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But sadly the emotion which won the race was… Jealousy… The way Swara thanked him with such sincerity and even allowed him to dress her wound when Subhadra and others insisted, just added more fuel to the fire. And on top of that she gave him, that Gautham a beatific smile which he, her husband had deserved, not some rando person! He knew he was being petty but he just realized that he wanted all her smiles to be directed towards him… forever… That sudden realization jolted him. He did not realize he was a possessive person till then but then he shook his head and thought to himself that when it comes to her, he is seldom what he thought himself to be… He is bad in such a way that he feels good about that… In short she complicated his life and thoughts and he loved her for that.

—————————————— CHAPTER 6

Mehendi was a group affair. Everyone were happily putting Mehendi in their hand and the hall was rife with usual teasing that goes with the festivity of whose name is on whose mehendi and all. Then finally the turn came for Swara's mehendi because everybody insisted including the mehendi lady who wanted to adorn her boss's hand with special design. Swara tried protesting saying she was injured and all but the whole gang convinced her that she at least put mehendi in her uninjured hand. Swara owing to crowd pressure, reluctantly agreed. Then came the question of which letter she was going to put on her hands… Swara then daringly looked at Sanskar who she knew was looking at her through the window in his room said her mehendiwali to put SG' in her hand. Swara had meant that SG to denote Swara Gadodia and wanted to show Sanskar that she wasn't using his name without his permission but he on the other hand thought she was saying about Swara Gautham and shut the window furiously. But little did he know that just as the lady was going to write a G after S, she caught her hand and she herself wrote a S' and a M' after that, making it SSM'. The lady gave a questioning look silently, and her boss just winked at her secretly.

Sanskar stood with a bottle of his choicest vice in his hand… Trying to drink away his sorrows as all those who fall for the vice claim time and time again… His room reflected his mood perfectly, all those luxurious drapes the palace had to offer were pulled down making the room as dark as possible with all the lights switched off with just a small lamp throwing some light on to a mirror. He stood there looking at the mirror and laughing maniacally at his fate. He wanted to cry, laugh, yell, kill and die all at the same time. Saying Sanskar was furious would simply be an understatement… He was hurt, jealous, and heartbroken and what not all at once… And to vent out these tumultuous emotions raging like an insatiated beast inside him he wanted destroy someone; and since he couldn't dare to destroy his love, he decided to destroy everything around him and if that included his own pitiful image, then so be it… And then he went on a rampage.

The shattered pieces of mirror and bottle that lay around him, reminded him too much of his own heart… And the blood red on the floor added an extra touch to his morbid fascination. He was happily bleeding on the floor not caring about anything… His Swara had gone to the extent of writing someone else name in her hand right in front of him… This pain was just nothing compared to that… And just to complete the morbid picture he broke the only source of light in the room.

And that's how Swara found him in the afternoon when she brought some food for him as she knew that he had refused to come down for lunch that day and wasn't opening the door for anyone. Swara had the master key for all the doors in the venue, so she silently slipped into the room, only to realize later that it was pitch dark. She called for him but there was no response, then getting scared so she searched for the lights and turned them on only to shriek at the sight in front of her! Her husband was lying unconscious or more aptly in a semi-conscious state in a pool of blood.

She ran towards him and patted his face gently and in his daze he replied," Swara? Tum yahan? Oh.. yeh dekhne aayi ho ki Jee raha hun ya mar gaya? Agar main mar gaya tho tum khushi se apna naam badal sakthi ho nah…" Swara couldn't comprehend his meaning and said frustatedly, " Yeh kya bakwas kar rahe ho Sanskar? Aur yeh kya haal bana rakha hai?! Uttara ki Shaadi hai kal!"

Sanskar," Right, tumhe tho hamesha mere alawa sab ki padi hai nah… Khabi Ragini ki khabi Uttara ki… meri tho tumhe khabi bhi parva hi nahi thi… Ek main hi tha bewakoof joh tumhare alava kisi ki parvah nahi kartha tha… magar ab nahi … abb nahi…" Saying he fell silent again and closed his eyes tired by the effort, scaring Swara beyond words… But thankfully her scream had brought her family members including Annapoorna, Sujatha, Laksh, Ramprasad, Shekar, Shomi and Ragini as they had recognized her voice and they knew she must be in Sanskar's room.

What they saw shocked them equally and all the men rushed towards sanskar's limp form and placed him on his bed. Someone went to call the family doctor who was also there as their guest. Doctor then came and said that he was just tired due to blood loss but nothing much was necessary except copious rest and fluids. Doctor didn't comment much regarding the scene in front of him as he knew about their family issues. So he just smiled at Swara and said, "Now that you are back by his side, he will be fine, I'm sure of it. Take care of him Swara beta" Swara smiled tearfully.

By an unsaid understanding everybody left the room after the doctor giving a reassuring smile to Swara. The relief that she was back in their family could be seen on everybody's face. Swara then made him sip some juice she had brought earlier. He drank it semi consciously and slept peacefully not realizing the Swara he was dreaming was there in actual. In a way it seemed good because God knows if he came to know she was there in real he might have pushed her away, because in his dreams she was his angel, but in reality his mind had decided she was the traitor…

Later that evening when Sanskar woke up saw Swara, he realized that it wasn't his dream and Swara was actually there sleeping next to him in a sitting position. How he had missed waking next to her… He sighed softly… She looked tired but beautiful as always. He softly brushed a stray hair falling on to her eyes. And since he couldn't resist her allure, he dared to drop a gentle kiss on her forehead. But the butterfly kiss had stirred her from her sleep and him from his daze. And in the next moment he pushed her and asked her to go away from him. She didn't understand his sudden mood fluctuations but decided not to agitate him further and sadly just begged him to take care of himself and left him alone as requested.



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