Tashan E Ishq (Tashan vs Love) Episode 20


Next day morning

Kunj is in his room and he gets an appetizing smell.
Kunj: Hmmm…Idly sambhar…
Kunj is about to go to kitchen, but he finds Usha sitting in sofa.
Kunj: Ohh..Mummy, you are the best. You prepared idly sambhar as breakfast along with paratha… Love you…
Usha: Wait…Wait… First of all I have not prepared Idly. Twinkle is preparing it. Secondly there is no paratha today.Only idly sambhar.
Kunj: What? She is preparing? What about Papa? He likes paratha.
Usha: I know. But Sunday breakfast is her duty as per her. So whatever she prepares we have to eat.
Kunj make faces and then leaves to his room.
Kunj thinks. “Jaise taise Papa usse pasand kerne lagi hai to, ye ladki apne hi pair pe kuladi marne ke liye khadi ho gayi hai. Ab kya keru? Papa ko to parathen chahiye rehte hai.”
“(Papa slowly has started liking her. Today she is going to mess it up. Papa needs parathas for breakfast. How to inform her?)
Kunj decides to go to kitchen and inform her. While walking he checks what Usha is doing. Usha is sitting in sofa and enjoying TV. Manohar is in his room. So he goes to kitchen.

Twinkle is preparing idly. Sambhar is already prepared. Kunj is looking at Twinkle working and thinks.
“I know meri jaan tum ye mere liye bana rehi hi ho… Coz I love idly sambhar.” Then realizes he has to inform her.Kunj comes to kitchen as if he wants to drink water and goes to near fridge. Then ensuring that no one is coming to kitchen, he comes close to Twinkle.
Kunj whispers: I want to talk to you right now. Please come outside or check your mobile now. I have sent a message.
Twinkle: Okay. Give me 2 minutes. I am done with this. I will come out.
Kunj: Come to my room.
Kunj leaves.
Twinkle after finishing the work in kitchen leaves to Yuvi’s room making sure that no one has seen her entering room.
Twinkle: What happened? Why you called me so urgently?
Kunj: Thank you for preparing my favourite dish. I know you prepared it only for me.
Twinkle: Excuse me. I prepared it for everyone, not only for you.
Kunj: Whatever. Now listen to me carefully. Papa hates most of south indain dishes. He needs parathas for breakfast. So let mummy prepare parathas for him. She told me that you are not allowing her to enter to kitchen as Sunday breakfast is your duty.
Twinkle: ohh… So this is the emergency. Who said Uncle doesn’t lke south indain dishes. I will show you..Come to dining room.
Twinkle leaves.
Kunj: Isska kuch nahi ho sakta.

Everyone is at the table. Twinkle is serving breakfast to everyone. Kunj is hell nervous because Manohar is going to scold her for not preparing parathas. To his surprise, Manohar starts eating idly.
Kunj is just staring at him and he forgot to eat. Twinkle, with her legs kicks his legs. (No one can see it as it is happening below the dinner table.)
Kunj: Ouchhh…
Usha: What happened Kunj?
Kunj: I chewed a mirchi. That’s it.
Kunj looks at Twinkle and makes an angry face.
Twinkle with his expressions pointing Manohar asks how it is.
Kunj smiles and gives thumbs up.
Kunj and Twinkle are at the garden. Usha is cleaning vessels. Manohar has left for some work.
Kunj: You could have come to my room or vice versa. Any one can see us and have a doubt on us.
Twinkle: If at all aunty or uncle comes and finds us together in room, I will be kicked out of this house. I can’t take that risk. You can talk to me here like me and Yuvi used to do. No one will doubt us. Pluss..
Kunj: what else?
Twinkle: We both are clear in our mind that we are not together now and we can’t be. But in room, our hormones get out of control. You know what I mean. I don’t want that to happen…
Kunj nodding his head: I know. Its better we meet here.
Twinkle: You wanted to tell something.
Kunj: Mann gaye yaar tumko. Papa idly kha rehe hai vo bhi itne enjoy kerke…
Twinkle: After his heart attack, I made it a point that every Sunday I will prepare something which is not oily. At first, he resisted. But you know how I am. Now he is used to these things and is enjoying them also.
Kunj: Thank you. You take care of my parents very well.

Twinkle: Socha jaye to isme bhi mera hi fayda hai. Tumare parents ke uper ek experiment ker rehi hu. (In fact I am doing a test on your parents.)
Kunj: What is it?
Twinkle: Har bar jab bhi koi ladki shadi kerke, apna ghar aur sab kuch piche chodke jab sasural aati hai to, usse ye kaha jaata hai ki usse sasural ke tarikhe sikh ne chahiye. Mera soch kuch ulta hai. Jab itna kuch ladki piche chodke aa rehi hai to, ye sasural valon ka farz banta hai ki usse iss ghar me comfortable feel karaya jaaye. Aur thoda bohut adjustment sasural vale bhi kerle ladki ke liye na ki sab kuch ladki se hi expect kere.
(Everytime when a girl gets married and she leaves her home and everything and comes to sasural, she is asked to adjust with the sasural. My point of view is a bit different. That girl is coming after leaving her everything behind, so it is their duty to make her comfortable and adjust a bit for her.)
Kunj: To?
Twinkle: To… Mr. Kunj Sarna, aapke parents ne muje dekhe ya perkhe bhagair hi muje reject ker diya. To maine socha kyuna main bhi check kerlu ki vo mere saas sasur banne ke liye suitable the ki nai.
(Your parents rejected me without meeting me. But I thought I will just check whether they can make adjustments for me. Just like that.)
Kunj: Tum paagal ho. (You are mad)
Twinkle (winks): I am. Anyways result ye aaya hai ki mere hote hote reh gaye sasur mere sasur banne ke liye suitable the. (Result of the experiment is that he is an adjusting man. He tries to adjust for his loved ones.)No doubt, He is stubborn. But I can make him change.
Twinkle leaves from there.

