Tashan E Ishq (Tashan vs Love) Episode 17

Kunj and Twinkle both hear some voice and just look at it. (They both are still pointing fingers at each other, but looking at the place from where the noise was heard.)
Manohar and Usha are standing there and both are puzzled to see them like this.
Kunj and Twinkle (quickly stands straight and away from each other): Mar gaye…
Manohar: Beta, Twinkle ki koi galti nai hai.use kuch mat kehna.. Iss mamle me tumhari bi koi galti nai.. Sach pucho to Usha ne bi muje samjane ki khoshish ki ti. (Kunj, Please don’t fight with her. It is not her fault. From your point of view,you are 100 % correct. Even Usha tried to convince me.)
Kunj: Papa, me..
Manohar: pehle mere baat sunto lo beta… Jo kuch bi hua hai, sab meri vajah se hua hai..Jo kehna hai muje kaho…. (Kunj, Let me talk first. Whatever has happened is just because of me. I am at fault. Take out your frustration on me, but leave them)
Kunj (whispers to Twinkle): Maan gayi meri jaan tumko… Papa sorry bol rehe hai vo bi tume reject kerne ke liye. Muje nai pata ta tum itne short period me ye kamaal ker dogi…ek baar pinch ker muje, kahi me sapna to nai dekh reha hu…(Salute to you, my love… Papa is telling sorry for rejecting you. I didn’t know that you could make him realize his mistake in such a short period…Just pinch me once)
Twinkle: Kunj, sun to lo ki kya keh rehe hai… (Kunj, Just listen to Papa first.)
Manohar: Actually she was ready to stay here as PG only if it is a spacious room. Usha denied giving this room and Twinkle was ready to leave and search new house. I insisted her to stay back in your room.
Kunj (only to Twinkle): Le…
Twinkle: What le…
Usha makes a sign to Manohar. Manohar takes Kunj to his room.
Usha: Sorry Twinkle, aate hi tum donon ki ladai ho gai. Sab uss yuvi ki galti hai. Ek baar inform kiya ho ta to aisa kuch nai hota. (So sorry, Twinkle. Kunj started fighting with you. It is all Yuvi’s mistake. He could have informed us earlier that Kunj is coming)
Twinkle: That’s okay aunty. I will shift my things to yuvi’s room. It is just that Kunj directly started fighting with me. (Says so to justify what Usha and Manohar has seen while coming)
Usha: I know beta. He is very much possessive about his room. He never lets yuvi sleep there. So when he saw some unknown girl using his room as her own, probably he couldn’t control…
Twinkle: It’s ok aunty. I will shift my things to yuvi’s room.

At Manohar’s room

Manohar: Twinkle needed a spacious room. And…
Kunj(pretends to be miffed): Papa, you have already told this.
Manohar: I know you can’t tolerate someone using your room. I will ask Twinkle to shift to yuvi’s room. She already agreed to it at the time of agreement. So don’t worry.
Manohar is about to leave.
Kunj: Papa, it is ok. I will shift to yuvi’s room.
Manohar comes to hall and announces that Kunj is shifting to yuvi’s room.
Kunj goes to yuvi’s room with his luggage.

At dinner table

Manohar, Usha and Kunj are there at the dining table. Kunj is eagerly waiting for Twinkle to come.
Kunj thinks “Jaldi aao Twinkle, Nazar bhar ke to dekh bhi nai paaya tume subah ladai ke chakker me”
Manohar and Usha start dinner. Kunj is worried about Twinkle. But he can’t express it in front of everyone.
Kunj: Vo aapki PG kahan pe hai? Kya naam ta uska..Nak… (Where is your PG? What’s her name? I forgot?)
Usha: Twinkle? You can call her Twinkle. Vo to chali gayi. (She already left)
Kunj (loud and tensed): Chali gayi? AIse kaise chali gayi? Ek baar milke bhi nai gai. Aur mummy aapne usse itni raat ko jaane kaise diya? (Left? How can she leave like that? She didn’t even meet me once? And Mom how could you allow her to go out at night?)
Usha: Relax. Ab kya vo job pe jaate time tere se permission le ke jaayegi. (You want her to take permission from you before going to office?)
Kunj: Job pe? (Office?)
Manohar: Uska night shifts chal reha hai. (She is in night shift) So cab comes at the door step. It is quite safe.
Usha: Vaise Kunj, mana vo tere room me rehti hai, per teri bossgiri uspe nai chalegi.. Soch le, vo Yuvi nai hai. (Kunj, She lives in your room doesn’t mean that she has to take permission from you. She is not Yuvi. Don’t show your bossgiri towards her like how you show it to Yuvi.)
Kunj: Ji Mummy.
Kunj relaxes and have food.

