Tashan E Ishq (Tashan vs Love) Episode 19


Manohar came back to house.Manohar and Usha are sitting in sofa. Kunj is walking towards Manohar to tell everything.
Kunj saw Twinkle sitting near Manohar and Manohar is talking to her. He stops himself and decides to listen what they are talking.

Twinkle: Uncle, Aapko kitni baar kaha hai ki oily khana aapke liye acha nahi hai. (How many times have I told you that you should not eat oily food?)
Manohar: Ek hi samosa kha reha hun. (It is just a samosa.)
Twinkle: Khalo…muje kya hai..Next time kuch tabiyat kharab hua to muje mat bulana. Me nai aane wali apna kaam dham chod ke hospital ke chakker katne. Ab koi drivergiri bi nai kerne wali me. Jo kerna hai khud hi kero…

(Go ahead…If at all, you are not well, then don’t come to me. I am not going to come to hospital leaving my job behind. I am not going to be your driver from next time. Do whatever you feel like.)
Manohar: Acha baba rekh di samosa vaapas. Ab khush… (Okay fine. I have kept the Samosa back. Now happy?)
Usha: Aapko tikh kerne ke liye Twinkle hi chahiye…Meri baat to aap mante nai ho… (Only Twinkle can make you listen. You never listen to my words.)
Usha seeing Manohar keeping his samosa back in plate laughs and goes back to kitchen.
Usha is in kitchen.
Kunj changes his mind and thinks I will first disclose it to Mummy and then to Papa. Manohar see him going to kitchen.
Manohar: Kunj, Aao, samosa khalo…Muje to ye khane nahi degi… (Kunj, Come, sit and have samosa. She won’t let me eat a single piece.)
Twinkle smiles and leaves from there.
Kunj after having samosa and chit chatting with Manohar leaves to kitchen.
Kunj thinks.” Maa ko to bata hi dunga, phir sochenge papa ko kaise batana hai… (I will tell it to Mummy first. Then will think of how to inform Papa)”
Kunj reaches near kitchen. He doesn’t go inside as Twinkle is there with Usha. He decides to observe Twinkle for a while.

Twinkle: Kaam baad me kiya kero… vo juice kab se rekha hua hai… (Have your juice first and then do the work)
Usha: baad me pee lungi… Kunj ke liye pakode banane hai. Ye sab usse Mumbai me kahan milta hoga… (I will drink it later. I am preparing pakodas for Kunj.)
Twinkle: Aunty, Ye baat ache se samajlo… vaise to aap mujse umar me badi hai…to technically muje aap se advice leni chahiye… (Aunty, Listen to me first. You are elder to me. So technically you should give advice to me. ) But never mind…
Usha (laughing): ji samjayiye….
Twinkle: Ye har housewife ke liye hai. Husband aur bachon ke dhyaan rekhne ke chakkar me apna health ka dhyaan rekhna,apne liya jeena bhul jaate ho. Phir baad me jab bachon ko aur husband ko time nai rehta tab realize kerte ho ki apne liye to kabhi jiya hi nahi.
(This is for every housewife. You take care of your husband and kids. But while fulfilling this, you start forgetting your interests and taking care of yourself. After sometime, when your husband and kids are busy with their own life then you are left alone. You will realize it that you never led a life for you.)

Usha (serious mood): Umar me tum choti ho. per bohut sahi baat kehi. Pehle jab ye office jaate, aur Yuvi, Kunj College aur office jaate te, to muje ek dam aisa hi lagta ta… Abhi to phir bhi tikh hai. Ab toh inki retirement ho gayi hai to ab ye saath hai.
(I agree you are younger to me. But whatever you said is correct. When Manohar, Kunj and Yuvi were busy with their offices and college respectively, I was left alone. But now it is fine. Manohar has taken retirement and now he has time for me)
Twinkle: Dekha… Chalo abhi juice piyo… (See… that’s what I said. Now have your juice)
Usha (laughing): Acha meri maa…
Usha drinks juice and is now trying to prepare pakoda.
Twinkle: Aunty, aapki hobby kya hai? (What is your hobby?)
Usha (with a smile): Kya hobby? Inke aur bachon ke kaam se kabhi phursat mile to sochu… (What hobby? I neve had time to think about it.)
Twinkle: Obviously. Everyone has. You also will have… Tell me na please….
Usha: Ye ladki bhi na…I used to do paintings in my early ages… After Kunj’s birth, I never had time for them. I stopped doing them.
Twinkle: See, This is what I was talking earlier. Why you stopped? You enjoy painting. So you should continue that. I will bring things for you…

