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Later that evening when Sanskar woke up saw Swara, he realized that it wasn't his dream and Swara was actually there sleeping next to him in a sitting position. How he had missed waking next to her… He sighed softly… She looked tired but beautiful as always. He softly brushed a stray hair falling on to her eyes. And since he couldn't resist her allure, he dared to drop a gentle kiss on her forehead. But the butterfly kiss had stirred her from her sleep and him from his daze. And in the next moment he pushed her and asked her to go away from him. She didn't understand his sudden mood fluctuations but decided not to agitate him further and sadly just begged him to take care of himself and left him alone as requested.



It was the night before the wedding and sangeeth was going on in full swing. The whole palace was decorated with golden fairy lights transforming the whole venue to a fairy land far away from the chaos of the modern world. It stood like a bejeweled bride herself amidst the dark beauty of the festive night. The stage was set in the garden and elegant garlands of golden marigold along with sweet smelling night jasmines were strung around the stage, making it traditional yet elegant. Every table had a stunning arrangement of white roses on them to contrast the muted gold table cloths, soft on the eyes and pleasing for the senses. The festive mood was felt everywhere and reflected on everyone's faces. Everybody had done their dance performance including the bride and the groom. The event was a joyous affair and Uttara's would be in laws were a bunch of happy fun loving people that the event had become more fun because of their active participation and cheering! Even Sanskar had turned up in the audience to avoid unnecessary speculation.

Now finally as per Swaragini Wedding planner's renowned tradition, the last dance was usually theirs, to celebrate the new couple. So as per schedule both the sisters who were gorgeously dressed and looked no less than the stunning princesses who must have once upon on a time trailed through the majestic halls of that palace bewitching all the clueless bystanders, had decided to dance on Dola re' from Devdas. The duo then started their dance performance and were beautifully dancing in perfect synchrony. But then the rhythm went out of hand when a drunk Gautham decided to barge in. He started dancing with them and to top it all he was in Devdas costume! The audience thought it was part of the act and laughingly applauded at his antics. Even Ragini thought Swara had arranged this surprise element and went with it. But only one person realized it wasn't planned. Sanskar saw Swara panicking when Gautham had come near her. And knowing how she always used to make that face when he had consumed alcohol, he realized that Gautham was actually drunk and not acting! Sanskar immediately got up and joined them on the stage making the audience clap even more thinking now everybody could participate and so one by one everyone got up and started dancing in the crowd. Sanskar tried to wade in between the crowd to reach Swara, but before he could reach her, someone pulled him in their direction for a dance. So by the time he finally reached the spot Swara had been there few minutes ago, he found that she wasn't there anymore and Gautham too was nowhere to be found!

Sanskar just pushed everybody out of his way and ran towards the backstage. He couldn't find them anywhere, later he heard Gautham's voice from somewhere above, " Swara tum humesha yeh sindhoor aur mangalsutra apni purse mein leke kyon ghoomthi ho?"

Swara: Gautham yeh kya badtameezi hai! Chodo mujhe!

Gautham: Pehle answer me!

Swara: Yeh suhag ki nishani hai.

Gautham: Swara tum bhi nah, shaadi karne ki itni jaldi hai kya ki isse apne saath hi leke ghoomthi ho? Waise chalo accha hua, abhi issi waqt shaadi kar letein hain!

Swara: Kya bakwaas kar rahe ho Gautham. Mein tumse shaadi nahi kar sakthi!

Gautham: Kyun mujh mein kya karabi hai?

Swara: Woh kyunki mein pehle se hi shaadi shuda hun! Isliye!

Gautham: Kya bakwas kar rahi ho Swara! Agar tum shaadi shuda ho tho kahan hai tumhara pati? Jhoot mat bolo! I know you love me and ki tum sirf mujhko tease kar rahi ho!

Saying this he took the sindhoor ki dibbi from her hand and took a pinch of the red vermillion to fill her forehead!

By this time Sanskar had reached the watch tower that was there in the palace premises and pushed Gautham off Swara saying, " Take your filthy hands off her! You… Yeh tumse ya kisi aur ki nahi ho sakthi kyun yeh sirf meri hai samjhe! Meri sirf meri!" Saying he pulled her tightly towards her and said, " Meri patni hai … Meri Swara Sanskar Maheshwari hai yeh samjhe meri Swara Sanskar Maheshwari."

