Tashan E Ishq (Tashan vs Love) Episode 2

Two days later, Twinkle is in search of a house. She goes to a house and rang bell. A lady comes.
Twinkle : Excuse me Madam, Heard you need a PG. I am in search of a house.
Lady : Come in. I will call my husband.
Man of the house comes out.
Twinkle : Hello Sir, Sir aap…
Manohar : Hello, How are you? How come you are here…
Twinkle :Unc.. Sir, I am searching a house to stay.I got your address from broker.
Manohar : Call me Uncle only..
Manohar introduces Twinkle to Usha and asks her to bring tea.
Manohar: Yes, we need a PG. You will be provided a room with bed, table and other essential things. Kitchen is common. We will provide you food. Even you can use kitchen whenever you need. Rent we expect is xxxx. Come, I will show you the house.
Twinkle : Sure Uncle.
Manohar shows her the house. It has 3 bedrooms and a hall and kitchen. 2 bedrooms are spacious and the other one is small compared to the other 2.

Manohar (showing the small bed room): This is the room which will be given to you. We have 2 sons. Both stay together in Mumbai. Actually we made this room for our younger son, Yuvraj. They come very rarely to home. So thought of giving it for rent.
Manohar gets a call.
Manohar : Please excuse me.I will just come. Kitchen is that side. You can go and have a look.
Manohar leaves.
Twinkle instead of going to the kitchen goes to the spacious bedroom. A photo is kept at the table.
Twinkle takes the photo and starts talking to the photo. (That’s our hero Kunj Sarna)
Twinkle : Finally…I am here Kunj Sarna, at your home. Now you see…What’s gonna happen.
Twinkle hears a sound of someone coming and keeps the photo back.
By that time Manohar comes in.
Manohar : Come, let’s have tea.

Usha serves tea to both and leaves.
Twinkle : I am okay with the rent amount and the conditions you said. But I would prefer the other room. That’s more spacious and would be more comfortable.
Manohar : That is my elder son Kunj’s room. I think he won’t allow me to give it for rent. I am sorry.
Twinkle : Okay Uncle, I am only interested if it is the spacious one. It is your choice whether to give it or not. Let me know if there is a change in mind. This is my number.
Thank you…
Twinkle leaves thinking…I will come back Kunj..I will. Just wait and watch…
Manohar : Usha, What do you think?Let’s give Kunj’s room for rent?
Usha : Have you gone mad…Kunj is not coming to home just because of you. And now you want to make him more angry by giving his room for rent. Really…how would he react if we tell him that we have kept a PG in his room.
Manohar : Nice idea. What if we don’t tell him. Anyways he is not coming here. We will tell him that we have kept a PG in yuvi’s room.

Usha : Why you want that Twinkle to be your PG. We can have another PG who will stay in Yuvi’s room. Why you are so keen to keep her here.
Manohar : See,You know why we are keeping PG. I am not keeping PG just for earning. Kunj is earning and that is enough for us. Yuvi is studying and is busy with projects and college life. He doen’t have time to come and stay with us. Kunj used to stay with us whenever he gets leave from work. But nowadays things have changed. He never comes to home and just sends money in account. I know it is because of me.
After retirement,I am sitting idle at home. You never tell me, but I know you are also bored of our life. I wanted to keep a PG so that the house has some noise in it. I want someone who will make our house to home,who will keep you busy. I just want you to be indulged in something so that you don’t feel sad about Kunj.
Usha : I know. But do you think twinkle is like that?

Manohar : I am sure she is. I told you she helped me at the bus stand. And I don’t know why, but I felt a connection to her…As if, as if she is someone closer to me.
Usha : You and your sixth sense. Okay. If you feel so, call her and ask her to come. But whenever Kunj comes, it is your responsibility to handle him.

Precap : Twinkle shifts to Sarna house

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