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So Swara Sanskar Maheshwari be ready for your punishment…

These hurtful words were echoing in her mind in a loop when she entered the venue of the function. After all it was her estranged husband’s sister’s wedding and unintentionally Swaragini were the chosen wedding planners. To cut a long story short it just happened that Uttara’s in laws had been to a wedding organized by the duo and had be so smitten by the arrangements that they decided then and there that if their son would ever get married, then it would have to be organized by Swaragini wedding planners or else they would wait till the duo agrees!

Thus unknowingly Swaragini planners had accepted their contract only to know later that the wedding which they were supposed to be planning was of their own sister in law’s! Well fate as they say, surely had a bad timing or so the duo thought…

Now it was an agreed fact that the duo would arrange the wedding but would not be a part of it as knowing the reason behind Laksh disappearance had shattered Ragini and she has decided to separate from him because it seems he didn’t think about her for even a moment when he decided to disappear from the face of earth leaving his wife in eternal despair and which also shattered he sister’s marriage in its wake. Ragini had enough of his childish behavior of not caring for anyone but himself in times of distress and had decided that till everything is not settled between Sanskar and Swara, she would not forgive Laksh.

Swara on the other hand was suffering an indescribable pain. She didn’t know her Sanskar would be so much angry on her that he would be so cruel to her. Her punishment after all was to laugh and smile at everybody without showing a glint of tear in her eyes when her husband and his family will act as if she is no one but a pitiful wedding planner. She still remembers that fateful conversation which happened 2 weeks back when Sanskar had brought Laksh with him to baadi.

He had dragged Laksh by his hand with so much anger and flung him in front of Swara saying,” Mrs. Swara Sanskar Maheshwari ye lo tumhari behen ka pati! Jeeta jagtha ek piece mein! Isi ke liye tumne mujhe choda tha nah? Abb pooch use isne aise kyun kiya? Meri wajah se ya uski khudgarzi aur bewakoofi ki wajah se! Poocho use swara pooch!” Then Ragini had come running hearing the commotion and hugged Laksh with all her emotions but the silence on his part was telling. He had later revealed that he had got fed up of all the drama and had decided to just leave everything and go away and live in peace and it had nothing to do with Sanskar. The derisive look which Sanskar gave Laksh at this point was not missed by Swara who had a similar reaction towards Laksh on hearing his insensitive behavior.

Sanskar then turned his wrath on Swara who had been by now shattered by her own folly to trust Laksh and mistrust Sanskar who was at no fault. Sanskar laughed maniacally her inner plight and said derisively, ” Toh Mrs Swara Sanskar Maheshwari tumhari punishment ke liye ready ho? Toh suno- Aaj se yeh naam that is yeh Mrs Swara Sankar Maheshwari tum use nahi kar sakthi kyonki tum ye naam ke haq dar nahi ho! Samjhi!” He had lost hold of his temper and was yelling with unbridled anger and frustration that his wife, the love of his life didn’t trust him! The 6 months of separation had shattered his heart and now the broken pieces had wounded his heart so much that he had become hardened from inside out.

He then continued,” Swara Gadodia ho tum aaj se samjhi sirf Swara gadodia, mere naam se aaj se tumhe koi waasta nahi hai, tumhara aur mere bech koi rishtha nahi hai! Its over!” He picks up something from the floor which Swara had dropped on hearing his words,” Aur yeh sindoor aur mangalsutra joh tumne uss din nakaar kar chali gayi this, yeh tumhe ab khabi nahi milenege! Yeh abb humesha tumhare paas rakhna yeh yaad dilane ke liye ki yeh kabhi bhi tumhare gale aur maang main abb nahi sajegi! Aur muje tumhari sooni maang humesha yaad dilayegi ki khabi bhi khud se zyada kissi se pyar karna kitni bewakoofi hai! Tho Jao Swara Gadodiaa manao apni behen ki pyar ki kushi aur apni pyar ki maatam…”

And today she understood the full extent of her punishment when her husband did not even bat an eyelid when he met her in the venue of the wedding. The wedding was thankfully arranged in a beautiful palace which was generally given on rent for such events instead of the fated Maheshwari house were her husband had banned her entry many months before. None of the family members were allowed to interact with her, as this was Sanskar’s condition on attending his own sister’s wedding. He had told everybody in his family that he would not attend the wedding if Swaragini were planning it but on Uttara’s insistence he agreed but made everyone promise that they would not behave with either of the two girls like family members. They would be wedding planners and that’s all… nothing more nothing less…




(OS= One Shot= One Chapter story) (TS= Two Shot= Two Chapter story) (SS= Short Story= Story with chapters <10)







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