He then snatched the sindoor dibbi from Gautham's hand and filled her maang saying, " Isme hamesha mera hi haq tha aur hamesha mera hi haq rahega, samjhe! " And put the mangalsutra around her neck making her publicly his once again! And he then sealed the ritual with a possessive kiss on the side of her trembling lips with his equally trembling lips… He knew if he kissed her on her lips, it wouldn't just end with the kiss… he wouldn't be able to control himself irrespective of the audience or the place… His emotions were on fire… The thought that even if he was a moment late, that filthy Gautham would have laid hands on her was something he couldn't digest… God! He promised to himself that he would never let her go away from him again, no matter even if she was the one who wants to go away from him… She was his and even if she doesn't know it, he did not care!

Sanskar then turned towards Gautham with murderous intent, he just wanted to rip off his hands who dared to touch his Swara! But all of a sudden he was confused by Gautham's reaction. He then turned towards Swara who was equally clueless because Gautham who had raised Sanskar hackles to no end was standing there with a beatific smile in the corner!

Sanskar again advanced towards Gautham when he raised his hands in peace and said soberly, " Congrats Jiju! And please mujhe mat marna!" Sanskar was confused further, but before he could come to some conclusion, he heard Swara say, " You dog, monkey donkey' and hitting Gautham! Sanskar was bewildered beyond his wits. He could not make head and tail of the whole scenario before him but still a pang of jealousy hit him seeing Swara being friendly with him.

Then he heard Gautham say, " Mera Grammar abhi tak nahi sudhara tho tumhara yaadash abhi bhi waise hi kharab hai jaise bachpan mein tha, meri pyari dadima!"

Swara, " Woh err…sorry mein bhool gayi"

Gautham, " Haan haan woh tho main 4th year hi samajh gaya tha!"

Sanskar's jealousy was getting out of control again seeing the easy way they were way chatting and went near Swara and place a hand on her waist possessively. Seeing this Gautham laughed and said, " My God behana, your husband will murder me, so please apne raakhi ki maan rakho aur mera raksha karo!"

This time it was Sanskar who said, "You Dog!" Then he turned an accusing glare towards his wife whom he still had a possessive hold on. "Were you also part of this ploy to make me Jealous and confess?"

Swara just then realized how much of a dumbo she was till then for not realizing that her hubby had been jealous of Gautham when all this while she thought he was reacting in his hate for her when it was just the contrary!

She then smiled and said shook her head at the same time when his new found saala too said," No Jiju you darling wife and my sweet dumbo sis wasn't in this master plan but yes my new found sis Uttara surely was in it! So by now you might have realized that this madam, your wife used to tie rakhi to me in school and used to do so for many years but after I shifted to London she sent me rakhi only for 3 years and from the fourth year I understood that our dadima ma here has almost forgotten about me, and by that time to be fair even I got too busy with life that I too didn't remind her. But she had always been my dearest friend and sweetest sister. So when I met her after many years I was so happy to meet her. And just like you misunderstood your sis Uttara too mistook me and had threatened to off me quite brutally if I lay my evil eyes on her dearest sis in law! Can you imagine that! My Gosh you surely have a feisty family dadima! Everybody is ready to kill for you here! Now that's something! Uff"

Both Swara and Sanskar smiled thinking how lucky Gautham had really been knowing what their sweet Uttara was actually capable of!

Gautham continued, "Then when I told her that meri priya Dumbo was like a sis to me, she was all too happy to tell me both of yours stupid sob story! Oh please don't glare at me you two! You both know you guys are dumbos to love each other so much and not accept it due to dumb pride! That's why I never like Pride and prejudice! Ugh"

By now the music was off and the whole crowd had heard the commotion and had gathered below. They then witnessed in shocked surprise the strange proceedings going on above them in the watch tower. The few who already knew the truth were clapping in joy which included a jubilant Uttara and her family members. Seeing that the concerned family was happy with the proceedings, the rest of the crowd which included Uttara's MIL and FIL, too cheered for them.

