Tashan E Ishq (Tashan vs Love) Episode 1

A crowded bus stop. People are waiting for the bus to come. Bus comes and everyone rushes to get into bus. An old man (Manohar Sarna) is trying to get into the bus, but he is unable to do that.Manohar gets pushed out by people who are trying to get into bus.
A girl waiting at the bus stand, helps Manohar Sarna.
Girl: R u alright uncle?

Manohar: Thank you. I would have fallen down without your help. These people you know…Anyways…
I am Manohar Sarna.Nice to meet you.
Girl: I am Nakshatra Nambiar.
Manohar: Ohh..You are a south Indian. Your name is a bit tough to pronounce. Are you working here?
Nakshatra: You can call me Twinkle. That’s my nick name. Yes, I came here to work on a project. Actually I came here yesterday only. Uncle, I think your bus is coming. I will help you in getting in.
Manohar: Thank you. I thought south Indians are generally not that much helping in nature. You changed it.

Twinkle smiles at him and helps him to get in bus.
Twinkle: Ussi ke liye to aayi hu yahan pe…Aap ke galat concepts ko change kerne… (I came here for that only…To change your wrong concepts)
Bye Uncle… Will meet you soon…Twinkle smiles with a cunning face.

Hi Everyone,
Hope you enjoyed reading. Please let me know how is it.I am writing it for the first time.

Credit to: Jisha


  1. Shreya

    Well nice..but twinkle changed to nakshaktra…well I know its a kind of plan…nice 2 see a cunning twinkle… Hehehehe

  2. Jisha

    Thank you…
    It is Twinj.. Yuvraj is also a character, but in a positive manner.
    Happy to receive these comments …

  3. Jisha

    Thank you dreamer,harna
    I have submitted the second episode. It takes some time to get it reviewed and to get uploaded.

  4. I m so happy to show twinkle as south indian because i am also south indian from chennai and your epi verrrry gooood

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.