Tashan E Ishq (Tashan vs Love) Episode 11

At Manohar’s room.

Manohar: I think you misunderstood Twinkle to be a Punjabi girl. Her actual name is Nakshatra Nambiar. She is a south Indian. Twinkle is her nick name.
RT: Of course I know that. She told me that when you were in hospital.
Manohar: Understood. Cherry is interested in her. He being your only child, you can’t deny his wish. Right?
Both the ladies are just listening to their talks. RT is about to say something. But Manohar interrupts.
Manohar: I can understand your situation. I have kept it as a secret, but I will tell you now as you are also going through the same phase which I went through. Kunj had an affair with a south Indian girl and was very serious about her. He said he can’t live without her. I convinced him that she can’t be our daughter in law as she doesn’t know anything about our culture.
Manohar speaks softly to RT so that the ladies can’t hear him: Thode bohut emotional tactics hai jo tuje use kerna padega. Phir dekhna kaise cherry khudi apne love ko flush kerdega. Ye auratein jab chai banana jaye to batata hun. (You will have to use some emotional tactics on Cherry. He himself will drop his love. I will tell you about them once these ladies leave for kitchen.)
Ladies notices that Manohar is whispering something to RT. So they end their gossips and start listening to them. Knowing that Manohar starts to speak in a normal tone.
Manohar: Man bhi le agar uski zidd pe aake tune shadi kera bhi di to kya hoga? Usse na hamari culture aati hai aur na Punjabi kudiyon ki tarah ghar sambhal na aayega. Aur to aur agar bacha hua to usse kya sanskaar degi… Ye sab bhi toh sochne wali baat hai na… (Just imagine that you make Twinkle get married to Cherry as per his wish. Then she doesn’t know Punjabi culture and how to get settled with this Punjabi family. And what about the next generation? If they have children, then what will be their upbringing? As parents, we have to see all perspective.)
RT: Kis zamane me jee rehe ho tum? Muje nai pata ta ki tumari soch itni choti hai. (I can’t believe this, You are so narrow minded.)
Manohar: RT,
RT: I heard you. Now let me talk. Twinkle tume aur usha ko apne maa baap ki tarah treat kerti hai aur pareshan ho jaati hai jab tum me se kisi ki tabiyat tikh na ho to. Mere liye to ye culture hai. Jab tum hospital me aur Usha casualty me the, tab ussne sab kuch akele sambhala aur tuje ye shakh hai ki vo ghar sambhal paayegi. (That south Indian girl treats you both like her own parents and get worried when one of you is not well. For me, that’s culture. She handled everything alone when you were in ICU and Usha in casualty and at that time your two Punjabi boys were not there. And you doubt on her about handling Punjabi household.)
Manoahr: I…Didn’t…
RT: Uss ladki ne apni parwah na kerke tere operation form me ye likh di ki vo teri bahu hai taki jald se jald operation start ker sake. Iss ek hafte me pura hospital staff or doctors usse tere bahu ke naam se jaante hai. Maanle kalko uski shaadi hone ko hai aur inme se koi vahan pe hai aur kisine use vahan teri bahu ke naam se pehchan li to… Kabhi kabhi duniya bohut chotti ho jaati hai Manohar. Phir bi ussne apni na sochke ek marte aadmi ki madat kerna zyada zaroori samja. Mere liye isse achi sanskaar mere pothon ko nai mil sakta.
(That south Indian girl signed the consent form as your daughter in law so that you get the treatment immediately. The entire hospital staff and doctors recognize her as your daughter in law now. What if she is going to get married to someone and one of these people are there and they reveal about this to everyone. She will be finished. Sometimes world becomes very small, Manohar. That girl didn’t even think about herself for a second and helped a dying patient. For me, my grand children can’t get a better upbringing than this.)
Usha: Very well said RT bhai Saab…I tried to make him understand this at the time of Kunj. But he just wanted a Punjabi daughter in law. And now Kunj stays at Mumbai and never comes to Amritsar. This is what we have got due to his emotional blackmailing.
RT: There is nothing called Punjabi, South Indian, Parsi and Gujarati. They all just have different way of rituals and customs. That’s it. We need to just observe how that person treats others. That shows their culture and sanskar rather than calculating it from the length of the sari or from the jeans which that girl has worn.
Manohar is just spellbound.
RT: One more thing, Manohar. I am saying this because you rejected a girl stating she is south Indian girl as if it is a negative point. If Twinkle, another south Indian girl was not there, then you would have left this world that day. You are sitting here alive and talking non sense about south Indian just because of a south Indian girl.
Leela interrupts as she feels that RT had said enough.
Leela: I think we should leave now. Cherry is waiting for us.
RT: Manohar, just have a rethinking on this matter. I want you to realize your mistake. We are still thinking of this proposal and will come on another day to talk about it.
RT and Usha leaves.

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  1. What a confrontation scene….superb jisha….

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    1. Thank you dreamer for such a sweet comment. Sure, I will read it.It is just that I am new to this telly updates. I joined TU on 21st may of this year. and got interested in some ff s and started wiriting this ff.

  4. Amazing confrontation..superb.

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    1. What should I say? Born in Kerala,Bought up in Gujarat. Worked in Pune for few years and was settled in Mumbai for 4 years and recently shifted to Banglore…Better to call Indian.I can say Twinkle has my surname.

  8. Amazing update

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  16. What a great answer by RT ………Manohar deserves more than this ….treating a person partially just because he or she belongs to different cultures…. all that people need to change their thoughts…..Ur doing a great job by breaking this myth… loved it

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