But few excited Jane Austen fangirls were scandalized hearing their favourite book being bashed and started threatening Gautham to make him read and watch all versions of Pride and Prejudice till he liked, no loved the story and knew all of Mr. Darcy's romantic lines by heart! Swara and Sanskar really liked the interesting torture the girls had planned for Gautham and felt as if they will be avenged for all the mental agony he caused them!

Gautham was telling them in vain not to inflict such tortures on poor him and looked towards his sisy and jiju for help which they laughed it off saying, "No way buddy! Suffer! " The whole crowd laughed thinking all's well that ends well…



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  1. Ria

    It’s over?? You can’t do this to me. Why? I am so sad. I was seriously just imagining this ff going on in front of me and you came up with such a harsh punishment!? I don’t like this. I am so so sad.

    Well, erm.. coming to the episode, it was amazing. I loved the way Swasan united but, I am sad because you’re ending it. I thought it was a fan fiction, wasn’t it supposed to be so? I am so sad.?

    Anyway, I hope you come back with something else pretty early and I surely do find it out. I’ll still be waiting for the epilogue.

    Loads of love.❤

    1. Lifez_beautiful

      Hi Dearie!

      Like always thank u so much for commenting! *Hugs*

      Now coming to the story err so sorry that this has been short but there is one more chapter- an epilogue to finish things off in a proper way. Hope u will like that too. 🙂

      I actually write small fics, guess I should have labeled it as an SS rather than a FF… Hmm my bad… Sorry abt that… 🙁 But dont worry will surely come up with something new… 🙂

      Will post epilogue in few days, till then bye n tc dear! 🙂

  2. Deeksha

    Awesome dear…. Continue soon

    1. Lifez_beautiful

      Thank u dear! 🙂

  3. awesome..tc..

  4. Hey…ds z nt done yr…hw cn uh ebd it so soon..i wz enjoying alot….m katti wid???….well chappy wz just superb…..n loved Gautum’s prank…finaaly dey r 1…….

    1. Lifez_beautiful

      Aww so sorry dearie! *virtual hugs* But don’t worry there is one more chapter, an epilogue which hopefully will compensate for the briefness of the fic… Hopefully u will enjoy that too. ?

      Will try to write longer next time… Till then u can try my other swasan works and see whether u like them or not… Their links can be found just above the starting of the chapter-7. ??

      – Luv Niks

  5. Vyshu10

    awesome….the way sanskar shouted meri swara…awww fab

    1. Lifez_beautiful

      Thank u dear! ??

  6. Mica

    waaa..soo awesome story ..i love it, but huh! why i never saw this ff before..
    the last paragraph was awesome..Gautham got the karma to said that he hates pride and prejudice.. how cooomeee…!!!!

    1. Lifez_beautiful

      Hehe thank u dear! Glad u found the ff! Happy to read ur comment. ?

      And yeah Gautham deserved the punishment right?! hehe ???

      -luv Niki

  7. Soujanya


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      Thank u dear! ?

  8. Abdul hafiz(Uma)

    You are ending it???…loved the chappy dear… Keep it up… Waiting for the last part with a heavy heart??..
    Take care
    Keep smiling?

    1. Lifez_beautiful

      Aww sorry dear. But there is an epilogue pending, hopefully that will make u happy… ? Will update that soon! 🙂

      And yeah next time will write longer FFs, promise! 🙂

      Tc Bye!

  9. KrsytleS

    Superb Dr

    1. Lifez_beautiful

      Thanks dearie 🙂

  10. Nice

  11. Arshaanya

    Wat its finished ????
    It a shock … i was in love wid dis story… it jus started n u r saying its last chappy ???..
    Ok coming ti d chappy i jus loved it…
    I knew it its gauthamz plan ??
    W8ng for epilogue post it ASAP

    1. Lifez_beautiful

      Aww so sorry dearie! Will surely write the next FF a bit more lengthier. ?

      N u caught our buddy boy Gautham’s plan eh? Kool! 😉 ?Isn’t he cheeky?! Poor Sanky got worked for nothing! ??

      Will surely update in few days!

      Bye n tc dear.

  12. Loved it

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