At Manohar’s Bedroom

Manohar: Good that everything got sorted out so well. The moment Kunj said that let Twinkle stay in my room, I was so relaxed.
Usha: What? Kunj suggested it? I thought you convinced him.
Manohar: No, he only suggested.
Usha: Kunj apna room Yuvi ke saath share nai kerta, aur ek anjaan ladki ko, aise hi de diya. Kuch to gadbad hai. (Kunj doesn’t share his room with Yuvi. He gave his room to an unknown girl just like that. Something fishy…)
Manohar: Offo…Chivalry bhi koi cheez hoti hai na.. Ab apni jasoosi inpe na shuru ker dena… Yaad hai na kaise Yuvi aur Twinkle ka affair ke chances bol rehe te tum. Phir kya hua? (There is something called Chivalry.Don’t start again.You felt something fishy at the time when Yuvi came here.)
Usha just recollects her wrong calculations about Yuvi – Twinkle affair. So she stops thinking about Kunj giving his room to Twinkle and goes for sleep.
Next day morning Kunj is frustrated because he couldn’t meet Twinkle or talk to her. Usha is preparing food in kitchen.
Kunj: Mummy, Don’t tell me till now your PG has not come home.
Usha: She is already there in room. I guess she came at 4.00am. What’s your problem?
Kunj: My things are there in cupboard. I want them back. I was waiting for her from yesterday night. Enough now. I am going and taking my stuff.
Usha: Kunj, Please understand beta. She came back from night shift and is sleeping. I think you should not disturb her. Aaj Saturday hai to I think lunch ke time tak sone wali hai. She will come for lunch. You can take whatever you want post lunch.
Kunj: Okay. I will wait for today. So everyday I will have to wait for her to come and post lunch only I can take whatever I need. What is this?
Usha: From Monday, she has a day shift. So there will be no issues. By the way, why you have to go to her room everyday. You shift your things today itself.
Kunj realizes what he just said: Ji mummy.
Kunj, Twinkle, Usha and Manohar are having lunch. Kunj is looking Twinkle furtively so that Usha and Manohar can’t make out. Twinkle is not at all bothered about anything and is having her lunch.
Usha: Twinkle,
Kunj immediately stops his sneak peak and pretend to be a good boy.
Usha: Kunj’s dresses are there in the cupboard. He wanted to shift those things post lunch. I have some work in kitchen post lunch. But if you want me to be there in your room, while Kunj is shifting his things then I will do the work later.
Twinkle: No aunty, it is fine. You do your work. I don’t have any issues in Kunj coming to my room for shifting things.
Post lunch
Kunj is shifting his things to Yuvi’s room. Twinkle is sitting in bed and singing a song.
“Jo mera hai woh tera hai…
Jo tera hai woh mera…
Jo mera hai woh tera hai..
Jo tera hai woh mera….(Airtel song)”
Kunj first ignores her for sometime and then stops shifting things and go near to Twinkle.
Kunj: Dekh, Zyada itra mat. Ye mera room hai, mera bed hai aur ye mera cupboard hai.. Courtsey soch ke diya hai tuje.
Twinkle (with style): Ji nahi Mr. Kunj Sarna…Ye tumhara ta.. AB… Ye mera room hai, mera bed hai aur ye mera cupboard hai..So pleaseeee… if you are done with your shifting, leave my room… (She emphasizes on word ‘my room’)
Kunj leaves the room with anger and then peeps from the door…
Kunj: I am not done with shifting. I will be back soon, I will see you then.
Twinkle: With pleasure, Kunj….

Hey Friends,
Hope you guys are enjoying my ff.I think this episode is a bit lengthy one. Please bear with me. Please comment so that I can know your views.
Love you all.

Jisha 🙂

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