunj: I do have leave. Probably I will come back after sometime. Right now I have to go.
Manohar: It is fine beta. You are done with your packing? At what time is your flight?
Kunj: Packing is not done yet. 6.00 pm is the flight. I promise Mummy, I will come back soon.
Usha still is upset. She doesn’t believe him that he will come back to Amritsar.
Kunj: Twinkle asked me to remind you that today you have an appointment with doctor. Do you want me to come with you, Papa?

Manohar: It is okay. Usha will come with me to hospital for the check up. You take care of your packing and rest everything.

Twinkle comes back from office a bit early (as Kunj is leaving today). Manohar and Usha have left for hospital. Kunj goes to Twinkle’s room. Twinkle is a bit tensed but doesn’t want to show it to Kunj. However Kunj understands her feeling.
Kunj: So… Two more hours and I am flying back to Mumbai. Hope I didn’t hurt you much this time.
Twinkle: Kunj…Chodo yeh baatein.What about aunty?
Kunj: She is a bit upset. But will be alright after sometime. I know you can handle her well.
Twinkle: Take care of yourself. Office jaate time bike thoda aaram se chalaya kero. Har bhar last moment pe ghar se nikalna zaroori nahi hai. Thoda jaldi nikla kero office ke liye. (Drive your bike at a normal speed while going to office. You can leave a bit early for office.)
Kunj smiles and nods his head.
Kunj: Aur kuch? (Anything else?)

Twinkle: Yuvi ki class mat lena. Vo bas mera help ker reha ta…Apna laxman hai…
Kunj (with a smile): Apna Laxman…
Kunj: Take care of yourself. Don’t be overconfident that you can handle everything. If you get stuck somewhere, call me. You know I am with you.
Twinkle: I know.
Kunj: I won’t ask you to look after Mummy Papa. I know you will take care of them. I don’t have to say that.
Twinkle smiles with a drop of tears in her eyes. She is trying hard to hide it from Kunj. Kunj understands it and decides to leave the room.
Twinkle: Kunj, muje tumse kuch kehna tha. I know you are still angry with Papa and you probably can’t forgive him. But you also need to think about his age. He is a patient and is weak. He needs his son at this time.

Kunj: You want me to forget everything?
Twinkle: I am not asking you to forget anything. I just want you to be there whenever he needs his son. Me ye nahi chahti ki tum kabhi ye sochke pachtaye ki kash me Papa se ache se rehna start kiya hota… Aur us time Papa hamare saath na ho… (I don’t want you to regret someday about it and Papa is not around us that day). So please start visiting them regularly.
Kunj: You are right. I never thought it this way. I will come back soon.
Kunj leaves from there.
Usha and Manohar have come back from hospital. Manohar went to take rest. Usha is listening to their conversation from the window. (She started hearing from Twinkle persuading Kunj to visit them soon.)

Usha thinks. “ Isse achi ladki muje kahi nai mil sakti. Ghar ko aur hume ache se sambhalti hai. Uper se zidhi Kunj ko apna faisla badalne pe majboor kiya… Isse babaji ne hamare liye beja hai. Agar ye Kunj ko itne ache se sambhal sakti hai to Kunj ko uske break up se bahar bi nikal sakti hai. Muje Kunj aur iske rishtey ke bare me sochni chahiye…Janta hu Inhe (Manohar) manana thoda mushkil hai. Per ek aur baar me apne bête ki zindagi ko bikhar ne nahi de sakti. Mauka dekh ke jaise bhi ho inhe iss baat ke liye mana lungi.”

“(Twinkle made Kunj change his decision. If she can handle him so well, I am sure she can bring back Kunj from his break up pain and lead a normal life. I should have thought it earlier. Twinkle is the perfect match for Kunj. Babaji himself has sent this girl to our life. I am sure Manohar will be against it. But I won’t let it happen one more time. I won’t allow him to shatter my Kunj’s life like that. I will find a right situation to present this proposal before him and will make sure that he agrees to it.)”
Kunj leaves to Mumbai.