Kunj with a smile: Isse kaise pyaar na keru, koi muje ye bata de…
After lunch Usha is in kitchen doing some work. Twinkle is helping Usha. Twinkle is worried coz she has not seen Kunj for a longer while. She can’t directly ask Usha.
Twinkle: Aunty, Kuch ajeeb nahi hai aaj.Uncle hamesha Sunday ko movies dekh te hai iss time pe. Aaj kya hua? (Uncle normally watches movies at this time. What happened today?)
Usha (a little worried): Ladka ghar aaya hai to unhe chain nahi mil reha hai… 7 din aur rehna hain yahan, lekin ye aaj hi ke aaj usse vapas bhijwa denge. (Kunj has come here to stay for 7 more days. But Manohar will make him leave today itself by his talks.)
Twinkle: What’s going on?
Usha: Kunj loves a girl. 8 or 10 months before, he asked Manohar’s permission to get married. He denied. Kunj, being a nice son, ended his relationship. But he stopped coming to Amritsar. Now that Manohar is not well, he came back to Amritsar. Right now Manohar is having a discussion with Kunj regarding his marriage.
Twinkle: Ohh.
Usha: He wants Kunj to visit his friend today evening so that he can meet his friend’s daughter and think of this proposal. I am sure Kunj will say no and he will leave to Mumbai today itself. That’s going to happen.
Twinkle consoles Usha.

Manohar’s room
Manohar: We have to go to my friend, Surjeet’s house. I want you to meet Pooja, Surjeet’s daughter. She is a nice girl. I think we should start thinking of your marriage.
Kunj: Papa, You rejected my girl. You forced me to forget her. I accepted your decision. But you can’t force me to get married to anyone else. Now it is my turn. I will never get married to anyone. That is my decision. You have to accept it.
Kunj leaves from the room.
Kunj confirms that he won’t go to Surjeet’s house. Manohar and Usha leaves to Surjeet’s house as it was already planned and it would be embarrassing if they don’t go there.
Kunj is in his room thinking of something. Twinkle enters. Twinkle keeps her hand on his shoulder and tries to console him.
Kunj: Hum ne kisi ka kya bigada hai Twinkle jo hame ye saza mil rehi hai? Tumse itna pyaar kerta hun ki tumhare bina jeene ka soch bi nahi sakta. 5 saal… 5 saal se hum saath hai. Meri har saans pe tumahra naam hai. Muje pata hai ki tum bi mere bina jee nahi paaugi. Ek dusre se itna pyaar kerte hai ki ek nazar dur se dekh ke hi khush ho rehe hai.
(Why is god giving us such a punishment? I have always loved you. I still do. We are together for the past 5 years. We both know that we can’t live without each other.)
Twinkle: Bus Kunj….
Kunj: Maine jaanke kabhi kisika bura nahi kiya aur muje pata hai tumne bhi nahi kiya. Phir hamare saath hi kyu ye sab hua hai? Kya hamari galti ye hai ki hum maa baap ki permission se shadi kerna chahte hai…
(I have never done anything wrong to anybody. Then why is it happening to us. )
Soch soch ke pareshan ho jata hun…ki kya keru…Kya keru aisa ki vo man jaaye…Kaise batau unhe ki me tumare bina adhura hun aur tum mere bina…
(I don’t know how to make them convince that we can’t live without each other.)
Twinkle (with tears): Kuch nahi ho sakta Kunj… Hum nadi ke vo do kinare hain jo kabhi mil nahi sakte..
(Forget it Kunj… We are two parallel lines which can never meet.)
Kunj hugs her tight: Me nahi jee paunga yaar tumhare bina…Meri har saans me tumho…. (I can’t live without you…)
Twinkle hugs him so tight that no one can separate him.
“Jab dil ko jalade dil ki lagi, hota hai tabi rab raazi…
Jo jaan de vahi jeete izze ,haa ishq hai aisi baazi….”

Hi Friends,
I know most of you have not heard this song. I wish I could make you listen this song so that you get the actual feel. If anyone is interested to hear it, you can see it in youtube. Let me know how it is… I loved these lines…Waiting for your thoughts on this episode and song.

Jisha 

Credit to: Jisha

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    1. Write jab dil ko jaladi on YouTube search. You will get it.. it is just of 00.28. from a malayalam movie anarkali

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