Tashan E Ishq (Tashan vs Love) Episode 10

Next day

Twinkle came back from Sarna house. Yuvi and Usha leaves to Sarna house (For readers, they go and take rest and freshen up turn by turn. Yuvi has not yet gone to home as he directly came to hospital and stayed back last night at hospital.)
Sarna house
Yuvi is about to open the house. By then some neighbour call Usha.
Usha: Open the door and get freshen up. They are here to ask about Manohar’s health. I will just go and meet them.
Yuvi: Make sure you come soon. I need to go back.
Yuvraj enters and is about to go to his room. He stops at the door and remembers that it is Twinkle’s room. He goes to Kunj’s room.
He just gets numbed by seeing the room.
Kunj’s photo is kept at the table nearby bed. Twinkle’s photo is also kept just next to it. Dressing table contains more of girly things like bangles, bindis etc than Men’s perfume and other boyish things. Cupboard contains half of the rack filled with Kunj’s dresses and the other with Twinkle. (Readers, remember, Twinkle told Usha to keep Kunj’s stuff there itself.)
Usha comes: We have given this room to Twinkle.
Yuvi wakes up from thought: You told me that you have given my room to her.
Usha: She agreed to us with the rent and our conditions. But her only condition was that she wants this spacious room. We tried to convince her to stay back in your room. She was about to leave. And we did not want to miss her. So gave this to her.
Yuvi: Bhai knows it?
Usha: I know how he is going to react. So we did not tell you both. Don’t tell him now.
Yuvi: I won’t. The day when he is going to come and see Twinkle in his room, either he will kill Twinkle or ……
Usha: Or?
Yuvi (realizes he can’t say that): Nothing. I will go to my room then.
Yuvi is back at hospital. Twinkle is sitting in Manohar’s room. Manohar is sleeping.
Yuvi quickly comes and hold her hand takes her out of the room.
Yuvi: Abbe yaaar, Tu hai kya cheez? (What are you up to? Twinkle….)
Twinkle looks puzzled.
Yuvi: Pehle muje laga ta ki in sabse kuch nai hoga. Per ab muje yakin hai ki tu jo kerne aayi hai na, vo to tu kerke rehegi. (Earlier I didn’t have much faith in you. But now I am sure you will make it happen for what you have come here for.)
Twinkle (smiles): Kyu? Ab aisa kya hogaya jo tuje mujpe yakin aa gaya? (Okay. But what happened now?)
Yuvi: Agar tu mere ghar me aake, mere mummy papa ke saamne (jinhone bhai ko tujse rishta rekne ko mana kiya hai, unke saamne), bhai ke kamre me aanke reh sakti hai to tu kuch bi ker sakti hai. (If you managed to stay in Kunj’s room in front of my parent who asked Kunj to stay away from you, then you can do anything.
Twinke smiles.
Yuvi: Ek salute to banta hai boss.
Yuvi salutes her.
Twinkle: Yuvi, hospital hai. Koi dekh lega. (What are you doing? Don’t forget you are at hospital.)
Both are laughing.
One week later
Manohar gets discharged. Manohar is taking rest.
Manohar: When your classes are starting?
Yuvi: It will start from day after tomorrow.
Manohar (with a tensed face): So you will leave tomorrow?
Yuvi: Don’t worry. I am not going anywhere. I will stay here till you are perfectly alright.
Manohar: it’s ok beta. I know your studies are important. I am okay now.
Yuvi: Okay. I will leave after 3 days. I have to check whether tickets are available.
Two days later Cherry (RT’s son) has come to visit Manohar. Yuvi comes from outside and sees that Cherry is leaving. Yuvi looks at him doubtfully. Yuvi goes to Usha
Yuvi: Mummy, What is Cherry doing here?
Usha: He came here to know about Manohar’s health.
Yuvi: Mummy, he came here for that 2 days back also. Don’t forget that one girl is also staying here. We have some responsibilities towards her.
Usha: Happy to hear that you know the word ‘responsibility’.
Yuvi: It’s not funny. Aakhir vo kisiki amanat hai.
Usha: Kiski?
Yuvi (realizes what he just said): Mummy, kisiki to amanat banegi na vo. I have some work.
He goes to his room and thinks “I don’t know why. But I feel something fishy in Cherry’s repeated visits.”
Next day RT and Leela come to Sarna house. Twinkle has gone for office. Manohar, Usha, RT and Leela are sitting in Manohar’s room. Yuvi is busy in packing bags as he has to leave for Mumbai today. RT enquires about Manohar’s health and next follow up date for check up.
RT: Manohar, I know this is not the right time to talk about these things. But I felt its better I discuss it with you than keeping it in our mind.
Manohar: Itna formal kyu ho reha hai? Why so formal?
RT: It is about Twinkle.
Yuvi is passing by and overhear RT talking about Twinkle.
Yuvi decides to stay there and listen what they are talking.
RT: We both are impressed with Twinkle. She is such a nice girl. Well mannered and well educated too. The way she handled the entire situation was impressive. So we were thinking of making her our daughter in law. Cherry also likes her. Actually we are here to ask a help from you. It would be great if you can discuss this proposal with her and get her reply.
Yuvi is tensed and goes back to his room. Yuvi is walking restlessly in his room.
Yuvi calls Gautam (college friend): Hello, I won’t be able to come for few more days to College.
Gautam: You are supposed to leave today. Your tickets are also done. Is there any emergency? Your papa is alright?
Yuvi: Papa is fine and recovering. But I have some urgent work to finish. I am cancelling the tickets.
Yuvi thinks “Bhai, I won’t let this happen. Jab tak aap nahi aate,Twinkle ka dhyaan rekna meri zimmedari hai. Jaldi aa jao bhai. (Twinkle is my responsibility till the time you are not here. Come back soon… Kunj)

Freinds, Trust me this track is necessary. Kunj will come soon. I have to settle down some more things before Kunj’s entry.

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  7. Please write 1 more for today I beg u it’s like really interesting I wonna read more please

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