One week later
Yuvraj is on a one week college tour. Yuvi is enjoying the view. Gautam comes and starts talking.
Gautam: Aur bata, ghar pe sab tikh?
Yuvi: Sab tikh.
Gautam: Tere bhaiya bhabhi ka patch up hua? (What about your bhaiya bhabhi patch up?)
Yuvi: Kahan yaar? Unke tashan itna zyada hai ki love ko chupa rekha hai donon ne dil me. (No yaar, their ego comes first and clashes with each other. The love is kept under wrap beneath this ego and issues.)
Gautam: Hmm… Ajeeb love story hai… Tashan vala love. Vaise tune unka tashan vali part to sunaya hai. Kabhi unki love story to bataya hi nahi… (It is a bit different love story. Tashan vala love. You have told me about their tashan part, but never told their love part.)
Yuvi: Sunega…
Gautam: Neki aur pooch pooch…

Precap: Twinj ki prem kahaani…Laxman ki zubaani…

Jisha 🙂

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  1. dreamer....arundhati

    Jishu a big sorry..plz ..I read ur last epi but couldn’t comment. U rocked both the epis…I was so happy to see ur update..I missed it yaar..ctd soon..and sorry as I m a registered member but can’t login now due to less time..so commenting as a guest.
    Plz all the ff writers..u all r going great..sorry but I m not getting time 2 comment. But I m reading them all.luv u all.jishu ctd soon

    1. Jisha

      I am happy if you are reading the ff.. it is okay if you can’t comment.
      Thank you

  2. Shatakshi

    Omg jisha
    Twinj convo was too good
    Sorry for not commenting on ur previous episode… Becoz I was in train…
    N I m eagerly waiting for the next episode…❤❤❤

  3. Joonakanksha

    Eagerly waiting for their love story…post soon

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  5. Rashiverma2199

    Wow….jisha….loved it dear….amazing…. Awesome…..
    Waiting for tomorrow’s episode…..twinj ji kahani yuvi ke zubani….

    I know u r missing Shatakshi, but she has gone for a family marriage out of station so she was busy….. She will be active on TU page from tomorriw

  6. Kruti

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  9. Krystal_Krysiee

    Hwwww…..jisha dear uh know what mee too i too missed uh a lott ….. i thought uh stopped ur ff in d middle?? bt whn i got the news frm Ritzii that uh were nt well bt now ur coming soon with ur episodes….. there was a 100000000 votts smile on my face ?? litrelly i was jumping lyk kangaarooo ?? srsly dear ….. missed Nakshita Naimbar aka Twinkle n my lovely wala kunj…….now now now….. m straight away cming to the point………. m srry srry srry dear shoooo shollly really i didnt cmmnt on ur ff huh!!! So stupud of me bt uh know my internet pack was finished thats y ….. hope uh understand ….. n again srry dear ?? Be back soon wid a new epi …… love uh ??

    1. Jisha

      Hey Krystal,
      I have sent you a mail from my gmail. I couldn’t find you in fb. Hope you can find me.
      Thank you so much for the sweet words.

  10. Sayeeda

    Jisha di ..
    U deserve to be on cloud nine… as ur ff is soooo amazing that it always keep us hooked with it from beginning till end ..
    U know right now I’m in office nd having so much stuff to complete but when I saw ur ff …I was like ke daant sunlungi sir se kaam na krne ke liye lekin itna accha ff main abhi padhna miss nai kr skti …
    U rocked di ….each nd every scenes were flawless ….awesome…
    Tooo excited for the precap
    ..twinj ki kahani laxman ki zubani ….haahaa too cute ..
    love u nd sorry for long comment …what to do I can’t control myself when it comes to ur ff…

    1. Jisha

      I am in love with your long comments…Thank you so much..For me, Sayeeda name itself means a long well explained,detailed comment.

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  13. Jiya_Ani

    Hey Jishaaaaa……Hi..I Shreya.. I know You remember me..So sorry for not commenting darlo…but the epi was extremely awesome…
    And Don’t miss me..I will try posting …but you know naa…my Exams are approaching… I don’t know if you read my new ff too or not…Buy do read and comment also…plzzzzz..
    Its- Our love Story.. And forgive me if I don’t comment again.. Just add 1 to the whole.. Till my exams…
    Love you and ur dialogues are …Muaaaah

    1. Jisha

      Of course I remember you. No problem if you are not able to comment. Concentrate on your exams…That’s very important.
      Thanks for the sweet comments

  14. I am sorry you won’t be knowing me as I was a silent reader all this time ….. But your ff is just so amazing … Post the next episode asap. Just loved it.

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    1. Anushka

      Take care of ur health dear

  16. Sry Sry Sry . How can anyone stay without reading such a cute ff ? Actually my pre-test exam is going on my scl . There are 14 exams . Without any gap . Ab dekho kal mera social science exam hain . Soch k hi roona aata hain . Aj bhi exam tha . So I m vry busy . Thats why couldnt comment . But adjust for some days . Plus 1 with the total coments . I read only a few ffs including urs . Missed u so much .

    1. Jisha

      Thannk you Chandra..
      it is okay if you can’t comment. Do concentrate on your exams..All the best for Social science exam…Study well..

    2. Jiya_Ani

      Whey Chandra..in which standard you are?

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