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PREVIOUSLY: They stood there lost in each other having found the joy of each other again. Their lips knew the usual battle for dominance… the duet sang by four lips, the duel of passionate tongues and the magic of putting your words directly into the other’s mouth without uttering a single word… in short just beautiful blissful fireworks…

But the knock on the door jolted the two out of their bliss. It was Gautham’s voice, ” Buddy chill yaar, it was just a game, come on out and play with us, know we all are wet as we are kind of playing Haldi holi! Just join in and have fun bro! Be a sport!”

His accented voice brought the anger back into Sanskar’s eyes as he was reminded of Swara praising him just moments ago and he angriliy pushed her back, behind him and opened the door a bit and said,” Bro I’m always a sport, I may not be a pro dog like you in the game because what to do I’m human after all but not worry, I will join you guys in a few.” Sanakar felt Swara hitting him from behind when he indirectly called her friend a dog’ but looks like Gautham didn’t understand the insult and Sanskar didn’t care either way. Sanskar then closed the door and went to the washroom without a second glance at Swara, who waited for the coast to clear and then slipped out. No one said a word about the desperate union of their lips after many many months of separation… But once away from each other and behind closed doors, nothing but those moments of intense passion was occupying their thoughts…


The next day it was decided that Mehendi would be in the morning and Sangeeth in the evening. Swara just found out that there wasn’t enough mehendi for everyone! The supplier hadn’t supplied the whole stock which she had ordered and now she was stuck somewhere far away from the busy civilization to get them on demand! So she decided to be upfront about it and tell Sanskar about it and ask him to give a lift to the nearby city to procure the necessary mehendi cones.

When she knocked on the door she saw that it was slightly ajar and that her hubby was trying out a cream coloured shirt. Swara couldn’t help but ogle at him! He indeed looked like a poster boy of Gladrags magazine! She suddenly felt so proud that she was the Mrs Maheshwari who had full rights on the sight in front of her! But only thing she didn’t like was that over grown stubble he was maintaining these days making him so stern looking… She liked him clean shaven or max with just a 5 o’ clock shadow which made him ruggedly handsome… But this look he was sporting was a like an angry Devdas! She sighed and unfortunately… audibly! Oops!

Sanskar then saw his wife standing by the door. The first thought which struck him was, “Wow! She is a vision in emerald green! The slight hints of deep blue just added an extra sheen… The sheer fabric covering her waist was just there to tempt showing off her delicate waist and navel…” Then when he looked at her face he noticed the deep red blush of embarrassment and understood that she had been doing the same he was doing to her, ogling and lusting! An involuntary smile crept to his face, proud of the fact that his wife was still found him appealing and he could still affect her in such a way! The male ego gave a satisfied purr…

He then looked into the mirror and raised hi eyebrows in a questioning gesture about her sudden appearance in his door side. She then didn’t dare to enter after the embarrassing act , so just opened the door a little bit more and continued from outside, ” Sanskar, there is a problem. Mehendi stock is less. I need to go to the nearest city to get more. Can you give me a lift?”

He just gave her a really? You want me to help?!’ kind of look. She in return gave a pleading look, so he just replied, ” Swara, you are the so called famous SWARAGINI wedding planners, shouldn’t you already have a contingency plan if such situations occur? Every time would you ask the Dulhan’s brother to give you a lift?” and then continued combing his hair. Sometime later he heard his door being shut softly. Swara was disappointed by his attitude but felt that it was after all her mistake that she did not check the stock properly herself instead of trusting the vendors words… Well she learnt a lesson for next time but for now she had a mehendi function to organize and for that she needed to find a person willing to give her a lift! And of yes, learn driving and get a second hand car on loan’ was also on her to do list now! Mrs. Maheshwari or not, Swara would always be an independent girl at the very core of her.

Sanskar on the other hand then got ready and went to get his car from the parking to give her a lift not knowing that his wife had misunderstood his intentions. So just when he reached the parking lot the scene he saw made his BP shoot up quite a notch! He saw Swara leaving with Gautham in his car laughing about something! He had forgotten that if not him then there were others she could turn for help and that thought instigated his fragile heart a little more.

