Tashan E Ishq (Tashan vs Love) Episode 13

Next day at Camberwell, Melbourne.

Kunj: Haan mummy, Papa tikh hai? Aap ne office time me call kiya matlab kuch to serious baat hai. (Hello Mummy How is Papa? You have called me at office timing. That means there is an emergency.)
Usha: Papa is fine. Don’t worry Kunj.I wanted to talk to you about Yuvi.
Kunj: Yuvi?? What happened to him? He reached Mumbai?
Usha: He actually was supposed to leave yesterday. But cancelled the tickets and stayed back saying faculty issues at college. I got a call from his friend saying he told them that he has some urgent work to be completed. Actually RT bhai saab has got a marriage proposal for our PG. From that time he is restless. I think that’s why he cancelled his tickets. I have seen him talking to her and trying to convince her in garden. Ohh I forgot to tell her name.
Kunj: Mummy, relax…I know her name. Yuvi at hospital told me that her name is Sweety. That day itself, he seemed very impressed with her. But rather than love for her, I felt he respects her. Are you sure he is in love with her?
Usha (Thinks): Ohh to sab ke saamne Twinkle bulata hai aur akele me sweety. Acha hai kam se kam bhai ko to bataya. Bade bhai ki to padi hai nai hai iss ladke ko. (Ohh.That means he calls her Twinkle in front of everyone and Sweety when they are alone. At least I am relieved that he informs it to Kunj. But Yuvi is not at all concerned about his brother.)
Kunj: Mummy, Are you there?
Usha (wakes up from thinking): Ha
Kunj: I think there is a serious confusion. Yuvi, unlike me is more practical. I don’t think he will even think of falling for anyone after seeing my life.
Usha: No. I am sure about this.
Kunj: Okay, You just relax. I will talk to him and make him realize what he is doing. Right now I am in office and will talk to him later.

Fraser Place (Hotel), Exploration Lane, Melbourne city

Kunj has come back from office. He is analyzing what his mother has told and whether Yuvi can do this.
Kunj (in mind): Pehle hota to man bhi jata ki vo kisi se pyaar ker sakta hai. Per ab meri aur twinkle ki halat dekh ke bechara pyaar shabd se bhi bhagta hai. Vo aisa kuch ker hi nai sakta aur vo bi sirf 10 din me. (If he loved someone earlier, I can understand. But now after seeing me and Twinkle in so much pain, he will never even think of love. I am sure he won’t do that and that to in just 10 days.) Impossible. Anyways I will confront him just for the sake of mummy.
Kunj calls Yuvi.
Yuvi: Hi bro, Tune kuch to life me acha kiya hoga jo tuje mere jaisa bhai mila hai. (You must have done something good in life to get me as your brother.) You have no idea bro, what I am doing for you.
Kunj: Chal, filmy dialogue marna band ker. (Stop these cheesy lines.)
Yuvi: I have cancelled my tickets, I lied to mummy, and I am missing my classes. All because of you brother. I was supposed to be there in Mumbai chilling with my friends. But I chose to stay back here for you. As I always say, “Anything for you brother.”
Kunj: I already know you have cancelled the tickets and lied to mummy about faculty issues at college.
Yuvi: How do you know? Ohh.understood. Papa to papa ab mummy bi jasoosi kerne lagi hai. (Earlier it was Papa, and now Mummy has also started detective agency.)
Kunj: Better you tell me what’s going on there.
Yuvi: I was just helping out T… (Then realizes he can’t say anything about Twinkle). I was just making sure that Papa is completely fine. I will go from here once Papa is fully fit and fine. I lied to mom about class coz they both will feel bad if I am missing studies for papa.
Kunj: Fine. But what you were telling that you are doing all this for me. You are doing it for our parents.
Yuvi hits him hard and thinks how he can do such blunders.
Yuvi (thinking while talking): You just said it. Our parents. They are our parents. You are also supposed to come and take care of him. I know right now you can’t because you are on official trip which is understood. But I am sure you are not going to come even after your return to India as you are upset with Papa. So…now I am making up for your love and care.
Kunj: Thanks yaar. But you are wrong. I am taking leave for 10 days soon after joining Mumbai office and will come to there. Don’t tell this to anyone. As of now, leave is not approved.
Yuvi: Sure bhai. Okay. Bye then.
Kunj: Wait, I would say you just stay away from that Sweety.
Yuvi: Sweety? (Yuvi is thinking who Sweety)
Kunj: Yes, Mummy has found you both together at the garden. I think she has seen you both talking there. She could not hear anything, was telling me that you were trying to convince Sweety. She has connected your lies, your cancellation of tickets and is in a conclusion that you both are in love.
Yuvi: What? Mummy bi naa…
Kunj: You take care. I will reach Mumbai next week.
Yuvi: Okay bro. I will join you there.

Yuvi thinks “Laxman aur Sita ki affair. Creativity ki bhi hadd hoti hai Mom…”

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  1. Jisha tu na savh mai.matlab kya likhti hai yaar.the epi was fab…ctd soon

    1. Thank you dreamer.
      I read ur ff. It is awesome. I read part 1-5 in 1 shot.loved it.But I cud just find till part 5. U have posted part 6?

  2. Last line ws jst awesome…….dear I couldn’t resist myself from laughing…………oh my god?….great epi…keep writing………

  3. The episode was mind blowing, super duper hit. And, the dialogues.. everything was soo funny.. and, especially the last dialogue..??? I was laughing my heads off.. loved it to the core.

  4. Wooow yaar…Fabulous episode

  5. super duper hit episode ????????
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    1. I will try.Not promising coz I have not yet started the episode and have some personal work today.

  11. Hey! Well m a silent reader but this episode was amazing AF.
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    And dialogues, Damn they r serious hits.
    Keep writing.
    Good luck.

  12. Hey Jisha
    I was really waiting for the episode
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    1. Thank you.. sure. I will.

  13. Hahahhaha last lune n yunj convo was suprb whoke episode was suprb loved it jisha

  14. it was wonderful epi
    and last line was very hillarious
    creativity ki bhi hadd hoti hai jisha

    1. Thank you so much Fiona… luved ur comment.

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  16. Happy to hear that everyone enjoyed it… thank you all..

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