Usha: I have forgotten everything. I can’t do it now. Don’t waste your money.
Twinkle: Okay, Let’s check it. Draw a sketch of mine. I will bring pencil and paper.
Usha: No…Twinkle
Twinkle (with style): Mere se na, pange na liya kero…Manohar Sarna, jinko dekh ke aapki beton ki halat kharab ho jaati hai, vo tak meri baat mante hai to aap kya cheez ho Usha Sarna…
Usha laughs out. Kunj is also smiling hearing her dialogues.
Twinkle gets a paper and pencil and forces her to do sketching. Usha prepares a beautiful portrait of Twinkle.
Twinkle: So… decided. Tomorrow I am going to bring all things and you will start painting. Take out some time for yourself Aunty…
Usha: Leave it, Twinkle. I won’t get time.
Twinkle (keeping her hands on waist): Jaise aapki bebe kehti hai na… Keh ditta to keh ditta…
Kunj keeps his hand on head: Ab to ho chucka… (Damn… We are finished now)
Usha: Wait a min. You have never met our bebe. She never came to Amritsar. Then how do you know about her and her style.
Twinkle realizes her mistake: You better start a detective agency than doing paintings ha… Uncle told me about it.

Kunj thinks and smiles. “Smart to hai meri Twinkle”.
Kunj went back to his room and thinks. “ Mummy papa usse yun pyaar de aur Twinkle unka aisa dhyaan rekhe yehi to main chahta ta.. Aur ab jab vo ho reha hai to me usse barbaad kerne jaa reha ta. Meri biwi ban ker jo pyaar aur dhyaan mummy papa ka usse rekhna ta vo aaj PG ban ker rekh rehi hai. Jo pyaar usse meri biwi aur iss ghar ki bahu ban ke milni chahiye, aaj vahi pyaar papa mummy usse PG samaj ke de rehe hai. Me kyu usse barbaad keru? Bas ye khushi aise hi rehne deta hu…
(I wanted Mummy Papa to love her like this as my wife. I wanted Twinkle to take care of my parents like this. Now she is getting the same love from my parents, not as my wife, but as a PG. This is what I always wanted, Twinkle taking care of my parents and my parents loving her as a daughter. Now that it is happening, why should I destroy that? I think I should not tell anything to anybody.)

Kunj calls Yuvi.
Yuvi: Kya bhai? Muje to aap bhul hi gaye… haa…You din’t even call me once? Kuch toh khaas hai aajkal Amritsar ke hawayon me jo aapko meri yaad na aayi… (There is something special going on in your life that you forgot me?)
Kunj: Don’t think you are too smart. I was about to call you yesterday only and bash you. But I have promised someone that I will not scold you. So I did not call you.
Yuvi (with a naughty smile): Someone… ha…Say hi to your someone bro…
Kunj: Enough now… I called you for something else. Listen to me.
Yuvi: Okay bhai.
Kunj: Teri bhabhi ko keh dena ki maine kuch Papa ko isliye nahi kaha kyunki muje taras aa gaya ta uspe…(Tell your bhabhi that I am not telling her truth to Papa just because I have sympathy for her.)
Yuvi: Ohh… Not because you still love her ha…
Kunj: I don’t love her anymore. Just tell your bhabhi

Yuvi: Jahan tak muje pata hai, aap Amritsar me ho, bhabhi se do kadam door; aur me Mumbai me. To ye kuch ajeeb nahi hai ki Mumbai se me ph keru aur aapka message du… (To the best of my knowledge, you are in Amritsar and just a door next to Twinkle. I feel a bit odd to call her and convey your message all the way from Mumbai. Don’t you?)
Kunj: Yuvi…Enough… Just infrom her.
Yuvi: Jaisi aapki aagya, Prabhu Ram…
Kunj smiles…
Twinkle is lying on bed and thinking of Kunj.She gets a call.
Twinkle: Haan Yuvi, bol
Yuvi: Kunj called me and asked me to tell you this.
Twinkle: Okay. So you have a message from Kunj. Tell me.
Yuvi: He told that he is not informing Papa or Mummy about your identity.
Twinkle: Ohh and what is the reason for his kindness?
Yuvi: He told that he has sympathy for you. But you clearly know what it is… He will never admit it.

They chat for some more time and then cut the call. After the call Twinkle thinks.
“I knew it that you won’t tell it to anybody. You love me to that extend that you are ready to keep me here as a PG so that Mummy Papa loves me just the way you wanted them to love me as your wife.”

Jisha 🙂

Credit to: Jisha

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