Tashan E Ishq (Tashan vs Love) Episode 15


At home

Now that the problems are solved, Yuvi has decided to go back to Mumbai. He is packing his bags. Twinkle is coming back from job.
Twinkle: To… mission bhabhi bachana ho gaya hai to tum jaa rehe ho. Hai na… (So now that ‘Mission Save Bhabhi’ is successfully completed, you have decided to leave ha…)
Yuvi (with a smile): Yes. I will leave tomorrow. Thought I will keep things packed today itself.
Twinkle: Good. Thanks for helping me in every possible way.
Yuvi: Twinkle, I wanted to ask you something. Is it true that you have left home? Or was it just a made up story?
Twinkle: Amma and Achan (my parents) thought that I am in love with a fraud or this guy is gonna exploit me. They decided to take me from Mumbai. I was trying to reach in touch with Kunj. But his phone was switched off. I was left with no other option than eloping. I left home with a note stating that I am leaving. I have messaged him the entire thing as his phone was switched off.
Next day he picked my call and said Dad can’t accept you as his bahu…So it’s over…I was shattered.
I felt cheated. I felt like whatever my parents were talking was true. I left my home, my parents just for this guy n his love…And what he gave me in return…He could not even utter a word against his dad about our relation. He knew that I have left home and now can’t go back. But he chose to be silent. I can’t trust your brother anymore.
Yuvi is shocked.
Twinkle: Anyways, leave it. Nowadays I don’t think of it.
Twinkle leaves.
Yuvi thinks. “I am sure Kunj can’t do that. He loves Twinkle to the core till today and he will never do this to her. I think there is a misunderstanding between these two. I will talk to him when he comes to Mumbai.”
Next day Yuvi leaves to Mumbai.

One week later at Yuvraj’s college.

Yuvi is sitting and thinking of something in college canteen. Gautam joins him.
Gautam: Oyye, itna kya devdas bana baita hai? (Hey, what happened dude?)
Yuvi: Devdas aur main? Never ever. Family issues. Leave it. You won’t understand. It’s complicated.
Gautam: Understood. It’s about your bhai and bhabhi ha… Ohh by the way, I forgot to ask you. Kunj is back from Australia?
Yuvi: Yes. He came day before yesterday.
Gautam: Keep the tensions aside. Bhai ke Australlian dollars pe ek treat to banti hai yaar…
Yuvi (smiles): Okay, Order whatever you want. It’s my treat.
Gautam orders for both of them.
Yuvi (winks): Dollars bhai ke hai per ye na bhulna ki peth tera hai…
Snacks have come and they both start eating.
Gautam: Now tell me. What happened?
Yuvi: I just want Kunj and Twinkle to be together.
Gautam: So you told me that day that you are going to ask Kunj about whatever Twinkle told about their break up. What did Kunj say?
Yuvi: Kahan yaar… Twinkle ke T, aur bhabhi ke bha kehne se pehle uska dialogue aa jata hai. Kitni baar kahan hai uss bare me muje baat nahi kerni. (No yaar.Whenever I start talking to him about Twinkle, He will say how many times I have told you that I don’t want to talk on this matter.)
Yuvi takes a pause to drink water and then continues.
Yuvi: You have no idea man, how many times I have tried to talk to him in last 2 days. He always has a standardized dialogue. “Jis gali se jana nahi, uska pata puchne se kya faida”.
Gautam: Ohh to tu kuch nai ker paya… Aiwayi dinge mar raha ta ki bhai aur bhabhi ko to me ek kerke rehunga… (That means you couldn’t do anything. You were just boasting of that I am going to bring them together and all ha…)
Yuvi: I am Yuvraj Sarna… You have no idea what I have planned for them.
Gautam: What? What have you done?
Yuvi (in style): First you tell me what’s the time now?
Gautam: it is 11.30 Am. Itna kya bhav kha reha hai. Jaldi bolana… (Why are you showing attitude? Tell me now)
Yuvi: Patience my friend patience….Hero ki entry hai…Thoda bhav khana to banta hai boss… (I can’t translate this to English. I hope you all understand these lines in Hindi itself).
Gautam (with a smile): Okay.
Yuvi: As per my calculation, Mr. Kunj Sarna has reached Amritsar and right now he probably is hiring a cab to go to home.
Gautam: Ohh… So you have informed Twinkle?
Yuvi (cunningly): No one knows that Kunj is reaching Amritsar today. Sameway Kunj also doesn’t know that Twinkle is there.
Gautam: What’s the big deal in it? This is your so called much hyped plan?
Yuvi (smirks): I have asked RT uncle to call my parents at their house for a lunch. So my parents are not at home. Twinkle won’t go to there as it will be an awkward situation to meet Cherry. So Twinkle is alone at home, I mean at the time when Kunj is gonna enter.
Gautam: Awesome yaar. Are you sure it will work out?
Yuvi: Obviously. People who are deeply in love, generally at their first meeting after a long time and that to if they are alone at home, will forget all the bad memories and start romancing.
I know, I know you are thinking that I am a genius…You don’t have to tell me that…
Gautam: Duffer, It happens with normal people. Do you think your bhai and bhabhi are normal? Kuch ulta ho gaya to? (What if something odd happens?)
Yuvi: Ohh shit… Both Kunj and Twinkle are antic pieces. I didn’t think of that yaar.
Gautam: Chill yaar. Nothing will happen. Everything will happen as per your plan only. Don’t worry.
Yuvi: What chill? Insaan ki puri positivity ki wat lagadi and now you are asking me to chill. I hope everything goes well…

Precap: You guys know what it is 😉

Credit to: Jisha

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