Tashan E Ishq (Tashan vs Love) Episode 12


As promised to Mini,updating second episode for the day.

Usha also leaves from the room and Manohar is lying on bed and thinking about what RT has just said.
Usha comes to Yuvi’s room and finds him unpacking.
Usha: Why are you unpacking them?
Yuvi: I got a call from Gautam that due to some faculty issues, college is closed for now. He will inform me whenever college is reopening.
Usha leaves.

At night
Manohar: I think RT was right. I should not judge people by their caste or community. Whatever he said was correct. I will call him tomorrow.
Usha: Thank god you understood. Ye akal thodi pehle aa jati to na hame hamara beta khona padta aur na usse apna pyaar. (If you would have understood it earlier, we wouldn’t have lost our son and he wouldn’t have lost his love.)
Next day Manohar talks to RT and decides that he will discuss the proposal with Twinkle. Yuvi overhears it.
Yuvi: Mummy, What is going on here?
Usha: RT bhai saab has a marriage proposal for Twinkle. Cherry is interested in her.
Yuvi: What?
Manohar: Yes. He has asked me to know what her opinion about Cherry is. Usha, I think we should convince her for this marriage. Cherry is a perfect match for her.
Yuvi: Oh god…You guys are mad…
Yuvi leaves. Manohar goes out for some work. Yuvi walks restlessly and comes back to Usha.
Yuvi: Mummy, Cherry is not a good partner for Twinkle. You know how she is.
Usha: Have you gone mad? We know Cherry from his childhood. He doesn’t need your character certificate. Moreover RT and Leela are ready to accept her as their daughter in law.
Yuvi (murmurs): Arrey yaar, Yehi to rona hai. Apni hi bahu ke liye rishta leke aaye ho aur uper se uska rishta pakka kerne ke liye mare jaa rehe ho…Kaise samjau inhe… (Ohh god…What to do now. These people have brought marriage proposal for their own daughter in law and are trying hard to get her married to him. What should I do now?)
Usha doesn’t hear him. But from his face expression, she understood that he was not happy with the proposal.
Usha: What’s your problem?
Yuvi (frustrated): Nothing
He leaves from there.
Twinkle comes back from office and is chatting with Usha. Yuvi comes there and signs her to come out as he wants to talk to her. Twinkle doesn’t understand and is trying to ask him, along with trying to hide her expression from Usha. Twinkle gets a message. It is from Yuvi.
“Come out. I need to talk to you urgently.”
Twinkle makes some excuse and leaves from there. Usha feels something fishy.
Usha gets a call from Gautam.
Gautam: Namasthey Aunty, I am Gautam, Yuvi’s college friend. Actually he called me yesterday that he is not coming to college for some more days. He didn’t say anything. Is everything alright there? He just said he has to finish some urgent work.
Usha (doubtfully): Everything is alright.Yuvi have some urgent works of Manohar to do. That’s it. Thanks for calling.
Twinkle and Yuvi are at the garden.
Twinkle: Yuvi, Hadd hoti hai bachpane ki. Agar aunty ne dekhli hoti to pura plan choppad ho jata. (How can you be so childish? You know you could have spoilt my plan by this childish behavior.) Tell me now. What’s the matter?
Yuvi: You know what has happened. Mummy, Papa, RT uncle and family are planning to make you get married to Cherry. I cancelled my tickets and I am missing my classes to protect you from them. And you are calling me childish?
Twinkle (laughs): For such a simple thing, you are getting worried. Big deal.
Yuvi: How can you take it so simply?
Twinkle: Let them come with proposal. Do you think I am going to say Okay Uncle; I am ready to get married to him. I have my own decisions. You just chill and go back to Mumbai for studies. I can protect myself and can handle these minor issues.
Yuvi: You do not understand my point, Twinkle. You don’t know my parents.
Twinkle: Correction. They don’t know me. I am waiting for them to come with proposal. I have my answers ready.
Twinkle leaves from there.
Yuvi thinks “You are underestimating them. If Papa can make Kunj forget his 5 years love for you by emotional blackmailing, then he can do anything. I will stay back here till it gets solved.”
Usha is watching them talking. She could not hear anything as she was far away from them. But from their body language, understood that Yuvi is trying to convince Twinkle for something and Twinkle denied it.
Usha: Wahe guru, ab me kya keru? Innka bhi koi bharosa nai hai. Abhi to mane huye ki south Indian ladkiyan achi bahu ban sakti hai, per isliye kyunki apne bete ke liye nai hai. Ab jab pata chalega ki Yuvi Twinkle ko pasand kerta hai, to waapas bawaal shuru ho jayega. Uper se abhi tabiyat bi tikh nai hai.
(Ohh God, What should I do now? Now only we had convinced Manohar that south Indian girls can be good daughter in laws. And that to he got convinced because it is not for his sons. How can I tell him that Yuvi loves Twinkle? He will start again those emotional tracks. I can’t tell him anything as he is not well.)
Usha: I think I should call Kunj. He is the only one who can help me out now.

Credit to: Jisha

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