Tashan E Ishq (Tashan vs Love) Episode 16


Sarna house, Amritsar.

A young handsome dashing guy wearing a denim blue jeans and white T-shirt gets down from the Taxi. Driver takes out his luggage. After paying, he heads towards the gate. He removes his goggles and just looks at Sarna house. He keeps the googles in his T-shirt.
Kunj Sarna, he is looking damn handsome in white T-shirt and blue jeans. He walks (in style as usual) towards door.He reaches the door and opens it with key. (Yuvi has already informed him that everyone has gone for lunch plus he has an extra key with him).
He opens the door and enters house and just look around the house.

“Long time, missed you home.” Keeping his bag near by sofa, he sits and relaxes for sometime.
After sometime, he heads towards his room. Room is locked.
He thinks. “Locked? May be mom has kept my room locked so that Yuvi or anyone else can’t enter. Thank you mummy. Love my privacy.”
He opens the door with key and closes the door and just directly falls on to his bed. He goes into a small nap (He doesn’t carefully look at the room.)

Twinkle comes out from bathroom wrapping herself in a white bathtowel. She is singing a song.
Hulchul hui… zara shor hua…
dil chor hua… teri orr hua…

Hulchul hui… zara shor hua…
dil chor hua… teri orr hua…

Aisi chale jab hawa…
Ishq hua hi hua…
Exactly when she is singing “Aise chale jab hawa…Ishq hua hi hua…” Kunj wakes up and looks at her. Twinkle saw him at that moment only.
Kunj quickly gets up from bed and stand in front of her: Tum…?
Twinkle: Tum kab aaye? (When did you come?)

Twinkle along with asking him, is looking at his eyes and just having a glance of Kunj.
Kunj forgot to answer her and is just looking at her. Her cute face,beautiful eyes which have thousand complaints to be answered, red rosy lips and her wet hair from which one or two water droplets are falling on her naked neck and shoulder. She was looking stunning without any make up. She remained the epitome of purity and simplicity.
Kunj murmured (still looking at Twinkle) “I couldn’t have asked for more.”
Twinkle just breaks the eyelock: Excuse me… What did you just say?
Kunj (wakes up fom his thoughts): Nothing.

Twinkle: Are you like checking me out? Don’t forget, I am not your girlfriend anymore.
Kunj: I am so sorry.
Kunj leaves from room. Twinkle closes the door and takes out dress to change. For no reason, (but we all know the reason) she keeps back the first dress and then checks all her dresses and takes out the best dress.

Kunj is sitting in sofa and waiting for Twinkle. He heard a voice of bangles and turn back.
Twinkle is wearing a red top and black long skirt. She is wearing white stone studded black metallic bangles. She has not done any make up except a simple bindi, which looks like a small water droplet. She was looking gorgeous in her open hairs.
Kunj: Tum? Yahan kyu aayi ho? (How come you are here?)
Twinkle (with a cunning smile): Hi, Nakshatra…Nakshatra Nambiar. I stay here as PG.
Kunj (with an angry look): Twinkle….?Ohh…So you are that sweety who saved Papa. Iss Yuvi ki to me…

Kunj is about to call Yuvi.
Twinkle grabs his mobile from his hand.
Twinkle: Yuvi ko kuch mat bolna…Uski koi galti nai hai (Don’t scold him. He didn’t do anything)
Kunj: Ohh really…He hided the truth from me.
Kunj tries to snatch mobile from her. Twinkle hides mobile behind.Kunj pulls her by waist and tries to take out mobile.They share an eyelock.
Kunj: Vo mera bhai hai. (He is my brother). I can yell at him.
Twinkle (looking into his eyes): To ye mat bhulo ki vo mera devar bi hai… (He is my brother in law. Don’t forget that too…)

Kunj leaves her and moves back: Twinkle, tum samaj nai rehe ho.Jo raasta tumne chuna hai vahan sirf tume dard hi milega. (You do not understand me. The path you have chosen, will always give you pain.)
Twinkle: Aur tume aisa kyu lagta hai? (Why do you think so?)
Kunj: Papa nai manenge yaar…me janta hu..Vapas ek aur baar ek ummed ka diya jalake rekhe, aur phir usse bi bujna hi hai, to hum jalaye hi kyu… (Papa won’t agree yaar. Again we will start having a hope and then you realize nothing is going to happen. I don’t want you to go through that pain again. Please understand and leave Amritsar as soon as you can.
Twinkle (cunningly): So you think I am here to gain you back in your life?
Kunj: what else then?

Twinkle: Kushfehmi hai tumhari. (In your dreams Kunj…)
Kunj: Then tell me why you came here.
Twinkle: Do you think I owe an answer to you now
Kunj (pointing finger at her and looking into her eyes): Don’t act smart with me. Okay…
Twinkle (pointing finger at him and looking into his eyes): I will…

Precap: And the tashan begins…

Credit to: Jisha

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