Tashan E Ishq (Tashan vs Love) Episode 14


Kunj calls Usha and makes her understand that Yuvi is not in a relationship and is staying back to take care of Manohar.

Next day at dinner table

Everyone is enjoying food except Yuvi as he knows that Manohar is about to discuss the proposal. Usha signs Manohar to start talking.
Manohar: Twinkle, What do you think about Cherry?
Twinkle (making innocent face): He is a nice guy, well mannered.
Usha: What about RT and Leela?
Twinkle: They both are really nice people. Especially RT uncle, he was always there when I was in need at hospital. I really like them.
Yuvi is making faces at Twinkle and wondering why Twinkle is behaving like this.
Manohar: I will come to the point rather than beating around the bush. Actually RT and family really like you. Cherry has seen you twice or thrice during last 2 weeks and is interested in you. So RT has asked me to know what you think about this marriage proposal.
Twinkle: Cherry is a well educated, well mannered and a successful business man. Moreover Tanejas are one of the reputed families in Amritsar. RT uncle and Leela aunty both are lovely people. Any girl would love to be part of that family.
Twinkle takes a pause to drink water. Manohar and Usha are happy as they think that it is a ‘yes’ from Twinkle.
Yuvi is worried and thinks “Ohh god, ye keh kya rehi hai? Kehi aisa to nai ki bhai se jo break up ka khunnas hai vo cherry ka rishta accept kerke nikalegi…Inn donon ka koi bharosa nai hai… Na bhai ka aur na bhabhi ka…Muje hi kuch kerna padega.
(God, what is she talking? Is she going to say yes to Cherry just to take revenge to Kunj? I can’t trust both of them (Kunj and Twinkle.) I think I should do something.)
Twinkle is about to say something. By then Yuvi interrupts.
Yuvi: Twinkle, You don’t have to answer it today. You think on it and later take a decision. It is about your entire life. You can’t trust people just by having 2 or 3 meetings. People always show their good side while meeting someone new.
Usha is miffed with Yuvi and looks at him in anger.
Manohar: Yuvi, let her talk.
Twinkle: But for me, it is a different case. I am not going to get married to anyone. So there is no point in discussing this proposal. Please make RT uncle understand that I have nothing against him or Cherry.
Yuvi takes a deep breath and now is relaxed. A cute smile is there in his face. Yuvi is now concentrating on his food.
Manohar: But there should be some reason to reject the proposal. You only told me that any girl would love to be part of that family.
Yuvi: Papa, it is her life. That’s her decision.
Usha: Yuvi…? Twinkle, Please tell me what exactly the reason is.
Twinkle: Okay. If you insist… I am deeply, madly in love with a person. Or I should say I was. I had complete faith in him that he will never leave me. I had to leave my family behind for him at a particular situation. So I left my family and was expecting him to stand by me. But he had many other things which were more important than me. So that’s it. I moved on and started working here. But still I won’t be able to get married to anyone else. Vo nahi to koi aur nahi.
Manohar: Beta, Ek aisa ladka, jisne tumara saath nai diya, uske liye intezaar kerna kahan ki akalmandi hai. (Do you think that boy is worth waiting?)
Twinkle: Who said I am waiting for him. It is just that I can’t see anyone else in his place.
Usha: I think you should forget him and move on. It is your turn to show him that there are much more important things in your life than him.
Yuvi keeping his hand on his head. “Arrey yaar, Usne mana ker di to ab inka emotional drama shuru. Apni bahu ko apne hi bete ko cheat kerne ki advice de rehe hai. Wah re family…”
(Now that she has denied the proposal, these people have started their emotional drama. They are trying to convince their own daughter in law to cheat on their son. What a family….)
Yuvi: Mummy Papa, We can’t interfere, that’s her life, her choices and her decisions. We should respect it.
Manohar: Yuvi, shut your mouth. We have seen life more than you guys. So it is our duty to make sure that our kids are going in the correct path.
Yuvi thinks (now he is frustrated).” Ye bhi sahi hai. To phir bidaai bi kera do apni bahu ka doli me bita ker.” (Fine, Then with your so called experience of life get your daughter in law married to someone else.)
Manohar: Twinkle, I think you should not miss this proposal. This is a proposal any girl would wish for. This love and all would last for few months and you are going to regret that you wasted your life on a looser.
Yuvi again thinking (as he can’t speak now) “Chalo ab yehi baki reh gaya ta. Apne hi bete ko looser bolo. (Calling your own son a looser was only left out. Now that’s also done.)”
Twinkle: Uncle, I have made my mind. I can’t forget him. It doesn’t matter whether we are together or not and even he is thinking of me or not. I can’t get married to anyone else not now, not after few years, not in my entire life.
Usha: But beta…
Twinkle: I am done with the discussion and dinner, Please excuse me.
Twinkle leaves from there.
Yuvi thinking “Thank god aapne muje bacha liya. Muje to laga ta ye log muje ‘Lo chala me apni bhabhi ki doli lekar…’ [Hum aapke hain kaun song yuvi version] gavate. “
“I thought these people are gonna make me sing ‘Lo chala me apni bhabhi ki doli lekar…’ [Hum aapke hain kaun song yuvi version]. Thank god you saved me.”
Next day Manohar and Usha has gone for check up with RT. They inform RT about Twinkle’s decision. RT gracefully accepts her decision.

Credit to: Jisha

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