Jealousy is the favourite fuel of the fires of Hell…

Then after 2 hours of being burnt in the ugly throes of Jealousy, secretly fearing that Gautham would persuade his Swara with his pseudo intelligent banters and horribly unfunny jokes to leave him, her Sanskar and go with him back to London or other god forsaken place! Sanskar was angry with her, true… He wanted her to suffer for the heart ache he caused, true… But he knew that his anger has an expiry date, a date beyond which he will forgive his love no matter what… But the thought that she might not wait for that day he forgives her unconditionally was just plain unimaginable! He just could not dare to think that this separation from her would ever become permanent… His heart ache he realized, just grew some more… He laughed at himself sarcastically and thought, ” Accha punishment doonda tumne Mr. Sanskar maheshwari… huh use takleef dena chahthe the, tumhe tadpane ke liye aur woh tujhe aur tadpake jaa rahi hai… you are just a big fool!”

And as if his inner tormenting thoughts weren’t enough he saw their car coming back from the balcony. Gautham had gotten down first and went to the other side and opened the door for Swara. He saw that she was keeping her hand in an odd position and on keener scrutiny saw that her hand was bleeding! He did not wait a moment to pick up the first aid box from his suitcase, which of course he had started carrying for exactly the same reason… his clumsy wife who was just a beacon for accidents and run downstairs!

By now the whole house had noticed it, especially the nosy future in laws of Uttara. They were well minded people or at least he thought so until now because what that lady suggested to him had changed in mind that instant! Subhadra, uttara’s future MIL saw Sanskar and gave him an odd smile saying,” Arrey beta itni jaldi mein kahan jaa rahe ho!” He just gestured the first aid box to her and then nodded towards Swara. She then smiled and said in a conspiratory tone, ” Arrey beta, tum bhi nah kuch nahi samajhthe! Wahan dekho un dono ki Jodi kitni achi lag rahi hai? Hai nah? Tum agar wahan jaoge tho first aid tho ho jayega, magar romance nahi ho payega… Tum nah, yeh mujhe dedo, main Gautham ko de dungi…”

Sanskar for the first time since he had declared that she was not his wife but just a wedding planner to her and his family, regretted his decision… Here he was standing few feet away from his wife, wanting to tend to her injuries instead was being cajoled to help his rival get into his wife’s good books and romance her! He just wanted to shout at the lady to just mind her words and not utter another word linking his WIFE and that fellow! But before he could process, she had already taken the first aid box from his hand and given it to Gautham! He just wanted to go and snatch it from his filthy hands!

Swara on the other hand was being questioned and pampered by a huge crowd of concerned well-wishers encircling her, could not see Sanskar who was standing far away nor she knew that it was he who had rushed that first aid box to her. So she thanked Gautham sincerely for bringing the box and also helping her from the thief who was trying to steal her hand bag when she had wandered off alone when he had gone to find a parking place in the market. It was during that tussle with the thief, her injury had occurred and as usual she had refused to go to Doctor citing that they were already late for the Mehendi function.

Sanskar had a whole gamut of tumultuous emotions flooding through him… Anger on her for getting herself injured again and again… Didn’t she know that she belonged to him? That any injury to her would hurt him more? No of course she did not care for that… His mahaan Swara… ugh…

Then he was angry on that fellow, Gautham… He had dared to let her alone… He should have known that she just can’t take care of herself how much ever she tries to convince otherwise! If she had been with him, her husband, he would havae made sure she was never left alone… He knew she was to be treated like a kid in a mela! No bachpan ka friend will know her like he does… His ego shouted wordlessly…

Then there was the gratitude… the gratitude he would always have towards anybody who does good towards her… help her… He was grateful towards Saahil then and he was grateful towards Gautham now. No matter how much he hates them both, he will be grateful to them for saving his wife and thereby his life…

But sadly the emotion which won the race was… Jealousy… The way Swara thanked him with such sincerity and even allowed him to dress her wound when Subhadra and others insisted, just added more fuel to the fire. And on top of that she gave him, that Gautham a beatific smile which he, her husband had deserved, not some rando person! He knew he was being petty but he just realized that he wanted all her smiles to be directed towards him… forever… That sudden realization jolted him. He did not realize he was a possessive person till then but then he shook his head and thought to himself that when it comes to her, he is seldom what he thought himself to be… He is bad in such a way that he feels good about that… In short she complicated his life and thoughts and he loved her for that…



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(OS= One Shot= One Chapter story) (TS= Two Shot= Two Chapter story) (SS= Short Story= Story with chapters <10)


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