Tashan E Ishq (Tashan vs Love) Episode 18


Kunj before entering to Twinkle’s room next time, he checks where Usha and Manohar are. Usha is working in kitchen. Manohar has left to RT’s house.
Kunj quickly gets into Twinkle’s room and closes the door.
Twinkle: Kunj, tum ye kya ker rehe ho? (Why you closed the door?)
Kunj goes towards Twinkle.
Twinkle is walking backward: Look, I am warning you. I will shout.
Kunj comes closer to her and Twinkle tries to move behind but realizes that she has reached the wall and can’t go more.
Kunj is standing just next to her. She is trying hard to get out of him.
A knock at the door. Kunj gets baffled and closes her lips tightly with his hand.
Usha: Twinkle, Are you alright? I heard some noise in your room?
Kunj whispers in her ear. “Tell her that you are fine.” Twinkle makes expression that how can I talk when you have kept hand on my lips.

Kunj removing his hand whispers: Sorry
Twinkle: Ji aunty, I am fine.
Usha: Kunj has completed his shifting?
Twinkle: Ji Aunty. He has already left.
Usha leaves from there.
Kunj and Twinkle are just a breath away from each other. Kunj is looking at Twinkle. Twinkle is still tensed about Usha coming back and looking somewhere else. Kunj keeps her hair strands behind her ear with his hand. Now Twinkle is also looking at Kunj. They share an eyelock. Kunj makes her face more close to him. He leans towards Twinkle so that they are closer to each other. Twinkle closes her eyes. Kunj is about to kiss her.
Grrrr…Suddenly a sound from kitchen comes up. Usha is grinding something in mixer.
Twinkle and Kunj wakes up and moves apart from each other.
Kunj (hitting hard on his head): Focus… Kunj Sarna …Focus.
Twinkle is still standing near the wall and looking at somewhere else with a shy smile.
Kunj: Okay. Back to work. What are you doing here? Why have you come to Amritsar?
Twinkle also back in tashan.

Twinkle: tumhari vajah se beghar ho gayi hu to socha tumare hi ghar me aake rehu…. (I can’t stay in my house just because of you, so thought I will come and stay in your house.)
Kunj: What? Have you gone mad? Meri vajah se ghar se? (Why can’t you go to your house and that to because of me?)
Knock at the door.
Usha: Twinkle, Have you seen Kunj anywhere?
Kunj keeping his hand on head and whispers… “Ye mummy bhi na… Ek kaam dang se kerne nai deti, ya to mixer ya to knocking. Ab kya keru??”
(Ohh…God…She will never let us complete any work. Either her mixer or her knock at door has to interrupt. What to do now?)
Twinkle: No Aunty. He left that time only.
Usha: I don’t know where he went? I want to call him. My phone is switched off. Open the door. I want to call him from your mobile.
Twinkle: Ji aunty.
Kunj with his expression asks her what to do now. Twinkle makes him jump through the window.
Twinkle opens the door and Usha calls Kunj from her mobile. His mobile start ringing from the bed. Kunj standing outside the window is tensed and thinks how Twinkle is going to manage.
Twinkle (a bit worried): Aunty, I think Kunj left his mobile here while shifting…
Usha: Ye ladka bhi na…
Usha takes Kunj’s mobile and leaves.
Kunj is about to jump back and return to room. By then Usha comes back to ask something. Kunj realizes that right now he can’t talk to Twinkle. So he decides to go back to his room (Yuvi’s room).

Usha also leaves. Twinkle closes the door and checks Kunj at the window. She is relaxed now as Kunj has also left. Twinkle falls on bed and thinks. “Uff… ye maa bete ne halat kharab ker rekhi hai meri…”
After sometime Usha has returned Kunj’s mobile to him. She leaves to terrace for some work. Twinkle is going through the passage and suddenly a hand comes out from Yuvi’s room and pulls her inside and closes the door.
Kunj is tightly holding Twinkle so that she can’t move.
Twinkle: Tum ne kasam kha rekhi hai ki meri izzat ki laga ke rehoge. Agar aunty uncle ne hume aise dekhli to ho chukka… (If at all Aunty,Uncle comes and finds us like this, what will happen?)
Kunj: Mummy terrace pe hai aur Papa bahar gaye hai. Isse pehle ki koi aaye jaldi batao. (Mummy has gone to terrace for some work and Papa has went outside. Now you tell me?)
Twinkle (innocently): Kya? (What?)

Kunj: Dekh, zyada innocent banne ki khoshish mat ker.Agar tum yahan mere liye nahi aayi hai to phir kisliye aayi ho? (Don’t act smart with me. Okay. If you have not come here for me, then what is the reason?)
Twinkle (with a naughty smile): Tumare parents ne muje reject kiya to socha unne bomb se uda dete hai.. Kya kehte ho? (Your parents have rejected me and gave us so much pain. So thought of keeping a bomb in Sarna house, what’s say?)
Kunj (With anger): Twinkle, I am serious. Give me the answer.
Kunj: You don’t want to tell me. Okay fine. This is my last warning. Leave from here tomorrow itself or else…
Twinkle: Or else what Kunj?
Kunj: I am going to tell them that you are the girl with whom I am in love with…I mean I was in..
Twinkle (with tashan): Go ahead Kunj. Rokka kisne hai. Muje bi dekhna hai ki tum kya kehte ho… (Sure, Kunj. I also want to see what you have to say…) Now will you please excuse me?
Twinkle leaves.

Kunj thinks “Bohut hua ye natak aur jhooth. Ye sab kerne ke baad bi tume sirf aasu hi milne vale hai. Isse behtar hai ki ye khel yehi khatam kere…
(Enough of drama and lies. I am done with it. There is no point in doing all this as Papa will never change his mind. It is better, I end this game today itself.)
Kunj decides. “Today I am going to tell everything about you and I am gonna end this game, Twinkle.”

Hi Friends,
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Credit to: Jisha

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