Tashan E Ishq (Tashan vs Love) Episode 21


Next day Morning

Usha is working in kitchen.
Kunj: Mummy, aapki PG aaj help kerne nai aayi? (Where is your PG?)
Usha: She went for office. She will come by 4.00 in the evening.
Kunj: Ohh…
Kunj: Bas aise hi puch reha hu… Aapko kaise legi vo? Achi, tik tak ya bhogus? (I am just asking this for information. Do you like her? How is she naturewise?)
Usha: Bohut achi ladki hai. Tu ye soch ki vo ladki hame uske apne parents ke jaise dhyaan rekhti hai aur pyaar kerti hai. Aajkal kaun aisa kerta hai. Iss ghar ko ache se sambhalti hai. Inhe toh specially… Health related saari cheezein Twinkle hi to dekhti hai. Mere baat toh kahan ye mante hai.Tuje to pata hai tere papa kitne ziddi hai. Twinkle usse double ziddi hai…
(She is a very nice girl. She takes care of us as if we are her own parents. She maintains the household very well. And specially takes good care of Manohar’s health. You know your dad never listens to me. How stubborn he is. But Twinkle is double stubborn than him. So he has no choice other than listening to her.

Kunj (whispers): Vo mujse zyada kaun jaanta hai…. (I know how stub born she is)
Usha: Kya kaha? (What did you say?)
Kunj: Nothing. Khana bhi acha banati hai kya? Usme bhi aapki help kerti hai?
Usha: Kahan? Usme puri zero hai… Except few south Indian dishes, she doesn’t know anything.
Kunj: No, you just said she is good at the household things. That’s why I asked.
Usha (smiles): By household, I did not mean that she has to cook well. For me it means, a girl who can look after her house at the time of crisis. She proved herself when Manohar was hospitalized. She stood up as the man of the house and did everything. Sometimes I think if she was not here at that time, I would have fainted seeing Manohar like this and today Manohar won’t be with us.
Kunj: I know. I heard it from Yuvi. Yuvi was quite impressed with her.
Usha: RT uncle and family were also impressed with her. I think I have told you that that they came here with a proposal. Cherry really liked Twinkle.
Kunj: You told me that time. But that time I was not interested in her matters. So I did not ask about the outcome.

Usha (Keeping her hands on waist): So now you are interested….
Kunj realizes what he just said.
Kunj: I mean to say I didn’t know her. So I was not bothered about it. Now that I know her, I want to know what happened to that proposal.
Usha: She rejected him saying she won’t get married to anyone. She had an affair and they broke up. But she still loves him.
Kunj is sad and is thinking of Twinkle.
Usha: She is such a nice girl. How can some one reject a girl like her? That boy must be a duffer. Usse andaza bhi nahi hai ki ussne kya khoya hai… (He doesn’t know what he has lost.)
Kunj thinks. “Muje pata hai maine kya khoya hai. Khash me aap logon ko samjha pata ki aap logon ne kya khoya hai.”
“(I know what I have lost. I wish I could make you both realize what you have lost by rejecting her.)
Usha: I know why you have come here.
Kunj is worried as he feels Usha has understood about them.
Usha: You want to know about the marriage proposal by Manohar. You can’t ask it directly so you are asking all these things. Right?
Kunj is relaxed now.
Usha: Don’t worry. I have convinced your father and now he has stopped thinking about your marriage.
Kunj: Thank you so much Mummy. I love you.
Kunj leaves from there.

Evening Kunj is eagerly waiting for Twinkle. Twinkle comes. But she gets busy with things. He tries to talk to her. But Manohar or Usha will come in between and they couldn’t talk.

Twinkle’s room

Twinkle is working on her laptop and heard a noise and someone jumping into her room.
Twinkle: Aunty, please help…
Someone closes her mouth tightly and then she finds it is Kunj. Kunj got into her room through window.
Kunj (whispers): I am trying hard to talk to you. Any how I have managed to get into your room, and then you are yelling?
Twinkle: I am so sorry. I felt it is thief.
Usha comes: Are you okay Twinkle?

Twinkle: Yes, I am. I saw a lizard and started yelling. It went. Sorry aunty.
Usha leaves from there.
Kunj after making sure that Usha has left and no one can hear them, starts talking.
Kunj: Actually yesterday I got a bit emotional. I am sorry.
Twinkle: Even I wanted to talk to you about it. You know I can’t see you in that way. That’s why I hugged you.
Kunj: I don’t know what happened yesterday. All my frustration came out. Don’t think I am still in love with you. I talked rubbish. It all came in the flow of the mood. I want to make you clear that our relation is over.
Twinkle: I was about to say the same. I know it’s over and I am clear about it. Yesterday I too got carried away with the mood. I couldn’t see you sad. So I was just… I was just consoling you. Nothing else. Don’t expect anything more from me.
Kunj: Okay. Now that we are clear about our feelings, I wiil leave. Bye.
Kunj jumps through the window and leaves. Kunj thinks. “Muje maff ker dena,Twinkle. Me tumse jhooth bol reha hun. Ek baar tume dard de chukka hun, ab vaapas nahi…”
“(I am sorry Twinkle, I am hiding my feelings. I have already given you so much pain. I don’t want to hurt you anymore.)”

After dinner, Kunj is in his room. He gets a call.
Yuvi: Hello Brother?

Kunj: Bol
Yuvi: Kya halchal? Story kuch aage bhadi?
Kunj: Yuvi, How many times I have told you that it is over and you can’t reopen that chapter.
Yuvi: Bhai, please listen to me once. I beg you…
Kunj: Okay.
Yuvi: There is a serious misunderstanding between you and bhabhi. I thought you both would have cleared it by now. She thinks that she is away from her parents just because of you. That’s why she says she don’t love you. Just sit with her and clear it. All will be fine then.
Kunj: Agar uss misunderstanding ki vajah se vo mujse nafrat ker ti hai to vahi acha hai… Kam se kam issi bahane vo mujse nafrat karegi aur mujse dur jaane ki khoshish to karegi…Muje usse apne aap se dur kerna hai….

(If at all this misunderstanding helps us to stay away from each other, then it’s better. I don’t want to clear it. Let her hate me. I don’t want her to love me again and go thorugh pain again.)
Yuvi: Bhai please… I don’t understand why you are doing this to you and Twinkle…
Kunj (with tears in his eyes, still smiling): Yuvi… “Jis gali se jana nahi, uska pata puchne se kya faida”.

Jisha 🙂

Credit to: Jisha

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