Tashan E Ishq (Tashan vs Love) Episode 22


Hi friends,
I am so sorry.I know I am late. Actually I am not well. So was taking rest for few days.I didnot want to disappoint you guys today also.So wrote a short episode. Not yet back to normal life. I will try to upload lengthier one from next episode.

Next day evening
Usha calls Kunj.
Usha: Kunj, Cherry has come here to invite us for a family get together at his home. Manohar will come soon. He wants to meet him. So he will be here for a while.
Kunj: So?
Usha: He wants to talk to Twinkle meanwhile. You know how she is. So I want you to be with them so that Twinkle doesn’t feel odd.
Kunj: What is his problem? She has already rejected her. Why can’t he leave her alone?
Usha: Kunj… He really likes Twinkle. He wants to be friend with her. I just want you to be there so that she doesn’t feel uncomfortable with Cherry.
Kunj: Mummy…
Usha: Now that Twinkle is your friend, I want you to ask her forget everything about her previous relationship and move on. She is a nice girl and a better life is waiting for her. I think you should ask her to think on Cherry’s proposal.
Kunj: Aapko lagta hai ki muje usse convince kerna chahiye? Aur vo manegi meri baat? (And you think she will listen to me?)
Usha: See, you are of her same age and you both have similar thoughts and view points. It is easy for her to understand your thoughts than ours.
Kunj thinks, “Bus yehi baki tha… Apni girl friend ko kisi aur ke proposal accept kerne ke liye convince kerna… vo bi uska marriage broker banke… (This was only left in my life. I have to convince my girlfriend to accept Cherry’s proposal as a marriage broker.)
Kunj goes and meets Cherry. He is sitting in a chair. Kunj also sits near by chair. Twinkle comes there and sits in sofa. She greets both of them. They start talking.

Cherry: Hi Twinkle, It would be great if you all can come to my house in the evening.
Twinkle is about to say something before that Kunj interrupts.
Kunj: Actually the thing is she has an early morning shift and she can’t stay for late nights. She probably won’t be able to come. Hey na Twinkle?
Twinkle looks at Kunj in a weird manner and then answers to Cherry: I am not promising.But I will try.
Cherry: Do you like Hindi movies? Which are your favorites?
Kunj: What a stupid question Cherry. Every girl love movies. All girls have those typical favorites like DDLJ and Hum aapke hai kaun…
Twinkle just sits there looking at Kunj’s behavior. Usha notices Kunj and calls him to other room.
Usha: What are you doing? I have sent you there to patch up them, not to humiliate Cherry.
Kunj: Mummy, They are not lovers and not at the verge of breakup to get them patched up. I don’t think he is a suitable partner for Twinkle. He is not that genuine.

Usha: Kunj… I don’t know what issue you boys (Kunj and Yuvi) have with Cherry. He is such a well behaved boy.
Kunj: Tell me this, Why you want Twinkle to get married to Cherry?
Usha: Actual reason is that she will be settled near by. I can see her whenever I want. I don’t want her to leave us and go somewhere else.
Kunj: Ohh… Mom. For that you have so many other options than this. You should think of something else.
Usha: I thought of Yuvi and her marriage, but she is elder to him and moreover your Punjabi papa.
Kunj thinks. “Sapne me bi Yuvi aur Twinkle ki shadi… Me to yahaan kawara marne baitha hun na…”
Kunj is about to leave to hall. Usha stops him and asks him to stay back and let Cherry and Twinkle talk.
Kunj: No Mummy, You were right. I should be there to make her comfortable. We should not leave her alone.
Before Usha could talk anything, Kunj leaves.
Cherry is now sitting in the sofa nearby Twinkle and talking. He left his chair and sat in sofa when Kunj left. Kunj saw him sitting near Twinkle and is angry with him. Kunj directly comes and sit inbetween Cherry and Twinkle as if there is no other place to sit. Cherry gives him a weird look. Kunj ignores him. They talk for some more time and then Manohar comes. Manohar and Cherry starts talking. Kunj and Twinkle leaves.
Twinkle: Wahan pe kya chal reha tha? (What was going on?)
Kunj: What?

Twinkle: Stop acting. I know what you were doing.
Kunj: If you know, then why are you asking?
Twinkle: You were behaving like a possessive husband.
Kunj: Well, I was not. He was being overfriendly with you. I just drew a line.
Twinkle (with Tashan): Ohh.. Really…I know very well to protect myself. I don’t need a body guard.
Kunj leaves from there in tashan.

Jisha 🙂

Credit to: Jisha

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  1. Ria

    It was amazing Jisha! I laughed my heads off. I loved Kunj’s behaviour. By the way, get well soon.

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